Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taking holidays

Well since I wasn't supposed to be in this whole week (what's the point in vacation time if you can't take it when you want? boo) I'm taking the rest of the week off. Hoo-ray! Plans include lots of nothing, some new year cleaning, boxing week shopping, making wedding invitations with my sister, maybe bridesmaid dress shopping and planning and cooking for hubby's birthday party. His birthday is this sunday and we've sort of started a tradition of having a big sledding (as in tobogganing) party. I always cook a huge spread of appetizers and party food and am a super awesome host. Plus it's crazy fun to go sledding in the dark with grown-ups. It's going to be super cold this year however so hopefully it's still fun.

You may have noticed no plans for a new year's party. I'm hoping to stay at home and watch a movie. Maybe use some gift cards with hubby and see a movie in the theatre (Benjamin Button maybe?) and eat out, but we'll see. I hate new year's parties, so disappointing all the time. Hubby seemed ok with my plans for a change, but yesterday his friend told him they were having a party and sort of made him feel like a dork for not doing anything. so he might change his mind and want to do that. We'll see what I do...

Hopefully I'll come up with some new year's resolutions tomorrow. I should say goals. Sounds better. I know a big one will be dealing with this pesky - 10 lbs! - that's creeped it's way back on me since my lowest. That includes about 5 after SILs wedding in October and another 3 or 4 in the last 2 weeks. Horrible! I totally notice it on my body. Sort of an everywhere thing. None of my clothes fit, even my bras. I hate it.

On happier news, I think I'm buying a treadmill tomorrow. Gonna go to Canadian Tire and figure out which one is nicer to run on (since they're all set up and half price right now). Then talk it over with hubby. We agreed we each get $800 of our bonuses and that's just enough to buy this. However i'm still left with the dilemma of having no where to put it. If hubby's party were over, I'd safely bet we have no occassions for people coming over and could leave it set up in the living room. But that doesn't work for this weekend. OOOO! Frustrating. I'm thinking myself out of it again now. But after tomorrow I no longer have a gym I can go to and the treadmill is really only like 1 or 2 year's gym membership so if it lasts that long it will have paid for itself. Oh annoying. Why couldn't the basement be finished already?

But I know I've been blaming having no equipment and no gym and cold weather on my gain and lack of losing, when it's a total cop out. I have a jump rope and all these weights, not to mention have tons of cardio workouts that involve circuits and stuff. Just too lazy. Not to mention way too free with the treats. The plan is to get rid of every single bad thing in the house at hubby's party this weekend. I already stocked up on fruits and veggies for us to eat and kick start the healthyness.

Ok well it's home time. Hope you all have a good new year's eve if you're into that sort of thing and bring in 2009 happy!

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolutions revisited

Old ones, let's see how I did in 2008:

1. Be a good employee. Work hard, you're smart, act like it. Check, and proven with my raise and bonus and awesome evaluation.

2. Same line, stop procrastinating. Get the damn thesis done! Seriously with in weeks here. Just do it! YAY! just finished. Well still have to do my final edits but I need to wait to get the last copy from one member. Need about 8 hours.

3. Take better care of my house. Weekly cleanings need to be reinstated.the next two are couple ones for hubby and I. This one was really good, lately has been slipping a bit. Need to revisit this one for 2009.

4. monthly dates with hubby. Don't have to be big deals, just 2 hours of just the 2 of us. movies, shopping, eating, skating, anything. But a connection time. NOPE! However we did work through a few things, and we are starting to connect more often.

5. Rein in the spending. I want to stop using our line of credit and have at least $1000 in the bank. (as I told hubby, if 2008 is the year of saving, 2009 can be the year of spending. Hubby wants a tv and stuff. He can wait a year). Totally successful. We reworked the budget and refinanced the morgage and have a big nest egg and a big plan for the rest of our money. Feeling really good about this one.

6. Get a body that you're comfortable with in a bikini. I hate that it's vague like that. But I think it means weighing like 125. Of course along with this goes, wear a bikini all summer! Well ya know what? Beginning of August, I was comfortable in my bikini (well I was nervous because I never wore one before.) But I wore it and I looked good. Weight was down to 135. However I'm a long way from that now. Need to add this one back in!

7. Do a race. Maybe a 5 or 10K or maybe a triathalon. I want to be fit not just skinny. BIG CHECK! Did 4 different races. woohoo! (2 tri's and 2 10K's)

8. Keep up the strength stuff. I like what I'm doing here and don't have any specific goals (since I already got the chin-ups!) Big BOO here. I completely dropped most of my strength stuff. However I am all pumped up and inspired to get this going again. I got new weights for Christmas so I'm set!

9. Be a better friend. Don't wait for somebody to call me to do something. Go out of my way to think of them. Not great. However I did do some more visiting and hosting than I usually do. However, I could be much better.

10. Do a minimum of 3 charitable/volunteery things by the year end. MS Bike Tour, maybe my race will be charity, and volunteer with something. I could do Big Sisters or soup kitchen stuff but I want to find something that's important to me. (open for suggestions) I will also encourage others to give blood as I faint every time I do it I just don't want to any more. Both of my 10k races were for charity, plus my bike tour. I didn't really do the volunteer thing at all. I do want to do a bit better with donating to charities and stuff. So far it's just whatever little kid's selling stuff door to door. However, I saw some great charities before Christmas. Like where you "loan" money to women in Africa to start little businesses, they pay you back when they can and then you can reloan it to somebody else. Plus we're starting to look into rescuing another dog.

Ok, so not too bad. I give myself a 90% on the year. I love this time of year, when it's resolutions and top 10's from the last year and looking back at the big news makers and stuff. Way fun. Definately mulling over my new resolutions...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the night before Christmas Eve

and all is EXHAUSTED! I had to work today until 7:00 trying to get stuff set up to run until next monday (which I was going to take off but now have to work, big boo). Anyway, I'm very tired now, but still feel very panic-y like I have to get stuff done. However I made myself a big list for tomorrow and if I get enough sleep then I'll be more productive tomorrow. My plans include shopping (turns out me and dad should have talked, we got the same present for mom. oops) and packing. Hubby has to work until either noon or 2:00 and I've gotta be ready to go right after that. Presents are all wrapped so I just need to load the SUV.

