Friday, May 29, 2009

WI 142, I needed that.

I'm down 3lbs this week. I needed that. I had a minor break down last night. Well not even a break down. I just needed to relieve a little stress so I had a good cry. 1 minute later I feel much better.

But I have a lot on my plate right now. Sis's wedding shower tomorrow, need to buy decorations for, punch and coffee supplies etc., print out the games etc etc etc.. The present I'm making her isn't done yet, need to finish that. Need to write a toast to the bride, need to make the slideshow (for SILs wedding I was done this 4 months in advance and it took me 2 months to make, I can get it done in a few hours, but I like the time to tweak and perfect things, oh well), wanted to lose 10 lbs for the wedding ;). Work has been the biggest stressor, these stupid models I'm running and was supposed to have up and going for the weekend aren't working. Everything was due next friday, I don't even have the option to come in on the weekend or work late because I'm so busy with sis's wedding. That was the big one, because it's just so out of my hands. I'm doing everything I can but it's still not working.

I just had a little cry about all that. Then I picked myself up (again) and said I'll do what I can and it will all work out. It already is too. I found out the next friday deadline is an internal deadline and another part of the project is going to be way late so I don't need to freak out about getting stuff going over the weekend. The pictures for sis's present are done at Costco finally, I've got all the pictures for the slideshow and several song options and nobody but me will agonize over song choice. I have evenings all next week to work on the toast, plus took friday off (my sis finished writing her toast the morning of my wedding!). AND I lost 3 lbs! hurray!

My recent weight loss I think has a lot to do with work being busy so I don't eat all the food I pack. Plus staying late at work means supper is disorganized and just toast eaten at 8:30. Plus I taught twice this week, was learning new tracks so practicing at home. PLUS I've been doing weights regularly (not 3 full sets but at least something), And running more often because my dog is bananas. Perhaps I should have let some of that exercise slide with all the other things going on but I just feel like a blob then. Really yucky.

Ok, but with all that going on, I don't have time to blog! later!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

been awhile but whatever

I don't really know why I haven't blogged in so long. Just haven't had anything I wanted to say. But now I do.

I went to try my bridesmaid dress on for sis's wedding (less than 2 weeks!). It was tight. boo. Just in the waist (well no, it was tight everywhere but in a nice hold everything in sort of way). But they have to take it out in the waist. Now I know I have a thick waist. It doesn't pinch in nice and skinny, I'm more boy shaped. They're actually taking the hips in a bit which should make me feel better but doesn't. I left the store embarrassed and upset and mad at myself. I spent the last 3 months (since we ordered them) GAINING weight instead of losing it like I wanted to. Now it's too late to do anything significant (2 weeks?).

But I'm not one to wallow in self pity. I wanted a little pout about it and that didn't make me feel better so I'm moving on. I'm going to lift weights every day until the wedding (well every day I'm home, shower this saturday won't allow it. But I can run in the morning).

I'd say run every day as well but I'm battling an epic cold (I think you pay for it when you don't get sick for years). I had a horrible time getting to sleep last night and today I feel like my head is going to explode and my brain is leaking out my eyes and nose. Gross. So I don't think running is the best option. When I feel good I'm doing intervals. (I have to teach step tonight still). They still my have to take my dress out, but my arms will look at least right? No arm fat or bulges out the top (strapless).

Anyway, I'm also busy with work (maybe that's why I've been gone). Plus so busy with sis's everthing. Today I was asked to give a toast to the bride. Ok, I've got 10 days, no problem. I only have to make the whole slideshow (finally got the pictures yesterday from the "helpful" girl who volunteered to do the grooms side), and throw a shower for the bride, finish making her gift (cookbook of family secret recipes, I've been cooking everything and taking pictures of it. Why didn't I think of this idea months ago? Instead I've been cooking like crazy for the last 2 weeks). SO MUCH STUFF! Plus now she's trying to do little get together things, like manicures next week, making her church programs this week. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!!

anyway, busy so gotta go.

Friday, May 15, 2009

why didn't you remind me?

