Friday, May 1, 2009


So I'm nervous about my sister's shower next weekend. I think because it's mother's day and we only got word out to people yesterday that not many will show up. Ugh. I hope lots of people do, but so far we've only heard back some no's. I wish we had gotten word out weeks ago (like when I started trying to plan it!) but when you have to negotiate with 2 other people on the planning things drag a bit.

It'll be ok right?

Happy WI today. 143.8. Not super amazing. But considering I ate so late I'm happy. I didn't eat until after my step class, so it was 8:30! Steamed up some broccoli (LOVE THIS with a little cheese) and then peanut butter toast and banana. Not sure if eating this later really makes a big difference or not. My odd digestive system is also playing games. I'll spare you the details but I feel completely fine, except my bathroom visits are...unusual.

Hm, what else to talk about. This weekend I have to come up with questions for some of the shower games (anybody have any slightly embarassing ask the groom before hand questions that the bride has to match? I don't want to go so graphic as "what's his favorite position" but a little dirtier than "what's his favorite hockey team")

So just doing that, cleaning the house. Shopping for stagette (we're making her wear a coconut bra, honeymoon theme, funny) Plus buy her a present. Next weekend I took off Friday. In the morning I want to maybe book a massage or a physio session (but just sort of a preventative assessment thing, nothing hurts, but I want better posture, and my back to NEVER hurt). Then in the afternoon, my sis and my mom and I are getting manicures and pedicures! fun! (saturday's the shower and stagette)

I want to buy a new lens for my camera. I have only like 3 pictures I love from my new camera (Well dozens and dozens of my dog. but I haven't had anything to take pictures of! I've got some from my niece's birthday and some from going out for supper). But I think they'd be nicer if I had this new lens I want. (wider apeture, better pictures in darker settings). It's the cheapest lens I want too. I've got my "standard" and a "telephoto" already. I'm sure next week when hubby's ball starts then I'll get more pictures and love my telephoto. I also need a good camera bag (but they are like $100!!! I'd much rather use that $100, add $30 and then buy this lens I want...)

I don't think I can justify more camera stuff until I use my current stuff more.

I also have to stay late at work today. Not that I'm doing ANYTHING. (well I have a little bit of work to do). But I need to stay until everyone else is gone, and then print about 1000 pages. I need 7 copies of my thesis to get bound. If I do that at Staples or something, with all the color pages I've got it would be a few hundred dollars! If it was like $50 I'd pay it. But instead i'm sneaking. I don't think it would actually be a problem if I asked or something, it's just that 1000 pages is a lot to print. And a long time to tie up the printer.

So since I have to hang out here and basically wait for the printer, you could all do me a favour and post really interesting blog posts today ok? At least help me come up with questions for my stagette game.

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Jen said...

It seems like a quiet day in blog-land today!!!

I am SOOOOOO considering getting Rebel because I REALLY want to take pictures with an that a good reason

I would say buy the lens before the bag...but that's just because if you have all the tools, you will want to carry it around with you more and then you can justify the bag!!!

I have only really ever been to 2 stagettes (and one was my own!!)...I don't have any good ideas, but I have to help plan a stagette, so I am going to start googling!! And I will let you know if we come up with anything interesting!!