Oh, speaking of which, hubby got in a little accident with that yesterday. Slid on some ice and hit a post, dented up the side door, broke the mirror and running board. It's really not that big of a deal. he feels pretty bad about it. We've got an autopack so it's only $200. But he's had a few accidents lately and his licence is going to be expensive. Probably a $300 fine. oh well. I think we agreed that we'd pay the insurance with the joint account since it was an accident, but his licence fine would be his, since it's sort of his fault that it's so expensive. I dunno.

Anyway, I'm finally way excited for Christmas, can't belive it's in 2 days. I have no exercised yet this week and probably won't until maybe friday or saturday. No big deal. I also ate a whole tin of chocolates all myself. It's not that big of a deal, but it's really not great. I'm gonna have a good 10 lbs to drop again in January. But I'm excited to join a gym and get back in my groove. I know I could be doing better now but I'm not very concerned about it. I should be, but I'm not. Oh well. I'm going to try and direct my bad eating to things that are totally worth it now though.

ANYWAY. Probably not posting for a bit. Hope everybody has a good Christmas! I plan on it, be back maybe on the weekend to let you know all my presents! I'm also planning on having a shopping spree online for boxing day, so that, and seeing my SIL who's lost a pile of weight will give me lots of motivation I think. ANYWAY. Trying to go to bed, but can't stop typing! arg! ok, Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

yippe Christmas!

It's hard to get my head around the fact that I have to work still. Feels like it should be Christmas holidays already. Today and tomorrow left. ugh. Being a grown-up sucks. Vanessa - note that this is the best thing about being a student! Enjoy your holidays!

So the Christmas party friday was awesome. Bowling was good. I had a couple drinks. Then drove home and back (basically that fast, didn't shut the car off, just changed quick). Supper was good too. Hubby won/bought a trip to Calgary to watch a Flames game. He's so excited. My boss raffled off 2 2 packs of tickets, including flight and hotel. (boss lives in Calgary). He did reverse draw or elimination draw. So it was down to 3 people (not hubby or I) but then boss suggested buying people's name off each other. Then it became sort of a raffle, buy tickets, with a 2 in 3 chance of winning. Hubby bought a ticket for $100 (I was furious at the time!) but then won (I got over it). Anyway, we also got some booze in the gift exchange. I got a gift pack of wine, and I guess it's really good and expensive. But I don't like wine, so hopefully it's a nice re-gift for my folks.

Anyway, I had quite a few drinks however I don't think I got to the ridiculous point. I remember it all, was able to recognize that other people were drunker etc. Anyway, lots of fun. Lots of celebration directed my way for my defense.

However saturday, another story. Not hung over (well except at 5:00 am when the dog wanted out). but when I got up at 10:00 I didn't feel sick or headache or anything. However I was TIRED all day. Ridiculous. I couldn't do anything for the rest of the day except sleep and have a bath and watch a movie and then nap again. Ridiculous, I hated it. THAT's why I don't drink.

then saturday night we had another Christmas party, other side of town than I'm on, so like an hour drive. It was alright. I was still tired. another party when I played with a dog for the most part.

Then Sunday I was luckily more energetic. I cleaned up the house, baked fruitcake, and baked buns, PLUS went shopping. I finished my Christmas shopping, did some returns, got groceries, AND went shopping at my new favorite clothing store. I bought 2 sweaters and a cami for $24. Anyway, get back home again just in time to turn around and go to our 3rd Christmas party in 3 days. This was a potluck. Anyway, hubby wasn't impressed with this one, it was my grad student friends. So he feels very lower class and doesn't like talking to folks. He brought 6 beers and was the only one drinking in the whole place. (later one of my prof's had a beer so that was sort of interesting). Anyway, it was alright. Hubby played with the little kids. Brought on all sorts of talk about when I'm gonna have a kid. (I'm done my thesis now, better start another project, say a 9 month one... hahaha).

Anyway, there was a whole crap load of eating this weekend. Plus I'm short a gym time from last week. I need to have 4 this week and 3 more next week to make my goal for the month. Might be tough. Especially since I'm pretty busy now. Tonight I've got my cousin coming over for a visit with her dog. Then tomorrow we've gotta pack up for going home wed. At home I can definately workout, mom's got a treadmill. harder at the in-laws, at least with this stupid weather.

Anyway, can't wait for the next couple days to be over, well just the work day. Evenings are fun. I feel bad about how much I suck at Christmas this year. No cards, hardly any baking, I didn't really even feel like Christmas until Sunday when I was shopping. Oh well. I had other things on my mind.

YAY! Only 3.5 hours left for today!

Friday, December 19, 2008

it went well

not as well as last time. in fact it didn't even really feel good while it was going on. But afterwards all the committee said it went well and that I did good and everything. I blushed and stammered like crazy. And I even teared up when it was all over. I couldn't help it. Because aparently I'm an idiot and was more stressed before hand than I realized. I forgot my birth control pill for 2 nights in a row prior so my hormones were on crazy setting. Tearing up doesn't really do it justice. For the whole committee it was a tear up, but for my supervisor afterwards it was a cry. Yeah, AFTERWARDS. Remember my great stress situation dealing? (hubby's stitches I took him to the hospital no problem, was crying and he had to drive home, his appendix, I was all business let's do this before and during, a complete wreck once he was fine, it's how I am). So I'm sort of embarrassed about that now. He was really great about it. He's sort of a friend not just a supervisor so that's nice. And he's coming to the Christmas party tonight. Hopefully he doesn't embarrass me tonight though. I don't need work to know I was crying!

Anyway, it felt really bad while I was doing it, but the word is it was good. There were some hard questions and just the fact they criticized it I think upset me, when really the point was just to hear my response to it. (why didn't you do modelling? I took it as a criticism, but they just wanted to know why.)

Anyway, it's over and I'm pleased with that. Now today is a slack day with a little meeting, then lunch out then bowling and supper and party! yay! time to celebrate it being over!!! (though to be fair I still have to do the edits they gave me)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

a second helping

I'd like to put in a request for some more of those positive vibes you guys sent yesterday. They really worked and I could really use them for my defense in, oh about 2 hours!!! This is such a huge deal to me, the culmination of more than 4 years worth of work. Not to mention I'll finally stop being a student! (non-stop since kindergarten, 8 year university student). I'm pretty nervous since I had a couple big bloopers last night (like a graph that shows up with 3/4 of the data missing. looks fine in Excel, paste into power point - gone. ) Just think happy thoughts for me ok?

