Monday, October 19, 2009

secrets out

I've had a few recent requests to be added to my private blog - which is totally cool! But I thought I'd let you know that it's not exactly the same theme as what I had before. I am no longer losing weight and teaching Step and running races. In fact, I'm rather unhappy with my fitness at the moment. But I'm quite happy to be gaining weight because:

I'm pregnant.

That's what the new blog is about. So if you wanted the old hard core blog it's on hold and I totally get if hearing about baby kicks and cravings is not what you're looking for.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey dudes,
at least for a little while, I'm making my blog private. So comment with your email address if you want to keep reading (I promise I'll write more often in the private blog).

I don't care if you've never commented before so don't think you "deserve" to keep reading. I'll let you in.

Making this switch pretty soon so let me know quick!

(I actually think I'll start a new blog for the private one, so this will still be here in case somebody gets left out, they can still get a hold of me.)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Yay Friday! Boo friday afternoon doing crappy work. Work is really really not going well. This model I'm trying to make is just NOT working. Running out of ideas. Probably need to ask for some help, but I think it's stupid questions I'll have. oh well.

Anyway, way excited for the weekend. Tonight we've got a ball social banquet thing for hubby's ball. Get some socializing in (which you now know I do not enjoy). But at least there are a few people I like. Plus food. ;)

Then tomorrow morning I teach. I was also going to maybe visit siblings. My little brother hasn't printed any of his pictures from his 4 months in Europe. I told him I'd photoshop them up for him. (since I'm caught up on all my pictures and need more to do! I love it!) Then all afternoon I've got not too much planned. Hurray. House cleaning, working out, scrapbooking. Watching tv! Doing NOTHING!

Then I'm going home early on Father's Day to play golf with my dad. Should be fun. As far as I know it's just a quick trip home to do that and then back (going with my sister).

My life seems so weird right now, no big thing on the horizon that I have to get ready for. I'm not BUSY! I love it, but I feel like I really need to use my time the best, most efficiently. I only get free days so often so I better cram everything fun in I want to do.

Anyway. I'm feeling way excited, but have to get through this stinking afternoon now!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping moving

So last night I was peer pressured in to going out for supper with my sister and brothers. Not that I didn't want to go. But I wasn't going to, I don't like spending money eating out. Plus I don't like being social and always want to go home and do stuff by myself. However my sis knows this about me and manages to make me feel like I need to "do things". So we went out for pizza. Fancy restaurant gourmet pizza. I had a bourbon chicken pizza. It was good. Chicken breast and onions and mushrooms in a boubon barbeque sauce on a pizza crust. They were just individual size ones and I ate just over half. Plus a coke, not diet because she didn't hear that part and I don't like to be annoying (I should have said something).

Anyway, that means I didn't get home until 8:30. I tidied the house a little but then at 9:00 I did my strength workout! Even though it felt too late. But it was also finally a bit cooler by then so it wasn't torture (no AC, 30 degrees outside for the last couple days). I'm actually filling out a log of my exercise so I know how many pounds I used and how many reps and stuff so I can see improvements. I only do this set for like 2 more weeks and then change it. I like having a plan.

Did some laundry, did some dishes and hit the sack. Started a book. Just a "guy" book. Something about a missing warhead and bad guys and good guys. An action movie set to paper. I want to read more, just 30 minutes before bed. And not just magazines (they feel shallow and they are so repeatative each month. Make me feel dumber when I read them, even though I like them).

Tonight now plans. Gonna go for a run hopefully (if it's not a thunderstorm). More general housekeeping stuff. If it is cool and raining, maybe I'll bake/cook something. I feel like I've neglected my kitchen lately.

prizes and spectacle!

Check it OUT! Bootcamps! All over the country! Winning!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hurray workouts!

I loved my workout yesterday. In fact, I had a great evening. I don't really know why. Hardly did anything. Made supper. I figured out some stuff for video editting on my computer. Downloaded some digital scrapbook templates (if I like this digital stuff, it would save me oodles of space and money!), did my weight workout, went for a run. Cut the grass. Watched J&K+8 (I don't know how I feel about the whole thing. but I've always watched the show, and this one had OCC guys).

Hubby got lots done too. Installed the AC in the bedroom window. Cleaned up the office. Did a bit of work in the basement. Packed up his tools (poor guy is helping a buddy mud and tape his basement tonight, then shingle another buddy's house this weekend. Meanwhile our basement sits half insulated).

Anyway, I did a beginner bodyweight workout. And I'm actually sore today! I've missed being sore! It's not too bad. But I just feel a little bit in my shoulder blades and abs. Hurray!

This afternoon I've got safety training out of the office. Hopefully it's not hard, just an online course. Nice way to kill an afternoon. Then I teach tonight. A bit of shopping, lettuce smelled funny this morning so I'm eating leftover pizza. And I have all sorts of great things for salads right now too. maybe supper, since hubby won't be home.

Tonight no exercise, just step. I'm going to tidy the house, then hopefully either clean up my scrapbook room and do a wedding page for my sis, or edit a video montage of the wedding. I'm such a dork.

ok, well. blogs to read now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot summer weekend!

Hurray! It's finally hot! it's been a cool cool summer here. Not that's it's rained. We have had the record lowest precip in over 100 years this spring. Not good for my garden. But then neither is my dog. Or more accurately my dog's friend.

So we were puppy-sitting right? Well it went alright. Except I couldn't keep the other dog out of my recently planted garden. So I'm now missing a zucchini plant (she sheared it right off, roots are still there, maybe it'll come back?) my lettuce is trampled as are my onions. And all the other plants that haven't sprouted yet (I only planted wednesday) are definately no longer in rows. It's gonna be hard weeding.

However with the heat came laziness. I didn't do any runs. it was TOO hot. And I got into all these projects so I didn't do any weights either. I did cook and eat well. (except the chips I fell into Saturday afternoon). and felt nice and productive. (I planted herb pots, went through my kitchen and bedroom for garage sale stuff, taught step, walked dogs, digitally scrapbooked, went to a tupperware party, cleaned the house.)

Friday I went to a kitchen/restaurant supply store and found heaven. It was so nice. It wasn't as big as some might be in larger cities. There was only really 2 aisles that applied to me (I'm not buying buffet table things, or industrial meat cutters etc). I bought an offset spatula, a heavy duty whisk, metal measuring cups, serving tongs, a pastry scraper, a giant metal bowl (good for making bread or huge batches of popcorn!), plus my favorite things - ice cream scoops. The kind that you squeeze the handle and it releases the ice cream (and not cheapy ones, restaurant quality ones!). I bought 3, they're for making muffins or cookies etc. Same size scoop every time. Learned that from my MIL. Plus I was going to buy them from Pampered Chef but never got back to SIL. They were like $25 or something each there. From this supply store: $6 each! hurray! Everything was really cheap. All that stuff I bought was only like $50. So pumped.

of course it's too hot to make cookies or muffins now though.

Work's rough right now. I have things to do, but it's hard to want to do it.

My internet wasn't working great last week and on the weekend I called the helpline. It's sporatic. So they're sending somebody over tonight to check it out. But assuming that won't take long, I'm planning on weight training tonight. I don't fit into my summer shorts and stuff. Plus I have a feeling I'll be in need of a bathing suit soon and last summer I spent craploads on bikinis and don't want to wear them right now. Don't want that money to be wasted! As I'm at a relatively low weight, but larger size, I know the difference is muscle. I'm happy to be in this situation too. I think muscle is easier for me to build than fat to lose. Plus if I eat in a deficit while weight training, I won't actually gain any weight, but should still be able to build muscle (therefore, fat will be less).

Friday, June 12, 2009

back to business

So WI day, festivities are done. Wasn't paying any attention to food or workouts all week (I did eat a lot of veggies and protein and got a weight workout and a run in, but that's because it's ingrained in me. It was still a week off). Anyway, WI today 141.8. Same as last Thursday. So that's good news!

Interesting thing is, this is a fairly low weight for me, 5 lbs from my lowest - when at my lowest I was really happy and wearing bikinis. I looked at pictures from sis's wedding and I had double chins and back fat and thick arms. I think the difference is muscle. With step and running my weight training is way in the backseat. Running trumps weights because of the dog, she gets nuts if we don't get out. However I know my body responds much better to weights than to running. Conundrum. But I think after my week off, I'm ready for a schedule again.

Another wrench thrown in is I've got to learn a new Step routine for the end of the month. Sheesh! However this isn't busy, I WAS busy.

It's also tricky because I want to get back into scrapbooking some more. Plus my garden is in so I'll need to weed and cut grass etc. PLUS my house has become a dumping ground over the last month with all the wedding stuff I was working on. It desperately needs some upkeep and maintenance (well dusting, cleaning, vaccuuming etc. I think I need to do it each 3 times because of how bad it is now).

Oh, we're puppy sitting this weekend. And they dropped the dog off last night. And my dog and this one decided to go play in the freshly watered (and planted) garden! so they had an early bed time to their separate kennels because they were filty and we didn't have the energy to bath them. Then today it's straight outside into the dog run (gravel! haha!).

I'm quite excited to figure out what I'm going to do this weekend. My first free weekend in AGES! I teach tomorrow morning and I have a tupperware party to go to. The rest I've just gotta deal with these dogs. Plus I'm seeing the weather forecast is AMAZING! 26 and 27 degrees. Longer run definately in the plans. Plus house cleaning and scrapbooking. (I'm so excited to scrapbook now that I've got 12x8 pictures printed from Costco - $1.50!) Plus I have a feeling that I'm going to do a lot of tv watching and dog wrestling and maybe even find a dog park.

