Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I swear to God that was a shadow, not hair

Seriously people I checked before I took those pictures, my armpits were clean.
You like?
I took those on the weekend and threw them up last night in a mad rush to go to class. I wasn't pleased at the time, but looking at them again, they're alright. I do think the muscle size is awesome, but it's just the squishy fatty skin that's covering them a bit that's bothersome. I should have taken a back view as well, that really shows off the shoulder muscle. These do a nice job of showing off the arm pit muscle, aka the pecs.

So I came to the realization that my eating isn't for weight loss. I think I've known this for awhile but thought I could over do it exercise wise and it would balance out. I forget that I've lost 15 lbs. That means X amount fewer calories are required. Not to mention I was eating salads etc a lot before when I was dropping pounds. Not so much anymore, and what do you know, not so much dropping pounds. The scale this morning showed a 3 lb gain. I know it's different because it's screwed up with my class last night and my muscles are holding water (which is why friday is a great day for WI). Also last night the scale showed 145 which is a number I hate, and thought I got rid of (new readers, i'm hovering above the 140 mark lately). I know I did just switch things up a bit by deciding to hit the gym on tuesdays and thursdays (all ready for today's!) But I think I need to set up food goals every week as well. I remember my old ones were to eat a salad for lunch 3 days a week and stuff like that. Well today I packed a salad and it will be my first one in probably a month.

I like salads. Salads packed in 3 minutes running late for work are not good though. Lettuce and salad dressing is boring. So it's worth it to spend 1/2 an hour on a sunday or monday chopping up some veggies to go with a salad. And opening a can of tuna to put on it too. That's what I've got today. with some light italian dressing. (10 cals worth). Plus carrots, melon, yogurt. I meant to grab an apple but I forgot. And I meant to grab a muffin by I forgot too. Means there's not much in there for morning or afternoon snacks. So I'll also likely dig into the mixed nuts a bit for snack. I had a filling breakfast of plain yogurt with protein powder (10 g of protein, 200 calories) and a carrot bran muffin (200 calories, 3 g fibre) I think it will keep me good until lunch. As long as I stop talking about food!!

before I forget, thanks Sheri for the puppy advice. I contacted a trainer who does 1 hour in home lessons for $20 a pop so I'm gonna see if she can come thursday. We've got to do something about Daisy's jumping and biting. It's not biting so it hurts, it's just biting to wrestle with us. And it's hard to just ignore her and not give her attention when she's nipping at you! I'll keep you posted. I think I need to find a dog park where I can just take her to run around like crazy for maybe hours while I read or something. I'm not jogging her in the cold like I used to and our little walks aren't doing the trick.

So fitness class was great yesterday. The cardio (which is like tae bo or something) which is my favorite part, seemed extra short. But I really really pushed it during a few tracks and sorta felt sick so it's probably a good thing. Then a few tracks of weights seemed super long, tricepts, chest and squats all killed me. But then shoulders and bicepts were short. I guess I was all screwed up after last monday's class being cancelled. Now i'm goign to be all catty to you girls because you love me and read my anyways. Some of the people are soooo uncoordinated! It was ridiculous! I especially noticed because this girl was right in front of me. I get if you're like old and proper or something or really overweight or something the moves would be hard to get into proper form. But this girl was like 22, tall, thin, looked like a dancer, until she moved. We were doing shuffle forward and then upper cuts. She couldn't even shuffle, more like galloped, and then for upper cuts you're supposed to get down and power up with your core. But she was like doing squats and then doing some kind of old fashioned pirate move or something. (reminds me of "yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me" and swinging your arm with it?) It hurt to watch her. Plus a lot of the other people in the class already are sorta dorky with their punches, basically just straightening their arm and bending it, wouldn't even push over a balloon, let alone hurt someone! Just sort of annoying to me, because I'm so amazing and look perfect in everything I do. ;)

But somehow I hurt my back yesterday. Not exactly sure doing what. But it really hurt this morning when the dog was barking and I made hubby go get her. (sounds like a baby huh?) But I think it might affect my workout today. I'm concentrating on cardio and then practicing chin-ups and that's all. But it might mean ellipticalling instead of treadmilling. Nothing wrong with that if that means my back will heal faster. I'm really excited about chin-ups though. My sister might come with me too so I can show off. But she's about 15 lbs lighter than me and I've seen before where skinny out of shape people (not describing my sister though) can do chin-ups where as muscular heavy people (me) can't. I hate that. So that's why i'm going to be a can person by Christmas!


Cory said...

The pictures are wonderful. I might have to take some similar shots for comparison later.
Does your teacher correct people on their poor form? I've had teachers that do and some that don't.

sherijung said...

That is why I hate cardio boxing--I feel completely retarded when I do it. And I used to dance, so maybe that's the problem.

I'm making a new comittment to salads too. My dinner portions are getting out of hand, I think because I'm so hungry. I need more bulk to fill me up.

Candace said...

Pics are great. I hate italian dressing, at least the Kraft kind. I like Paul Newman Italian, but his is high in calories - so boo, but I eat it anyway because I need the oils and it tastes sooo good.

Angie All The Way said...

It's all about good dressing for the salads, I've just recently come to realize. I actually like them now, never thought that would happen! Homemade dressings are the key and healthier too.