I'll update you tonight with how I rocked it!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I always do this...

Hubby remembers better than I do, but I always do this. Freak out and stress (for 1 night only) right before the big thing, final or evaluation or presentation. Then it all works out. There has been nothing in my life really that hasn't worked out well. Obviously I've failed tests (maybe? at least had a hard time during them) and bombed presentations and stuff, but it's all no big deal. And most of the time I ace the test, and like this rock the evaluation. Hurray!

I'm way pleased with my raise. The bonus I was expecting about that much honestly. Well not necessarily given today's economic situation. But before that all happened then absolutely. Even though we're in Canada (where it's not as badly hit as the US) and in Saskatchewan (where we're not remotely hit at all yet) our company still may be affected. We do a lot of consulting with mine companies. And the price of nearly all commodities is down right now (oil and gas? check, copper? check, nickel? check. etc etc). but so far only one company has asked us to consider reducing our rates. Most of the work we do is sort of required (dealing with mine decommissioning, based on gov regulations and environmental things they pretty much need to hire us). But it's still sort of scary to talk to the boss about it and he describes himself as "cautiously optimistic". I didn't realize we even had to notice it.

Mostly it was the boss talking in the evaluation (it always is, even my interview with the company I hardly spoke). and they mostly talked about all the things I do well and my big accomplishments. I think I had a pretty good year this year for it, mostly because I started out so poorly. I had a couple talkings to back in January (I was treating it as basically a summer student part time job, no responsibilities, just doing tasks that were assigned etc.). So my improvement has been tremendous even if I'm not at a particularly great place now (not saying I'm not, but I've got room to grow).

Anyway, I think in my stressing this morning I was really stressing about my defense. I can't believe it's tomorrow. I feel way under prepared now that the evaluation is done. I need to read my thesis a few times (200 pages and it's super boring plus hard to read something you wrote because you're like "I know that all ready" and just skim it). Plus I have to definately practice my presentation a few times. I haven't really run through it dress rehearsal style. It's not until 2:00 tomorrow so I'm going to have all morning freaking out. Hopefully I distract myself a little bit. Though I do need that time to prepare more.

Plus now I feel guilty for procrastinating on it. Oh well. Nothing I can do about that. Just use the next 24 hours well.

It went well!

My performance evaluation went well, well to the tune of a 15% raise and a $3000 bonus! yay! Gotta phone the hubby.

calm vibes

Hey friends,
I've got my employee evaluation in 1 hour. Should be no big deal. However in "formal" situations I get very nervous and blush and sweat. I know I'm not a perfect employee but I am pretty good. It's basically going to be me and supervisor and boss talking about how I can improve and what I want to work on for the next year (even if I was a super pro we'd still set goals and stuff). anyway, if you can send me vibes of calmness or tricks to prevent blushing I'd appreciate it. (even when I'm not really nervous, I still blush like crazy, so embarrassing).

I'm going to do some breathing and visualizing now. Seriously.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

blah diddy blah blah

Last night was my last organized fitness class for 2008. It was hard for some reason. I had to drop to no weights for squats. I hate that. I don't think it was necessarily a mental failure (as in I just couldn't handle it anymore) nor was it more than I can physically handle. I think there is another thing that comes into play sometimes, not sure exactly what, something like your energy level and what you ate and how much sleep you got. whatever it was, it wasn't working in my favor yesterday. I did still have a good workout, some muscles are sore and I was definately out of breath yesterday.

I think I need to see the sun a bit more. There are less than 8 hours of sunshine here now. And they're all when I'm in my windowless office at work. When it's dark it makes me sleepy.

I cooked up some spaghetti and meatsauce for supper last night. It was very delicious, I baked mine with some cheese. But I don't think I can eat pasta any more. It just leaves me feeling too bad. (physically). I had a fairly large serving, but nothing really ridiculous, I baked it in a mini-muffin pan, so what's that? a cup and a half? Anyway, I ate at like 6:00 last night. I woke up this morning at 6:30 with a sore stomach, the same feeling as when you're way too full and your tummy hurts from it. weird huh? Even if I hardly eat any pasta, it just doesn't sit well in my stomach for some reason. I also cut up a bunch of veggies and ate it with a little bit of sour cream dip I made.

Hubby and I also had another talk about the weight loss thing. He was doing very well, then sort of forgot about it, and has since rebounded to 190 lbs (he's only 5'5, so that's a BMI of 31.6 and that's obese. I think he would be quite suprised to hear this). All his friends are just slightly bigger guys (you know, average guy, bit of a beer belly maybe, bigger than they were in high school right?) and they're in the 200s, so he feels like his weight's not so bad. But he doesn't realize these gusy are like 6-10" taller than he is. However, at his Christmas party on the weekend, his new suit (the one we got because he didn't fit in his other suits) was tight on him. So his former plan of basically waiting until the new year to do anything about it was bumped up. He got off work early so went to the gym for an hour yesterday and said he'd be doing that more often. Plus we talked a bit about food and he's going to try and bring salads for lunch more. I told him how he should be eating more vegetables (half his plate) and he basically asked me to start cooking only healthy food. Which is no problem since that's pretty much what I've been doing. However there are times when I cook something different for him than for me. so that will stop. Sort of excited about it. I've sort of lost my big motivation but hopefully just by doing this and helping him I'll see some results.

Oh, we even took before pictures of hubby. Very cool. Maybe after my busy week here we'll set up a real plan and some goals and set weekly and monthly check ins. Excited.

Today is my last free day before my uncomfortable situations kick in. So of course I filled it with other things. It's my brother's birthday so I'll be dropping off a present for him (billabong bunnyhug), plus hubby needs a christmas present at Can tire and the sale ends today so gotta do that. ALSO planning on a trip to the gym to run out some frustration and keep myself destressed. (love the treadmill, plus I remembered my mp3 player!)

Oh, funny thing. I bundled myself all up last night and took Daisy for a walk. With the super cold temperatures she's been in her kennel all day instead of outside and has been acting a big bananas. So I was all bundled up and could handle probably up to half an hour (-40 with the wind chill.) so we just sort of wandered around the park near our house for awhile. I don't know how long we were out when she started lifting her paws off the snow (walking on 3 legs for a bit, then switching feet) so I decided home time. We got to the end of our street and she just seemed really cold, sort of limping (maybe I should buy her booties, she'd never wear them though...). So I asked her if she wanted to come up (she knows that one) and she stopped and turned around. So I carried my 40 lb dog home from our walk. How ridiculous is that? There is absolutely nothign Daisy likes more than going outside and sniffing and running and just going for a walk (even more than treats!) and she was cold enough that I had to carry her. She was done. That was a nice bit of exercise for me.

