Monday, May 11, 2009

what a busy weekend

So I had my whirlwind weekend - long weekend for me! It was nice, makes me realize again, just how much I love not working. But I also love money...

(that has nothing to do with my job, just work in general. Me = Type B personality.)

It was a nice weekend, but it had a cloud over it since friday morning. Hubby and I fought all weekend until Sunday afternoon (well we fought through him giving me the silent treatment, and me not being home enough to hash anything out until Sunday). Friday morning, I broke the sprinklers. Maybe. Sorta. I turned them on thursday night, even though hubby though we shouldn't (he said a week ago, I thought it would be ok by now). And then it froze and snowed over night. So he thought I froze all the lines and they'd be cracked. So I shut the water off in the house, and went to open the lines to let it drain when it thawed, but instead, the handle broke off. oops. So my friday morning was spent trying to deal with this so hubby wouldn't be super mad. But I couldn't do it myself. boo. End of speaking for 36 hours...

(hubby had been having a really bad week, and any sort of bad week for him is EXTRA BAD with his OCD. So I just pushed him over the edge.)

Anyway, I did all I could and since I get over things quickly, I moved on. I ran a million errands and cleaned the house, (and spent another $70 online on a fancy camera bag...good thing I'm finally getting paid from the gym now!). Went shopping, bought a couple cardigans and a dressy shirt for the shower. Then met mom and sis for mani pedi's!! Fun! I don't think I can stand having nail polish on my fingers though. They just feel weird. And it's chipping off already and bugging me. I got them painted a dark winey purple. It's nice, but a bit dramatic, going from no color for probably 5 years.

Pedicure I loved, I love the little razor thing peeling off all the dead skin. Sick but so satisfying. Toes I got a pretty orangey coral. I love that, very summery (even if the weather isn't yet).

We went for supper at my sister's and visited (with her MIL to be as well.) Then home and bed.

Saturday mom, sis and I went shopping for mom's mother of the bride dress. Pretty tricky, mom doesn't dress fancy EVER, is short and stout, wants a long skirt, arms covered. But all that stuff was so unflattering or else really really not like her at all. I guess they found something after I left (I had to go set up at the shower).

Shower was GREAT. We had lots of people. The games went really well and everyone had fun I think. Her gifts were good too. The stagette was LONG for me. I wanted to plan more activities for the night, but the other girls thought just 1 and then drinking and the bar and dancing would be good. Which they were right, except for me. I do not drink and bar and dance. I drank tons of diet coke, texted a few people, took a lot of pictures, tried to not look angry and annoyed at the disgusting drunk/slutty/pathetic/badly dressed/other people everywhere. Oh speaking of badly dressed, we mad sis wear a grass skirt and coconut bra on top her clothes, and leis and penis earrings and a veil. It was great.

I stayed until the end to drive sis home. And the end happened to be the bar closing, 2:00-ish, we were there since 6:00 for supper. That's, let me see... 8 hours. UGH! I was done by 10:00.

sunday I slept in, tried to not feel sad as hubby avoided me, we hashed it out eventually. We havent' had a fight in a long time and frankly that's not like us. We usually fight often and it's just little but we both feel better and get a few things worked out that have been going wrong. this one eventually was good but started out very bad. Don't need to get into it, it's over now, plus we've agreed on a few things to try to help each other out and be happier. Plus got into a few of the reasons why we both do the things we do that the other person hates. A little backstory into it which is really helpful. (nobody ever does anything on purpose to anger the other, it's important to remember that).

Anyway, then I headed in to teach step. I had to do my taping to get mailed away. so it wasn't a real class, just friends I invited. Unfortunately, I only had 3 of them show up, I needed 5. so I announced it like a real class and had 1 more lady show up, then we positioned everyone so the camera wouldnt' be able to see there weren't enough people. I didn't watch myself afterwards, and I felt nervous and sort of like I might have screwed up a little at the beginning but oh well. I'm not doing it again (I heard you don't fail unless you really screw something up and are unsafe). at least it's over.

Then Sunday night I cleaned up the house, walked the dog. I made bagel chips with my homemade bagels. They're good, but I don't know how well they'll keep...

I've got to go play bocce ball now (office noon league). Might post later...


Jen said...

WOW! Your weekend was INSANELY busy!!!

I WISH I got that much accomplished this weekend!!

Sorry to hear that you and hubby were fighting though...

Lainey said...

I also love not working, but I also love money. But I find I love not working more. Isn't that what husbands are for? I think it is. I am lucky because I bought a condo when it was cheap before I got married, and sold it when I got married when prices were high. If I didn't have that little safety net I'd be working probably.

My husband gives me the silent treatment if he's mad at me, too, but I usually bug him until he gives up and talks to me again. But if I did what you did he'd probably just laugh at me.