Friday, April 3, 2009


Now, what was it I came on here early to say? hm...

Oh yeah, I remember. WI 144.2! So that's um, 2.6 lbs in a week!!! yabba dabba doo!!!

To what do I credit my great loss? Well I have been doing alright on the eating. Exercising has been great (I got in a HIIT and heavy weights this week, on top of all the Step). But I don't think that's it. I think it's hormonal. I went off the pill this week. (so that might have something to do with my dream huh?) I'm not pregnant though (fo shor). And that might be the last time I talk about any of that! (well probably not, but it is a bit weird to know other people know we're starting to try, like what if it doesn't happen right away, or it does and then you all know. I guess it won't be weird on here as it's like a diary and I don't know any of you. but that's why we're not telling real people. haha, you're pretend!) I will clarify that we're not starting to TRY, but just see what happens for a little while, until Sis's wedding at least.

Anyway, yes, with the loss of those fake hormones, I feel great. I'm still worried about what TOM will be like, but we'll face that when we get there. I'm attributing things to it that are probably unrelated, like my sleeping has been better, falling asleep right away, waking up ready to go, the weight that peeled off this week. I dunno, I'll take it.

So I taught a step class yesterday. I was a bit nervous about it because I didn't have a chance to practice all week. I was going to wednesday night, but we had an insurance lady come visit and was over an hour late! (she called, but still, totally lost the evening). But the class went alright. More practice wouldn't have helped much. I did screw a couple things up, but the class all was beginners and had never stepped before and didn't know what it meant when I'd call out what was coming, they didn't know what the things were anyway! Tough one. Oh well. Now I've got a couple days off and I teach Sunday morning.

Tonight I'm going to a Girl's Night Out get together (that "splurge group" I'm part of, that doesn't splurge on anything, but takes turns planning a hosting whatever they want). It's at my sister's this month, and she's doing a wine tasting. I don't like wine, which is fine. I just like the visiting and cheese. She said she'd have punch or something for me. I wish I had my new camera to goof around with (supposed to be here tuesday!).

Tomorrow night is Nickelback concert! All day I've got no plans though. So just regular house cleaning, working out, tv watching. Maybe some scrapbooking. I actually need to print some pictures to do the pages I want (I haven't done anything about my races last year! Good thing I blog so I can look up my times!) Maybe shopping, but that wasn't much fun last time. I'll wait until I'm down a bit more maybe. Or maybe I'll go. We'll see. (I've got a gift card for the mall for my birthday).

Anyway, that's about it for now. Have a good weekend everyone! I plan on it!


Sagan said...

Awesome about the loss; great job on being so healthy all week! Have a great time at the concert.

Lainey said...

Good for you about the loss!

RYC: It's not a sleepy tired, it's more of a "run-down" tired. That's what bothers me about it. I can handle the sleepy tired bit. Maybe I'll just push through it and hope it goes away eventually.

Sharon said...

Great job, you are doing great!
And overall, glad the Step class went well!

Jen said...

Your weekend sounds absolutely fantastic!!!

I am so glad to hear that you feel so good going off the pill!! I can't wait until I am all done it!!!

And that is a FANTASTIC loss!!!!

eurydice said...

wow congrats on the loss - i wonder what would happen if i went off the pill ... i've been taking it for more than 10 years! that can't be good.