How well ANYTHING to do with weights works for me? In particular this Turbulence Training stuff? I dug out the old workouts and did only 2 this week, only did the interval running once. Plus a couple step classes. Scale showed me 143.something! hurray! Last week was 145.something.

Food has been mostly good, but I haven't been able to avoid the twizzlers hubby left on the cupboard. They're those super thick purple ones ya know? They're 110 calories each! Ugh! But lunches have been super good. Lots of salads and fruits and veggies. Plus I started to realize when I'm full and stop. Well at least slow down (sometimes I still need something sweet right?)

Mostly I credit it to the weight stuff. I haven't even been doing hard workouts. But I can feel it a bit on my hamstrings and back, just a few places.

Anyway, I have to buy some grad presents after work for hubby's cousin's kids. Grad party Saturday we're supposed to go to. We were thinking maybe a cooler for each of them and hot dog sticks. I really can't remember what a good present would be. I don't think they're moving out, so kitchen/house things would just be in storage.

Speaking of presents. I need an idea for a 5 year anniversary present for hubby. Anniversary in 2 weeks. I was going to get him tickets to a World Junior Hockey game that's in S'toon this year (like December, but tickets are on sale now). BUT so far you can only buy ticket packages, so that's like every single game for thousands of dollars. No thanks.

The only other idea I had was to buy him this $200 bat he wants for ball. I think it's a sort of lame present for an anniversary, but it is something he really wants. Normally I'd say let's just DO something like go on a trip or whatever, but a while ago I told him that he has to buy me a present for this anniversary (I was thinking jewelry, something sentimental I could pass down to kids or something. But I think he missed that clue, and is getting me little random things, picture frames, kitchen stuff, socks, etc. That's how he usually shops for me. Like "oh crap, I need something Randi would like, here's a green headband, she likes green. Oh and how about silicone muffin pans, she always bakes muffins." Instead of thinking of 1 good idea and hunting it down. Oh well, I think this is a classic "wife" dilemma)

Anyway, I bought him a nice watch just a year ago for his birthday, he just bought himself a table saw (the big ticket thing he wanted). He doesn't wear jewelry, has flasks and pocket watches and all that other silly engraved stuff. It doesn't have to be that expensive, just something sort of nice. Let me know what you'd do!

Weekend tomorrow! I'm expecting my new camera bag to be delivered today, (well I hope, otherwise it's tuesday with the long weekend!). Shopping tonight (for grad presents at least). Tomorrow I teach in the morning, then was going to start learning some new tracks for Step, also want to clean the house, maybe do some baking. Maybe take some pictures. It's supposed to warm up a little and I want some spring nature pictures (buds on trees, tulips etc). Hopefully run. Then the party Saturday night. Sunday sometime we're going home to my parents house so hubby can build some stuff for their backyard (getting ready for sis's wedding in 3 weeks!). I'm going to help mom with some baking and cleaning at home.

The reason for all the baking I want to do is because I want to make a scrapbook cook book for sis's shower (2 weeks!) of all the best family recipes. I've only got like 3 great pictures so far. I need buns with mom, artichoke spinach dip (I might just make this and freeze it or something), maybe lasagna, rhubarb punch (how's that going to happen? Maybe we've got frozen rhubarb or something). Plus I want to get all my pictures before next weekend (23rd) because I'm going to a scrapbook retreat that my SIL is running and that would be perfect to work on then. But I was also thinking of doing it all digital so it looks a little more professional. We'll see how many pictures I can get done.

Man I wish I thought of that earlier and worked on it sooner.

ok, should look for some work now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

been a long time been a long time been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time

I haven't posted for 2 days! Weird. Not like me. I thought about it, but I was just too busy with work. I LOVE being busy with work. At least this work. It challenges me and I rise to meet it. Hurray!

Waiting on a review now before I can do anything else really. It's odd when you've got people in Australia that you need to help you out with stuff, there's basically a day delay in getting anything done.

What have you missed? well I'm back on the TT bandwagon (that's the weight program I did way back in 2007 and it was what I was doing to lose most of my weight. Why didn't I go back here earlier?) It feel fairly easy at the time (only about 20 minute workouts!) but I do feel sore in my muscles the next day. And so far the scale is being fairly kind (and I've eaten pasta twice this week! crazy!). So we'll keep it up for as long as it's working. I've got a bridesmaid dress to rock in just 3 weeks!!!!!

