Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Almost let a day slip by!

But I'm managing to slip a post in here. Mostly to confess about last night.

I did hit the gym after work and ran on the track and then did chin-ups. both of which made me feel super cool and hard core. As opposed to ellipticalling and using some girly machines, I went where the athletes and the guys go. I'm totally tough.

Then supper was alright. I had pea soup. Canned, but still so good. Lots of fibre in that one. But then I also had a couple slices of toast and a banana. Why did I add another meal on to my regular meal? And then why did I finish it off with strawberries and (fat free) whipped cream? Hmm? Answer me!

Well I'd love to say it changed this morning. But I had a banana, yogurt and fibre 1 (mixed together, can you say yum? and healthy, and yes it's fat free yogurt, but this particular one wasn't sugar free, it usually is) but my tummy hurt afterwards so i'm assuming I ate too much. Morning snack was a bunch of grapes. Nothing bad there. Then lunch. I talked yesterday about what I was planning. However I forgot that we were going out in the office for a girl's last day before maternity leave. So we went to Fuddruckers. Instead of having a burger and fries though I had a salad. However it may not have been better. There was breaded chicken on it (why does anybody do this?) and the dressing was some thick honey mustard stuff (probably super high cal) and there was cheese on the salad. But it was really good. I only had 3 fries from a basket all us girls were sharing, and a diet coke. My intentions were good (everyone else was having milkshakes and burgers and fries and cheese sauce so I looked totally healthy). But again, I was super full afterwards so it was probably too much. And now it's 3:30 and i'm not hungry for my snack so it was too much. I absolutely love Eurydice's advice:
"i am usually hungry by 3pm or so and i like being hungry (if i have a snack
of course) because then i know i'm on track and my metabolism is working.
so if you are hungry earlier than you want to be, bulk up the lunch and if
you aren't, take stuff away. hunger is not an emergency! "

But of course I didn't get it until after lunch. But isn't that smart? I feel like I used to know this and follow it and even tell you guys it. But something happened to me in September that made me start struggling (can I blame it on a set point? or is it 3 months of losses and my body needs a break? or does my mind need a break? Well almost 2 months is a long enough break for anyone! back to work)

So today I thawed outsome hamburger meat already cooked with corn and onions and stuff so I'm thinking about just putting that on some potatoes with salsa. Don't know what it's called. But eating tons of veggies with it. Or maybe just calling it a everyone for themselves night and let hubby use it on nachos (which I will resist, just you watch!) and have the other half of my soup. I like that idea better.

But where does this confession come in? you did your best at lunch?

well last night I made carmel apples. I don't like carmel apples but I like cooking so I thought it would be safe. Make treats for other people is always nice. But it turns out I do like melted carmel without apples. The good news is I probably only had like 5 carmels worth. But I really didn't need any to begin with. And now there's a giant batch of melted carmel in my fridge waiting for something else to use up the leftovers. I'd love to make a cake with it. I can have 1 piece of cake and let other people eat the rest. But if I don't make anything with it, slowly I will eat it with a spoon. Maybe I'll talk hubby in to having it on ice cream (I don't like that). Seems bad that I'm making him fat though.

So I guess my goal tonight (happy halloween!) is to get rid of the carmel and cupcakes. Probably get hubby to take them to work. And make a hummus dip so I'm not making regular dip (why did I decide this was ok all of a sudden?)

Oh I gotta tell you about halloween candy too. Hubby went to walmart to buy some yesterday. THEY WERE OUT! so he bought Christmas Werthers to give away. Plus we've got some other candy around the house that we can give. At least there's no chocolate bars for me! (seems funny to be so happy about that)

I think I'm gonna get some groceries after work here. Buy carrots, and cheese sticks. We don't have laughing cow around here folks. But I can buy light mozza sticks. For those of you trying to have protein all the time (like I know I used to do) what other foods do you use? Nuts are so scary and yogurt and cheese only has so much protein. Need more options. Don't tell me peanut butter, I'm trying to cut back...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do you see what I see?

56 days 'til Christmas! Holy Smokes! That's not much!
I love Christmas but I'll save that talk until after Remembrance Day. Gotta give each holiday it's due.

So I think I've got to pick it up to start seeing some solid losses instead of this water weight stuff i've been playing with. How? Well I've read on a couple of y'alls blogs, weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. I think I've got the exercise under control, easily doing 4 days and this week challenging myself to 5 days of exercise. So to not see a loss there, it's obviously about the nutrition.

Yesterday I had a revelation. I made a salad with chicken breast and peppers and lite salad dressing. But the chicken was gross. I might have mentioned this. It's wet chicken breast, like some kind of fatty chicken. It completely grossed me out and I couldn't eat it. Well that was my lunch! No time left to go out, (nowhere to go either). So I ate grapes, yogurt, carrots and dip, a cupcake. Basically the same stuff I would have eaten but with the salad. And I didn't die. I didn't even feel starving enough to eat my apple in the afternoon. so I didn't have a snack (looking back I should have because I was hungry making supper). What does that tell me? I eat too much at lunch. If I can eat just the "extras" and leave out the "meal" obviously the extras are too much. Of course I didn't really put this together until now, and I've already eaten lunch today which was hamburger soup, yogurt, cupcake, grapes, fibre bar and nuts. Too much. But starting tomorrow then for lunch. New plan, make my lunch like regular, but subtract one thing. For example, today I should have done without the fibre bar. Also, the yogurt and nuts should have been at morning snack. Instead I ate all that for lunch. Now this afternoon I've got an apple for snack and a chocolate pudding. But i'm not going to eat the pudding. Let's do some planning.

I like the soup for lunch thing. It keeps me eating for a long time yet it's light food and I get some vegetables in. And I gotta have me my yogurt. Grapes are also really good because they keep my hands occupied for awhile. I'm gonna get hubby to take the rest of cupcakes to work. They are really small ones so it's not terrible, but it's just sugar. I gotta buy some baby carrots. Is that enough food?

soup (with meat in it, chicken probably)

I need something dry still. Maybe some dry cereal for a snack. Nuts for afternoon snack. Like that? Always having an apple as a back-up food. It makes me nervous because it doesn't seem like much and I'm just oddly scared of being hungry. How does that compare with what you guys eat for lunch regularly? Any suggestions?


Well i'll just jump back in. Where was I?

yes, in laws. so fun. Not that they were terrible or anything, just kinda awkward.

Supper friday wasn't pretty. We went to the bar to watch the game and have a steak (for hubby, cheap steak night) I usually get this chef's salad which is amazing. But there was no room at that bar so we went to the other one. And I just didn't want another clubhouse. So I had a beef dip. I don't know how horrible that is. I'm thinking not too bad, there's no cheese or mayo and the "dip" wasn't greasy. But then I got fries with it. BAD BAD BAD! I know I can't eat fries! because I can't just eat a few. And these weren't even great fries. It's worth it to get a kid's meal at McDonald's or something because they're good (greasy) fries with lots of salt and you're limited. But these were just like pounds of potatoes. Ooops.

Saturday we had the quesadillas. They were awesome. I don't have WW tortillas or anything so they were just whole wheat. And I used probably 1/4 cup of full fat cheese on each. But the rest was just chicken breast, peppers, onions and salsa! I think if I get lighter tortillas and used low fat cheese (I can't taste the difference so it's not suffering) then this would become a staple in my house. everyone got 1 tortilla worth, I only ate 2/3. Another bonus.

But then there was the party. I had claws on so that saved me from a lot of eating, I couldn't do a thing with my hands. But they had to come off eventually. I had a plate filled with fruit. Just fruit. It was soooo good too. I had 2 chips, honestly, just to try these 2 dips she made. And some pumpernickel and spinach dip, just a little bit of that. But then I had some cake. It was a Costco black forest cake. Huge pieces too. It was good. But really not as good as it should have been for 10000 calories (rough estimate). Next time I'll have to just cut it in half. If it's super delicious amazing then I'll eat the other half, but if it's like this, only alright (the icing and cherry part were good, but the cake was ok) then I'll leave it. I had 1 martini, 1 glass of cranberry punch and water for the rest of the night.

I didn't have an amazing time. This was all hubby's cousin's at this party. And while I can get along with all of them, they mostly annoy me and are self absorbed. For example his cousin who's a year older than me was sitting next to me and it was kinda weird silence after the "how are things..." so I asked her about her new house she's moving in to. She's the type who likes to talk about herself and brag (they bought a house in a small town and with what their house has inflated to they won't have a mortgage left and she'll be able to stay at home with her baby full time). So I knew she likes talking about herself I gave her the opportunity. (I felt very selfless and generous) But they're all kinda like that. And they're gossipy and when they ask you a question they don't listen to the answer but just wait until you're done talking so they can talk again. Plus I think they differ as far as you can politically from me so that can make for strained conversations about general things. I was ready to go fairly early, after I saw everyone's costumes and ate some. Since I was driving I was sober and it just wears on ya to see people embarrassing themselves and being stupid. It was kinda funny, most of the night I sat with SILs and hubby and people I see on a regular basis and avoided all the people I never get to see. (I always say, whether about family or high school friends or whatever: If I wanted to see them, I'd see them)

Anyway we finally went home at 1:30.

Sunday was waiting for inlaws to leave until noon. live in SIL and hubby both had to work Sunday so I was entertaining alone again. Then the afternoon was spent, making cupcakes (why?) and digging up and planting bulbs and putting plastic on the windows (warm weather friends - this prevents cold drafts in the winter). Too many movies watched and not enough physical activity resulted in a sleepy dreary kinda day.

So that was the weekend. now back to regularly scheduled recaps:
Yesterday supper was chicken fried rice and these freezer egg roles (that are so bad for you it's crazy). the rice was good, basically healthy, I threw in lots of veggies and chicken breast and soya sauce and basically that's it. No oil or anything. I only had 1 egg role and the rice. Then it was time for the kickboxing class. IT WAS GREAT! She added a new track to the combat and it was soo cool. I totally felt like I could be a spy chick in the movies or something. (Jessica Biel in Blade 3 maybe? She is so hot. I hate her) The weights were good too. I still need to work on just working out to my abilities, not caring what I'm lifting etc. I squat with 8 lb weights and I think it affects my form near the end but I don't want to drop. I should though.