Anyway, lunch time. Been eating my chickpea curry lately. Filling and yummy. Only need 2 (maybe 3) more work lunches before Christmas! (next week i'm going out one day with the girls) Plus 24 hours from now, my work evaluation will be over and I'll know if I'm getting a raise or bonus or whatever.


Monday, December 15, 2008

tales to tell

Well none of them are probably very intersting though. But I'll tell you about my weekend.

Friday night we went to a friend of hubby's birthday party. it was lame, same thing that would happen on any other night, same 6 people, same case of beer and chips and pretzels. ho hum. I played with their puppy and tried to teach it to stay and roll over. But it's a bad dog and kept biting me. Saturday was filled with scrapbooking and that's about all. I watched a couple movies and just didn't do anything productive. Then we had hubby's Christmas party. I wore my new grey pencil skirt, my crazy high (and uncomfortable) black satin pumps, a purple cami and a black cardigan. Oh, and I should mention it's -30. We stop at the mall first (the place is next door) and spend way too long shopping in my heels, my feet hurt so bad I was limping. They are not to be shopped in for 2 hours. Just stand and walk to the bar and back to the table. Anyway, I bought a new cardigan and swapped it out (it's one of those with the super long front part that you can tie or twist around or whatever. Fun.) I also got a bunnyhug for my little bro's birthday which we almost forgot about. Anyway, then to the party. Lots of boring. We ended up sitting at the woman table (he works in a giant lumber yard, so it's a pretty manly place, but the women are like secretaries and cashiers and stuff). Hubby gets along with them (because he flirts with them, even the unattractive ones). Anyway, I don't much like women who are "women" in this situation. If there were any girls working in the yard doing "man" work, I'd like them I bet. But these girls are a bit too girly and a bit too giggly and are sort of like everyone's little sister or something and are used to a little bit too much attention. Ugh. I played on my cell phone and tried to be as unapproachable as possible. I know, that's bad, but hubby was mingling and I don't like mingling and didn't want to tag along because I'd piss him off. So I sat and texted.

The food was really good, a big buffet with lots of salads. Pretty much everything I ate was healthy, but there may have been a giant heaping plate of it. I also did have 2 desserts and a couple cookies. No excuse, I wanted them, it was a Christmas party and I was bored. The entertainment was a couple improv comedians and were hilarious. Then I was pleased because it was over early (like 11) and I thought we'd go home. But no, now it's time for after parties. So my feet really really really hurt (as in, they still hurt today, 2 days later). So I'm having no part of going to bars. However it's hubby's christmas party and I knew we'd fight if I made us go home. So instead I drop him and another guy off at the bar and then drive to a gas station to fill up (only self serve's open, -35 now at least, in my little skirt, in a sketchy neighbourhood. It wasn't so bad, I flirted with the guy filling up behind me). Then I drove around looking for a tim hortons or something. Hubby calls me and tells me it's moving to a new bar so I go back and get him, drop him off at this other bar and wait in the car. So lame. But I had changed into slippers and couldn't make myself put my shoes on, not to mention the car might not even start if I shut it off for long (we parked underground for the party). Plus if I came in, we're staying longer for sure. I'm a great wife. So we finally go home at 2:00.

Again we have a fight when I'm sober and hubby's drunk. I think I have to remember that no matter what, I just crank the music and don't talk to him on the drive home. I'm getting really sick of it. (I don't know what we fight about, hubby just gets mad and then I try and appologize or say I didn't say that or whatever, but doesn't work).

Sunday I slept in. Then did more nothing, watched tv, played on my computer. Finally I decided to start practicing my defence presentation. Did that for a few hours, then the power went out. for 2 hours. I lit candles all over the place and then watched IronMan on my laptop (well most of it). In just 2 hours the house had gone from 19 degrees to 17 degrees. Not freezing or anything, but about as cold as I'd want the house to get before I start to get worried that the power might not come on and I need to go somewhere else for the night. But it came back on and I cranked some Christmas tunes and cleaned my house. fun fun fun.

I didn't eat well all weekend (lots of cereal and toast and not much else.) but I'm not too concerned. I'm basically happy with my body right now and I'm not going to eat like an asshole, but I'm not really going to worry about stuff again until January. Still try and keep up the workouts and eat lots of fruits and veggies, but no expectations really.

Tonight is the last weight class until January. Also going to finish making cards for my presentation. That's probably all. This week is my little bit stressful/busy week and then it's home free! (employee evaluations wed, defence thurs, christmas party friday!) Excited to get through this and then start thinking about Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008


So my WI this morning showed a stay the same. VERY disappointing as the past 3 days have showed me down up to 1.5 lbs! I'm gonna be optomistic and believe the trend over the week, not today's outlier. We'll see though. I've got lots of reasons it could have been abnormally high (mostly the late supper, done at 9:00.)

Yeah supper was way late why? I went shopping again! I met my sister at the better clothing mall in town and didn't really accomplish much. We had a little spat. But it was a result of me losing my wallet and being stressed about that and not being sympathetic to her. No worries, my wallet was left in my car (where I had seen it last, getting change for parking, and I didn't open my purse again until I noticed it was gone, so it didn't fall out or get left or stolen, but still it's unnerving to be without your wallet!) After I went and got it and came back we were fine again. Did a bit of Christmas shopping. Bought myself a nice grey skirt to wear to Christmas parties. I really like it. I always wanted a grey skirt, then I can wear black shirts and not look depressing. But when I went home and tried it on with the black shirt I bought a few days ago, I realized I don't like that black shirt at all so I'm going to take it back (funny, I wrote that before I read Eurydice's comment!). But I did discover a few other things in my closet while playing dress up that look nice. Then after sis and I parted, I went back and finished buying her christmas present. Sweet. Now just waiting for her necklace to come in the mail and I'm done Christmas!