Don't think there's much else new. I teach 3 times this week, and I am really sick of the routine, I think this saturday i'm going to learn at least a few new tracks (now that my taping is over I can do this). We'll see how it goes. The plan is now to go home Sunday and stay over until monday (did you know it's already the long weekend?). Hubby needs to help get my mom's house in shape for a gift opening (he's building some stuff). I need to just visit. Plus I like short trips when I still get to have a weekend.

Also, we can visit hubby's grandpa who moved into a nursing home, he's not doing so well any more (he is 94 or so...)

It's freezing cold here so I havne't been running lately. As in literally freezing, 0 degrees, snow today. People often go camping May long weekend! WTF? It's supposed to be a little warmer soon.

Monday, May 11, 2009

what a busy weekend

So I had my whirlwind weekend - long weekend for me! It was nice, makes me realize again, just how much I love not working. But I also love money...

(that has nothing to do with my job, just work in general. Me = Type B personality.)

It was a nice weekend, but it had a cloud over it since friday morning. Hubby and I fought all weekend until Sunday afternoon (well we fought through him giving me the silent treatment, and me not being home enough to hash anything out until Sunday). Friday morning, I broke the sprinklers. Maybe. Sorta. I turned them on thursday night, even though hubby though we shouldn't (he said a week ago, I thought it would be ok by now). And then it froze and snowed over night. So he thought I froze all the lines and they'd be cracked. So I shut the water off in the house, and went to open the lines to let it drain when it thawed, but instead, the handle broke off. oops. So my friday morning was spent trying to deal with this so hubby wouldn't be super mad. But I couldn't do it myself. boo. End of speaking for 36 hours...

(hubby had been having a really bad week, and any sort of bad week for him is EXTRA BAD with his OCD. So I just pushed him over the edge.)

Anyway, I did all I could and since I get over things quickly, I moved on. I ran a million errands and cleaned the house, (and spent another $70 online on a fancy camera bag...good thing I'm finally getting paid from the gym now!). Went shopping, bought a couple cardigans and a dressy shirt for the shower. Then met mom and sis for mani pedi's!! Fun! I don't think I can stand having nail polish on my fingers though. They just feel weird. And it's chipping off already and bugging me. I got them painted a dark winey purple. It's nice, but a bit dramatic, going from no color for probably 5 years.

Pedicure I loved, I love the little razor thing peeling off all the dead skin. Sick but so satisfying. Toes I got a pretty orangey coral. I love that, very summery (even if the weather isn't yet).

We went for supper at my sister's and visited (with her MIL to be as well.) Then home and bed.

Saturday mom, sis and I went shopping for mom's mother of the bride dress. Pretty tricky, mom doesn't dress fancy EVER, is short and stout, wants a long skirt, arms covered. But all that stuff was so unflattering or else really really not like her at all. I guess they found something after I left (I had to go set up at the shower).

Shower was GREAT. We had lots of people. The games went really well and everyone had fun I think. Her gifts were good too. The stagette was LONG for me. I wanted to plan more activities for the night, but the other girls thought just 1 and then drinking and the bar and dancing would be good. Which they were right, except for me. I do not drink and bar and dance. I drank tons of diet coke, texted a few people, took a lot of pictures, tried to not look angry and annoyed at the disgusting drunk/slutty/pathetic/badly dressed/other people everywhere. Oh speaking of badly dressed, we mad sis wear a grass skirt and coconut bra on top her clothes, and leis and penis earrings and a veil. It was great.

I stayed until the end to drive sis home. And the end happened to be the bar closing, 2:00-ish, we were there since 6:00 for supper. That's, let me see... 8 hours. UGH! I was done by 10:00.

sunday I slept in, tried to not feel sad as hubby avoided me, we hashed it out eventually. We havent' had a fight in a long time and frankly that's not like us. We usually fight often and it's just little but we both feel better and get a few things worked out that have been going wrong. this one eventually was good but started out very bad. Don't need to get into it, it's over now, plus we've agreed on a few things to try to help each other out and be happier. Plus got into a few of the reasons why we both do the things we do that the other person hates. A little backstory into it which is really helpful. (nobody ever does anything on purpose to anger the other, it's important to remember that).