There's no class wednesday so I'll have to find something else to do since I'm doing the 5-Days-of-Exercise Challenge a la Kelly. Check her blog if you want to join as well. I dare ya. I've got monday done and today and thursday are gym. Just need to find something for wednesday and friday. Maybe a video or something. Need to have something to distract me from the halloween candy!

Speaking of which - I'm so proud of myself, I haven't bought any candy yet! Halloween's tomorrow! Hubby might be buying some today. We always get mini chocolate bars. But I don't want to this year. They're not better than the big ones and I read somewhere you actually end up eating more. Maybe we'll get suckers or some other candy candy which I am much better at resisting. Problem is hubby likes the chocolate bars (well I like them too, that's the problem). We'll see. How 'bout you? How do you deal with halloween candy? Don't tell me you still from your kids bags!

Monday, October 29, 2007

You're too kind really...

But don't stop! I love it!

You are all so cute with your comments and I of course adore it because you're writing nice things about me! I don't know what kind of a person would write mean things anyways, if they don't like me why are they reading my blog? So perhaps I knew I was gonna get compliments and that's why I did it. (perhaps?) or maybe I had never done a side by side comparison of a year ago and thought it was about time. Plus I just sort of remembered that I was skinny at my wedding but didn't double check. Oh, yep, I was right.

And to all of you who liked that wedding picture, my cousin (bridesmaid) took it. She's trying to become a professional photographer so I'll tell her you liked it. I just wish she would have got me after I put some concealer on those under eye bags. Eek! lol!

So how was my weekend? good. Hubby and SIL had to work both days so it feels like I didn't have a proper weekend being all alone, yet having to get up early with the dog. My martha SIL and her husband stayed over friday and saturday night as well. Which is ok, but since the other 2 were working I felt I had to be extra entertaining and I just don't know how! I think they sort of expected me to do what I always do and they'd just follow along or something. so BIL played poker online, but SIL just hung out with me. The thing is, I can't do the stuff I normally do on weekends when they're there. I'm not gonna do laundry or download music or exercise with people watching me. I'm the type who does things on the weekend, not just relaxing things, accomplishing things. which doesn't translate into great entertainment for others. Thankfully they went shopping on Saturday and left at noon Sunday.

Well holy crap. I got busy at work and now it's time to go and I never finished this post. So I guess you should stay tuned to hear how the party went and what else I did this weekend. Oooh cliff hanger!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Picture time!

I thought I'd throw some pictures up since I'm at home blogging. It was weird, I was looking through all my years of pictures and my weight throughout - particularly the skinny ones. Different parts of my body were different amounts of skinny. Like when I was a bridesmaid for my SIL, I think my arms and shoulders and back looked really lean and good, but I had chubby cheeks. Well frankly in lots of other ones where I was happy with my weight/size, I had the chub in the face. I think right now, I lost a lot of that double chin and puffy cheeks - but I don't like my belly right now where as before it was fine. Weird how our bodies change.

Anyway, here's a picture of me at my wedding. I think I was my skinniest ever maybe (since high school) this was 3 1/2 years ago. I totally wasn't even sucking in my belly! Then here's a couple from the halloween party last night. (I'll talk about that tomorrow) Anyways, I ended up going as a kitty. Kinda sexy. Much more comfortable than a ninja would have been (all the mask costumes may look awesome but suck for more than an hour, and then if you take it off, you're all red and sweaty and have bad hair.) I'm beside my live in SIL the toothfairy (it's hard to feel skinny with that living with you, though I'm starting to see her frame is just small and she's got hardly any muscle and probably equal fat as I do - well almost). My martha SIL as a hippie, and my preggers SIL as...I don't really know, a queen or just old fashioned lady. (this is where you all boost my ego and tell me how I totally look way better than all of them combined right? Remember these are INLAWS)

A picture of moi the sexy kitty (had to have claws in order for it not to be a total attempt at hotness, still is halloween, be a little scary)

Here's a picture from a few weeks ago at our birthday supper. The two of us always sit across from the other SILs, our bdays in march, theirs in sept. I really like my hair in this one.

This is another old one, 3.5 years ago, same time as wedding, at my college grad. And hubby. I just really like my collar bones and shoulders here. This picture was the first one where I realized I was getting skinny. At the time I wasn't really trying to lose weight (nothing serious at least, I always tried to eat healthy food etc). It was just exams, wedding planning, my grandma dying, and grad studies starting I think I was too busy.

Now the fat ones! Here's a picture that completely depressed me. Fall 2006. Granted there's nothing flattering about my expression, clothes or position but still. And those cords I'm wearing. I ripped them in around January (just a couple months after this). They were so tight to put on, I would grab the belt loops and jump and tug, and I ripped a hole right under the belt loop. That was a serious low point.

Here's me with my skinny sister (aka my best friend) in August 2006. I remember being really happy with how I looked at the time of this, so that might tell you about how I looked day to day. I did really like my outfit, so maybe I should try it on now. It's sad too because this was a homecoming for my small town. Almost the equivalent of a high school reunion, only it was for basically everyone I ever knew. Kind of the time when you'd want to look hot and great and awesome, and not like you gained 20 lbs. Oh well. I guess I just have to wait until my real high school reunion. At the same time, I don't like anybody from my home town and don't have a thing to do with them and already have acheived some major life things that I can be proud at that they haven't (married, house, great job, master's degree) but you guys know how it is.

And we'll finish off with my costume from last year. I was a man. Or else the John to hubby's Pimp. I just really liked the disguise costume. But I was wearing that button down shirt, and the button over the boob had popped open and was open all night. Thank god for a nice thick tie. So I guess. the moral is Yay me! Looking way better! However, I'd love these last 10 lbs to go away. I'm getting there.

Friday, October 26, 2007

measuring progress

Here's some reasons that I'm happy with my progress so far:No more double chins! Well they might be there. but I haven't hated the pictures of me I've seen lately (oh, maybe there weren't many...)I lost around 3 inches from my body! In like 6 months, I've lost about 3 inches from my bust, my hips and my waist! Awesome! My hips are so close to the happy number they always used to be (I'm 36. 75, I remember being around 36, and don't freak out, I have no butt and am a total apple shape so I just always am smaller here) I really carry no fat on my hips usually (hate me now) so I was really freaking out when they were bigger. Now I'm back to "normal" I'm also liking my arms now. I don't really remember ever liking my arms. They were always bigger, and yeah it was muscle but there was enough fat on top that they just looked large, not strong. Now I catch myself doing something random in the mirror and I can see little tiny muscles moving. Also, now they look muscley instead of just being muscley. On top of that, they look longer to me now. My rings fit better. I can tell when I'm up or down because I think my rings were sized at a comfortable 141 lbs, so lately when I have a gain, they feel tight and when I have a loss they feel loose. I may have to resize if I get to goal!I'm basically not self conscious wearing any of my clothes. Some still don't look great though, some of my "fatter" clothes were flattering when I was bigger, but now just make me look bigger when I'm smaller. But I can wear pretty much anything in my closet on any given day and not freak cause nothing looks good. I think if I remember my list of why I wanna lose (like here) that was one of them.
Actually let's check out that list and see what's here or not. These were all the things I could think of, * meant one of my goals.

Wear a bikini!* - Not yet
Be happy shopping* - YES!
Being able to get dressed without being sad - YES!
Not cringing at pictures of yourself - YES!
Not be a fat bridesmaid
Have other people be jealous of you - you tell me?
Be an inspiration to others - I think so.
Still being able to fit in your wedding dress/college jeans/pre-baby clothes etc - some
Be comfortable eating in front of other people
Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke YES!
Reduce risk of diabetes YES!
Reduce risk of cancer YES!
Reduce joint pain
Reduce back pain YES!
Reduce cholesterol* YES!
Reduce other chronic diseases YES!
Reduce risk of pregnancy complications YES!
Have an easier pregnancy (from exercise)
Have a healthier baby (from good food)
Lose baby weight
Not gain too much baby weight
Feel comfortable during sex
Look good naked*- gettin' there.
Being strong* - gettin' there.
Better skin/hair/teeth etc
Have more energy
Combat effects of aging
Improve sleep quality - YES!
Feel like you fit in better
Be more social - less embarrassed - depends what my costume ends up being.
Keep up with kids
Improve confidence
Get rid of cellulite
6 pack
wear cute clothes
Go to the beach with skinny people and not feel like a whale*
No more ITC (inner thigh chafing)* - YES!
No more back fat* - almost
No more double chin* - YES!!!
Be happier (don't tell me TRYING to lose weight is making you happy, would be nice to stop trying to lose hey?)
Cute undies
Cute dresses
Conforming to societies standards (it may suck that it's the social norm, but nobodies gonna say that they like being on the outs)
Live longer
Reduce cravings
No more rolls
No more people asking if you're pregnant* (especially if you carry all your weight in a little ponch that looks just like a baby bump)
Improve general health - I believe that exercise and healthy eating can even prevent the common cold
No more arm jiggle
Wear a bikini - did I say that already? ;)

Which of these matters most to you? Which have you already got?
So ba daba daa! I lost 1 lb. I'm at 140.2. It should have been lower as I expressed earlier this week, hitting the happy 3. But I think (assuming i don't go crazy on the weekend) early in the week is when I'm lightest. Monday morning. I think because of all the exercising I get up a bit higher by thursday friday. Maybe just this week. We'll try again next week and see the results. But there may be something else going on.
I had a random binge last night.
Say what?
Yeah. I ate an apple and cup of dry cereal at school last night while I was working. Then I came home, and hubby had made cheddar cheese smokies. I didn't really want it because it just sounds bad. But he did it in a way where he was being considerate and trying and stuff so I ate 3/4 of one in bread. Should have been enough. But it didn't feel like a full supper so I also had some of my pear crips. And then I had a few yogurt covered dry fruit. And then a chocolate pudding cup. And then more yogurt covered fruit. I just couldn't feel satisfied. And it's because I didn't know exactly what I wanted. I just was like, "oh something sweet will do" and just had something. Then it wasn't right so I was like "something chocolate" no, something candy like. No. I don't know what it was. But I just decided enough already. And as I sat down to watch Grey's I felt this ball in my stomach. This heavy lump. Bad me. All in all it was maybe an extra 600 calories. So I don't think it really affected my WI as gained back some fat. But I had all this yucky food in my stomach still. But I'm happy with a 1 lb loss. But I am darned excited for next week to get down solidly in the 30s.

