Friday, May 29, 2009

WI 142, I needed that.

I'm down 3lbs this week. I needed that. I had a minor break down last night. Well not even a break down. I just needed to relieve a little stress so I had a good cry. 1 minute later I feel much better.

But I have a lot on my plate right now. Sis's wedding shower tomorrow, need to buy decorations for, punch and coffee supplies etc., print out the games etc etc etc.. The present I'm making her isn't done yet, need to finish that. Need to write a toast to the bride, need to make the slideshow (for SILs wedding I was done this 4 months in advance and it took me 2 months to make, I can get it done in a few hours, but I like the time to tweak and perfect things, oh well), wanted to lose 10 lbs for the wedding ;). Work has been the biggest stressor, these stupid models I'm running and was supposed to have up and going for the weekend aren't working. Everything was due next friday, I don't even have the option to come in on the weekend or work late because I'm so busy with sis's wedding. That was the big one, because it's just so out of my hands. I'm doing everything I can but it's still not working.

I just had a little cry about all that. Then I picked myself up (again) and said I'll do what I can and it will all work out. It already is too. I found out the next friday deadline is an internal deadline and another part of the project is going to be way late so I don't need to freak out about getting stuff going over the weekend. The pictures for sis's present are done at Costco finally, I've got all the pictures for the slideshow and several song options and nobody but me will agonize over song choice. I have evenings all next week to work on the toast, plus took friday off (my sis finished writing her toast the morning of my wedding!). AND I lost 3 lbs! hurray!

My recent weight loss I think has a lot to do with work being busy so I don't eat all the food I pack. Plus staying late at work means supper is disorganized and just toast eaten at 8:30. Plus I taught twice this week, was learning new tracks so practicing at home. PLUS I've been doing weights regularly (not 3 full sets but at least something), And running more often because my dog is bananas. Perhaps I should have let some of that exercise slide with all the other things going on but I just feel like a blob then. Really yucky.

Ok, but with all that going on, I don't have time to blog! later!


Vanessa said...

You're a busy girl! Good luck with everything.

Angie All The Way said...

You definitely have a lot on your plate. You totally got it all under control. Your sis' slideshow will be awesome and she'll love it no matter what ;-)

Keep your chin up this week and congrats on the loss!

Jen said...

OH WOW!!! You have a LOT on your plate!!!

I think this week is going to be CRAZY for you BUT it WILL be over after the weekend!!! And then things will start to wind down!!!

Congrats on your loss!!! That is fantastic (and well deserved!)