Anyway, then I headed in to teach step. I had to do my taping to get mailed away. so it wasn't a real class, just friends I invited. Unfortunately, I only had 3 of them show up, I needed 5. so I announced it like a real class and had 1 more lady show up, then we positioned everyone so the camera wouldnt' be able to see there weren't enough people. I didn't watch myself afterwards, and I felt nervous and sort of like I might have screwed up a little at the beginning but oh well. I'm not doing it again (I heard you don't fail unless you really screw something up and are unsafe). at least it's over.

Then Sunday night I cleaned up the house, walked the dog. I made bagel chips with my homemade bagels. They're good, but I don't know how well they'll keep...

I've got to go play bocce ball now (office noon league). Might post later...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

best of things

Well I am stuck here at work late. Probably until close to 7:00. Printing away, 1022 pages! woopie! Go environment! Why did I have to be so darn smart and write such a long thesis (don't get the wrong idea, that's 7 copies of my thesis at 1.4 spacing. Hey, I could have used 1.5 spacing, I tried for ya Mother Earth!)

But I don't mind staying. Why? I'm watching Lost online. Hurray for fast internet connections!

A friendly recipe sharing - it's good, but it's BAD

Prepare to be disguisted and amazed simultaneously. If you don't ever tell anyone the recipe you'll maintain credibility and look like a genious chef. If you're like me and tell the secret people will start to look at you funny and leave the room when you come in. So don't tell. ;) Oh, and come up with a clever name.

It's seriously disturbing knowing the only measurement unit I use is "1 tube". The rest are guesses.

1 tube pilsbury biscuits
1/3 cup? butter/margarine
Big handful of brown sugar (1/2 to 3/4 cup?)
bunch of cinnamon

Melt margarine, sugar and cinnamon in a frying pan (probably would work in a microwave too). Separate the biscuits, cut each one into 1/4s. Toss into the marg and sugar one at a time so they get coated and don't stick together. Then bake according to the time and temp on the biscuits. (my frying pan can go in the oven so it's all a 1 dish thing, otherwise I guess a casserole dish or something.)

Ta da!



So it's finally my friday. Yippee! counting down the hours. day off tomorrow!

The only problem is, I need to print out 500 pages before I go. And I'm trying to do it stealthy. I've decided I'm REALLY wrapping up my thesis tomorrow, as in, gotta get the printed copies bound. And we have 1 printer here at work, and it's slow. I've been throwing in 40 pages at a time during the day (I really could just say what's going on, but I think I already gave the impression that this was all done... lies!) So I might have to stay late to finish that up. boo. (I did do a bunch of printing last night, but I think I broke the printer...)

I would love to just go to Staples, but I need 7 copies of my 160 page thesis (I already have 3 copies done). and most of it is color. So that's like $500! If it was $100 I'd do it. but 5? ugh.

Yesterday I went home and ate quickly, then changed for a quick run to watch ball (only like a 15 minute run from my house). It was cold and looked like rain, so I wore my yoga pants, then a tank, a long sleeve shirt, a zip up, AND a bunnyhug, and a toque and gloves. I felt fine on the jog there. But sitting and taking pictures, and the wind picking up made me COLD! I was super freezing, the girls all huddled on the bench under a blanket and fought over which girl got to sit that inning. boo weather. I think it was -5?

So the pictures I got are all of people shivering, sort of funny.

Hubby hit his first ever home run over the fence! yay hubby! He was so excited, all winter he talked about how he was going to do it this season, and then he does it on the first game! Of course the pictures I got of it are crap because I was hurrying to get them, not paying attention to my focus or settings. They're all over exposed and blurry. Like the worst pictures ever of anything, and that's what I got. oh well. I'll take a picture some other time and pretend it was his homerun, no one will ever know...