Part of the way to do it is gonna be with challenging myself (or maybe Kelly challenged me?) with exercise 5 days next week. I lately have been doing 4 times a week, so the challenge is gonna be the extra 1 time. And the extra challenge is because my step class wed is cancelled because of Halloween. And the extra reason for the challenge is wed is Halloween! We still haven't bought our candy so at least that's good. But hubby goes nuts for stuff like this so I'm sure we're gonna have a ton of candy and then buy more with after halloween sales. Eek! Definately need to work the scale down to buffer those effects. Anybody else think they can keep up with me and do a solid workout 5 times a week?

Speaking of working out, last night's gym time was pretty good. Sister and I ellipticalled. Not the hardest workout. I read my book while doing it. I sweated but didn't get out of breath. Probably fat burning zone (I like working out at maximum heart rate, so for me this was nothing, it's still a solid workout though). Then we went and did our chin ups. I put 60 lbs on the counterweight and do 8 reps (so that's 80 lbs) Used to be I'd do 1 set of that, then put 70 lbs on and do 8 and then 5 or something. But now I could do 3 sets of 8 all with 60 counter. I can tell I'm getting stronger. Next week maybe I'll try with 50 lbs counterweight. Just might be able to do them by Christmas!

Ok. First make sure to get your WI's to Carolyn or I ASAP.

Second, the diary portion of the blog:

Here's what i'm doing this weekend. Tonight I guess we've got a couple options. Friend of hubby's birthday. in a bar somewhere. Also, SIL (martha one) and her husband are staying at our house for the weekend because of the halloween party saturday. I guess (hope) they're shopping all day saturday because I don't want to entertain all day alone. Hubby works. So we might have to entertain them tonight though. They may want to come to the bar. I want to go to a sports lounge and watch my Rider's play. (we don't get TSN)

What I really want to do is do some house cleaning and baking and figure out my costume for sure. eurydice had some great costumes that she posted that made me want to be Raggedy Anne. That could be kinda sexy and kinda scarey. At least it's a girl! Actually I liked all her costumes but they seem way more creative and require more time than I have, especially if I'm entertaining family.

Saturday I can hopefully have the day to myself if BIL and SIL go shopping. Then I can figure out my costume and cook and bake and I want to go through my closet and get rid of stuff I never wear. I also wanted to take Daisy to a dog park and let her go nuts. She's never been off leash in a giant area just to run.

Saturday night of course will be the halloween party. It's after supper so I've got to figure something out for that. I think tonight is going to be quesadillas, tomorrow not sure. I'll be feeding SIL Martha and I always just want to do something impressive for that. We'll see. But the party I'm sure will have bad food and drinks that i'll want to have. I think I'll let myself eat some treats (not chips, but a cupcake, veggies and dip, whatever) but I'll just drink some diet coke. (did anybody else see the cans of diet crush at walmart that they've got out for halloween? They only put them out this time of year, have to stock up.) Maybe 1 cooler. I'm just not a big drinker any more ya know? I have to feel like busting loose and getting buzzed and around all my in laws (hubby's cousin's party) is not the place.

Then Sunday will be recovering, sleeping in, watching movies. Maybe some shopping. Hubby has to work sunday as well this week. Inventory at work. Which makes me sad, because Sunday is the only day hubby just relaxes and hangs out and I get to SEE him.

Anyway, those are the plans. Shouldn't be a crazy caloriefest. I have to remember to keep it light on saturday. I tend to forget snacks on weekends so if I keep meals normal sized I should be able to put the snacks at night. It's a public thing and I tend to eat better in front of people so I'm not too worried. Cautious though.

It's snowing here. Thought I'd share. i'm ready for a winter coat.

You can probably expect another post today as I just feel like I'm not done but have nothing more to say.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

for those who don't get the urge to slut

If you guys are wondering why people want to dress slutty on halloween when you know it's slutty and trashy and both of those words are not happy words but bad words, I'll try to explain.

You are also probably the people who hate getting whistled at by construction workers, or honked at on the street. And are scared that men will grope you in a bar and follow you to your car so you carry pepper spray in your purse.

Not me.

I remember the 1 time in my life when somebody passed by and grabbed my butt at a dance. I might remember it forever. I was slightly embarrassed, and a teeny uncomfortable, but mostly pleased. It was like a stranger had seen me, and my butt, and thought it was hot enough for a grope.

If I get honked at on the street, I assume it's because I'm in the way, it's somebody else, or they're honking at losers today. I don't assume it was in the hey sexy lady way.

If I were to wear a sexy halloween costume (as I did in grade 11 when I was Ginger Spice when our volleyball team did a fundraising airband as the Spice Girls. And I looked good at the time, if heavily made up and trashy) I would feel self conscious and assume that people were thinking that I must think I look like hot stuff even though I am so obviously overweight and shouldn't be wearing that. Though now that I am not OBVIOUSLY overweight it might be different. dunno.

I just wish I were the girl who was so sick of guys giving her attention that it would drive me bonkers if another guy whistled at me. I wish I were the girl who guys tried to pick up in a bar. Hell, that guys asked to dance in a bar. I wish I were the one people were talking about how her boobs must be fake or she must have had lipo and exercise all the time to look like that. (but obviously I don't want to have surgery or exercise all the time).

I remember my mom telling me to be more careful and stay by her when shopping because as a cute blond haired blue eyed girl (how things change) I was just the kind that bad guys would try and kidnap. And I remember thinking, yeah right. They'd want the cute little girls.

So basically this all shows you how screwed up I am. Perhaps. But I don't think I'm alone on this.

I know some of it has to do with me getting together with hubby when I was 16. I had only ever kissed 2 boys before him. (yes I've only ever kissed 3 guys in my life. and 2 were before I could even drive) And then everyone we ever hung out with knew we were together so I didn't get hit on. And I didn't flirt with anybody so I never practiced or learned how to pick up boys and make them like me. I think this is all supposed to get out of your system when you're like 19-22 in college. But I was always with hubby so I never did. Not that I'm saying I want to hook up with other guys. I just want to know that other guys want to hook up with me, were it available.

Wow, another get to know Randi better episode. 2 in 1 day. Lucky you folks.

I think what I need is a girls weekend where we dress up sexy (not slutty, but almost ;) ) and go to the bar and just flirt and have drinks bought for us and get asked to dance and bat our eyelashes, but then go home in a cab together laughing at all the silly boys. So does anybody want to come to Saskatoon for a weekend and do this?

Feeling low?

Need a good dose of what they heck am I supposed to be doing? Want one from someone JUST LIKE YOU? (I should write infomercials).
Check out Candace's blog today. Really cool. And you know I like when I see my name on other people's sites.

Well of course you're right

YES! Swizzle you are a true ass kicker friend. It takes a special kind of person (a beautiful, intellegent, charming, strong kind) to kick somebody's ass (I ought to know). And to kick MY ass takes a very special person indeed.

Alright. I'm awesome. There, happy?
I still might be a ninja, we'll see how the costume looks. Remember it is my body wrapped in spandex still. Could be hot.

Or maybe I'll figure out what a sexy biker chick looks like and be that. Then hubby and I would have matching costumes (he can have the beer belly). Ideas?
I don't exactly want to be a skank though right? I just want to look hot. I could be fully clothed and look hot though right? It's a family (in law) party. I'll try stuff on tonight and see how it looks. I've told people about the ninja and it's still sort of sexy (I think I look good in my spandex).

There's not enough time for this year, (and I'm really not that brave yet) but next year halloween, I'm going as the 80's aerobic instructor. (party's saturday, can't find all this by then) leg warmers, pastel shiny spandex with the THONG leotard on top! Where the hell would you buy one of those anyway? I'll check ebay.

I just went out for lunch with some girlfriends of mine. One's pregnant and due around Christmas. My first close friend to be pregnant. Very exciting. There's 4 of us who are at the same yet different stages in our lives. I got married 3 years ago, bought a house and just got a dog. A is pregnant, got married last year, and are still looking for a house (market went nuts here). T bought a house and is living with her boyfriend. and A2 moved in with her boyfriend in a different province, bought a house and then got married. So A2 and I are about the same situation. Only I've been married and house living longer. I mean we're all sort of at the same stage, just the "stages" happened at different times. Get married, buy a house, have a baby.

Anyways, A, T and I just went out for lunch at Moxies. I had a salad and 1/2 clubhouse combo. Nice healthy option, but not the best moneywise. The good deals are always bad food though, ever notice? It was almost as much as a full clubhouse with fries. And water to drink. Then I got back to the office and ate some strawberries. I forgot to put splenda on them so their sorta tangy (they were frozen so their mushy too). I've still got lots of food (I didn't know we were going out today, thought it was tomorrow) which is good because I'm going to stay in town tonight and go to the university to work on my thesis a little bit.

Hubby and I had a mini fight about it again last night. I'm working on my 4th year of what I thought would be a 2 year thesis. But I really didn't know what was expected of me, what I had to do, so it took longer. Then at 3 years hubby was like, "are you ever going to get done and get a job?" even though I was making a really decent living as a student. So I started working part time, which turned into full time which means I hardly ever have time to work on my thesis, which means it's not getting done. I am so close to being done though it's sick. I have half of my conclusions to right, and a few edits to make and then resubmit. So I'm going to finish up the edits tonight (they're autocad edits and I need a program at school). Then hopefully this weekend I can get it out the door to my supervisor. It's just stupid because I keep having to pay tuition until I'm done. Way dumb. (and that's all that hubby's really mad about).
Sorry for the unrelated rant. Think of it as a get to know me better segment. Even though you didn't ask. ;)

So step class last night was good. I pushed it as hard as I could. I didn't feel like I was jumping as high or squatting as low during certain parts. And my damn bicepts gave out again with the 8 lb weights. But I have to remember that's a good thing. It means I worked my muscles to failure and I couldn't have worked any harder (except with 5's). So it means I'll get stronger. I just want to be stronger now. It's awesome when I'm the strongest toughest in class. (which I totally am) but when my SIL goes and has little stick arms and I have to use the same size weights as she does, well it hurts the ego a little bit. I have to remember I'm there to make myself stronger, not to make myself stronger than her.

