Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday was such a good day. I ate great. Might have had a scoop of peanut butter I didn't need at the end of the day but I'll take it.

I realized my daytime food was getting a bit ridiculous. All healthy. But quite voluminous. (big word points!) I'd eat 1 cup+ grapes, strawberries, carrots, and 1.5 cups of hamburger soup for lunch. Plus a banana and an apple and 2 mini-yogurts for snacks. I love fruit. However, that's hundreds of extra calories of fruit.

So I'm cutting back. yesterday was just a salad topped with 2 strawberries and sliced turkey, with 1 cup of grapes. Had baby carrots and 1 mini-yogurt for snack. Supper was this amazing asian pork roast I slow cooked. I hope I have that recipe somewhere (I made it a long time ago and froze it). And a plate completely full of steamed broccolli (with 2 tbsp grated jalepeno cheese on top). Dessert was a banana with peanut butter, and then that extra swipe of pb. I made rice for hubby but didn't eat any myself.

Hubby ate a whole bunch of celery yesterday for snack. Not like a whole bunch as in "a whole lot" but a whole BUNCH, as in several full stalks. He told me I need to buy more veggies. I bought 3 cucumbers yesterday and he told me he'd probably eat those today. I told him they have to last the week. I told him to fill up on veggies and fruits in his snacks instead of crackers and pop. I didn't know it would be this much food! But it's good.

Also, did the weights I wanted to. Did laundry and vaccuumed house, did dishes. still managed to watch tv. Also realized I had only 64mB available on my laptop hard drive! So I got to work cleaning that off! How funny is that? (hint - 1 burnable CD holds like 700 mB). I had too many movies and cds on there. Plus all 2 different Photoshop programs, and all the high res pictures I was editing and copying. External hard drives now store the movies only, not on the laptop at all.

Today food is quite similar. Pretty much same lunch, except a pear and banana with my salad. Save the grapes for afternoon with the yogurt. Then I've got class after work. Then going with mom and sister for her dress fitting. Then they're coming over for a visit (well mom's staying over). Since hubby's gone tonight, supper will just be me grabbing something quick (toast?) since mom and sis will have eaten already. I love toast.

Work has slowed down again for me. Just odds and ends jobs. It's so ridiculous. Oh well. Can catch up with all of you hopefully.


Jen said...

wow - you do AMAZING food wise!! I always want to eat so much crap and I find it hard to get in that much GOOD STUFF!! I REALLY need to take a page from your book!!!!

Have fun with the dress fitting tonight!!!! I bet your sister is super excited!!!

Angie All The Way said...

You're doing great! Keep it up! I love berries and other fruits in my salads, it gives it an awesome flavour pop!

What I wouldn't give to run out of celery etc. at the hands of hubby! Great job hubby!

A toasted tomato sammie sounds delish right about now...I might have that for supper tonight ya never know!