Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok, dudes, long time no quality coming from me. I don't know what's up. It's not like I'm working
too hard. (though I probably should be...)

Anyway, classes have been going good. I was a little worried about yesterday since I taught 5
tracks I hadn't taught in a long time, and hadn't practiced. But I know them turns out. Not like I
was perfect or anything, but good.Anyway, went for another fun jog monday. I like the ones
where I tell myself I don't have to do intervals. (I know they're the best for fitness and for fat
loss etc, but they're also best for sucking). It was just a quick one. Then hubby and I headed
into town for him to play catch with some buddies. Which I thought would be a good opportunity
to play with my camera. Unfortunately the sun still sets early 'round these parts, plus it was
going to storm so we only hung out in the park for a little while, then went back to friend's
house. I still go pictures of their adorable dog. A 7 month old Boxer puppy. So funny looking.
Very gangly, reminded me of a salamander as odd as that sounds.Anyway, that was monday,
got in a quick jog, then got home a little late.Then last night. I taught class and then tried to
clean the house (and not pig out, though I was insatiable, is that a word? does it mean what
I think?) But hubby's friends came over to help him wire up the basement, and their wife
came. So they only got there at 9:00 and I was trying to clean up and going to put my pjs
on and stuff. But they show up. Ok. So we visit and wash tv, but I had stuff to do and then
go to bed! Grr! (they're the friends who come over uninvited, but aren't actually good enough
friends that we can just wear our pjs and tell it's time to leave. boo) So they stayed (to be fair
the guys were working) until 11:30! (ps I go to bed at 10:00 EVERY night).So I was annoyed
and cranky and then couldn't really sleep right away. THEN hubby's alarm went off at 6:00,
he had the day off though! Tonight there's a home selling party thing of a friend I'm blowing
off. I definately don't need to buy anything (unless there's a camera lens party! I decided I
need a zoom lens. NEEDED) Plus I have to clean up my stinking house! MIL is here this
weekend and it's my only night to clean. Plus I really want to do some weights! I keep saying
that and I hate when people say things and don't do them. Plus I hate that I complain about
my weight but STILL don't do what I need to do. Ugh.


healthy ashley said...

Hey Randi! I wanted to ask you a few questions about teaching group exercise classes.. can you email me? healthyashley at gmail dot com? I couldn't find your email address!

Lainey said...

RYC: I'm going to wear it at the TOPS convention next month, and then anytime I happen to need a costume (Halloweens, etc.). Plus, the top is not that showy and it's super comfortable, so I think I'll wear that a lot!

Left to my own devices, and without fear of being locked up, I'd wear it all the time! It was so fun when I put it on! :o)

carla said...

and why is that?

I read your post a few times and was left at the end each read wondering why.

whats holding you back?

Angie All The Way said...

I've noticed everyone kind of at a stand still around these blogs. We've all lost that edge and we all seem okay with it with one another. I'm not okay with it. I'm going to do weights tonight. First time in a LONG time. I've been talking about it forever and I have no idea why I just don't friggin to it! It's not like getting a tooth pulled!