Anyway, shopping took a way long time. Then traffic was terrible because of a train going through downtown. Horribly designed city. So I didn't get home until 8:30. I convinced myself that I wasn't going to grab fast food either because of WI this morning. However, I also need to buy groceries desparately (I have no bread and no milk so my regular go to's of cereal or toast were out!) So I made poutine. Random I know, and you think it's unhealthy but it really wasn't bad at all. I only cut up 1 potato, so that's a normal serving size. I used packaged gravy mix, which I figured even if I ate all of it was only 80 calories (seems wrong somehow doesn't it? But I double checked!), then I only grated the amount of cheese I thought seemed right (I'm not much of a measurer or weigher, scold if you like, I'm not changing). I think the cheese amount might have been slightly high, but only because nobody ever gets a serving size of cheese right. It wasn't more than I would have just cut up and eaten as a snack. Anyway, that's all. Well that and the granola bar I ate stuck in traffic. It actually ends up being a much smaller caloric meal than I would have had any other time. My nutrient and veggies/protein servings might not be very good at all. Hardly well balanced. But sometimes you need poutine! ;) So even though it was low sodium gravy mix, there might be extra salt there. Well plus I ate it at 9:00 at night rather than the 5:30 I usually eat at!

Anyway, that was basically my night. So glad it's friday. Means I've only got 3 more workdays until my defense! yay! Tonight we've got a friend's 30th birthday party. Actually a really good friend of my hubby's, however his wife who's throwing the party sort of super sucks and is trying to make it a big deal and will be all offended if anybody doesn't show up and it's not the best party and most looked forward to thing. However, all she's doing is inviting all her friends on facebook and saying pass it on to his friends since she doesn't know who they are. PLUS she only told anybody about it monday, so especially in Christmas season, people already have plans. But we'll be going to that anyway, it'll probably be boring and we'll want to leave early. We might anyway. Just make an appearance. That woman drives me completely bananas.

ANYWAY, Saturday we've got hubby's work Christmas party. Also sort of lame. It's too big of a company so it's very informal and stuff. Basically just a supper, then a magician or comedian or something. What sort of makes it worse is that he works with mostly a bunch of idiots (think high school drop outs who put all their money into their big expensive trucks with crazy exhaust systems and then get their license taken away for drunk driving. Real winners.) Well some aren't so bad, but they're all the type who would be friends with somebody like that at least. Let's put it this way, when they throw a Christmas party, they don't decorate and put out appetizers, it's more about putting a couple kegs in the snowbank. grow up.

Anyway, other plans for the weekend include practicing my defense presentation several times, and then once in front of hubby. Sis offered her ears if I wanted to do it more, she said it really helped her practicing in front of other people. I know I have to do this because I never practice presentations and then am always nervous and terrible in them. So just that, reading my thesis once (then again next week), cleaning the house and staying warm. Supposed to be super duper cold this weekend (high -25). Very much looking forward to it. Work isn't so bad today either though. I'm just setting up a whole bunch of models so they can run over the weekend. Fairly mindless work, yet keeps me busy and I can listen to old podcasts. love it. Time flies! It'll be the weekend before I know it!

Oh, even though the scale is still saying 142, the skirt I bought is a size 6 and looks great.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today I woke up skinny again

So today I woke up and getting dressed checked myself out in the mirror. I was back to normal. Sounds like some lame story you write as a kid (and then I woke up and it was all a dream!). But it happened. I woke up feeling bikini ready! How did I do it? (Well just send me 3 payments of $39.95 and I'll send you my patented weight loss treatment plan.... no?)

Well turns out a couple things helped. I just felt better about stuff generally (got my presentation done and reviewed, planned for the rest of things), I had 3 days of hard workouts in a row, been eating more fruit than I care to divulge, and in that way getting more fibre than I care to divulge, realized I had a really bad TOM thing going on back when it was bad (I have baking out, those ok cookies I bought AND the rest of the peanut butter cups and I'm not even tempted.). I guess it was just everything. But seriously, I look much different this morning.

Scale is showing me way happy numbers so I just have to NOT SCREW UP TONIGHT! Easier said than done, as thursday nights are tv nights and tv sometimes equals snacks in my mind. Just gotta fight it today.

So yesterday was the last kickboxing class. And therefore I tried to push it like a last class deserves. Felt very ill at one point. Might have pushed it too far there. (or maybe pushing it like that is giving me crazy results?) I'm sore a bit today in the shoulders and upper back and triceps. It's nice.

So I went shopping yesterday, inspired by Euridice's haul. I only bought a $25 shirt for Christmas parties. I don't love it, but it'll do. It's just a black fancy dress shirt. Nothing great. I think I'm going to stop at the other mall sometime in the next 3 days and look around there for a grey skirt or something. I realized I may break my sobriety streak (self induced, for no reason, I don't have a problem, I just don't usually like getting drunk, and I hate the calories) after my defense at my work Christmas party. (It's sort of a gong show with bosses buying shots and things getting ridiculous anyway, it's not like it would be weird to get drunk with work people). And if I do decide to do that, I want to be in something comfortable, that I don't have to suck my gut in the whole time and worry about what I'll look like when I start feeling like a look good but actually am all sloppy (another reason I don't like drinking, cause you always look so bad in drunk pictures and then are embarrassed after the fact).

Anyway, missing my lunch right now (salad with tuna, followed by oranges upon oranges.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

busy busy

Well today I'm super busy. I guess I just decided to grunt through this work and stop looking for the trends and some quick fix. Just trudge through and redo it. I'm already way over budget so I guess just getting done is important now.

Also about to finish up my defense presentation and send it off to my supervisor to have a look. Then I also decided to take thursday night and just read my thesis and figure out what the heck I did.

I screwed up a lunch date today. I thought I was late getting there (a place I'd never been, meeting 2 girlfriends). But got there and nobody was there! So I tried to look up their numbers but my phone was dead. So instead I went and grabbed a salad at the grocery store next door, thinking I screwed up the date or something. Get back, and I just missed them, they were just later than I was. Boo. Oh well. I had a really really good salad.

Had a little stress cry last night talking to hubby. I really realized I AM stressed and I think the fact that I feel stress is stressing me out. I'm even breaking out! (I have GREAT skin!). But I needed my little cry, realized that things aren't going to be so bad and that it will all be over in just over a week!

Yesterday I also had a little visit with my thesis supervisor (he was here for a work thing, not my defense, but a nice cross over visit). He offered to look at my presentation so I'll send it to him this afternoon.