Anyway, the point of this post is I'm happy it's the weekend and i'm going to do more strength training. the end.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

going golfing!

I'm heading out golfing soon with work. should be fun. I would be nervous about sucking, but I'm golfing with a coworker, his wife who doesn't really golf, and our english as a second language, asian secretary who's never swung a club before. It'll just be fun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What a weekend. Well week I guess.

Wedding's over. It was fun. It was stressful. It was hard work. I'm left with a little bitter taste in my mouth now as the last things that happened on the weekend were my mom and me (and to a small part my brothers, dad and hubby) cleaning up countless things, driving all over the place to pack things up, return things, deliver things; and sis drove away on her honeymoon. Yeah I guess it makes sense a little, but she could have helped clean up more. And if not, she could have thanked us for it a little more! It didn't help that the grooms side of the family were only helpful if you told them exactly what to do. The work involved with a wedding is ridiculous and I'm left with that in my head instead of the fun on Saturday.

The fun on Saturday was also marred by my sis the bridezilla (which she admitted). We had to redo her nails (2nd time) on Saturday while getting our hair done. she was freaking out over things like her nails and her fake eyelashes, while we still didn't have a microphone for the MC, nor was there any beer for after the service when opening pictures. Plus the weather was cool and rainy so we had to change plans for the gift opening. Nothing was a big deal, but sis had her mind on the wrong priorities. (well according to me at least. I know many of you are thinking she should have been worried about how she looked since it was her wedding. But none of that made a difference, nobody saw her nails, everyone would notice if you couldn't hear the toasts.)

I think I'm only like this (as I said in my toast) because I'm the big sister. I'm used to bossing around and making sure sis does things right and really taking care of her. And even if it's her problem, I make it my problem to fix. I also had to be the mediator between sis and mom. Mom was doing all the real hard work (she has a torn ACL and really shouldn't be walking but whatevs) and sis couldn't even give us a straight answer as to when she wanted to do the midnight lunch!

Oh, let's see I was also upset because I gave my camera to my brothers to take pictures and I didn't notice a setting was off and lots of them are blown out white. Plus I don't have a lot of pictures of things I wanted (my fault, though the photographer was there all night and did a great job so I'm sure they'll have everything). And when I was looking at these pictures on my laptop I also noticed that my dress was all nasty in the back ALL DAY and made me look like I have back rolls (which I don't even, but we tightened the lace-ups poorly so it made some). At least mom reminded me that nobody was looking at me, it was all sis. But still, I look at me in my pictures and I dont' like them. Oh well, motivation right? Lose those last 5 lbs that snuck back on!

Oh well, the fun parts were really fun so I guess that's what I should try and remember and let the rest fall away.

Oh, and the slideshow was great, and so was my toast. Nothing like last minute though!

What else have I been doing? Planted my garden yesterday. Just tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, peppers, and onions. Stuff for salads and salsa. My garden is too small for anything else really.

Work golf tourney tomorrow. Nice non-working day. Hope I don't embarrass myself!

Taught Step yesterday. Sorta sucked! I missed 2 classes with the wedding and I forgot moves! need to review that. Plus got the new release I have to learn for the end of the month.

Also, cherries are in season! my favorite food! Bought 2 bags, don't expect them to last the weekend. It is now no excuse season for food. All kinds of amazing produce is available. Plus barbequing takes no time so I should be able to have healthy protein and veggies for meals, fruit for desserts. yum yum yum.

Funny how my 3 "passions" or current hobbies sort of conflict with each other though. I want to buy myself a Bosch mixer (much better than a kitchenaid! really! there's proof!) but I'd probably end up making all kinds of carb loaded treats and sweets and just way too much food in general. However I also really want a new lens so that's stealing money from that goal. And the photography and editing takes away time from my exercising which I need to do much more because of all the cooking I'm into lately! arg. Maybe I'll wait until Christmas for the Bosch.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy WI to me...

It was 141.something before my shower this morning. Hurray! And I ate pizza last night. (part of me thinks my muscles are disappearing though, but whatever, I'll be happy with the number for now).

Dress fits, been pumping weights for the vanity muscles (biceps, back, shoulders, things that show in my strapless dress). Running short bursts. Applying gradual tanning lotion twice a day (did you know a tan can make you look like you lost 7 lbs instantly, heard that on the radio the other day. 7 seems like a weird number).

Anyway, at work here, half working, getting things set up for while I'm gone (models to run like crazy!) and half working on the slideshow. I've got part of it AWESOME. part of it not started. eek. Oh well. progress. Nothing done for my toast yet. But that will come together too.

Anyway, wanted to record my happy WI and say toodle-oo for a long weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2009

make your own cookbook - NOT A HEALTHY IDEA


It's T - 5 to the wedding. I'm actually counting down until Thursday night though, that's when the festivities start. Thank goodness work wasn't bad today. (a bit boring, I think I'm faster than my computer, I hate waiting for it). I've just resigned myself to being late about the big project.

Sis's shower went well. The turnout was poor but not our fault. It was still fun. She still got lots of presents and the games were good. My gift was good too. Mom made me pass it around to all the guests since she thought I did such a good job. Maybe I'll post a page from it here. They're all my family secret recipes but I can share a couple.

Tonight I've gotta work on the slideshow. Sis has a couple song ideas she's sending me. Makes it easier. Then tomorrow night I'm busy all night, so I'll have to finish it up Wednesday (hopefully). Speech writing is on hold. Though I've been jotting down ideas here and there. I'm gonna watch my wedding video and see what sis said about me (it was 5 years ago, nobody will remember!)

Speaking of video, I bought a Flip. It's really cute. It was somewhat impulsive. But we can use it for sis's wedding. (not that she asked me to video her wedding so I had to buy it, but we're using it as a convenient excuse.) I bought the ultra which can record for 2 hours and has a bigger screen. But today I was reading reviews and wish I got a little RCA one, it records onto SD cards so you can expand etc. But this should be lots for us anyway. We're bringing the laptop. I have 2 weeks to return it too so if it doesn't work great at the wedding I can take it back. hehehe...

Yeah so that's all that's going on with me. Gonna try and hit some weights and a run tonight too. Life already seems simpler. Lists help a lot.

Friday, May 29, 2009

WI 142, I needed that.

I'm down 3lbs this week. I needed that. I had a minor break down last night. Well not even a break down. I just needed to relieve a little stress so I had a good cry. 1 minute later I feel much better.

But I have a lot on my plate right now. Sis's wedding shower tomorrow, need to buy decorations for, punch and coffee supplies etc., print out the games etc etc etc.. The present I'm making her isn't done yet, need to finish that. Need to write a toast to the bride, need to make the slideshow (for SILs wedding I was done this 4 months in advance and it took me 2 months to make, I can get it done in a few hours, but I like the time to tweak and perfect things, oh well), wanted to lose 10 lbs for the wedding ;). Work has been the biggest stressor, these stupid models I'm running and was supposed to have up and going for the weekend aren't working. Everything was due next friday, I don't even have the option to come in on the weekend or work late because I'm so busy with sis's wedding. That was the big one, because it's just so out of my hands. I'm doing everything I can but it's still not working.

I just had a little cry about all that. Then I picked myself up (again) and said I'll do what I can and it will all work out. It already is too. I found out the next friday deadline is an internal deadline and another part of the project is going to be way late so I don't need to freak out about getting stuff going over the weekend. The pictures for sis's present are done at Costco finally, I've got all the pictures for the slideshow and several song options and nobody but me will agonize over song choice. I have evenings all next week to work on the toast, plus took friday off (my sis finished writing her toast the morning of my wedding!). AND I lost 3 lbs! hurray!

My recent weight loss I think has a lot to do with work being busy so I don't eat all the food I pack. Plus staying late at work means supper is disorganized and just toast eaten at 8:30. Plus I taught twice this week, was learning new tracks so practicing at home. PLUS I've been doing weights regularly (not 3 full sets but at least something), And running more often because my dog is bananas. Perhaps I should have let some of that exercise slide with all the other things going on but I just feel like a blob then. Really yucky.

Ok, but with all that going on, I don't have time to blog! later!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

been awhile but whatever

I don't really know why I haven't blogged in so long. Just haven't had anything I wanted to say. But now I do.

I went to try my bridesmaid dress on for sis's wedding (less than 2 weeks!). It was tight. boo. Just in the waist (well no, it was tight everywhere but in a nice hold everything in sort of way). But they have to take it out in the waist. Now I know I have a thick waist. It doesn't pinch in nice and skinny, I'm more boy shaped. They're actually taking the hips in a bit which should make me feel better but doesn't. I left the store embarrassed and upset and mad at myself. I spent the last 3 months (since we ordered them) GAINING weight instead of losing it like I wanted to. Now it's too late to do anything significant (2 weeks?).

But I'm not one to wallow in self pity. I wanted a little pout about it and that didn't make me feel better so I'm moving on. I'm going to lift weights every day until the wedding (well every day I'm home, shower this saturday won't allow it. But I can run in the morning).

I'd say run every day as well but I'm battling an epic cold (I think you pay for it when you don't get sick for years). I had a horrible time getting to sleep last night and today I feel like my head is going to explode and my brain is leaking out my eyes and nose. Gross. So I don't think running is the best option. When I feel good I'm doing intervals. (I have to teach step tonight still). They still my have to take my dress out, but my arms will look at least right? No arm fat or bulges out the top (strapless).