I don't teach today. I think I'll do a weight workout. Watch Lost. clean the house for my mommy staying over friday. start my wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My short week is dragging...

I am so excited to have friday off (more later), making today my Thursday, tomorrow my Friday, but man! Looking forward to something like that is making time stop! Having nothing to work on is not helping either.

I've been eating not great for the last 2 days, eating out at lunch right? Then having all those cookies out. But that's is over today! Salad for lunch, cookies are gone. Just me for supper, planning on broccoli and toast. Random but so good.

Last night my class went really well. I was a little flustered at the beginning because another instructor came to TAKE my class. I do better when I'm the only expert ya know? But she was completely willing to follow whatever I said, not acting instructory or anything, she's really sweet. So the first few tracks were a bit uncomfortable (not bad though) then I got in the groove. I had a whole pile of friends come too which was nice! My sister, a friend I went out for lunch with and my SIL all came! nice. They're all impressed with how hard core I am. Oh yeah, I'm hard core.

So my sister, mom and I are getting pedicures and manicures on friday so I took the day off. My sister forgot about a lab meeting she HAS to go to, so we had to reschedule, so now we're doing it at 4:00 (and it's supposed to take 2.5 hours). Anyway, so I took the whole day off and now have nothing to do until 4:00. so I'm SOOOO looking forward to that. I'm so excited and making a pile of things I have to do. (get the dog a license, long run, take thesis to bindery, so much laundry, get pictures printed).

working on chugging the water today. After 2 days (and a weekend) of snacking and too much eating I'm feeling hungry constantly. Water and Crystal Light (with Fibre!!!) are my secret today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

taco tuesday

Not taco, but burrito. I'm going out for lunch with girlfriends in an hour at a mexican place. They basically only serve different burritos (no quesadillas or fajitas or anything else). But I'll either get a "lunch" serving or just eat half. They are huge. I'm sure they're not great for you, but the do seem healthy, beans, avocado, chicken, veggies etc. But I'm sure there's badness in there.

And work is going so slow I'm dying to leave. I'm getting munchy because I'm bored.

Went for a run last night. It was good. I really should be doing more intervals. I'm trying to increase my regular pace, it used to be sub 5:2something/km, now I focus to keep it at 5:35 or something. But I think the intervals would speed me up. I'm also trying to up the endurance though, my typical interval runs are 20 minutes, and boy do I feel it at 21 minutes!

First solo step class tonight. excited for it. a little nervous.

Then I'm going to call and email a bunch of people about sis's stagette. A little individual attention in case they didn't get the group email or facebook invite. That's probably it. laundry. clean house. usual.

Monday, May 4, 2009

monday monday

Hm, it's Monday. welcome.

For some reason I always feel welcomey and weird on Mondays. You'd think it would be Wednesdays since that would sound cooler.

I've got a headache.

My weekend was fun. I didn't do much. Don't even remember friday night. It was very mellow I'm sure. I played a lot with photoshop and edited all the pictures I want to keep. It really makes a crazy difference. If I remember I'll do a before and after when I get home tonight.

Saturday I baked (as I said before). Basically all day. Also went for a long run. First long run of the year. It was only 6.5 km or so. Less than 40 minutes. But it was great. It was really windy. but nice and warm. I gotta get Daisy in shape, she was puttering out by the end. How will she do 1 hour?

The amazing thing about long runs is the instant body boost. I was instantly skinnier. No joke. I'm not sure why at all. But my whole torso leaned out post run. I think something about tensing my core and stuff. Loved it. Plus I think that my better eating is finally showing some results. Maybe I'll take measurements this week.

Granted the eating on the weekend was enough to probably push me back where I was. I should have put the cookies in the freezer instantly. Instead I ate probably a dozen. (they're for sis's shower, otherwise I wouldn't have made them at all!) Plus I needed groceries all weekend but was waiting for today, 10% off day.

I watched Into the Wild. Sort of upset me a little. I didn't know it was a true story. I get a little disturbed and bothered by "anti-establishment" movies, those and drug movies. Bother me. This was a really good movie though. I liked it a lot, but it bothered me. make sense?