I had a nice workout yesterday. It was really fast. I only did like 15 minutes of stair climber. Well I don't even think that long. Then I did some leg presses (with 150 lbs! love it!) then a bit of arm stuff, then I revisited my chin-up machine. Missed it so! I suck hard at it now, but I definately feel which muscles I was neglecting. If the gym wasn't so busy all the time I'd be on there more often. Maybe when I get a new gym (in the new year, that's the plan!) Then supper was just a grilled cheese sandwich hubby made for me (very itty bitty with weight watcher bread) and then a protein smoothie. Then last night SIL and family came to visit. They just stole some pictures I had and showed off how their little baby can crawl now. Funny how my baby cravings come and go so much. Sad, but I think Sami, at 7 months old is now bigger than I care for. Ha! (sounds so crude). But I only want a baby baby. Toddlers, and apparently 7 month olds, don't care too much for. Lately I've been having to squash my cravings to get another puppy so Daisy's not lonely. But I'm not sure if I can handle 2 dogs, Daisy's finally good now, all trained up.

Anyway, back to work! busy busy busy!

(oh, scale is showing a losing trend, I'm happy. Not so happy when I was trying on clothes last night to figure out what to wear to the Christmas party this weekend...)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

busy but better

I feel better today. I was stressed feeling yesterday. But today I'm doing some good work towards a report due next week. Plus I found my presentation for my defense. So I just need to edit that up, re-read my thesis a few times. It's just over a week away! I think now that I realized it's so close, I feel better strangely. I can see the end I guess.

Work I've also decided that I have to just prioritize this one project to get done by next week, the rest gets back burner for now. I know it's not what the boss wants to hear but I can't just do half assed on all of them, I need to get one done.

Workout yesterday was GREAT! I pushed so darn hard on my squats, felt great. The rest didn't seem like too much, was done quick, I did the most I could. I strangely felt weird hand cramps that made me have to lighten the weight to the more ergonomic ones. I can't wait for Christmas, I think I'm getting some new weights, and if not, I'll probably buy them for myself with my bonus money (they're only $50 and I'm expecting a couple grand for bonus, sweet).

Eating tons of fruit today. I've got 2 apples and 4 oranges, grapes, a pear. yum yum. I also had a meeting this morning so I skipped morning snack. Didn't thaw anything for supper. Well I thawed some turkey sandwich meat. But no ideas what I can do with that. Oh probably leftovers, chicken parmesan, asparagus. Mmm.

Oh, I brought my gym clothes today so I can hit the gym after work. Pack in a quick workout. My SIL is coming over tonight (I think so her husband can hook up our new PVR dish! Sort or excited about it) so gotta get home early-ish so I can tidy up a bit.

Anyway, lots of random point form like things today. Too busy to elaborate.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I made a mistake

I went to the grocery store a little bit hungry (it was 11:45) and on a weekend and after I didn't buy anything for myself in Walmart so was feeling a little entitled. What was the mistake? Buying the bag of peanut butter cups (3 tiny cups were 200 calories! I guess not looking at that and eating about 20 was another mistake I made) and buying the not so great cookies (eating them like they were amazingly good was also another mistake). Buying the dried fruit, not so much of a mistake, that actually could have been the solution to hungry and shopping and needing a treat since that's not something I buy regularly (and I LOVE).

So I ate probably 8 cookies and 20 peanut butter cups, and a handful of dried fruit on my way home, and at home on the couch. But (luckily?) I felt so crappy after that I didn't actually eat anything for lunch, or supper really, (toast maybe?). Then sunday I still felt sort of crappy so tried to eat nothing but mandarin oranges. Which worked fine until hubby brought home A&W. I had a teen burger for supper sunday. Another mistake.

The scale didn't give me a solid number (it just kept fluctuating and wouldn't really settle, well the number it settled on showed a 0.5 loss from friday, so I sort of don't believe it).

The good thing I did buy on saturday? About 10 different Chystal Light flavours and green teas and white teas. Going to try and have those as my "treats" more often and bought some flavours I really like. Did do well on the weekend with distracting myself and bringing a tea with me and it completely made me not want to eat. (saturday night).

I made a very small dent in my list. I did a half ass house clean, tried shopping but decided I'm holding off on the rest of my Christmas shopping until after my defense (you know, 3 days before Christmas sounds good), scrapbooked and chilled on the laptop (chatting with my brother who is now in Poland!). Sunday was productive, watched Indiana Jones and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (ok not productive, but I really liked FSM, the story sort of sucked, but so many funny lines), put plastic on the windows, made a curry for lunches (froze it), did some laundry including putting it away, and sorted out half a garbage bag worth of clothes to give away (and there will be more, I still have half my dresser).

The ugly Christmas sweater party on friday was alright. I hate parties with lots of people and this was one. Plus it was people I didn't know. My one good friend was there so we hung out with her and her fiance all night. The only other people I talked to were the hosts. (I'm such a snob, I hate making friends and meeting people). But we did have a good time with those we did talk to.

I avoided everything thesis related all weekend. Not great. I really should make my presentation today (tonight?) and tomorrow. Then there might still be enough time for my supervisor to look at it. Then I should read and re-read my thesis over and over. I remember always procrastinating in December with grad studies things, studying and papers and assignments were all due just before Christmas. The only way I'd get through it was remembering that yes it will suck but it will all be over by this date. And that date is coming whether I'm prepared or not. In undergrad one time I was reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, supposed to be as study breaks, but then I'd start taking reading breaks to study. (like study 15 minutes for every 45 minutes of reading. don't recommend it, but I did great in all my classes).

Anyways, should get some work done. Mom and Dad are in town and are taking me out for lunch. I'm thinking salad (that's what I've got packed, plus I'm all bad fooded out. I've got a Christmas party to go to this weekend!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Well I got the tickets. 4 tickets on the floor. Should be pretty sweet. I saw Nickelback before and it was an awesome concert.

WI - 142.0. So I guess technically that's a gain of 0.2. Ew. Frustrating since I started being really good. I guess I can be optimistic because TOM was causing crazy carb cravings and overeating, but that should be done now. It's annoying because I thought I was done with going up and would be back on my way down now. Again, I can step it up with the trying factor.

