Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday

So it's Easter Monday. I have to work. (well I didn't take holidays). I think I do need to take holidays soon. I'm getting a bit worn out from work. Just looking forward to leaving at the end of the day ya know?

Anyway, how was your weekend? Mine was alright. Somewhat wasteful. I did enjoy it at the time. But I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Friday especially. I watched about 5 movies, took a nap. that's about it. We even had a couple friends over that night and I just stayed in my sweat pants and just watched tv with them. Bad hostessing. But I was wiped on friday for some reason.

Saturday we got up reasonably early because we had shopping plans. And even that didn't go productively. But it wasn't bad. We just had to return something to Rona, but we decided to look around at the "stuff" we need for the basement (right now working on a shower, but still need to figure out flooring). I'm having a hard time with the basement, going piece by piece. I wish I knew what the whole thing would cost and could scrimp here and splurge there, but I don't know so I'm trying to scrimp everywhere. I'm having a hard time with everything, like deciding where to put light fixtures and light switches and does this room need a dimmer just because they're fun, but should it have another switch as well over by the stairs and we can always put a lamp there if it's too dark and even though the light is centered in the room, it looks off centered because of the beam so should we move it anyway?

I think it would be easier if I had a whole plan of everything at once. But hubby doesn't work that way and he's doing the work.

Anyway, so we wandered around looking at house stuff and I thought that we were going to do carpet because, well, it's a basement and that's what you do. But I then realized that the carpets I liked were MORE expensive than laminate (and even some hardwood, but then you need a false floor thing and then it's too short). And I was never fussy about "ew laminate" because I think you can hardly tell and it looks really nice. But can you really do laminate in a basement? Won't we have to get area rugs then? Won't it be too dusty and dirty all the time? Too hard and cold? Maybe I should be less fussy about the carpet I like?

Anyway, so that was saturday. That wasn't even on the shopping we were supposed to do. It was extra bonus. Eventually get home. And I finally go for a run.

Hurray! It was a great run. I did no intervals. Tried to keep a decent pace and go a decent distance. I guess that's a tempo run then right? I dunno. I felt great the whole way, not tired in the legs or in the endurance or bored. It was too much for Daisy. I was practically dragging her at the end. She put on some pounds this winter and hasn't been taking Step 3 times a week. Oh well, we'll get her back there.

Saturday night was more tv and more internet and some scrapbooking. Sunday, after I taught class, nothing else either. This week has to be about cleaning the house now for MIL (DEEP cleaning). That's fine. I don't mind cleaning. I think I also want to make some muffins or some scones or some other interesting impressive snack. Maybe bagels again. A coffee cake? Anybody have any ideas? Something brunch like. I don't think there's going to be much visiting here on the weekend as it's my little niece's birthday party so everything will be over there. But they're sleeping here!

what else...Oh Daisy ate my lens cap for my camera already. I was really upset. Not so much with her because she just eats anything. I know that. But with myself for leaving it somewhere that she could get and eat. 2 bright sides to this though. It was just a lens cap, just enough to be a reminder to take better care of my things. AND I get to buy a new one, so I'm shopping ebay for lens caps and maybe some UV and Polarizing filters while I'm at it, maybe a cheap zoom lens if I see it. So fun. Now I just need occassions and opportunities to take pictures! I need some subjects!

Ok, that's all I got. I also need to get serious about strength training (I know what works for my body!). I ate chocolate this weekend. And perogies. And banana bread. And I wore my capris from last summer and they don't fit great. They're tight even on the calves. All week, cleaning and weights.


Sarah said...

Ok, here's my theory: If you think that laminate may be dusty and dirty all the time - then so will the carpet - it will just be hiding and impossible to get rid of because it's hiding in the carpet fibers.

Personally - I hate carpet. I think of carpet as a hiding spot for dirt and germs and allergens. We actually have most of our house done in carpet - only because it's new to us and we haven't had the time/money to rip it all out and put laminate/hardwood/tile all through yet.

Actually, aside from the kitchen and bathroom, the only place we DO have laminate is the basement. I can't wait to have it in the rest of the house!

Bi0nicw0man said...

If you want to bake something yummy for your visitors, make the Sweet Home Alabanana Bread from ESBM. It's awesome and pretty healthy!