Anyway, I'm also busy with work (maybe that's why I've been gone). Plus so busy with sis's everthing. Today I was asked to give a toast to the bride. Ok, I've got 10 days, no problem. I only have to make the whole slideshow (finally got the pictures yesterday from the "helpful" girl who volunteered to do the grooms side), and throw a shower for the bride, finish making her gift (cookbook of family secret recipes, I've been cooking everything and taking pictures of it. Why didn't I think of this idea months ago? Instead I've been cooking like crazy for the last 2 weeks). SO MUCH STUFF! Plus now she's trying to do little get together things, like manicures next week, making her church programs this week. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!!

anyway, busy so gotta go.

Friday, May 15, 2009

why didn't you remind me?

How well ANYTHING to do with weights works for me? In particular this Turbulence Training stuff? I dug out the old workouts and did only 2 this week, only did the interval running once. Plus a couple step classes. Scale showed me 143.something! hurray! Last week was 145.something.

Food has been mostly good, but I haven't been able to avoid the twizzlers hubby left on the cupboard. They're those super thick purple ones ya know? They're 110 calories each! Ugh! But lunches have been super good. Lots of salads and fruits and veggies. Plus I started to realize when I'm full and stop. Well at least slow down (sometimes I still need something sweet right?)

Mostly I credit it to the weight stuff. I haven't even been doing hard workouts. But I can feel it a bit on my hamstrings and back, just a few places.

Anyway, I have to buy some grad presents after work for hubby's cousin's kids. Grad party Saturday we're supposed to go to. We were thinking maybe a cooler for each of them and hot dog sticks. I really can't remember what a good present would be. I don't think they're moving out, so kitchen/house things would just be in storage.

Speaking of presents. I need an idea for a 5 year anniversary present for hubby. Anniversary in 2 weeks. I was going to get him tickets to a World Junior Hockey game that's in S'toon this year (like December, but tickets are on sale now). BUT so far you can only buy ticket packages, so that's like every single game for thousands of dollars. No thanks.

The only other idea I had was to buy him this $200 bat he wants for ball. I think it's a sort of lame present for an anniversary, but it is something he really wants. Normally I'd say let's just DO something like go on a trip or whatever, but a while ago I told him that he has to buy me a present for this anniversary (I was thinking jewelry, something sentimental I could pass down to kids or something. But I think he missed that clue, and is getting me little random things, picture frames, kitchen stuff, socks, etc. That's how he usually shops for me. Like "oh crap, I need something Randi would like, here's a green headband, she likes green. Oh and how about silicone muffin pans, she always bakes muffins." Instead of thinking of 1 good idea and hunting it down. Oh well, I think this is a classic "wife" dilemma)

Anyway, I bought him a nice watch just a year ago for his birthday, he just bought himself a table saw (the big ticket thing he wanted). He doesn't wear jewelry, has flasks and pocket watches and all that other silly engraved stuff. It doesn't have to be that expensive, just something sort of nice. Let me know what you'd do!

Weekend tomorrow! I'm expecting my new camera bag to be delivered today, (well I hope, otherwise it's tuesday with the long weekend!). Shopping tonight (for grad presents at least). Tomorrow I teach in the morning, then was going to start learning some new tracks for Step, also want to clean the house, maybe do some baking. Maybe take some pictures. It's supposed to warm up a little and I want some spring nature pictures (buds on trees, tulips etc). Hopefully run. Then the party Saturday night. Sunday sometime we're going home to my parents house so hubby can build some stuff for their backyard (getting ready for sis's wedding in 3 weeks!). I'm going to help mom with some baking and cleaning at home.

The reason for all the baking I want to do is because I want to make a scrapbook cook book for sis's shower (2 weeks!) of all the best family recipes. I've only got like 3 great pictures so far. I need buns with mom, artichoke spinach dip (I might just make this and freeze it or something), maybe lasagna, rhubarb punch (how's that going to happen? Maybe we've got frozen rhubarb or something). Plus I want to get all my pictures before next weekend (23rd) because I'm going to a scrapbook retreat that my SIL is running and that would be perfect to work on then. But I was also thinking of doing it all digital so it looks a little more professional. We'll see how many pictures I can get done.

Man I wish I thought of that earlier and worked on it sooner.

ok, should look for some work now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

been a long time been a long time been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time

I haven't posted for 2 days! Weird. Not like me. I thought about it, but I was just too busy with work. I LOVE being busy with work. At least this work. It challenges me and I rise to meet it. Hurray!

Waiting on a review now before I can do anything else really. It's odd when you've got people in Australia that you need to help you out with stuff, there's basically a day delay in getting anything done.

What have you missed? well I'm back on the TT bandwagon (that's the weight program I did way back in 2007 and it was what I was doing to lose most of my weight. Why didn't I go back here earlier?) It feel fairly easy at the time (only about 20 minute workouts!) but I do feel sore in my muscles the next day. And so far the scale is being fairly kind (and I've eaten pasta twice this week! crazy!). So we'll keep it up for as long as it's working. I've got a bridesmaid dress to rock in just 3 weeks!!!!!

Don't think there's much else new. I teach 3 times this week, and I am really sick of the routine, I think this saturday i'm going to learn at least a few new tracks (now that my taping is over I can do this). We'll see how it goes. The plan is now to go home Sunday and stay over until monday (did you know it's already the long weekend?). Hubby needs to help get my mom's house in shape for a gift opening (he's building some stuff). I need to just visit. Plus I like short trips when I still get to have a weekend.

Also, we can visit hubby's grandpa who moved into a nursing home, he's not doing so well any more (he is 94 or so...)

It's freezing cold here so I havne't been running lately. As in literally freezing, 0 degrees, snow today. People often go camping May long weekend! WTF? It's supposed to be a little warmer soon.

Monday, May 11, 2009

what a busy weekend

So I had my whirlwind weekend - long weekend for me! It was nice, makes me realize again, just how much I love not working. But I also love money...

(that has nothing to do with my job, just work in general. Me = Type B personality.)

It was a nice weekend, but it had a cloud over it since friday morning. Hubby and I fought all weekend until Sunday afternoon (well we fought through him giving me the silent treatment, and me not being home enough to hash anything out until Sunday). Friday morning, I broke the sprinklers. Maybe. Sorta. I turned them on thursday night, even though hubby though we shouldn't (he said a week ago, I thought it would be ok by now). And then it froze and snowed over night. So he thought I froze all the lines and they'd be cracked. So I shut the water off in the house, and went to open the lines to let it drain when it thawed, but instead, the handle broke off. oops. So my friday morning was spent trying to deal with this so hubby wouldn't be super mad. But I couldn't do it myself. boo. End of speaking for 36 hours...

(hubby had been having a really bad week, and any sort of bad week for him is EXTRA BAD with his OCD. So I just pushed him over the edge.)

Anyway, I did all I could and since I get over things quickly, I moved on. I ran a million errands and cleaned the house, (and spent another $70 online on a fancy camera bag...good thing I'm finally getting paid from the gym now!). Went shopping, bought a couple cardigans and a dressy shirt for the shower. Then met mom and sis for mani pedi's!! Fun! I don't think I can stand having nail polish on my fingers though. They just feel weird. And it's chipping off already and bugging me. I got them painted a dark winey purple. It's nice, but a bit dramatic, going from no color for probably 5 years.

Pedicure I loved, I love the little razor thing peeling off all the dead skin. Sick but so satisfying. Toes I got a pretty orangey coral. I love that, very summery (even if the weather isn't yet).

We went for supper at my sister's and visited (with her MIL to be as well.) Then home and bed.

Saturday mom, sis and I went shopping for mom's mother of the bride dress. Pretty tricky, mom doesn't dress fancy EVER, is short and stout, wants a long skirt, arms covered. But all that stuff was so unflattering or else really really not like her at all. I guess they found something after I left (I had to go set up at the shower).

Shower was GREAT. We had lots of people. The games went really well and everyone had fun I think. Her gifts were good too. The stagette was LONG for me. I wanted to plan more activities for the night, but the other girls thought just 1 and then drinking and the bar and dancing would be good. Which they were right, except for me. I do not drink and bar and dance. I drank tons of diet coke, texted a few people, took a lot of pictures, tried to not look angry and annoyed at the disgusting drunk/slutty/pathetic/badly dressed/other people everywhere. Oh speaking of badly dressed, we mad sis wear a grass skirt and coconut bra on top her clothes, and leis and penis earrings and a veil. It was great.

I stayed until the end to drive sis home. And the end happened to be the bar closing, 2:00-ish, we were there since 6:00 for supper. That's, let me see... 8 hours. UGH! I was done by 10:00.

sunday I slept in, tried to not feel sad as hubby avoided me, we hashed it out eventually. We havent' had a fight in a long time and frankly that's not like us. We usually fight often and it's just little but we both feel better and get a few things worked out that have been going wrong. this one eventually was good but started out very bad. Don't need to get into it, it's over now, plus we've agreed on a few things to try to help each other out and be happier. Plus got into a few of the reasons why we both do the things we do that the other person hates. A little backstory into it which is really helpful. (nobody ever does anything on purpose to anger the other, it's important to remember that).