Food wasn't bad. I had soup and raisin toast before class (2 slices which might not have been necessary). I also made more cranberry muffins, new recipe again to get rid of the last of them, and pear crisp to use up mushy pears. Well the muffins will be healthy. The crisp, I didn't follow my old recipe exactly, and tried to combine it with that 1 pt apple crisp recipe that's floating around out here. Well it didn't really turn out that great. And I still used lots of brown sugar. Good thing it's not an aweful lot of food. i had a bit for after exercise snack. and a glass of milk. I wanted more but didn't have it. So that's good.
weight this morning 140.0. higher. I hope it's just some water issues. might be related to muscles in water and the snack post workout. Hopefully goes away with a little cardio tonight and lots of water.

Today i'm hitting the gym after work. Really looking forward to that. Getting my chin up practice in. I guess I've hooked my sister into it too. She liked my reasoning (save myself when dangling from a cliff or off a building or out a plane or something like happens in the movies, who needs spiderman?)

Remember folks that it's WI day tomorrow for the Christmas Challenge. get your losses in to Carolyn or I tomorrow (remember we don't want your weight, just gain or loss from last time) So far things are at least down from last time but I hope they drop back to the 130s again for tomorrow. It just feels cool saying that number. I'm gonna go nuts with the water today, give myself a flush (sounds gross).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

15 minutes won't hurt

So I've got a pile of work to do here. (sorta) but I just can't see me getting it done in the next 15 minutes before I leave and I've been working really hard all afternoon that I just want a break. So I'm breaking. I'm just working on this memo that I expected to get done today but it's taking longer than I thought it would. Not like deadlines or anything. Sheesh, enough justifying. Take the break already.

So I thought I'd tell you about my halloween costume so far. Last night hubby and I went to the dollar store to find inspiration. Well we found beards and moustaches and they inspired us. We came up with 3 costume ideas.
1 - a biker. We found a grey longer beard and can wear a white t-shirt with a beer belly sewn in (or just hang mine out and tell people it's fake?), bandana, jeans, and still have to buy tattoo sleeves (basically nylons for your arms that are covered in tattoos.)

2 - a ninja. I'd wear my black fake lululemon outfit, black gloves, sew some kind of ninja mask (use a couple bandanas maybe? are any of you devout Muslims and can tell me how to make one of those things that you can only see your eyes out of?) a little ninja sword and (I'm not trying to offend anyone here!) a chinese moustache. I don't know if it's chinese, but it's just like 2 long (12") whisps that come out of points on top your lip basically. Like an old meditating man would have. Know what I mean? So that would go on top of the mask part and just be kind of funny.

3 - a pirate. I found a pirate poofy shirt (a la Seinfeld) at my parents house that I brought back and just add an easy bandana, eye patch, stuffed parrot and there ya go.

But check it out. They're all boy ideas again. (oh I should mention, I'm only being 1 and hubby's going to be 1, we just haven't sorted it out yet). It's going to be another halloween where I cross dress. I suppose if I would just suck it up and wear something silly I could be a girl. My sister said to go as Pamela Anderson, dress slutty with a stuffed DDD bra, big hair and then hubby could wear the tattoo sleeves and go as Tommy Lee (or Kid Rock for that matter). But I didn't want to dress slutty and have my Brother in law make inappropriate comments like he would. Or I could have been a cheerleader or something and just worn a short skirt. But this time my self conscious kicks in. I gave my great idea to my SIL who said she wanted to wear her old grad dress (or any pretty dress really) and she's going as the tooth fairy, her dress is white, wear wings, have a wand, and my other SIL is a dental assistant so she got her a pile of free toothbrushes and flosses and a mirror thing that she's wearing on a tool belt. Good one huh? And i'm a ninja. Not even a funny ninja with wings or anything. Just all black, fade into the background. with a moustache.

Next Halloween, my body's going to be so rocking I'll do a skanky costume.

But I'm going to win!

So my body wants me to gain weight right now. I'm slipping into new skinny territory that it doesn't like so it's giving me the munchies. I just was wondering what's the matter with me, I'm trying so hard to stay on track to see what the scale does with exercise (139.8 this morning) but I'm facing temptation and urges like never before! Figured it out though. And if my body thinks it can play this mind game with me, well it's called a mind game, so my mind is gonna win! I'm going to resist and say take that, now shrink for me! and it's gonna listen too!

So to those who've expressed interest in my benefibre habits. I just mix up a crystal light in the morning and put it in there. I don't drink coffee but I think it would work in there too. It's also fine in just plain water, you really can't tell it's there. But make sure it's mixed. I find it easiest to put in a water bottle and shake as opposed to stirring.

The munchies this morning made me eat an oatmeal (only 140 calories so I needed more anyways). A bit of yogurt (cleaned out the container, maybe 1/2 cup). And some frosted miniwheats (dry) on the way to work. I forgot about dry cereal as a snack. I'm going to start bringing it to work. It's a good way to eat for a long time and not over do it. Sort of a munchy finger food, which I require it seems at lunch. Then at 9:30 I had a muffin I packed for snack (but not at 9:30.) Then at 11:30 I had a little dish of canned pears. Thank goodness I didn't over pack my lunch because once it's gone I'm done. But i'm hitting the mall at noon (suzy shier 15% off sale) so I'll save my soup until after.

I'll also be eating canteloup, yogurt, an apple, and a pudding snack. Might grab a diet coke at the mall.

Class tonight. Making sure I eat a bigger meal before going this time! I wanna push it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday Recap (with no supper?)

Monday all day on plan? Well not exactly. But still a good day. I didn't actually eat a supper. What! you say? No supper Randi? That doesn't sound like you. Well no reader, it isn't really me. But I didn't die anyway. Here's what happened:
My brother needed some help with his computer programming homework. I took this same class and got like a 93%, I aced the Midterm, I thought I was a pro. But I wasn't very helpful to him (hey - isn't one of my readers a programmer? How do you write a program in C++ that will give all the prime numbers between 2 input numbers? Using when or for or if statements? I thought we had it but it just was giving us the odd numbers, our counter wouldn't count.) ANYWAY, I went to his house after work to help him. I ate a fruit togo on the way over. Then he had cookies right by the door. Super soft chewy ones. So I ate one. And then he had carrot cake with cream cheese icing. So I had a small slice. It really was small. Then we sat down and got to work. From 4:45 to 7:15. Then I realized I didn't eat and I had my fitness class starting in 45 minutes and I still had a 20 minute drive home. So I left. Amazingly enough, I didn't grab fast food on the way home! I got home, changed, grabbed my water, shoes and an energy bar thing (it's supposed to be eaten on an empty stomach 15 minutes before exercise and it's patented because it's supposed to increase fat burning based on research at the U of Calgary. It's from Melaluca) Then it was class. This whole time, I didn't even feel hungry once. Really weird.
Class was great. The cardio was awesome, but it seemed really short. She said next week she'd add another track. Good. Then we did squats and lunges and all that stuff. And I started feeling weak. I had to drop to lighter weights and I assumed it was the lack of fuel. (Lesson to be learned here!) Then we were doing shoulders stuff and I started to feel light headed. So instead of focusing on tight core and good posture, I focused on breathing. Therefore I did not pass out. It was pretty much the end of class by then anyway. But I think I didn't have as good of a workout because I didn't eat. I still didn't feel hungry though. But I knew I should eat so I hade a lowfat toasted bagel with light cream cheese. Not the best food but I figure it could be a meal replacement. Then I hit the sack!
I don't know if it was solely based on the lack of supper in my digestive track or what but my weight this morning was really nice. 139.4. that's down another pound. I don't know if it'll stay or go away once I eat normally again. But at the same time. TOM came and that usually brings a drop. So I'm feeling good and motivated to stay on track today!
Breakfast was protein powder and yogurt and a carrot bran muffin. I also packed an oatmeal muffin, carrots and dip, beef and barley soup, strawberries with splenda, source yogurt and cantaloup for the day. supper's gonna be steaks with stuffed potatoes and beans. That's on track right?
I'm not going to the gym today because it's so nice out I'm going to go for a run with Daisy (who is so good except when I want to sleep in, then she decides to eat all the socks in the room) Also going to make supper and eat and then go back into town with my hubby. I feel like I haven't seen him since last week wednesday or something. He must feel the same because he's the one who asked me if I wanted to come run errands with him tonight!
Oh yeah, I'd also like to attribute some of my good habits and WIs this week to being back on the Benefibre stuff. Keeps me full from breakfast until lunch, and maybe even throughout the day. Plus has other good side effects. Leave it at that.
So I'm feeling good for this week! Let's hope this feeling never ends...(what's that from?)