Did not workout last night. Well I did a bunch of squats and deadlifts and chest presses with my heavy weights. But I didn't sweat and it was only like 2 sets of each during commercials. (thursday is always tv night). so it's not going to count. I am glad I did it though. I hate feeling lazy.

I did make my stir-fry last night. And I added some Udon noodles. they're not great. Pretty weird texture, sort of octopus like. too slimy. but oh well. the veggies cover it up well. It took a long time too make, chopping veggies and everything. But I made a big batch so it should do for lunch for a couple days too. And it's totally healthy. I dont' really stir-fry but rather stir-steam my veggies. I use water not oil.

I can't believe it's the weekend already. Week flew by for me. Which is always great, except right now. I'm feeling sort of stressed with some work projects that i'm going over budget on and don't really know how to wrap up. Plus I've got less than 2 weeks until my defense and I realized I lost my presentation. Not a huge deal, should only take a few hours to make again, but still, I thought I was more ready than I am. Plus I'm busy with other phone calls and errands and things (for example, I'm out of birth control, but forgot to make an appointment with my doctor in time, so I'll have to stop at a drop-in clinic just to get a refill. annoying).

I wish I didn't have this party tonight. the ugly Christmas sweater one. First our Christmas sweaters are lame, they're just a bright green sweater and a blue one that I put snowflakes on. And I don't want to put more effort into them because I'm not looking forward to this party. It's a few of my friends, but there's going to be 30 people there. I don't like big parties. Plus it's people that I went to university with that weren't exactly my friends at the time (not enemies, just acquaintances.) and I haven't seen in 4 years and don't really want to see. If I wanted to be friends with them I would have been. Plus hubby doesn't much like going to parties where it's all engineers because he feels like everyone looks down on him (as "just" a blue-collar guy). PLUS I feel like I've got lots to do this weekend that I don't have time for this.

Here's my list:
- drop in clinic for pills
- get Daisy's claws trimmed
- pay my professional fees and organize my EIT updates
- put plastic on the windows (never did last weekend)
- finish Christmas cards
- finish/work on Christmas presents
- make defense presentation
- clean house
- catch up on laundry
- catch up on sleep.
- workout
- watch hubby's hockey game (he rarely has games when I don't have to work in the morning and they're always so late)
- do some fun things and relax and regroup!

I like making lists, I don't feel so bad now. I can see how I'll organize things and get a bunch done. Plus it's not like there's "so much to do" and I'm just overwhelmed because I can't even think of it all. Nope, it's right here, get one done and cross it off. I am so looking forward to the next 2 weeks being done. (that would be defense over AND all Christmas parties done AND work evaluations being done). Which sucks because I love December.

5 minutes

I'm buying Nickelback tickets in 5 minutes on ticketmaster.ca. Never has time ticked so slow. They're going to sell out instantly so I get one chance.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

daily recap

So not much to say about yesterday. Stuck to the plan pretty good. I didn't have the stir fry as I wanted to watch the political mess on tv instead of cooking. So I scrambled up some eggs and had that and toast AND cereal for supper. a bit carb heavy I guess. Lacking veggies. But not terrible, and not too much before class.

Class was good. I didn't feel like I was going to die as I've sometimes felt. I guess overall it felt like it was about a 7.5/10. A nice solid class, worked all the muscles and the heart, but didn't walk away from it extremely pleased with anything in particular.

Plans for today are just a workout at home. Making that stir-fry finally. Watching tv, wrapping presents.

Hubby got summoned for jury duty yesterday. He's all upset and is trying to figure out how to get out of it. I think I would be kind of excited about it, but I'm the one who read all the John Grisham books growing up and wanted to be a lawyer. Mostly he's upset because he's going to have to take time off work for it and won't get paid, and depending if it's a provincial or federal case he'll either get $25 or $80 per day. AND there's no guarantee how long it will take. So it's mostly just a money thing. For me I'd be worried I'd have some horrible case and have to see murder pictures or something and it would give me nightmares. But it's not until February.

Anything else? hmm, I guess politics will now be on hold as government is getting an extra long Christmas holiday before they have to sort this mess out. I was reading articles yesterday that actually calmed me down a bit. Turns out the opposition parties are completely entitled to do what they're doing. If there was a problem with the Bloc, then it should have been addressed when they were made a national party (perhaps that was unconstitutional, but debating it now is kind of too late). Anyway, nothing more to say about that.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How powerful is the mind

I don't know what made me think of this exactly. But here it is.

When I was a kid, about 10 or so. 2 bad things happened to me. I remember when I'd start to feel anxious about them, I'd just remember "there are just 2 things I don't think about it." So I just don't think about it. The start of the story would pop in my head and I'd say, don't think about it, and I'd stop. I always remembered that I blocked out 2 things.

One of them was this story: my little brother and I were swimming at a hotel swimming pool. We always stayed in a hotel with water slides when we'd come to the city to go Christmas shopping. Anyway, I was a good swimmer and my little brother was just learning to swim. So we play a game, we inch along the edge of the swimming pool, I'm behind him, both our hands are holding the edge, my arms around his (make sense?). We go to the deep end. (there are no lifeguards in hotel swimming pools usually.) Anyway, there are some adults along the pool edge, so we can't just inch past them. We go around them, push out, and jump back in. We can't touch right? But it was basically like a little hop. Then there are about 3 adults next to each other. We try and hop around them, little brother panics, starts the drowning thing, clings to me, climbs on top of me trying to reach air. Meanwhile I could push us back to the wall and swim fine, but my brother is basically dunking me and holding my arms down and drowning me! I don't know how long this goes on at all. It felt like quite a long time. Maybe 1 minute. We're drowning, 3 feet from the wall of a pool. Then the person we were jumping around grabs us and pulls us to the side. The horrible part was the after part, that's what I still don't like thinking about. My little brother crying, my parents talking to me, me crying, feeling so guilty for almost killing my brother. But when ever I'd start to remember that, I'd just be like "yeah that happened and I don't think about it. That and that other thing."

I still don't remember what that other thing is. Isn't that weird? I really chose to mentally block something from my memory and it worked. I don't think it's anything really horrible like abuse or something. But still, what was it?

Last political thing I promise:

There are two online petitions that I've been made aware of if you are interested in signing to protest the coalition governement taking power:



Waiting for results to kick in

So I'm upset with the scale this morning. 143. I had a perfect day yesterday, stuck to plan exactly (well I added a slice of toast to supper with my stew, but that's still good to me). And I'm up. I know that results don't just kick in immediately so I'm waiting for the results to show up. But it's frustrating!

