Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I taught Step yesterday. It was the first time ever that I went through the whole thing with no mistakes. PERFECT! (usually my mistakes were never critical anyway, the class doesn't know it's supposed to be knees not extensions right?) And I didn't even think about anything. I just did it. And it went super well. And I said fun things and was encouranging. Even pumping myself up to totally kill myself on the 1st 5 tracks. Seriously, I was dead after them! And 3 are warm up!

So my SIL called when I got home and said "I'm just going to say one word to you: OUCH!" apparently she was still brutally sore from when she came to Step on Sunday morning. Sweet! Apparently she could barely walk monday and tuesday still hurt too much to work out. Mwahahaha! And she told me that my other SIL who came, tried to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night Sunday and her legs gave out when she tried to stand. Hilarious!

Makes me feel better about flubbing a bit when teaching (of course when you want to do well right?) Plus since they are both tiny little people and weigh less than me and wear smaller clothes than me and sometimes make me feel bad about my body so I definately needed that.

I BBQed steak when I got home, so we didn't eat until 8:00. Then I just hung out on the couch for the rest of the night (well, walked the dog, but we didn't run). I think I'm turning into a couch potato. Stupid dish. We've got PVR but we're constantly filling it and I just feel like I need to clean off some of the shows sometimes. Even though I don't need to be watching tv at all. And I'm hardly enjoying it while I am. Need to address this. It used to be I wasn't interested in what was on (we only had 3 channels) so I could leave the room and not be distracted and pulled back into it. Now, we can skip commercials and only have to watch shows we like. It's the devil! It will be better when the basement is done, and my treadmill is in front of the tv, and I can scrapbook in the same room (I only need to listen, I currently photoshop and watch tv at the same time). But I suppose I could do my weights and watch tv and I don't. Naughty naughty. Well at least I've identified it. Maybe every time I watch a dog show (Dogtown, Dog Whisperer, End of my Leash) I have to do weights? We'll try it.

Hubby's been doing really great. He's been sticking to veggies for his snacks and even acknowledged it was a mistake to drink a pop (normally he's a few a day and then a couple beers). I sure hope he sees big changes on the scale early to keep him motivated to continue. We're having people over this weekend and instead of the bacon wrapped smokies appetizer (that is amazing, but couldn't be worse for you) he asked for a veggie tray. I'm in shock.


tash said...

Yay hubby!

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the perfect Step class! That rocks.

Go hubby!

Lainey said...

Good for you for the perfect step class!

Argh! I used to work for the company that produces "At the End of My Leash" (my name might still be in the credits! Er, my real name, that is). Anyway, now whenever I see the name of the show anywhere it makes me mad (the job was not exactly the most wonderful job I ever had!).