Monday, October 22, 2007

The one where I again talk about strength training

So folks, what do you think of the Christmas Challenge thus far? I'm sorry if I've got anything way screwed up on there, we had a little problem with the spreadsheet this week and I ended up just redoing it, so I may have copied things wrong. Let me know so we can fix it for next week. Also, just a reminder, I don't want to know you're actual WEIGHT (though you can tell me) but we're not keeping track of that. I just wanna know your gain or loss since last time.
I gotta re-say my Amazing Way To Go You're Terrific to Carolyn, Sheri and Noelle. Over half way there! You're going to be able to give us advice not only on how to lose it but how to maintain by the end of this thing. We'll be looking at your pictures on the cover of magazines and see you on America's Next Top Model. hehe. but just so you know, I'm planning on catching up!
That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm feeling good after my weekend. I'm back on track wonderfully, and not in a starve yourself eat only carrots and chicken sorta way. I had a good weekend at home, and it carried over to a loss over the weekend. Of 0.8 lbs, on a WEEKEND! So I'm planning on doing an experiement. I'm planning on eating well for the rest of the week and doing my regular exercise and watching the scale. I know the scale goes up after my fitness classes because my muscles are storing water. So I wanna see if that goes away by my WI on friday. Assuming I'm eating well I shouldn't see a gain from that and I'll know any gain I see is either muscle or just a weird water storing thing. As I told Carolyn, for the sake of science, I must stay on track this week.
What do you think of my little experiment? Could be right?
Anyway, here'e the weekend recap:
Went home right after work friday. Got to my parents in time for supper. It was roast beef with veggies and potatoes cooked in the slow cooker. Very good. No dessert. Then after supper we just hung out and visited and I helped them organize their pictures from their trip on the computer. Then it was more visiting, TV and relaxing. Saturday I couldn't sleep in so I was up at 7:30, went and read my book on the couch just like I used to do as a teenager. Mom and Dad woke up around 10:00, they've been all jet-lagged their sleep is off, my dad's been waking up at 5:00 all week so I'm glad they slept in, even though it was boring for me. We did some more visiting which I love, just talking. We talked some politics because we're having a provincial election here in SK right away. We also talked about me and hubby buying a truck in the US since our dollar is so great we'd save tons of money (American friends, even though our dollar is now worth more than yours, we're still paying higher prices on EVERYTHING, including vehicles - look at magazine prices, Can$ is still higher but it should be the other way!) Then after lunch I had to go to SILs for a scrapbook thing. We just made some cards, the SILs annoyed me a little bit so I was glad I wasn't there very long. It's the preggers one and the Martha Stewart one. They can both drive me so crazy at times. It's odd how hubby isn't terribly like them, or perhaps since we've been together so long I just was an influence on him during a critical development era or something. (we've been together since I was 16 and he was 17, nearly 10 years now! aww... *sorry for the gag moment!*)
Anyway, scrapbooked there for a couple hours and then came back to mom and dad's. We then went for a walk for about an hour. Went to the golf course since m&d hadn't been since their trip and they're on the committee who takes care of it. So we noticed they dug some ditches and planted some trees and found some golf balls and stuff. And had a walk through some nice scenery! Then we came home, dad and I got some groceries and it was funny, I tried showing him how to read the label and to look for the high fat and calories and fibre and whatever, but he needed reading glasses for it so I just told him what everything said. Things you don't think of when you're young. Mom was starting supper. Then when we got home, as I had threatened to do, I made up a weight routine for them! It was so fun. I think I should be a personal trainer. Screw the last 8 years of school in engineering! haha. Anyway, I made up a routine that should only take about 20 minutes, and hit all the major muscle groups, AND be gentle on their backs and knees. It's got planks, wall sits (instead of squats), laying hip raises, pushups, reverse flies. Lots of stuff. They've got a set of changeable dumbells so they can both do it. Or use soup cans or whatever. And it should be something they can do basically while watching tv or on the ads. that's how we timed things, like do a plank for 1 commercial (on the knees if you must), same for a wall squat. It was interesting because I didn't know how in shape they were or weren't. I know for me 30 seconds of plank is challenging but doable, I didn't know if it would kill them or not! It's funny they have a whole gym station thing with pulleys and everything but it's in the basement and they want to watch tv when doing this. So we have options for the machine if they want too. Sorta cool.
So here's my challenge to everybody reading this! Are you doing anything for a strength program? There are no excuses any more as my 50 year old parents with osteo-arthritis, kidney stones, high cholesterol, overweight, bad backed, water on the knee, heart conditioned parents are now doing a solid exercise program. (they walk on the treadmill for 1/2 an hour or outside first for cardio). So I guess i'm calling you fatter and unhealthier and lazier than my parents if you're not doing any strength program. Take that.
If you need ideas for what to do, I'd love to share, you can be my next clients ;)
Anyway, on with my weekend. We then ate supper, a nice healthy chicken stir fry with homemade sauce and brown rice. Then we went to rent a movie. We organized some more pictures, did some more visiting and then watched Fracture. Which was a good movie but unfortunately we caught on a little too quickly meaning the exciting ending suprise didn't suprise us. We're so darn smart! ;) Then it was bed time!
Sunday I managed to sleep in a bit. Woke up and watched tv, ate breakfast. My Aunty came over for coffee with my dad and I hung out. She's very political and is actually helping somebody with their campain in this provincial election (we're Sask Party people in case you were wondering, it's sort of a Conservative, rightwing-ish party. Don't hate me now!) Anyway, I realized while I do like a lot of things that are being proposed for this election and definately agree with Sask Party thinking, I don't like politicians on any side. They're all complainy and two-faced and name calling and talk over each other and spread rumors about the other party and annoying. Even my aunty. Whatever. But then I made some rhurbarb cake for work monday. I used applesauce instead of oil and it turned out really good. Whenever I do that I just add a little bit more than it calls for. Then the football game was on so watched that with the parents. Our Rider's somewhat kicked butt ridiculously so it was almost boring. (sorry Hamilton fans, but you guys seriously sucked) ANYWAYS, after that I packed up and came back to my house. I unpacked quick, ate 1 taco my SIL had made. Played with my dog quick and left again to watch hubby play hockey. It's just a rec team and for fun and everything so nobody else watches. So I brought my book and a diet coke and me Cheeca Crips and had a nice quiet night. I watch intermittently, hubby's the goalie so I only need to watch when they're on our end of the ice. And even then, I don't need to see every shot. I only go to some games and there's another wife who comes and we basically spend the whole time talking and don't see a single thing. Which is always super fun because we do the complain about the husband thing and can talk as inappropriately as we want because nobody else is ever there. But she didnt' come this time. There were 2 mom's that I recognized from my fitness class there and they had some adorable babies that I watched too.
Babies are so cute. I never used to be a person who'd talk about babies. I'm glad it's changing. Step 1 in becoming ready to have kids I think. I know I want them some day but I didn't ever want to hold babies or anything before. But now I really like them. They're almost as fun as puppies. ;) Since I'm feeling share-y, I'll tell you that hubby and I will probably start trying to have babies a year from now, maybe 2009. How very exciting. But that also means that I've only got about 1 more year to be completely selfish and hot and bikini wearing with no stretch marks (thanks for that reminder katieo). So I better get at it hey?
Anyways, I'm excited for class tonight, as I always am. I'm also excited to eat. I already ate afternoon snack (protein bar, I was still munchy at lunch). I don't know what I'm going to eat yet. but I do have my default meal plans ready. so it looks like chicken.

Ok so can you tell I don't want to work? I had too much relaxing this weekend, put me in holiday mode. But I guess if I wanna read any comments I'm gonna have to publish this right?

Christmas Challenge Week 4 Results

Big Super Awesome Amazing to Sheri, Noelle, and our very own co-host Carolyn for breaking the 50% mark this week! Nice work ladies! What's your secret? As to the rest of us, keep at 'er! 9 weeks to go! and we're not even into the Christmas baking season yet!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bad start.

So I'll just say it. Another gain. 0.4 lbs. Boo. But I'm turning it around. Well I tried so far today and it was less than stellar:

100 cal egg whites
1 toast with butter (which I didn't eat the second because it tasted weird)
200 cal whole wheat croissant

carrots and dip (100 calories)
8 ish saltwater taffies - BOO! (30x8=240!!!)

Left over whole wheat chicken spinach pizza (400 calories)
Source yogurt (50 cal)
strawberries w/ sugar (75 calories)
Canteloup (60 calories)

Apple (100 calories)

TERRIBLE! 1425 before supper! And I doubt an apple will hold me all the way until then. Sheesh! That's like 100-300 calories for supper. Yeah right! I don't know what I'm having, but mom's cooking (I'm going home right after work for a visit) Even a salad will be 400+ calories.
I guess I shouldn't have had the croissant but they were goign to go bad (I shouldn't have bought them, they were on sale 4 for $1!) I would have been ok with the eggs and toast but the toast tasted funny so I didn't want to finish it. I should have just had nothing more but noooo I had to eat the delicious croissant! Also, the stupid taffies! I should have just had 4 max! But I already ate them. boo.

Yesterday at least was good. I didn't end up having spaghetti as I was stuck in traffic and didn't get home very early so SIL made tuna melts. I had 2 pieces of bread each covered in tuna with mayo and cheese. Sorta bad. But I'm thinking 600 calories. So that's all I was supposed to eat so I had no "dessert". Good thing cause the dog trainer lady came right away to distract me. She was pretty good. she's only a university student and basically told us what we already knew. It was good though. It just takes some time since she's still a puppy. Not quite dog whisperer stuff but I'm happy. She gave pretty much a rundown of everything you'd learn in a 6 week class for $100 and it was only $25 for 1 hour. Now we just have to practice everything (key anytime I think). And Daisy was a real quick learner and I think she's really smart so as long as we're consistant she'll be alright. Especially now that I've got the clue that she needs more exercise. She was really good last night and even this morning. Maybe because she is smart she needs to keep learning new tricks all the time. Chicky gave us a few new ones to try (bow and leave it and then all other tricks from a distance).

So I'm going home right after work to visit my folks. hubby has to work tomorrow so it's a solo vacation for me. yay! I'm even leaving the dog. My laundry is caught up and there were only a few things that I was gonna do (dig up gladiolas and put plastic on the windows) and they can wait.

I think it will be a healthy weekend. I told my mom I was giving them a lifestyle makeover. Before they left on their trip they each had all sorts of health problems. Luckily their trip was fine (and sounds super fun, I'm also looking at pictures this weekend) but now that they're back in the real world they need to take care of themselves better. Including exercise. They're super busy running their own home based tax consultant firm and generally work pretty much all day, taking breaks to make supper or change laundry or other things you can do working at home. but basically from 7:30 am until 8:00 pm. too long. I get their busy but I was joking with them last night that they won't find more time to exercise when they're bed ridden or dead. Save all the computer time until you can't walk any more. For now, do some exercise. Sick but true! Mom's knees and back are BAD and dad's back is Super BAD. Why? they sit at desks 13 hours a day! Plus they both have high cholesterol and are on medication for it which was never proven to really work, so I thought eating healthier and exercising might get them off it. They didn't even have multivitamins before their trip when I made them get some. So with a focus on health all weekend I doubt I'll be pigging out. Definately get some light exercise in too. Plus I won't have my laundry to do, family to cook for, house to clean. I'll be helping mom with her stuff, but it still is nicer than doing your own. HOLIDAY!