Anyway, then I headed in to teach step. I had to do my taping to get mailed away. so it wasn't a real class, just friends I invited. Unfortunately, I only had 3 of them show up, I needed 5. so I announced it like a real class and had 1 more lady show up, then we positioned everyone so the camera wouldnt' be able to see there weren't enough people. I didn't watch myself afterwards, and I felt nervous and sort of like I might have screwed up a little at the beginning but oh well. I'm not doing it again (I heard you don't fail unless you really screw something up and are unsafe). at least it's over.

Then Sunday night I cleaned up the house, walked the dog. I made bagel chips with my homemade bagels. They're good, but I don't know how well they'll keep...

I've got to go play bocce ball now (office noon league). Might post later...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

best of things

Well I am stuck here at work late. Probably until close to 7:00. Printing away, 1022 pages! woopie! Go environment! Why did I have to be so darn smart and write such a long thesis (don't get the wrong idea, that's 7 copies of my thesis at 1.4 spacing. Hey, I could have used 1.5 spacing, I tried for ya Mother Earth!)

But I don't mind staying. Why? I'm watching Lost online. Hurray for fast internet connections!

A friendly recipe sharing - it's good, but it's BAD

Prepare to be disguisted and amazed simultaneously. If you don't ever tell anyone the recipe you'll maintain credibility and look like a genious chef. If you're like me and tell the secret people will start to look at you funny and leave the room when you come in. So don't tell. ;) Oh, and come up with a clever name.

It's seriously disturbing knowing the only measurement unit I use is "1 tube". The rest are guesses.

1 tube pilsbury biscuits
1/3 cup? butter/margarine
Big handful of brown sugar (1/2 to 3/4 cup?)
bunch of cinnamon

Melt margarine, sugar and cinnamon in a frying pan (probably would work in a microwave too). Separate the biscuits, cut each one into 1/4s. Toss into the marg and sugar one at a time so they get coated and don't stick together. Then bake according to the time and temp on the biscuits. (my frying pan can go in the oven so it's all a 1 dish thing, otherwise I guess a casserole dish or something.)

Ta da!



So it's finally my friday. Yippee! counting down the hours. day off tomorrow!

The only problem is, I need to print out 500 pages before I go. And I'm trying to do it stealthy. I've decided I'm REALLY wrapping up my thesis tomorrow, as in, gotta get the printed copies bound. And we have 1 printer here at work, and it's slow. I've been throwing in 40 pages at a time during the day (I really could just say what's going on, but I think I already gave the impression that this was all done... lies!) So I might have to stay late to finish that up. boo. (I did do a bunch of printing last night, but I think I broke the printer...)

I would love to just go to Staples, but I need 7 copies of my 160 page thesis (I already have 3 copies done). and most of it is color. So that's like $500! If it was $100 I'd do it. but 5? ugh.

Yesterday I went home and ate quickly, then changed for a quick run to watch ball (only like a 15 minute run from my house). It was cold and looked like rain, so I wore my yoga pants, then a tank, a long sleeve shirt, a zip up, AND a bunnyhug, and a toque and gloves. I felt fine on the jog there. But sitting and taking pictures, and the wind picking up made me COLD! I was super freezing, the girls all huddled on the bench under a blanket and fought over which girl got to sit that inning. boo weather. I think it was -5?

So the pictures I got are all of people shivering, sort of funny.

Hubby hit his first ever home run over the fence! yay hubby! He was so excited, all winter he talked about how he was going to do it this season, and then he does it on the first game! Of course the pictures I got of it are crap because I was hurrying to get them, not paying attention to my focus or settings. They're all over exposed and blurry. Like the worst pictures ever of anything, and that's what I got. oh well. I'll take a picture some other time and pretend it was his homerun, no one will ever know...

I don't teach today. I think I'll do a weight workout. Watch Lost. clean the house for my mommy staying over friday. start my wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My short week is dragging...

I am so excited to have friday off (more later), making today my Thursday, tomorrow my Friday, but man! Looking forward to something like that is making time stop! Having nothing to work on is not helping either.

I've been eating not great for the last 2 days, eating out at lunch right? Then having all those cookies out. But that's is over today! Salad for lunch, cookies are gone. Just me for supper, planning on broccoli and toast. Random but so good.

Last night my class went really well. I was a little flustered at the beginning because another instructor came to TAKE my class. I do better when I'm the only expert ya know? But she was completely willing to follow whatever I said, not acting instructory or anything, she's really sweet. So the first few tracks were a bit uncomfortable (not bad though) then I got in the groove. I had a whole pile of friends come too which was nice! My sister, a friend I went out for lunch with and my SIL all came! nice. They're all impressed with how hard core I am. Oh yeah, I'm hard core.

So my sister, mom and I are getting pedicures and manicures on friday so I took the day off. My sister forgot about a lab meeting she HAS to go to, so we had to reschedule, so now we're doing it at 4:00 (and it's supposed to take 2.5 hours). Anyway, so I took the whole day off and now have nothing to do until 4:00. so I'm SOOOO looking forward to that. I'm so excited and making a pile of things I have to do. (get the dog a license, long run, take thesis to bindery, so much laundry, get pictures printed).

working on chugging the water today. After 2 days (and a weekend) of snacking and too much eating I'm feeling hungry constantly. Water and Crystal Light (with Fibre!!!) are my secret today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

taco tuesday

Not taco, but burrito. I'm going out for lunch with girlfriends in an hour at a mexican place. They basically only serve different burritos (no quesadillas or fajitas or anything else). But I'll either get a "lunch" serving or just eat half. They are huge. I'm sure they're not great for you, but the do seem healthy, beans, avocado, chicken, veggies etc. But I'm sure there's badness in there.

And work is going so slow I'm dying to leave. I'm getting munchy because I'm bored.

Went for a run last night. It was good. I really should be doing more intervals. I'm trying to increase my regular pace, it used to be sub 5:2something/km, now I focus to keep it at 5:35 or something. But I think the intervals would speed me up. I'm also trying to up the endurance though, my typical interval runs are 20 minutes, and boy do I feel it at 21 minutes!

First solo step class tonight. excited for it. a little nervous.

Then I'm going to call and email a bunch of people about sis's stagette. A little individual attention in case they didn't get the group email or facebook invite. That's probably it. laundry. clean house. usual.

Monday, May 4, 2009

monday monday

Hm, it's Monday. welcome.

For some reason I always feel welcomey and weird on Mondays. You'd think it would be Wednesdays since that would sound cooler.

I've got a headache.

My weekend was fun. I didn't do much. Don't even remember friday night. It was very mellow I'm sure. I played a lot with photoshop and edited all the pictures I want to keep. It really makes a crazy difference. If I remember I'll do a before and after when I get home tonight.

Saturday I baked (as I said before). Basically all day. Also went for a long run. First long run of the year. It was only 6.5 km or so. Less than 40 minutes. But it was great. It was really windy. but nice and warm. I gotta get Daisy in shape, she was puttering out by the end. How will she do 1 hour?

The amazing thing about long runs is the instant body boost. I was instantly skinnier. No joke. I'm not sure why at all. But my whole torso leaned out post run. I think something about tensing my core and stuff. Loved it. Plus I think that my better eating is finally showing some results. Maybe I'll take measurements this week.

Granted the eating on the weekend was enough to probably push me back where I was. I should have put the cookies in the freezer instantly. Instead I ate probably a dozen. (they're for sis's shower, otherwise I wouldn't have made them at all!) Plus I needed groceries all weekend but was waiting for today, 10% off day.

I watched Into the Wild. Sort of upset me a little. I didn't know it was a true story. I get a little disturbed and bothered by "anti-establishment" movies, those and drug movies. Bother me. This was a really good movie though. I liked it a lot, but it bothered me. make sense?

Sunday went shopping for sis's stagette. bought tropical things, for the honeymoon theme. Was fun. Also a few things at Walmart. I was going to shop for clothes but never. Maybe wednesday or something. I need something to wear to the shower. I don't like any of my clothes right now. Plus I've got $100 mall gift certificate from my birthday. PLUS, I'm not feeling terrible about my body.

Last night took the camera out and watched hubby play ball. It was just a scrum (is that the right word?) not a game. Man I love my camera. I love zoom. I do need to practice with the manual focus though, I think it will be better than auto for ball (when people are moving, I have lots of clear backgrounds when they moved out of the main part). Their first game is Wednesday. Hubby and I are going to make baseball cards for everyone. (I took a few really really good pictures of one dude and I told him I'd make him a baseball card out of it, hubby wants to do them for everyone now, he'll make up stats or whatever for the back. fun).

what else?

Today I went out for lunch with my girlfriend and met her baby. Her husband just started working at my work! That means they're moving home from Edmonton! yay! They're hubby and my best "couple" friends. Well they aren't because they live in Edmonton, but they're the one couple that we can't think of one bad thing to say about them and we always want to hang out with them more.

Tomorrow I've got lunch with my other girlfriends. Then I took friday off for my mani and pedi with my mom and sis. always something to look forward to! great week!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things I baked this weekend

I made cookies.


and Matrimony cake (aka date cake). And I took pictures. ;)

Friday, May 1, 2009

My beautiful sis


So I'm nervous about my sister's shower next weekend. I think because it's mother's day and we only got word out to people yesterday that not many will show up. Ugh. I hope lots of people do, but so far we've only heard back some no's. I wish we had gotten word out weeks ago (like when I started trying to plan it!) but when you have to negotiate with 2 other people on the planning things drag a bit.

It'll be ok right?

