Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Come back

Hey there! How was your last 2 years? Mine were busy! I had a baby! But that was 15 months ago. I think it's safe to try and lose that baby belly right?

Before I got pregnant I weighed 142 lbs, then I gained nearly 60 lbs. The last I looked I weighed 196 or something. Almost immediately I lost 30 lbs after I had baby. Without trying too much I got down to 155 when baby was 6 months old. However something happened in the last year and I gained weight instead of losing it. I'm currently 162 lbs I think.

Goals have changed a lot. I no longer want to wear a bikini, it's funny what stretch marks and saggy skin will do to ya. :( No matter how skinny I get, no one will ever see my tummy again. In fact, it kinda looks worst when I do get skinnier, more wrinkly saggy skin.

I don't think I need to get down to 130 lbs, but I do want to see the 140's. So for the summer my goal is to lose 12 lbs (by September).

In the short term, I want to see the 150's by the end of the month. I've got a big ball tournament/homecoming thing back home and I don't want to look fat.

It's frustrating that people who've had babies after me are already back at their prebaby weight. But it's good to motivate me.

So I'm back in the game!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

how hilarious

I haven't blogged here for just about 9 months basically, and yet I'm getting tons of visits a week?! How does that work?

Well turns out people want my recipe for cottage cheese smoothies. Ha!

If any of my old readers still read this, I'm anticipating coming back to this blog after baby's here, back when I'm trying to lose weight again (and boy will I be, my legs are lumpy in a way they've never been before...)

Monday, October 19, 2009

secrets out

I've had a few recent requests to be added to my private blog - which is totally cool! But I thought I'd let you know that it's not exactly the same theme as what I had before. I am no longer losing weight and teaching Step and running races. In fact, I'm rather unhappy with my fitness at the moment. But I'm quite happy to be gaining weight because:

I'm pregnant.

That's what the new blog is about. So if you wanted the old hard core blog it's on hold and I totally get if hearing about baby kicks and cravings is not what you're looking for.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey dudes,
at least for a little while, I'm making my blog private. So comment with your email address if you want to keep reading (I promise I'll write more often in the private blog).

I don't care if you've never commented before so don't think you "deserve" to keep reading. I'll let you in.

Making this switch pretty soon so let me know quick!

(I actually think I'll start a new blog for the private one, so this will still be here in case somebody gets left out, they can still get a hold of me.)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Yay Friday! Boo friday afternoon doing crappy work. Work is really really not going well. This model I'm trying to make is just NOT working. Running out of ideas. Probably need to ask for some help, but I think it's stupid questions I'll have. oh well.

Anyway, way excited for the weekend. Tonight we've got a ball social banquet thing for hubby's ball. Get some socializing in (which you now know I do not enjoy). But at least there are a few people I like. Plus food. ;)

Then tomorrow morning I teach. I was also going to maybe visit siblings. My little brother hasn't printed any of his pictures from his 4 months in Europe. I told him I'd photoshop them up for him. (since I'm caught up on all my pictures and need more to do! I love it!) Then all afternoon I've got not too much planned. Hurray. House cleaning, working out, scrapbooking. Watching tv! Doing NOTHING!

Then I'm going home early on Father's Day to play golf with my dad. Should be fun. As far as I know it's just a quick trip home to do that and then back (going with my sister).

My life seems so weird right now, no big thing on the horizon that I have to get ready for. I'm not BUSY! I love it, but I feel like I really need to use my time the best, most efficiently. I only get free days so often so I better cram everything fun in I want to do.

Anyway. I'm feeling way excited, but have to get through this stinking afternoon now!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping moving

So last night I was peer pressured in to going out for supper with my sister and brothers. Not that I didn't want to go. But I wasn't going to, I don't like spending money eating out. Plus I don't like being social and always want to go home and do stuff by myself. However my sis knows this about me and manages to make me feel like I need to "do things". So we went out for pizza. Fancy restaurant gourmet pizza. I had a bourbon chicken pizza. It was good. Chicken breast and onions and mushrooms in a boubon barbeque sauce on a pizza crust. They were just individual size ones and I ate just over half. Plus a coke, not diet because she didn't hear that part and I don't like to be annoying (I should have said something).

Anyway, that means I didn't get home until 8:30. I tidied the house a little but then at 9:00 I did my strength workout! Even though it felt too late. But it was also finally a bit cooler by then so it wasn't torture (no AC, 30 degrees outside for the last couple days). I'm actually filling out a log of my exercise so I know how many pounds I used and how many reps and stuff so I can see improvements. I only do this set for like 2 more weeks and then change it. I like having a plan.

Did some laundry, did some dishes and hit the sack. Started a book. Just a "guy" book. Something about a missing warhead and bad guys and good guys. An action movie set to paper. I want to read more, just 30 minutes before bed. And not just magazines (they feel shallow and they are so repeatative each month. Make me feel dumber when I read them, even though I like them).

Tonight now plans. Gonna go for a run hopefully (if it's not a thunderstorm). More general housekeeping stuff. If it is cool and raining, maybe I'll bake/cook something. I feel like I've neglected my kitchen lately.

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