So please remember to get your WIs to me today or on the weekend. I'll probably be putting together the spreadsheet sunday night so if you're later than that you probably won't be in it. (Carolyn said I might be too mean ;) ) Hopefully you had better results than me!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

unrelated news

Who remembers this?
Well they're officially broken up now and I am broken hearted. I think I'll just watch it again. (ps - look at his swagger as they come together, HAWT!)
WAIT - I'll make it related, how good does Rachel McAdams look (her back? nice) and how awesome would it be to be light enough that hubby could lift me like that with 1 arm?
Desajair! You can lurk if you start your own blog! If you're gonna lurk I wanna too!
seriously guys, I meant about yourselves! I already know I'm awesome! (though of course it may help my low self esteem if you continue to leave adorable compliments)


Blogging Challenge! Why I'm awesome!

So here's a challenge I'm sending to all my Christmas Challengers and anybody else who wants in. Post a list of Why I'm Awesome. (well you could post about why Randi's awesome, I did mean about yourself.) And they have to be related to your eating and exercising but not necessarily to the scale. For example:
Why I'm Awesome (even though the scale isn't moving)
1. I've dropped my cholesterol back down to healthy
2. I've got sweet pipes
3. I'm totally avoiding cancer and other weird diseases by eating healthy
4. I'm more confident around other people
5. I'm not giving up
6. I'm still exercising and eating right and pushing it every time
7. I'm setting a good example for my husband and parents
8. I can wear some of my old clothes
9. At least somebody is jealous of my weight
10. My weight and size aren't related and most people think I'm much lighter than I am.

So there, you can all do that huh? If not 10 then 5 or just 3, or maybe even 20 or 50! We all need to remember that's we're great and the scale has nothing to do with it!

Eureka moment

So I had sort of a Eureka moment just a little while ago. My dog has been acting bad lately. Running around spazzing, biting, jumping, digging etc. Driving me nuts. And I have been stalled in my fat loss.

Last night I took my dog for a run before my fitness class (psycho I know). But then my SIL told me that Daisy was so good all night. Just sitting on the floor chewing her bone for hours. My mini-eureka was that she wasn't being exercised enough and that's what was causing all her bad behaviour. I used to jog with her everyday and usually also walk her. She was getting exercise twice a day, at least 45 minutes total, and 30 minutes of that running. She was too tired to be bad.

Then I realized, hey! I was also exercising twice a day for at least 45 minutes, and 30 minutes running. No wonder I was dropping pounds! (not to mention it was summer and I eat better in the summer, lots of fruit and veggies, less comfort food)

So my Eureka is this: For Daisy to be happy and well behaved, and for me to lose weight, the solution is the same - exercise! I just sort of stopped jogging outside pretty much when it got a bit colder at night. But I went last night and was fine - I've got an exercise coat thing. I wear a toque and mitts. I think I look hard core! So instead of freaking about the impending snow and winter and not being able to run outside, I'll just do it until I can't. no point stopping before then right?

Not to say that's going to make me drop the last 10 lbs like that. Because did you guys read Crabby's post yesterday? About the 6 month plateau? Very interesting. How long have I been losing weight? about 5 or 6 months. All of a sudden it stopped. I guess I'm not alone! Like I was complaining in the comments over there though, How come it doesn't tell you how to fix it? only that it's gonna happen. Well I think I've got enough plans that I better fix it! (extra gym time, reevaluate eating, new dog jogging plan)

Step class was good yesterday. Sweated up a storm of course. My back was still a little sore but once I was warm it felt fine. I did have some trouble with some of the ab moves but I think that's because of my tailbone. Anybody else have that? when you're supposed to scoop your stomach for Pilates like stuff and I end up just wiggling around on my tailbone and it really hurts. Anyway over all class was great, I think I took it a bit easier because I'm not too sore today. Which is pretty good. I do think that I bulk up a lot easier than most women (our instructor in class has been working her arms like crazy trying to get some nice bicepts for 20 years, always complains about it, but I just do 8 curls and I'm busting out of my shirt.) Though I know I've said this before. I think I do build muscle easier than other women, but just because I feel bulky doesn't mean I should lay off the muscles. The problem isn't them, it's the layer of fat on top of everything! I need to remember this! Also, after a workout (or frankly any day but friday or saturday) is a bad time to do naked assessments and WIs. Why? Because I'm all bloaty and my muscles are holding all this water and I'm gonna look like I'm 6 lbs heavier than I am. And it's going to depress me and make me think I'm going backwards (which I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow). I know eating hasn't been great, but again today, we're gonna make it work for us. Yesterday's supper wasn't pretty. Chicken breast, like 5 little slices of baguette, a banana, 1 pt apple crisp (from somebody's blog sorry I don't remember). It was just eating went on and on. Anybody ever have a chicken breast that tasted greasy? I cooked it on my George Foreman and usually it gets dry, but this time it was really greasy and kinda gross. And I only put spices on for seasoning, not even a marinade or anything. Maybe my grill was still greasy from something.

Ok, not sure if you caught that above there, I stepped on the scale yesterday and it showed 146 something. Friday was 140something. Am I going backwards? Friday is when I always see the lowest number, but I haven't seen something that big in a long time. Maybe i'm building muscle and it would be going up. Unfortunately measurements are about the same if not a big higher in places. I'm going to try and be really strict with eating, at least for today. So far breakfast was just yogurt and protein powder, 20 grams of protein, 5 g of fibre, only 200 calories. It will keep me full until snack where I'll have a banana. I usually have the protein yogurt and something in the morning even though I don't need it. So i'm trying to spread it out. 5 meals a day shouldn't be 3 normal meals plus snacks, it should be just the same food spread out. We'll try it.

Lunch is gonna be hamburger barley soup. It's a broth based soup, lots of veggies and some hamburger and barley so I think it's gotta be relatively low cal. At least not high cal. Maybe 500 calories. Anybody know an estimate? Also have a 50 cal yogurt, canteloup, a kiwi, carrots and a sour cream dip (not the best but I had it in the fridge and it's low fat, just 1 tbsp) I've got an apple here too that will hopefully be snack this afternoon. Just wait I'll add that up...another 300 calories. I've also got a fibre bar if I get starving but I'll just say no to that. (if I say no, it's harder to convince myself later). So for the day it's 1000 calories before supper. For supper today, it's hamburger day, so maybe spaghetti and meatsauce. Quick before the dog trainer lady comes (we're working on the biting, $25 an hour, hopefully just 1 session). So if I take it easy on the spaghetti (1 cup) and estimate 1/2 cup of hamburger and 1/2 cup of sauce...that's another 400 calories. So I'll also have a kiwi for dessert (out of bananas thank God, I go nuts on those things!). Plus maybe some cooked green beans, just 1/2 cup. Adds minimal calories. So well total for the day 1500. Yay! So now I just have to eat exactly that. Wish me luck!

Ok and reminder to get your WIs to me. I know some of you send them on the weekend but if possible I'd love them friday as that's the official day folks! If you WI on the weekend or Monday, just remember that and send it to me the following friday, you'll be like 6 days past whatever WI you had but sorry, that's how it works. "Officially" we only accept WIs on Friday (or earlier). We've been pretty lenient about taking weekend ones or even monday if you get it to us before we post. But I think I'm meaner than Carolyn and that drives me nuts to keep updating it. But make sure you get me your numbers even if I am mean!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just heard something on the radio. This woman thinks that a lot of women carry extra weight to protect themselves. She was sexually abused and thinks that she carries weight because it makes her less desirable so nothing like that happens again. (subconscious of course, she did try and lose weight but never really succeeded.)
I wasn't abused or anything but I wonder if that's true. I like getting whistled at and whatever because I think it's flattering, but I do get all awkward and embarrassed because I don't know what to do or say, even when getting flirted with. But I think I mostly like it. Does that ring true for any of you? (don't need to get all oprah if you don't want to though)

daily blah blah

Yesterday I hit the gym after work. It was nice. Went with my sister on an elliptical that has adjustable incline. So we both did a cross training program on level 7 resistance and had a "race" we were both really close to the same kms (can't remember what) but I won by like .2. yay! But she went backwards a few times. Then I went to do my chin ups. Did some dips too on that machine. very cool. My sister did them too, with same counterweight. But she weighs like 15 lbs less than me and is the skinny little girl we all wish we were. Her waist is like a Barbie. Anyway, she was able to do just as many as I could if not more. Granted I'm lifting 15 lbs more, but I feel like I'm much stronger and there should be more of a difference. I don't know. I guess it's cool.

Then I hit the grocery store and went a bit nuts. It was dollar days at Sobeys. So I bought a ton of no-name crystal light. A billion. And a bunch of Cheeca Krisps. Sort of my less bad food for when I need bad food. I'm the first to tell you not to eat 100 cal packs or WW cakes because that's still not healthy food. It's just less bad than super bad. But I do understand once in awhile you need that. Like when everyone else is having chips, you can still have "chips" or whatever. Anyway I also bought pork hocks which I've never bought before but have eaten from my Grandma's on a traditional boxing day (she died suddenly just before my wedding from a heart attack, I get a lot of my genes from my mom who got hers from this Grandma). Anyway, I don't think it's particularly healthy but I want to try and make pork hock ragu. So good. But pork hocks are basically pig ankles. It was so disguisting buying them. I also got some fruit and veggies of course. Plus I had to buy all sorts of stuff for my hubby and SIL. They are not eating "clean" like I'm trying to. So they got lots of frozen pastas and pizza pops and minute rice and kraft dinner. All the foods I'm not eating any more. It's weird how much I've changed since before summer. Not that I'd eat that like crazy, but I'd have pizza pops as a treat (I was all about calories). completely ignoring the lack of fibre and all the bad fats. Not to mention sodium in all those packaged meals. Makes me happy about myself, but really worried for my hubby. He eats like shit. It's already showing up in his weight. But I'm sure he's got a cholesterol problem (he's never been tested). Oh well, I can't decide to make a change for him. (he already eats whole wheat food and skim milk etc)

But I didn't get home until 7:30 and hadn't eaten. So I had a mismash of food. I had a left over piece of pizza (chicken spinach on whole wheat), 3 slices of a cranberry raisin baguette, yogurt with flax seeds and bran. It just felt bad, a lot of eating standing up looking in the fridge. That might not have been everything, it was just mindless eating.