Sunday went shopping for sis's stagette. bought tropical things, for the honeymoon theme. Was fun. Also a few things at Walmart. I was going to shop for clothes but never. Maybe wednesday or something. I need something to wear to the shower. I don't like any of my clothes right now. Plus I've got $100 mall gift certificate from my birthday. PLUS, I'm not feeling terrible about my body.

Last night took the camera out and watched hubby play ball. It was just a scrum (is that the right word?) not a game. Man I love my camera. I love zoom. I do need to practice with the manual focus though, I think it will be better than auto for ball (when people are moving, I have lots of clear backgrounds when they moved out of the main part). Their first game is Wednesday. Hubby and I are going to make baseball cards for everyone. (I took a few really really good pictures of one dude and I told him I'd make him a baseball card out of it, hubby wants to do them for everyone now, he'll make up stats or whatever for the back. fun).

what else?

Today I went out for lunch with my girlfriend and met her baby. Her husband just started working at my work! That means they're moving home from Edmonton! yay! They're hubby and my best "couple" friends. Well they aren't because they live in Edmonton, but they're the one couple that we can't think of one bad thing to say about them and we always want to hang out with them more.

Tomorrow I've got lunch with my other girlfriends. Then I took friday off for my mani and pedi with my mom and sis. always something to look forward to! great week!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things I baked this weekend

I made cookies.


and Matrimony cake (aka date cake). And I took pictures. ;)

Friday, May 1, 2009

My beautiful sis


So I'm nervous about my sister's shower next weekend. I think because it's mother's day and we only got word out to people yesterday that not many will show up. Ugh. I hope lots of people do, but so far we've only heard back some no's. I wish we had gotten word out weeks ago (like when I started trying to plan it!) but when you have to negotiate with 2 other people on the planning things drag a bit.

It'll be ok right?

Happy WI today. 143.8. Not super amazing. But considering I ate so late I'm happy. I didn't eat until after my step class, so it was 8:30! Steamed up some broccoli (LOVE THIS with a little cheese) and then peanut butter toast and banana. Not sure if eating this later really makes a big difference or not. My odd digestive system is also playing games. I'll spare you the details but I feel completely fine, except my bathroom visits are...unusual.

Hm, what else to talk about. This weekend I have to come up with questions for some of the shower games (anybody have any slightly embarassing ask the groom before hand questions that the bride has to match? I don't want to go so graphic as "what's his favorite position" but a little dirtier than "what's his favorite hockey team")

So just doing that, cleaning the house. Shopping for stagette (we're making her wear a coconut bra, honeymoon theme, funny) Plus buy her a present. Next weekend I took off Friday. In the morning I want to maybe book a massage or a physio session (but just sort of a preventative assessment thing, nothing hurts, but I want better posture, and my back to NEVER hurt). Then in the afternoon, my sis and my mom and I are getting manicures and pedicures! fun! (saturday's the shower and stagette)

I want to buy a new lens for my camera. I have only like 3 pictures I love from my new camera (Well dozens and dozens of my dog. but I haven't had anything to take pictures of! I've got some from my niece's birthday and some from going out for supper). But I think they'd be nicer if I had this new lens I want. (wider apeture, better pictures in darker settings). It's the cheapest lens I want too. I've got my "standard" and a "telephoto" already. I'm sure next week when hubby's ball starts then I'll get more pictures and love my telephoto. I also need a good camera bag (but they are like $100!!! I'd much rather use that $100, add $30 and then buy this lens I want...)

I don't think I can justify more camera stuff until I use my current stuff more.

I also have to stay late at work today. Not that I'm doing ANYTHING. (well I have a little bit of work to do). But I need to stay until everyone else is gone, and then print about 1000 pages. I need 7 copies of my thesis to get bound. If I do that at Staples or something, with all the color pages I've got it would be a few hundred dollars! If it was like $50 I'd pay it. But instead i'm sneaking. I don't think it would actually be a problem if I asked or something, it's just that 1000 pages is a lot to print. And a long time to tie up the printer.

So since I have to hang out here and basically wait for the printer, you could all do me a favour and post really interesting blog posts today ok? At least help me come up with questions for my stagette game.