Happy WI today. 143.8. Not super amazing. But considering I ate so late I'm happy. I didn't eat until after my step class, so it was 8:30! Steamed up some broccoli (LOVE THIS with a little cheese) and then peanut butter toast and banana. Not sure if eating this later really makes a big difference or not. My odd digestive system is also playing games. I'll spare you the details but I feel completely fine, except my bathroom visits are...unusual.

Hm, what else to talk about. This weekend I have to come up with questions for some of the shower games (anybody have any slightly embarassing ask the groom before hand questions that the bride has to match? I don't want to go so graphic as "what's his favorite position" but a little dirtier than "what's his favorite hockey team")

So just doing that, cleaning the house. Shopping for stagette (we're making her wear a coconut bra, honeymoon theme, funny) Plus buy her a present. Next weekend I took off Friday. In the morning I want to maybe book a massage or a physio session (but just sort of a preventative assessment thing, nothing hurts, but I want better posture, and my back to NEVER hurt). Then in the afternoon, my sis and my mom and I are getting manicures and pedicures! fun! (saturday's the shower and stagette)

I want to buy a new lens for my camera. I have only like 3 pictures I love from my new camera (Well dozens and dozens of my dog. but I haven't had anything to take pictures of! I've got some from my niece's birthday and some from going out for supper). But I think they'd be nicer if I had this new lens I want. (wider apeture, better pictures in darker settings). It's the cheapest lens I want too. I've got my "standard" and a "telephoto" already. I'm sure next week when hubby's ball starts then I'll get more pictures and love my telephoto. I also need a good camera bag (but they are like $100!!! I'd much rather use that $100, add $30 and then buy this lens I want...)

I don't think I can justify more camera stuff until I use my current stuff more.

I also have to stay late at work today. Not that I'm doing ANYTHING. (well I have a little bit of work to do). But I need to stay until everyone else is gone, and then print about 1000 pages. I need 7 copies of my thesis to get bound. If I do that at Staples or something, with all the color pages I've got it would be a few hundred dollars! If it was like $50 I'd pay it. But instead i'm sneaking. I don't think it would actually be a problem if I asked or something, it's just that 1000 pages is a lot to print. And a long time to tie up the printer.

So since I have to hang out here and basically wait for the printer, you could all do me a favour and post really interesting blog posts today ok? At least help me come up with questions for my stagette game.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 lbs down the drain

toilets are like drains right? I won't get too graphic, but I had a bit of tummy troubles yesterday and woke up 3 lbs lighter. Sweet right?

It really only was affecting me for about 2 hours. (right before step class! eek!) but I was completely fine through the class, thank god! I only have 1 more team teaching and then I'm on my own! cool!

So after class rushed back home. Steamed up some more broccoli (LOVE IT!) a little cheddar on top this time and a side of peanut butter toast. Then sis and mom were there and we were off to try on her dress. I took a dozen pictures of her. She looked so amazing. even her hair in a messy side pony looked stunning. My sis is gorgeous. Her waist is probably 19 inches (wasn't that Scarlette O'Hara's waist in a corset?) She just has a really odd body shape that includes a miniscule waist. Her hips are normal (size 29" jeans?) and her shoulders are fairly normal (she's a bit narrow). Anyway, so of course she looked just like Barbie bride in her dress (well with dark hair). She's also got 4.5" heels to wear for the ceremony so she's 5'11". Anyway, that was really fun. And the seamstress was super nice and helpful and practical. Because sis won't wear the huge shoes all night, she sort of needs to hem heights. So the seamstress is going to put snaps in so we can adjust the length for her later on (luckily the skirt is the whipped cream kind so it won't look bad without crisp folds or something). Plus her dress was cheap because this seamstress orders them direct from the companies and does it out of her house so no overhead. In a store it would be like $1000, she sold it to sis for $550. Nice huh?

Anyway, then we went back to my house. Just visited with my mom a bit. Talked taxes and jobs and stuff. I love talking to my mom. Then all of a sudden it was after 11:00 and we had to go to bed.

Eats today are great again. If I distract myself with water I really am not hungry for a morning snack. (just like food!). Lunch is a ham sandwich with mustard. Got grapes, carrots, a yogurt and cantaloup to fill out lunch and snacks. Forgot to thaw anything for supper. I was thinking quesadillas. Oh! Hubby's home today, I'll get him to thaw some chicken! Hurray!

Activities tonight involve walking/running the dog (It's chilly out here still, we'll see if I can tough it out for a run) and weights. And slideshow making for sis's wedding. I gotta edit some photos and download some songs (any good suggestions? What did you have? We're avoiding country though). But I'll probably just play with photoshop most of the night. Gosh it's fun. I'll try and do some pictures I can put up here. I feel bad putting up people without their consent, but I don't want to ask them for it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday was such a good day. I ate great. Might have had a scoop of peanut butter I didn't need at the end of the day but I'll take it.

I realized my daytime food was getting a bit ridiculous. All healthy. But quite voluminous. (big word points!) I'd eat 1 cup+ grapes, strawberries, carrots, and 1.5 cups of hamburger soup for lunch. Plus a banana and an apple and 2 mini-yogurts for snacks. I love fruit. However, that's hundreds of extra calories of fruit.

So I'm cutting back. yesterday was just a salad topped with 2 strawberries and sliced turkey, with 1 cup of grapes. Had baby carrots and 1 mini-yogurt for snack. Supper was this amazing asian pork roast I slow cooked. I hope I have that recipe somewhere (I made it a long time ago and froze it). And a plate completely full of steamed broccolli (with 2 tbsp grated jalepeno cheese on top). Dessert was a banana with peanut butter, and then that extra swipe of pb. I made rice for hubby but didn't eat any myself.

Hubby ate a whole bunch of celery yesterday for snack. Not like a whole bunch as in "a whole lot" but a whole BUNCH, as in several full stalks. He told me I need to buy more veggies. I bought 3 cucumbers yesterday and he told me he'd probably eat those today. I told him they have to last the week. I told him to fill up on veggies and fruits in his snacks instead of crackers and pop. I didn't know it would be this much food! But it's good.

Also, did the weights I wanted to. Did laundry and vaccuumed house, did dishes. still managed to watch tv. Also realized I had only 64mB available on my laptop hard drive! So I got to work cleaning that off! How funny is that? (hint - 1 burnable CD holds like 700 mB). I had too many movies and cds on there. Plus all 2 different Photoshop programs, and all the high res pictures I was editing and copying. External hard drives now store the movies only, not on the laptop at all.

Today food is quite similar. Pretty much same lunch, except a pear and banana with my salad. Save the grapes for afternoon with the yogurt. Then I've got class after work. Then going with mom and sister for her dress fitting. Then they're coming over for a visit (well mom's staying over). Since hubby's gone tonight, supper will just be me grabbing something quick (toast?) since mom and sis will have eaten already. I love toast.

Work has slowed down again for me. Just odds and ends jobs. It's so ridiculous. Oh well. Can catch up with all of you hopefully.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Monday, the current air temperature is 4 degrees

Chilly. Boo. Oh well. Moving on.

I had a good weekend! Thanks for asking! It was very busy, as all weekends tend to be. I had so much fun friday night playing volleyball with my girlfriends. Turns out I miss it a little bit (in high school, I basically overdosed on volleyball, doing several hours of practice or games or training 6 days a week for about 6 months. way way way too much. But we did win provincials.) Anyway, I was burnt out and never wanted to play again. Fast forward 9 years, it was fun!

However, my body is less than thrilled. I wasn't too sore, a bit in the shoulders, but that lasted half a day. No, my body looks abused. And like a crazy weird drug addict. I burst all sort of little blood vessels in my forearms from passing. Looks like hundreds of needle marks. Which is now bruising, and giving me a sort of weird grey tan. I also skinned my hip on a dive. And bruised up both my knees (no knee pads!) Plus, I don't know what I did but I hurt my wrist and have a big lump that's slowly changing colors. I'll try and remember to take pictures. It's nasty. But it was fun.

Then Saturday I had to play on hubby's plastic bat and ball team. I just hated every minute. I'm not a bad ball player, but I think I just don't enjoy "beer league" team sports. Or maybe the fact that it wasn't my close friends. Even this ridiculous game where you have to wear a childsize purple or green ball glove and play with a wiffle ball and there was no pressure or real skill involved (girls got more homeruns than boys, if you hit the ball into random nets on the ceiling it was a homerun.) I still felt bad every time I got out, and I felt stressed out when running bases and dreaded my turn to bat. I wanted to just take pictures. Then when we lost and just were hanging out for drinks, I wanted to go home. It is so boring just drinking. They weren't even really talking. Just drinking together in silence, nodding to each other if a hot chick passed the table. Ugh.

When we finally did go back to my house, the team came over since it was only 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. So I hit the kitchen and whipped up a ton a snacks. I made 2 different hot dips, breadsticks (from scratch), thawed some chicken pot pie pockets, made tortilla roll-ups, and some guacamole for myself. Plus hubby barbequed tons of elk sausage and we fed everyone supper. It was ridiculous. But I just kept cooking because I didn't want to just sit and be bored watching the hockey game (I wanted everyone to leave so I could do laundry and watch whatever I PVR'd earlier, and play with photoshop on my laptop). So this lame visiting went on for several hours until people left around 9:00. Then it was basically straight to bed. I was pooped.

Sunday I slept in until my class then came home and did more lazing around. Did get a run in with Daisy which was nice. It was gorgeous yesterday, and now it's yucky so I'm glad I took advantage of it.

Speaking of playing with photoshop, I can now exchange faces. I'm a super-pro. I took a picture of SIL and traded her face with BIL, it was hilarious and looked really good. What ridiculous things I do to waste time huh?