Speaking of which. I have a hard time remembering all the food I've eaten. I think that's really bad. First it means I eat a lot. Second, it means I'm not mindful about what's going on in my mouth. I'm going to try and fix this.

So I decided to track my calories for the day, as I haven't done that in a LONG time and even then it showed me stuff I didn't want to see and didn't really change much.
Today just happened to be a higher protein day (I was thinking) as I had eggs for breakfast and a big piece of salmon on my salad. Snacks were still fruit and veggies and yogurt. So far (after lunch) I've eaten 1000 calories.

- oh update. Just went and had birthday cake for somebody in the office. It was really good cake (I had approximately 1/10th of a log cake with layers of icing and chocolate and cake) so I know it had to be pretty bad caloriewise. At least it was small. Anybody wanna guess a calories for me? Am I out to lunch thinking 300?

Anyways, now especially, it didn't turn out to be high protein at all! I heard with high protein (besides ridiculous diets) it's about 1:1 with carbs, for high carb diets, it's 1:3 protein to carbs. Well right now I'm 1:2 (before the cake). And I figure supper will be about the same. Weird. Not that I'm trying to restrict carbs, I'm just trying to up protein as I've read things about how it's digested and not turned to fat etc plus is good for muscles.

Also, I was reading Carolyn's blog about menu variety. I tend to have too much variety in my suppers. Not that it's bad foodwise, it's just stressful for me to come up with something new every day. I don't really have staples that I eat all the time. And I tend to forget about a dish for months even if I really like it. Like I can't remember the last time we had pasta. The way I plan supper is I think of what we've got too much of in the freezer (meatwise) and thaw it out over night, then try and come up with something on the drive home. I often pull out Kraft What's Cooking magazines or other cookbooks on the weekend trying to find ideas. But then I find too many ideas and never get around to cooking them. Plus I forget about staple dishes that I can just fall back on when I don't know what to make!

So I've decided this before but let it slip. I'm going to make a menu. A rough menu. Something like, chicken on mondays, beef on tuesdays, etc. That way I don't end up making something really heavy before my hard workouts either. Good idea? Let's hope so.

Monday - chicken.
Tuesday - beef/pork.
Wednesday - chicken.
Thursday - hamburger
Friday - fish.
Saturday/Sunday - Anything goes. (maybe hotdogs, maybe lasagna)

Any thoughts? I need Mondays to be quick cause I usually run errands after work and then have class. Wednesday I also have class and I want to eat more chicken. We don't eat pork a lot so I thought I could switch it in with beef once in awhile. That's things like roasts or steak or pork chops etc. Hubby never goes anywhere tuesday (like wing night at the bar wednesday) so he'll at least get the good meal. Then thursday will have the most options because there's so many things you can do with hamburger and I've got nowhere to go so I have time to cook. Fridays I don't always make supper and since I don't think I could handle fish that often but I should eat it more, it's fish day. Weekends we might eat out or not be home or I might feel like cooking and make a big meal, or else it's pizza night. I guess that's how people have bad weekends but I can't cook every single day. There's always leftovers too.

I'm pleased with that. That way I'll also remember what I've got to thaw out the night before. Now I need to come up with a staple for each day so if I have no ideas I can just make it. Probably something like this:

Monday - marinated chicken breast (we have so many sauces and rubs etc!)
Tuesday - hmm...hard to think of something that doesn't require lots of time for beef. Help? (I want something that doesn't need marinating or morning prep)
Wednesday - chicken stir fry.
Thursday - Spaghetti and meatsauce
Friday - Grilled salmon.

There. And it's all healthy, except maybe thursday so I'll have to be careful. and I can't think of anything that's quick to do with beef or pork. Any help please?

My current exercise plan

So somebody asked me the other day just what I do for exercise to get those ginormous bicepts (yesterday I took the garbage out and it was so heavy that I commented it was almost too much for my giant bicepts so I thought I'd continue the inside joke to those of you who weren't there.) Since I haven't posted just what goes on in my fitness classes I thought I'd update you all.
Now if you've been reading for a long time you'll know how important I think it is to build bigger muscles. (refresher: muscles burn calories when you're doing nothing thereby increasing your metabolism and helping you lose weight. It works even better than cardio) So based on my research, I discovered that low rep, heavy weights, like lifting to fatigue (8 reps) was the best for building muscle. That's what I did with Turbulence Training. Now this class is taught by this cute little girl (actually like 40 years old, but still tiny cheerleader body) who has been doing this for a long time. And I don't really know for sure but seems like she's not up on the latest research. However, she does know about the importance of strength training. But we do light weight, high reps. But I we do so many we still go to failure. She does 1 full song for every muscle group, so 3.5-5 minutes continuous of an exercise. So here's the rundown of what we do:
Cardio firstMondays - kickboxing. A warm up track then 3 or 4 more tracks, depending on how much explaining she has to do. Lots of punching, kicking, shuffling, blocking, kneeing. about 1/2 hour. You can go hard or go easy. I think I go about the hardest in the class. But I talked about this a little yesterday.
Wednesday - Step. Step is significantly less difficult. but it's longer, about 45 minutes to 1 hour. There are some tougher tracks and you can make it hard with more jumping. As i'm learning the moves I'm trying to make them more jumpy. But since she usually does the low impact for the majority of the class, I get screwed up a lot. We also do a lot of jump squat kind of things which are my favorite as they completely suck. ;)

Then Strength:
Warm up - a few of each of the exercises below
squats - a full 5 minutes of squats, going in different speeds (3 counts down 1 count up, 2 and 2, 1 and 3, 4 and 4, singles, and bottom half only) we have maybe 8 counts all song of shaking it out. oh yeah, I hold 2 8 lb weights on my shoulders until I'm too tired, then 2 5 lbs.
Chest - we do some pushups to start. I try and do full body until I can't any more, then girl pushups. Then we do flies and chest pressed with 2 8 lbs weights. Tip for chest presses, keep your arms wide and press up at the end to lift your shoulders off the ground. again, with different speeds like above.
Back and hamstrings - it's the back of the whole body for a song. It's a whole bunch of stiff legged deadlifts with 2 8lbs weights. Sometimes with rows at the bottom, sometimes with 3 or 7 rows at the bottom. There's also upright rows, clean and presses and more deadlifts. I think this is the track that has changed me the most. I ignored hamstrings on my own, but they are always sore after a class for a few days. This is super important for getting a nice butt.
Tricepts - that's right, a full song for that neglected little muscle. We do a couple things laying down, and I don't know what they're called so I'll describe them. She calls it super star barbie (who is the barbie who has bent arms at 90 degrees and they're stuck there.) So lay on your back, weights (2 8lbs) in your hands facing each other. bend arms and lower elbows to bottom of ribs, arms in superstar barbie pose. Keep elbows touching your shirt, pulled in. Then straigten up again. Also, bend elbows 90 degrees, and lower hands to the head, and straighten back. Different speeds for everything. Then we do some standing tricept presses behind the head. (by then I'm down to either 2 5 lbs or 1 8 lb)
Bicepts - The best. We sometimes do it to Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Now whenever I hear it I wanna do bicepts. Just curls, various speeds. Sometimes hammerheads sometimes arms turned out a bit, but mostly just regular curls. (do singles during the chorus!) I try and do these with the 8s but sometimes need to switch to the 5s.
Shoulders - some lateral raises, front raises, lateral raises with scapular rotation (arms bent, lift arms out to side, hands face down, rotate hands up to a hands up position, rotate down and lower) Then a whole bunch of overhead presses, like putting something on a high shelf, slightly ahead of you. Again, I try the 8s but a lot of these have to be with 5s.
Then we do abs. Basically a variety of curls, pilates things, lots of planks, which she calls hovers. This isn't as much as some people do for abs regularly. But that's for 2 reasons. 1 we're supposed to keep our abs really tight during the cardio part before this. And 2, I've heard that abs are the most overworked muscles. Especially crunches and that kind, because they are completely useless except for appearances. Planks are better for "core strength" for functional strength. My little know it all bit for the day is to recommend people replace an ab workout with squats and planks. Crunches or whatever will not make you look any better, unless you've already got 15% body fat and want to have a 6 pack.

Those are my classes. And now that I've started working out tuesday and thursday as well I'll tell you what they got. Just 1/2 hour on a cardio machine, treadmill or elliptical (for injuries or exhaustion, usually treadmill) and then assisted pullups. I set the counter weight at 60, so it meant I was lifting 140ish-60 = 80 lbs. I could do 8 reps the first set, 8 the second, and only 5 the third and fourth. But that's going to exhaustion right? so it's good. Then I stretch and do a few planks or pilates stuff on a mat and leave. The end.

I try and walk to dog most days, and sometimes get in a jog or video on the weekends.

So what do you do for exercise? Do you follow a plan? Is it just cardio (tell me so I can berate you)? Just try and "be active"?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

70 days

Don't know if you all caught that. There are only 70 days left until Christmas. That's 10 weeks to the day. How much do you have left to go for the challenge? Take that number, divide by 10 and that's your weekly goal babies!

I'm not even sure what I'm looking at any more with these early week gains I keep seeing. I'm just under 1 lb per week though. So I better step it up. Looking forward to the gym right away!

