Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well of course you're right

YES! Swizzle you are a true ass kicker friend. It takes a special kind of person (a beautiful, intellegent, charming, strong kind) to kick somebody's ass (I ought to know). And to kick MY ass takes a very special person indeed.

Alright. I'm awesome. There, happy?
I still might be a ninja, we'll see how the costume looks. Remember it is my body wrapped in spandex still. Could be hot.

Or maybe I'll figure out what a sexy biker chick looks like and be that. Then hubby and I would have matching costumes (he can have the beer belly). Ideas?
I don't exactly want to be a skank though right? I just want to look hot. I could be fully clothed and look hot though right? It's a family (in law) party. I'll try stuff on tonight and see how it looks. I've told people about the ninja and it's still sort of sexy (I think I look good in my spandex).

There's not enough time for this year, (and I'm really not that brave yet) but next year halloween, I'm going as the 80's aerobic instructor. (party's saturday, can't find all this by then) leg warmers, pastel shiny spandex with the THONG leotard on top! Where the hell would you buy one of those anyway? I'll check ebay.

I just went out for lunch with some girlfriends of mine. One's pregnant and due around Christmas. My first close friend to be pregnant. Very exciting. There's 4 of us who are at the same yet different stages in our lives. I got married 3 years ago, bought a house and just got a dog. A is pregnant, got married last year, and are still looking for a house (market went nuts here). T bought a house and is living with her boyfriend. and A2 moved in with her boyfriend in a different province, bought a house and then got married. So A2 and I are about the same situation. Only I've been married and house living longer. I mean we're all sort of at the same stage, just the "stages" happened at different times. Get married, buy a house, have a baby.

Anyways, A, T and I just went out for lunch at Moxies. I had a salad and 1/2 clubhouse combo. Nice healthy option, but not the best moneywise. The good deals are always bad food though, ever notice? It was almost as much as a full clubhouse with fries. And water to drink. Then I got back to the office and ate some strawberries. I forgot to put splenda on them so their sorta tangy (they were frozen so their mushy too). I've still got lots of food (I didn't know we were going out today, thought it was tomorrow) which is good because I'm going to stay in town tonight and go to the university to work on my thesis a little bit.

Hubby and I had a mini fight about it again last night. I'm working on my 4th year of what I thought would be a 2 year thesis. But I really didn't know what was expected of me, what I had to do, so it took longer. Then at 3 years hubby was like, "are you ever going to get done and get a job?" even though I was making a really decent living as a student. So I started working part time, which turned into full time which means I hardly ever have time to work on my thesis, which means it's not getting done. I am so close to being done though it's sick. I have half of my conclusions to right, and a few edits to make and then resubmit. So I'm going to finish up the edits tonight (they're autocad edits and I need a program at school). Then hopefully this weekend I can get it out the door to my supervisor. It's just stupid because I keep having to pay tuition until I'm done. Way dumb. (and that's all that hubby's really mad about).
Sorry for the unrelated rant. Think of it as a get to know me better segment. Even though you didn't ask. ;)

So step class last night was good. I pushed it as hard as I could. I didn't feel like I was jumping as high or squatting as low during certain parts. And my damn bicepts gave out again with the 8 lb weights. But I have to remember that's a good thing. It means I worked my muscles to failure and I couldn't have worked any harder (except with 5's). So it means I'll get stronger. I just want to be stronger now. It's awesome when I'm the strongest toughest in class. (which I totally am) but when my SIL goes and has little stick arms and I have to use the same size weights as she does, well it hurts the ego a little bit. I have to remember I'm there to make myself stronger, not to make myself stronger than her.

Food wasn't bad. I had soup and raisin toast before class (2 slices which might not have been necessary). I also made more cranberry muffins, new recipe again to get rid of the last of them, and pear crisp to use up mushy pears. Well the muffins will be healthy. The crisp, I didn't follow my old recipe exactly, and tried to combine it with that 1 pt apple crisp recipe that's floating around out here. Well it didn't really turn out that great. And I still used lots of brown sugar. Good thing it's not an aweful lot of food. i had a bit for after exercise snack. and a glass of milk. I wanted more but didn't have it. So that's good.
weight this morning 140.0. higher. I hope it's just some water issues. might be related to muscles in water and the snack post workout. Hopefully goes away with a little cardio tonight and lots of water.

Today i'm hitting the gym after work. Really looking forward to that. Getting my chin up practice in. I guess I've hooked my sister into it too. She liked my reasoning (save myself when dangling from a cliff or off a building or out a plane or something like happens in the movies, who needs spiderman?)

Remember folks that it's WI day tomorrow for the Christmas Challenge. get your losses in to Carolyn or I tomorrow (remember we don't want your weight, just gain or loss from last time) So far things are at least down from last time but I hope they drop back to the 130s again for tomorrow. It just feels cool saying that number. I'm gonna go nuts with the water today, give myself a flush (sounds gross).

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Swizzlepop said...

YAY! :)

I'm totally all over and backwards on commenting but I love what you ended up wearing. WAY better than a hiding boy costume.

Ok, here's some help for next year ;)