Tonight I have to clean the house, change the sheets and do weights. My mom is coming over tomorrow night and staying over (we're going with Sis to get her dress fitted. aww...)

Oh, and that shower/stagette thing, things are getting cleared up. And I don't think anyone's feelings are hurt.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Ugh, so very bored at work right now. And there's a dude in my office using the modelling
computer so I can't just surf the net. (even though I don't really have anything I need to do,
waiting for edits on a report). So I'm writing this in an email thing. so sneaky.Yesterday was
another good day. I was suprisingly not hungry for afternoon snack. I think I upped the fibre
at lunch. Kept me full. I did eat something at 4:30 because I was going to the gym and working
out before class at 6:45 so I wouldn't be able to eat until 8:00. way too late.anyway, went to the
gym. I really need to work on a plan or circuit to do when I'm there. I go with my brother and
he doesn't have anything so we just wander around and try and figure out what machines do.
I made him play catch with a medicine ball though. Even though he felt stupid. hahaha. But
that's the point of going with somebody right? To not look stupid alone?

Well then I had class. It was good. Really good. I like teaching with the girl on Tues and Thurs.
Not so much on Sun. I wouldn't like to take a class from her either. We got our new solo
teaching schedule. I've only got Tuesday every week, then alternating Saturday mornings
and Thursday evenings. Which is fine. Should be like an extra $150ish per month. Pretty
fun. (however they don't take off taxes, so have to remember that)

Got home and there was a party going on! Hubby's playing the plastic bat and ball thing
this weekend and it started last night. The team was over. So I made myself and quick
protein smoothie for supper and then hung out and watched hockey. I NEEDED to do
laundry and clean the kitchen. Oh well. Oh! Just heard back about the report. So this
afternoon I can do a few edits and add a section. (that'll take an hour...) I wish the nonwork
things I like doing looked more like work...Tonight going to sis's for supper, then to play
volleyball with my girls group! yay! Then just visiting and appetizers and drinks. I usually
do well in social eating and drinking. don't want to look like a pig.

Then tomorrow morning going wedding shopping with my sister and to the farmers market.
Should be fun. Then afternoon have to sub on hubby's plastic bat and ball team. Hopefully
that's all done with by supper so I don't have to entertain all evening. I like just 1 night a
weekend being social. (if that!)

Sunday teaching and catching up on all the stuff I was supposed to get done on the weekend!

(haha, I hit send in the email. I meant publish! good thing I didn't have an address in there!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

what do you do with fresh mozzarella?

I bought some fresh mozzarella because I heard people love it. but I don't know what to do with it? thoughts?

Yesterday was a good day. Except for the excess cheese I put in my omlete for supper (not worth it, couldn't taste it much). I got in a hard interval run in the wind, PLUS did a strength workout with my heavy weights. yay! Plus plus did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen. All while watching SNL from the PVR. That's how to be productive.

Had a bad sleep, Daisy was hogging the bed. Stupid dog.

Tonight (since Lost wasn't new right?) I'm not watching Lost with my brothers, rather going straight to the gym and doing some weights before I teach. Should be fun. Got lots of time to kill too so it should be a good workout.

Then home, where hubby has friends out to play in a plastic bat and ball tournament (it's indoors with a wiffle ball and bat, basically a boozer, but even crappy people are really good in this). I have to play Saturday since they don't have enough people. But it is SO not my scene. Oh well. Plus since most of the people are from the city we'll be hosting them all weekend. Ugh. No scrapbooking or laundry or self tanning or yard work for me. Well maybe when they're not around.

Got a good lunch of salad with egg and sliced turkey breast and strawberries on spinach. mmm. plus standard bowl of strawberries and bowl of grapes, yogurt and apple for snack.

win win win


The dude from the Last 10lb Bootcamp has a website and e-book. I love him, and I love that show. The results they always get are awesome. I could totally use this as my own thingy, but generously (or foolishly) am sharing with all of you the change to win. Check Amy's blog for info.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I taught Step yesterday. It was the first time ever that I went through the whole thing with no mistakes. PERFECT! (usually my mistakes were never critical anyway, the class doesn't know it's supposed to be knees not extensions right?) And I didn't even think about anything. I just did it. And it went super well. And I said fun things and was encouranging. Even pumping myself up to totally kill myself on the 1st 5 tracks. Seriously, I was dead after them! And 3 are warm up!

So my SIL called when I got home and said "I'm just going to say one word to you: OUCH!" apparently she was still brutally sore from when she came to Step on Sunday morning. Sweet! Apparently she could barely walk monday and tuesday still hurt too much to work out. Mwahahaha! And she told me that my other SIL who came, tried to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night Sunday and her legs gave out when she tried to stand. Hilarious!

Makes me feel better about flubbing a bit when teaching (of course when you want to do well right?) Plus since they are both tiny little people and weigh less than me and wear smaller clothes than me and sometimes make me feel bad about my body so I definately needed that.

I BBQed steak when I got home, so we didn't eat until 8:00. Then I just hung out on the couch for the rest of the night (well, walked the dog, but we didn't run). I think I'm turning into a couch potato. Stupid dish. We've got PVR but we're constantly filling it and I just feel like I need to clean off some of the shows sometimes. Even though I don't need to be watching tv at all. And I'm hardly enjoying it while I am. Need to address this. It used to be I wasn't interested in what was on (we only had 3 channels) so I could leave the room and not be distracted and pulled back into it. Now, we can skip commercials and only have to watch shows we like. It's the devil! It will be better when the basement is done, and my treadmill is in front of the tv, and I can scrapbook in the same room (I only need to listen, I currently photoshop and watch tv at the same time). But I suppose I could do my weights and watch tv and I don't. Naughty naughty. Well at least I've identified it. Maybe every time I watch a dog show (Dogtown, Dog Whisperer, End of my Leash) I have to do weights? We'll try it.

Hubby's been doing really great. He's been sticking to veggies for his snacks and even acknowledged it was a mistake to drink a pop (normally he's a few a day and then a couple beers). I sure hope he sees big changes on the scale early to keep him motivated to continue. We're having people over this weekend and instead of the bacon wrapped smokies appetizer (that is amazing, but couldn't be worse for you) he asked for a veggie tray. I'm in shock.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shall I vent here?

So yesterday I went for a meeting with the other bridesmaid (Nic) and the groom's cousin (Ang)to work on planning a shower/stagette for my sister. My sis had mentioned before that Ang sort of had her nose bent out of shape because she thinks she's entitled to be a groomsman or something. (because in high school, more than 12 years ago for her, groom had mentioned that he thought it was ok to have a girl groomsman if they were close or something). Anyway, they are no longer thatclose so she is not in wedding party. But to make up for it, so she's not a total bag, we thought we'd offer to let her host a shower at her house. She didn't have to do any work, but just use her house. But she seemed like she wanted to do work too. Ok fine.

So finally we meet up yesterday. Ang's basement had flooded seriously and they were sort of in house repairs so we said we could have it at Nic's house, no problem. (which got Nic excited to host). But then Ang said that her boyfriend's mother, I repeat, boyfriend's mother, a stranger to all, said we could have it at her house so she said sure.


We're going to have a shower/stagette for my sister at a stranger's house. Talk about uncomfortable. Especially when we have fine options (granted Nic and I both live 20 minutes outside of the city so people would have to drive).

But the way she said it and then moved on to other (infuriating topics) left little room for discussion. I tried being very vague and tiptoeing around it "but then she'd have to clean her house and rearrange things etc. That's not fair..." but she's like "oh her house is always clean, and the next day is mother's day so I'll over anyway to clean up". I should have said right then that I was uncomfortable with that idea.

The other infuriating idea she had, the one we spent a full 1.5 hours discussing, was how to keep the groom's mother, ang's aunt, away from the stagette. Because Ang was SURE that sis would not want her there, she'd ruin the evening. So we had to brainstorm about how to keep her away. Ok... well isn't it expected that the MIL and Mof bride (MOB) are there? All the one's I've been too. Wouldn't it be weird if MOB is there but MIL is not? I know sis wants MOB there.

Plus Ang was coming up with LIES that we'd tell MIL to keep her away. Like tell her that there is no stagette, we're just going home, or that we're just having a sleepover and then go out to a bar anyway. Yeah, and then Sis has to maintain that lie for her entire life. that'll be fun.

I asked Sis after I left the meeting and she was like "of course MIL should be there, yes she can be annoying, but it's not like it's just going to be the 2 of us or anything. It's better her there than anything awkward". Agreed. So now I have to come back to Ang and say, "yeah, sis doesn't care and would sooner have her come." Again. I had my suspicions when we were talking, and I should have just said it. (instead I said things like "well won't it be weird if... and are you sure she thinks this?...)

The thing I've learned is that some people do not catch on to the unspoken word. I love leaving the dotdotdot at the end of a sentence assuming the other people will catch it and nobody's feelings will be hurt and everyone is happy. But I've learned that sometimes I have to be honest and not nice.

Nic and I are pretty much resigned to have it at random person's house. But only the shower. Then it will be just like a more formal shower. Then we have to figure out the evening things. So far it's just go to a bar wearing matching t-shirts (GAG!) but they didn't really like my scavenger hunt idea, or just a lounge or a kareoke night or something. It's a bar and dancing. Oh well. I'll sit with the mom's and aunts.