I swear to God that was a shadow, not hair

Seriously people I checked before I took those pictures, my armpits were clean.
You like?
I took those on the weekend and threw them up last night in a mad rush to go to class. I wasn't pleased at the time, but looking at them again, they're alright. I do think the muscle size is awesome, but it's just the squishy fatty skin that's covering them a bit that's bothersome. I should have taken a back view as well, that really shows off the shoulder muscle. These do a nice job of showing off the arm pit muscle, aka the pecs.

So I came to the realization that my eating isn't for weight loss. I think I've known this for awhile but thought I could over do it exercise wise and it would balance out. I forget that I've lost 15 lbs. That means X amount fewer calories are required. Not to mention I was eating salads etc a lot before when I was dropping pounds. Not so much anymore, and what do you know, not so much dropping pounds. The scale this morning showed a 3 lb gain. I know it's different because it's screwed up with my class last night and my muscles are holding water (which is why friday is a great day for WI). Also last night the scale showed 145 which is a number I hate, and thought I got rid of (new readers, i'm hovering above the 140 mark lately). I know I did just switch things up a bit by deciding to hit the gym on tuesdays and thursdays (all ready for today's!) But I think I need to set up food goals every week as well. I remember my old ones were to eat a salad for lunch 3 days a week and stuff like that. Well today I packed a salad and it will be my first one in probably a month.

I like salads. Salads packed in 3 minutes running late for work are not good though. Lettuce and salad dressing is boring. So it's worth it to spend 1/2 an hour on a sunday or monday chopping up some veggies to go with a salad. And opening a can of tuna to put on it too. That's what I've got today. with some light italian dressing. (10 cals worth). Plus carrots, melon, yogurt. I meant to grab an apple but I forgot. And I meant to grab a muffin by I forgot too. Means there's not much in there for morning or afternoon snacks. So I'll also likely dig into the mixed nuts a bit for snack. I had a filling breakfast of plain yogurt with protein powder (10 g of protein, 200 calories) and a carrot bran muffin (200 calories, 3 g fibre) I think it will keep me good until lunch. As long as I stop talking about food!!

before I forget, thanks Sheri for the puppy advice. I contacted a trainer who does 1 hour in home lessons for $20 a pop so I'm gonna see if she can come thursday. We've got to do something about Daisy's jumping and biting. It's not biting so it hurts, it's just biting to wrestle with us. And it's hard to just ignore her and not give her attention when she's nipping at you! I'll keep you posted. I think I need to find a dog park where I can just take her to run around like crazy for maybe hours while I read or something. I'm not jogging her in the cold like I used to and our little walks aren't doing the trick.

So fitness class was great yesterday. The cardio (which is like tae bo or something) which is my favorite part, seemed extra short. But I really really pushed it during a few tracks and sorta felt sick so it's probably a good thing. Then a few tracks of weights seemed super long, tricepts, chest and squats all killed me. But then shoulders and bicepts were short. I guess I was all screwed up after last monday's class being cancelled. Now i'm goign to be all catty to you girls because you love me and read my anyways. Some of the people are soooo uncoordinated! It was ridiculous! I especially noticed because this girl was right in front of me. I get if you're like old and proper or something or really overweight or something the moves would be hard to get into proper form. But this girl was like 22, tall, thin, looked like a dancer, until she moved. We were doing shuffle forward and then upper cuts. She couldn't even shuffle, more like galloped, and then for upper cuts you're supposed to get down and power up with your core. But she was like doing squats and then doing some kind of old fashioned pirate move or something. (reminds me of "yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me" and swinging your arm with it?) It hurt to watch her. Plus a lot of the other people in the class already are sorta dorky with their punches, basically just straightening their arm and bending it, wouldn't even push over a balloon, let alone hurt someone! Just sort of annoying to me, because I'm so amazing and look perfect in everything I do. ;)

But somehow I hurt my back yesterday. Not exactly sure doing what. But it really hurt this morning when the dog was barking and I made hubby go get her. (sounds like a baby huh?) But I think it might affect my workout today. I'm concentrating on cardio and then practicing chin-ups and that's all. But it might mean ellipticalling instead of treadmilling. Nothing wrong with that if that means my back will heal faster. I'm really excited about chin-ups though. My sister might come with me too so I can show off. But she's about 15 lbs lighter than me and I've seen before where skinny out of shape people (not describing my sister though) can do chin-ups where as muscular heavy people (me) can't. I hate that. So that's why i'm going to be a can person by Christmas!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My weekend

Back to regularly scheduled blogging.
So my weekend was pretty good. I hardly remember friday. Let's see...Oh yeah, no cooking. I just decided not to make supper. I was tired of it. So in the back of my mind I wanted hubby to take me out for fast food. Terrible! Thank goodness he didn't bite. He's happy with a bag of popcorn or something. I however need to eat real food. So I think I had some kind of leftovers. And lots of green beans, I remember that.

Then we eventually went out to a lounge to visit with some friends. It was nice. It was my hubby's friend who's wife I got to be friends with. But his friends first you know what I mean? Anyway, the wife was working still so it was just guys and me. And for a change this dude was cool! My theory on it is that he and I are very similar and thus butt heads a bit. I just feel like he doesn't like me much. (not that he's mean or anything, we just don't have much to say to each other). But I don't know if it was the booze or what, but he would laugh at my jokes and well frankly smile so it was quite fun. And I remember I promised I wouldn't eat nasty bar food while I was there, and I even had a protein bar on the way over hoping to keep me full. But when everyone around you is eating, that's all I can think about doing! So I hade a 1/2 chef's salad. It was soo good. I had it with sweet onion dressing so I think that's not too bad. I think that Chef's Salads are about the healthiest thing you can eat. for me at least. It's got the oodles of veggies, plus some turkey and eggs for protein. You just gotta watch the dressing. But even then, I only had like 1 tbsp of dressing so even if was really fat full kind, it couldn't have been too bad. However did I need a second supper? No. Ate one anyways. Plus 2 diet cokes. Good night.

Then saturday I woke up early with my dog. 7:30? We have a new game of tug of war where she's actually gentle, we pull on this little dog bone that I don't think she really likes much. Actually I don't know if it's so much of a game for her at first or if she thinks I'm stealing her bone. But she doesn't jump all over me or bark or bite or anything, just pulls on the bone. Then when she gets it, she nudges it back to me or I nudge it to her. It makes me feel like I'm a dog too. weird. But then I got busy. I made 2 different batches of cranberry muffins because I bought 2 bags of cranberries for $1 each! Awesome! And I didn't know a good recipe because I've never made it before. So I made 2 very different kinds. I'll try and post recipes if I remember (I know I never remember these things! Nag me if you want it!) One is a lemon cranberry, more like a cakey kind that you get at Tim Hortons or something. The other is cranberry oatmeal. Which is so filling it's like eating a bowl of oatmeal! But still super good! Unfortunately both batches stuck to the paper liners I used so their tricky eating. But I made 2 batches, did dishes, cleaned the kitchen, played with my dog, all before 10:00 Saturday morning. I love those kind of days. Then I cleaned the living room, did the floors, cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, had a shower, then at 3:00 ish roomy SIL and I went into the city for our Sister Supper. We just hung out at Preggers SIL for awhile, then got all gussied up (when the trying on clothes thing I talked about happened) and went for supper. Service was terrible for some reason. They were way understaffed, out waitress was also bartending so it took forever for us to get our drinks because she'd have to make a billion before she could bring them to us. I had 1 tropical cocktail and water. We also had bruschetta for an appetizer and it was really not very good. hard to screw that up you'd think. So I had a small slice of bread. Then I ordered steak with a stuffed potato. Both were very good. But the most amazing thing on the plate was the side veggies that most people usually don't eat. it was just mixed veggies, but they had some kind of spices on them that made them soooo good! I wish I knew how to do it! (ps - anybody does know let me know!) there was 1 piece of cheesecake for the birthday girls who ate most of it until they were too full and I ate the last bite.

After that we started having inappropriate sex talk at the table so it was time to go. It's my favorite thing to do with a bunch of girls (the talk people, the talk). It a little weirder for me to talk about with them because it's their brother whom I'm sleeping with, but I told them to deal as it's the price they pay to hang out with me. ;) Perhaps it's too much info for this blog so I'll save the details, (though as my readers are a bunch of girls too I'm assuming, and it IS my favorite thing to do, it's a lot tougher than you'd think!)

So we went back to preggers SIL's house and watched Knocked Up finally. Pretty good, but I was expecting much better after all the hype about it. It was pretty cool how you saw her belly so much, usually they avoid that in movies don't they? And having never been pregnant or had anybody super close to me pregnant I'd never really seen a giant naked belly. Was it realistic?

Anyway, after that it was home time. I thought bed time. But roomie SIL and I watched part of Spanglish (so good). I was missing my hubby who was at a birthday so I waited up for him.

Sunday morning was sleeping in a little more but then crazy busy again as I was hosting the family brunch. It turned out to be just the household and my 1 brother and sister. So we ate waffles and whipped cream and strawberries and muffins and fruit dip. I forgot about the cheesecake and sausage I wanted to get rid of! I was quite stuffed from the waffles and fruit and I feel like it was healthy. But I'm not really sure. I was stuffed.

Then to the airport to pick up my mom and dad from their trip to Australia! Brought them back to our house and ate more fruit and dip and some spinach artichoke dip. (see I can be all martha stewart too) So more bad eating and pigging out but nice visiting too. When they left I wasn't really hungry for supper so I just had a muffin and did some scrapbooking. Around 9 I was muchy/hungry and had a bowl of cereal. So that was my replacement supper. I didn't feel too bad about the whole thing at all. It was a bunch of eating but it was mostly healthy and the snacks sort of replace the actual meals which I was lacking.

So that's it. good and bad. I'm feeling mostly good about it. It wasn't anything crazy at least.

I did want to say something about the comments on that slutty dress post! wowza were we split on it! About half of you were with me and wanted to wear it. You know it's slutty but you wanted to embrace that inner slut I guess. And the other half, very politely, called the other half sluts. ;) hehe. No not quite. But you were against wearing it. some of you and your morals! hehe.

oh yeah! and make sure to check Carolyn's blog for the results of week 3 in the Christmas Challenge!!!