Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I didn't get my Rebel

But I did order it online. I left work early because I was so darn excited to get it. I stopped at Walmart to buy a memory card (I even did my price checking for those!). Then went to Costco. Got the slip of paper you need to bring to the till, then wandered around the store for like 5 minutes. Didn't need anything. Get to the till, pay for it, they send a manager for my camera. She shows up - no camera. They had sold the last one to a girl in the checkout before me. SICK! If I wouldn't have walked around the store, or went to Walmart after or something I would have it. But they did only have the display model for that girl, so at least I'll get a new one in a box. They're getting more in store, but it will take weeks. I was bummed and contemplating getting the second cheapest one in town (for an extra $30) when I remembered that I could buy it online! So I ordered it last night, with only a $10 shipping fee, and it will be at my house in 3-5 days! sweet!

not as sweet as having it already would be. But still.

So instead I let myself buy supper as a treat. I had a turkey breast sub with no cheese, lots of veggies. Oh, and 2 cookies. And then goody rings when I got home. DOH! at least it ended there. And when I laced up my sneakers and went out for some HIIT running! YAY! It sucked! I only did 30 seconds hard and 2 minutes light. MAN my conditioning has gone down hill. I wore my Garmin with HRM, my HR was right where it was supposed to be, soaring through the roof. But my speeds were much slower than usual. (aka, I was working harder but going slower). Oh well, at least I got it started in March. If I can keep that up twice a week I'll only get better. Nothing burns fat like intervals. I know this, I should do it.

I was going to do some weights when I got home too. But just wasn't feeling it. Cleaned the house, then spent some time on the computer (downloading songs, looking at Garmin results). Plus caught up on biggest loser. SPOILER!!! I felt bad for that new girl. I wish she stayed and Ron went home. He bugs me.

Ok, well, tonight I've got a pork stir fry ready for supper. Then I have to practice my tracks and pre class ramble (I've got the first 3 tracks tomorrow!). Plus hopefully do some weights, but we've got an insurance lady coming at 7:30. So annoying these 6 month visits. You've got our money, leave us alone! I already feel over insured!

(did you know that if you just put away the money you'd pay for some insurances, then you'd make more money than if they paid you out for an accident or something. Oh, Canada only. And only for things like accident insurance where they pay you if you stay in a hospital or get stitches. I hate that stuff, then you're hoping for it to happen, and hoping you have to stay home from work, so you can MAKE MONEY when something bad happens. It shouldn't be a good thing)

Anyway, I hate insurance. It goes with the union thing. Too many wrong attitudes involved (for the most part, obviously there are good things about both)

rant over. back to work.


Jen said...

well that sucks that you couldn't get the camera yesterday but at least you could order it online!!! How exciting!!! You will have to post some fantastic pictures from it!!!

I get annoyed with insurance but I don't like taking we pay for it...but mostly our life/accident insurance is included in our benefits...

i can't get started on unions...but I agree, TOO MANY ATTITUDES!

Sara said...

Glad your classes have been going well!

That thing about the camera is a total lunchbag let down!

Good job on the HIIT, tough means good!

Lainey said...

That's too bad about the camera, but it will be there before you know it. What is it for? Just for fun? I like my Dad's camera, which sucks because mine's supposed to be a better one. I forget what kind his is. It takes clearer pictures than mine does.