I am going to try and get away from the matching shirts. We're not going to have a good guest list until people actually show up. Maybe we can just wear the same color. or have tiaras or something stupid. But I hate ugly huge t-shirts. especially in a bar. Can't we look classy?

Can't we do something fun or interesting?

People: send me your good stagette/shower ideas! Something to make my plans more fun. Or funny. The way things are headed it's going to end up with nasty scavenger hunt (like crotch shots and get condoms from strangers) (oh yeah, my scavenger hunt idea was not like that, it was fun, and with clues and stuff).

Is there a fun theme idea we can go with? (we might be doing a honeymoon thing which is fun, make it a luau. Grass skirt? Tropical drinks? Gifts are fun that way too.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend blah, new week rah!

Says it all. Weekend was nothing to write home about. (but apparently enough to write a blog about?) too much inlaws in one dose. Left me annoyed. Also left me feeling bad. I dunno what caused it, but Sunday night I was bummed. I was not looking forward to work today, (did not finish the report last friday so thought I'd be in hot water), was sad because none of my clothes fit, sad because hubby was annoyed at me. Just bummed. It's all better today and I feel better about everything. Strange for a Monday morning huh?

Highlights: supper out with SILs, fun. Got some good usage out of my camera. LOVE IT! really did well at supper, barely trying any of the appetizer (basically one pita bread piece with artichoke dip), eating only half of my sandwich (some sort of chicken and brie with fig and pear sandwhich, SO good!). No dessert. Then we went to see He's Just Not That Into You in the cheap theatre (couldn't have cared less. The movie pissed me off because if people are really like that then they deserve exactly the unhappiness they get. Wow, maybe I'm still cranky?)

Unfortunately when I got home, I ate half of hubby's cheeseburger from McD's and the other half of my sandwich. Random.

Saturday cleaned house for MIL's visit. Went in to SIL's for her daughter's 1st birthday party. We got a dud present. Bought her a foamy stuffed princess chair, she's already got a blue one. Oh well. Was bored at the party. Took a billion pictures. I don't visit enough for neice to know me or for me to know anything about her, like oh that means she's tired, yes of course she can have a snack, don't let her touch the cat. so I just took pictures of her with everyone else. I'm fine with it though.

Sunday MIL and FIL stayed over so we made them breakfast. This can be nothing besides bacon and eggs or FIL flips. I made belgium waffles one time and he was like "oh, don't you have any bacon?" so we had to fry some up anyway. whatever. Then I had to ditch to teach class. I come back, and MIL had rewashed my refridgerator (that I washed since we got a new one). Apparently I don't do a good enough job. Not like she said anything mean like that, she thought she was doing me a favour. But still right?

Then followed them around shopping for the afternoon. Then out for supper (buffet! boo!) where I didn't do that great. (only 1 plate, but chinese food, and dessert).

So that was the blah weekend.

The rah week is this: I was complaining to hubby about how I'm not losing any weight because I keep letting myself off the hook and not really trying and blahdiddyblah. And he was floored because he was like "but you're exercising all the time!" and I explained how you can't out exercise a bad diet, and how tons of people lose weight without working out (which isn't the best, but can be done). And so it sort of inspired HIM and was asking me all these questions about it, and we figured out his rough calorie intake, that's keeping him maintaining (2600 cal, on a good day, I don't know much about guy's numbers, but hubby is only 5'5 and we weighed the same at our wedding). So I explained that if he just cut back to 2200 or something, a day, he'd lose weight. As in, ditch the pop and 1 babybel cheese. Trade snacks of crackers with carrots. Then keep everything else the same.

So we're both going to work on it together now until sis's wedding (6 weeks?) I've got the PVR filled with X-weighted and 10lb bootcamp and biggest loser so I've got lots of inspiration when I need it. Plus since hubby's on bored I can cook only healthy foods, and hide most of our snacks downstairs (no not hidden, but with us working on finishing the basement, it's an obstacle course to get to them. should be discouraging!) PLUS the weather's nice so I can run. I like to run. (if only the wind would die down for 30 minutes every night!)

So lofty goals but supported with big plans. Spells success right?

Friday, April 17, 2009


So I spent the last hour in traffic trying to buy myself the new lens I want (GULP $400 later, add that to the $500 camera, plus I'd like a $60+ bag...) But I got it and now I'm so happy! I just want to ditch work and go play. But unfortunately I've got a big report to finish up. And it's not going smoothly. Grr..

Tonight, out for supper with SILs. Do my best with the health but I'm sure portions will be oversized. I'll stick to some chicken or salad. No drinks. Then tomorrow is my neice's 1st birthday. Probably have some birthday cake, but I think supper is going to be a roast or something. MIL and FIL will be in town staying at our place.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm buying AC/DC tickets. Sweet.

Sunday I think I solved my weight training dilema. I teach a class at 11:15, at 10:00 is a sculpt class. So I'm going to go to that. hurray!

(even though yesterday when I was exhausted and still had to clean the house and get to bed at a reasonable hour, I got my weights out and did a 20 minute full body circuit. yay me! I just dreaded coming on here again with another excuse for why I didn't do it.)

I weighed in today, I can't remember, 145.0 maybe? I didn't tell ya last week because it was a gain from before (146 something), but now it's a loss so I wish I did write it down. Frustrating little game I've got here.

Anyway, hours until the weekend, report to write.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the blues

I've got the blues, but I'm not sad. So maybe the blahs. I'm actually pretty happy, so maybe it's the hmms.

I'm distracted and bored. When I read a book I can't stop reading it. I'm serious. I'll stay up all night, not make supper, eat out of a box, or not eat. Bring it to work, read it at stop lights in the car. Seriously. it's a problem.

Turns out I had nearly the same problem with reading all the posts from Pioneer Woman. (Honest to God, when did I tell you about that? well I've read every post now. Only have to keep up with the new ones).

So that was my little distraction last week or the week before.

Then I got my camera. Now my distraction is playing with it, googling photography, finding lenses on ebay. Hopefully once I buy the zoom lens I want I can move on with the obsession part.

For nearly the last 2 years, my obsession has been weight loss. Exercise, low cal recipes, different theories and strategies. But I am full up with that one now. I am tired of it. And I have a hard time spreading myself out into doing just SOME of something instead of all.

I am not an All or Nothing person WRT food and dieting. but in my "hobbies" I guess I am.

Before I lost weight I was all about the scrapbooking.

Hubby on the other hand is a little bit of everything person. A little bit of absolutely everything. He has a collection of collections. He's a little into sports (hockey, slow pitch, curling, golf, football at least), a little into video games (owning nearly every system, yet still rarely playing), a little into cars, a little into woodworking. etc etc.

I need to slide that way a little bit. When I exercise, that's about all I do. I make supper, clean up, exercise for an hour and wander around until bedtime. I need to be able to organize myself enough that I can do exercise and then still take pictures after. I know I have enough time, but my interest is generally so focussed.

In case you didn't catch on, I didn't exercise yesterday.

I've got step tonight. And I'm thinking about going to the gym early and doing weights there. We'll see when I get off work.

Ugh, this post bores me. It feels like "blah blah blah" Bullshit bullshit bullshit (but say it in the funny voice Kristen Bell had in Forgetting Sarah Marshall). I hate bullshit.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok, dudes, long time no quality coming from me. I don't know what's up. It's not like I'm working
too hard. (though I probably should be...)

Anyway, classes have been going good. I was a little worried about yesterday since I taught 5
tracks I hadn't taught in a long time, and hadn't practiced. But I know them turns out. Not like I
was perfect or anything, but good.Anyway, went for another fun jog monday. I like the ones
where I tell myself I don't have to do intervals. (I know they're the best for fitness and for fat
loss etc, but they're also best for sucking). It was just a quick one. Then hubby and I headed
into town for him to play catch with some buddies. Which I thought would be a good opportunity
to play with my camera. Unfortunately the sun still sets early 'round these parts, plus it was
going to storm so we only hung out in the park for a little while, then went back to friend's
house. I still go pictures of their adorable dog. A 7 month old Boxer puppy. So funny looking.
Very gangly, reminded me of a salamander as odd as that sounds.Anyway, that was monday,
got in a quick jog, then got home a little late.Then last night. I taught class and then tried to
clean the house (and not pig out, though I was insatiable, is that a word? does it mean what
I think?) But hubby's friends came over to help him wire up the basement, and their wife
came. So they only got there at 9:00 and I was trying to clean up and going to put my pjs
on and stuff. But they show up. Ok. So we visit and wash tv, but I had stuff to do and then
go to bed! Grr! (they're the friends who come over uninvited, but aren't actually good enough
friends that we can just wear our pjs and tell it's time to leave. boo) So they stayed (to be fair
the guys were working) until 11:30! (ps I go to bed at 10:00 EVERY night).So I was annoyed
and cranky and then couldn't really sleep right away. THEN hubby's alarm went off at 6:00,
he had the day off though! Tonight there's a home selling party thing of a friend I'm blowing
off. I definately don't need to buy anything (unless there's a camera lens party! I decided I
need a zoom lens. NEEDED) Plus I have to clean up my stinking house! MIL is here this
weekend and it's my only night to clean. Plus I really want to do some weights! I keep saying
that and I hate when people say things and don't do them. Plus I hate that I complain about
my weight but STILL don't do what I need to do. Ugh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

not feeling like posting

I just don't feel like recapping my night. Not going to. (nothing good or bad really happened, just not in the mood for it).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good food advice

Stole this from here:
5 nutrition tips

1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.
The perimeter is where you find your produce, your fish and meat, eggs and dairy, etc. It is not where you find twinkies, chips, or donuts. Make quick ventures into the middle aisles to get other items like salsa, tuna, oats and flax. Sticking to the perimeter will also allow you to avoid buying stuff you don’t need just because it is on sale or is making some ridiculous health claim, you usually don’t get suckered by produce.

