Friday, April 24, 2009


Ugh, so very bored at work right now. And there's a dude in my office using the modelling
computer so I can't just surf the net. (even though I don't really have anything I need to do,
waiting for edits on a report). So I'm writing this in an email thing. so sneaky.Yesterday was
another good day. I was suprisingly not hungry for afternoon snack. I think I upped the fibre
at lunch. Kept me full. I did eat something at 4:30 because I was going to the gym and working
out before class at 6:45 so I wouldn't be able to eat until 8:00. way too late.anyway, went to the
gym. I really need to work on a plan or circuit to do when I'm there. I go with my brother and
he doesn't have anything so we just wander around and try and figure out what machines do.
I made him play catch with a medicine ball though. Even though he felt stupid. hahaha. But
that's the point of going with somebody right? To not look stupid alone?

Well then I had class. It was good. Really good. I like teaching with the girl on Tues and Thurs.
Not so much on Sun. I wouldn't like to take a class from her either. We got our new solo
teaching schedule. I've only got Tuesday every week, then alternating Saturday mornings
and Thursday evenings. Which is fine. Should be like an extra $150ish per month. Pretty
fun. (however they don't take off taxes, so have to remember that)

Got home and there was a party going on! Hubby's playing the plastic bat and ball thing
this weekend and it started last night. The team was over. So I made myself and quick
protein smoothie for supper and then hung out and watched hockey. I NEEDED to do
laundry and clean the kitchen. Oh well. Oh! Just heard back about the report. So this
afternoon I can do a few edits and add a section. (that'll take an hour...) I wish the nonwork
things I like doing looked more like work...Tonight going to sis's for supper, then to play
volleyball with my girls group! yay! Then just visiting and appetizers and drinks. I usually
do well in social eating and drinking. don't want to look like a pig.

Then tomorrow morning going wedding shopping with my sister and to the farmers market.
Should be fun. Then afternoon have to sub on hubby's plastic bat and ball team. Hopefully
that's all done with by supper so I don't have to entertain all evening. I like just 1 night a
weekend being social. (if that!)

Sunday teaching and catching up on all the stuff I was supposed to get done on the weekend!

(haha, I hit send in the email. I meant publish! good thing I didn't have an address in there!)

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Jen said...

Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you (or HAD since I am writing this on a Monday!)

I have to be sneaky with writing posts too...though not really because they are never checking what I am doing here...but I still feel bad!!!!