2. Buy things that don’t come in a box or plastic wrapper.
This could also be increased to only buy food that you can find or make in nature. If something comes in a box, has more than 5 ingredients, or has any ingredients you can’t pronounce, it probably isn’t good for you. Stick to real whole foods that you could hunt, gather, pluck or grow, and avoid the man made food products.

3. If a food makes a heath claim, it probably sucks.
A lot of food items make health claims like no trans fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, blah blah blah. In most cases if a food has to make a health claim for you to buy it, it probably sucks. Adding 20mg of omega-3’s to milk (like Horizon did, a crappy organic monopoly) is useless, but it allows them to make a claim based on legitimate research. If you are eating real, whole, unprocessed foods then you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your butter contains plant sterols (which are controversial and have very little real evidence behind them).

4. Don’t live off coupons.
I know times are tough and people are looking for any way they can trim their budget, but cutting back on the items that nourish you and maintain your existence is probably not the best option. Neither is living off Ramen and Mac and Cheese. If you have room in your budget for that plasma flat screen, the HD cable package and Netflix, I think you need to reevaluate where you are spending your money. Our diet is related to our health in more ways than one, spending more time with your family and friends around the dinner table will more than make up for your loss of HBO.

5. Learn what real whole grains are.
Most people know the term whole grains, and they think they know what it is referring too. Unfortunately, the food industry has some other ideas, and fools people into purchasing crappy foods that are listed as being great sources of “whole grains”. For something to be really whole grain, it should be entirely whole grain, not just containing a small portion of whole grains. Real whole grain options are old-fashioned or steel-cut oats, amaranth, quinoa, wild rice and sprouted organic whole grain products (like Ezekiel).

I think I do pretty good on these except maybe 5. I think it's a good point to remember that because it says whole grains only means that it includes some of that, it might have some bleached flour as well.

Easter Monday

So it's Easter Monday. I have to work. (well I didn't take holidays). I think I do need to take holidays soon. I'm getting a bit worn out from work. Just looking forward to leaving at the end of the day ya know?

Anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was alright. Somewhat wasteful. I did enjoy it at the time. But I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Friday especially. I watched about 5 movies, took a nap. that's about it. We even had a couple friends over that night and I just stayed in my sweat pants and just watched tv with them. Bad hostessing. But I was wiped on friday for some reason.

Saturday we got up reasonably early because we had shopping plans. And even that didn't go productively. But it wasn't bad. We just had to return something to Rona, but we decided to look around at the "stuff" we need for the basement (right now working on a shower, but still need to figure out flooring). I'm having a hard time with the basement, going piece by piece. I wish I knew what the whole thing would cost and could scrimp here and splurge there, but I don't know so I'm trying to scrimp everywhere. I'm having a hard time with everything, like deciding where to put light fixtures and light switches and does this room need a dimmer just because they're fun, but should it have another switch as well over by the stairs and we can always put a lamp there if it's too dark and even though the light is centered in the room, it looks off centered because of the beam so should we move it anyway?

I think it would be easier if I had a whole plan of everything at once. But hubby doesn't work that way and he's doing the work.

Anyway, so we wandered around looking at house stuff and I thought that we were going to do carpet because, well, it's a basement and that's what you do. But I then realized that the carpets I liked were MORE expensive than laminate (and even some hardwood, but then you need a false floor thing and then it's too short). And I was never fussy about "ew laminate" because I think you can hardly tell and it looks really nice. But can you really do laminate in a basement? Won't we have to get area rugs then? Won't it be too dusty and dirty all the time? Too hard and cold? Maybe I should be less fussy about the carpet I like?

Anyway, so that was saturday. That wasn't even on the shopping we were supposed to do. It was extra bonus. Eventually get home. And I finally go for a run.

Hurray! It was a great run. I did no intervals. Tried to keep a decent pace and go a decent distance. I guess that's a tempo run then right? I dunno. I felt great the whole way, not tired in the legs or in the endurance or bored. It was too much for Daisy. I was practically dragging her at the end. She put on some pounds this winter and hasn't been taking Step 3 times a week. Oh well, we'll get her back there.

Saturday night was more tv and more internet and some scrapbooking. Sunday, after I taught class, nothing else either. This week has to be about cleaning the house now for MIL (DEEP cleaning). That's fine. I don't mind cleaning. I think I also want to make some muffins or some scones or some other interesting impressive snack. Maybe bagels again. A coffee cake? Anybody have any ideas? Something brunch like. I don't think there's going to be much visiting here on the weekend as it's my little niece's birthday party so everything will be over there. But they're sleeping here!

what else...Oh Daisy ate my lens cap for my camera already. I was really upset. Not so much with her because she just eats anything. I know that. But with myself for leaving it somewhere that she could get and eat. 2 bright sides to this though. It was just a lens cap, just enough to be a reminder to take better care of my things. AND I get to buy a new one, so I'm shopping ebay for lens caps and maybe some UV and Polarizing filters while I'm at it, maybe a cheap zoom lens if I see it. So fun. Now I just need occassions and opportunities to take pictures! I need some subjects!

Ok, that's all I got. I also need to get serious about strength training (I know what works for my body!). I ate chocolate this weekend. And perogies. And banana bread. And I wore my capris from last summer and they don't fit great. They're tight even on the calves. All week, cleaning and weights.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

sunset pictures and my dog.

Here's my dog. and the sunset from our nice little photoshoot the other day. Too bad I had to leave her color and long leash on or I was scared she'd run away. I think I might not have to worry about it since she rarely hit the end of her leash.

Here's my pretty dog. The sky is washed out but that had to happen to get Daisy not a silhouette. Pretty huh?
This if the view outside my back door. Nice sky, skyline isn't that great but whatever.
This one is from our honeymoon. That's hubby and I. I just photoshopped it up a bit. Added some contrast and brightened the colors. Beauty huh?

something real

So a real post. How do these work again?

My camera has been interfering with my workout. Well only yesterday. I got home late (my dad took me out for supper) and then the sun was setting so I loaded my camera and my dog and went to find pretty pictures. I got some good ones. Then I played with them in photoshop to make them even prettier! It was great. But took all night. Thank goodness it's the weekend so I have more time.

My dog is already annoyed with me taking her picture. She'll be sleeping in the middle of the floor and I'm clicking away. She'll open her eyes, basically roll her eyes at me, then get up and go put herself in her kennel. It's adorable. Hubby suggested I go buy myself some flowers today so I have something to take pictures of. Good idea.

So my eating's been only alright. I sort of just did normal things instead of being conscious about it. But my after supper snacking has been off so that's good. I'm almost getting sick of strawberries. So in a way that's good. I've been eating a lot of fruit. Last night with my dad I had a chicken quesadilla, not the best, not the worst. Ate 3/4 of it. Today at lunch the boss is ordering in pizza. I can definately handle that. I brought some fruit and yogurt for afternoon, so I'm sure I can have 2 pieces and call 'er quits. Not sure what's going on for supper. I'm going to my brother's house, last week they cooked for me, might just be cereal tonight. I teach at 6:45 on thursdays, so I go there after work and we all watch Lost together. It is so nice to have somebody else to watch Lost with. (they caught up last summer with the DVDs). It's the kind of show you need to say "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT! What do you think that means? How can they not remember this if it's the past? why didn't Sun go back too?" etc etc.

Speaking of class. I taught on Sunday and a girl fell and hurt her wrist (I had to get an ice pack from the front desk while the other instructor taught, then came back all flustered, JUST in time to teach my songs, ugh, there were mistakes). And then I taught on Tuesday and ANOTHER girl fell! Both times I wasn't instructing but still. That's weird, I've been taking step for years and never saw anybody fall. Hopefully it doesn't happen again today!

So thank goodness it's a long weekend. And also hurray for us not having plans. I feel sort of bad but I'm looking forward to NOT going home. It's always fine when we're there. but it just seems chaotic, with all the people and the driving back and forth (our parents are 5 minutes apart so we have to do everything twice) and the kids and the packing. I just like to be at home where I can be productive or be in charge of the remote or just leave the dishes and not have to be a good guest.

So what are my plans? I want to take pictures, I want to scrapbook, go for a run (we're supposed to hit 18 degrees saturday!), maybe 2 runs. Do some cooking/baking/preparing. Maybe hot crossed buns? though they're supposed to be done by now. Then Sunday I have to teach a class (who's going to come to a class Easter Sunday morning?) and then the rest of the day will be spent cleaning. Spring cleaning. MIL cleaning. They're coming and staying at our house the weekend after Easter. So I need to clean up my scrapbook room/spare bedroom, plus do a big dust and scrub on the whole house since my MIL is the exact sort of horrible MIL who will comment if there is toothpaste splatter on the bathroom mirror ("I guess you've been too busy to do house work lately with your new job"). Plus she complains about Daisy shedding or jumping on the couch. Well it's Daisy's house more than yours! Hm. I'm making up things she's going to say and then getting mad at her. That can't be healthy.

Ok, well gonna catch up on a few blogs. I feel behind, I haven't been commenting but I've been reading. I also plan on reading every last post of Pioneer Woman so I am no longer distracted constantly. I appologize to those of you whom I've infected as well.