Anyway, my gym time yesterday was good. I did intervals on the treadmill for only 15 minutes (that's how it worked out for the sign up sheets). I need to do harder intervals though I think. I did 10.5 km/hr slows and 12.5 km/hr fasts. I need faster fasts, I'm just a bit scared to do that on a treadmill thinking I'll fall off or something. Then I did weights focusing on my shoulders. Also did bicepts, tricepts, chest and upper back. It was really good. It's very different doing heavier weight low reps compared to the very high reps we do in class.

Then hit up Canadian Tire, bought the wrong headlight for my car so I need to go back today, plus I bought a food processor for my mom. Another Christmas present hits the dust! I caught myself starting to browse but remembered I'm not buying things for myself, so I stuck to my list! one point for me!

Today's supper is going to be a chicken stir fry, but I forgot to thaw the chicken, should still be ok. I've got lots of veggies to use up. Plus it's a lighter meal to have before my kickboxing class.

Hubby took the baking to work. Not the banana bread, but I still didn't touch it. It's actually probably going to go bad. Moist food like that molds quick on me.

Meals de jeur:
breakfast - bowl of kashi cereal with milk
snack - cheese string, sugar free pudding cup
lunch - salad with half can of tuna and homemade dressing, grapes, oranges, pear
snack - yogurts, oranges, veggies and dip (low fat sour cream dip)
supper - chicken stir fry, glass of milk

Again, i'm going to distract myself with the crystal light. Food doesn't taste good with it so it keeps me from snacking.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

more politics

Ooo! I just read an article and I really upset now. Turns out that the finance update that caused this whole mess (opposition governments are opposing the mini-budget plan that's only covering until the full budget in January, thus causing the minority government to face a non-confidence vote, which would either send us back to the polls, even though we had an election 2 months ago, OR would simply hand power over to the opposition parties that have banded together.), the Conservatives have AGREE to EDIT that finance update to remove most of the controversal things, and they promised the big thing (the lack of stimulus package for the economy right now) will be addressed in the full budget in January!

So these coalition parties were upset about the mini-budget. The government agreed to address their concerns, and promised to address the remaining ones in 2 months time. The coaltion parties say that's not good enough, we're gonna take over.

The government has basically done what you asked them to do! It never works like that! This is a major victory for the opposition!

Nope, they want the power. They're seeing an opportunity and just jumping for it. Not because it's what their parties stand for, but because it's not the other party.

Wouldn't it be nice if politicians worked for what they believed in and what their party stands for, and more importantly, what the voters asked them to do? Not just try and come out on top?

Nope, they don't care if they're joining with a party that DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO BE PART OF CANADA! As long as it means they get to be boss for a few days. Watch them try and pass the same sorts of bills etc. Don't Canadians all mostly want the same thing? The Canadian parties really aren't that different. Small things.

I'm really angry.

Also, I stand by my statement that if you're going to complain about something, you should have done all you can about it first. I didn't mean to say that any bloggers were hypocrites, just that ANYONE who's complaining, should have done something about it. (it's actually how I am about everything. Ask hubby and his appendix. I told him to shut up about it or go to the doctor, one or the other)

Canadians - don't want a coalition government?

Hey there fellow angry Canadian voters! Just from a couple posts I realize that people are ticked off about this the same as I am. (tell me this isn't just a power grab, I dare ya). Well there's one thing we as the voting public can do, and that's tell our elected officials how you feel. Not to be completely rude, but if you're angry and complain about it, but don't do anything about it, you're a hypocrite. I've got a link here to the member of parliament contacts. Do us all a favour and write a quick email to your MP (or if your MP is not part of the coalition, then why not write Dion?) and let him or her know that you aren't happy with this. Here's the letter I'm writing, feel free to copy it:

Honourable Mr. Dion,
I’m writing to express my displeasure at the proposed coalition government you and your party are forming to take down the Conservative government. I don’t feel that there are any issues worthy of the non-confidence vote at this time. I also feel that it is against your party values to join with both the NDP and particularly the Bloc. I am asking you to change your mind and to not vote down the government this Monday.
Thank you,

ALSO, I found out that you can write the governor general and it's in the end up to her to decide if we have another election or if this new coalition will govern. Her address I think is info@gg.ca, let me know if you find something else. Here's my letter to her:

Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean,

As a Canadian voter, I do not wish to see the rule of our country handed over to a new party that did not even run in the previous election. If the current government is defeated, please do not award power to the new coalition government, instead please call a new election so the Canadian people can chose who will lead us.

Thank you,

(this is not getting political in the sense that I do happen to vote Conservative and want them to stay in power. I just don't think this is good for our country in any way. Even if you wanted a Liberal or NDP government, I don't think this is the way you wanted them to gain power.)

December goals

and plans. Goals need plans. Thanks Jen for inspiring this.

1. 5 workout classes left, so I want a total of 14 workouts in December. That doesn't sound too tough at all. But these are workouts, not dog walks.

plan: obviously the scheduled workouts on mondays and wednesdays. Then keep up with a minimum 1 hour workout on every monday and wednesday. That gives me 10 (and includes Christmas eve and New Year's eve, definately important ones!). Then at least 1 gym (or home) workout one other day each week. Probably during the week, I'd love a weekend one but it's just not reasonable with parties etc.

2. My bad days. I know they're out there. I'm gonna plan them. I've got 1 a week.
2a) this friday, ugly sweater Christmas party. I'm not going to go nuts, but I'll try the punch, have some appetizers etc.
2b) next week saturday is hubby's work Christmas party. Buffet. Definately having dessert. Food is highlight of the whole thing. It's usually pretty dull. anyway, that's what i'm planning.
2c) 19th is my work christmas party. Also the day after my defense. I'm going to celebrate. No restrictions (other than what I'll be wearing, I will not loosen my belt!)
2d) CHRISTMAS! Christmas day will be the eat candy and turkey and treats day. Not boxing day, not Christmas eve.
2e) New Year's eve. This usually isn't as big of a deal, but I'll have dessert or whatever.

plan - that's 5 occassions that will not be helping me lose weight. Therefore I need every other day to be good! I can see them coming so I can comfort myself knowing that I don't have to go more than 7 days without a treat. In between it's no Christmas baking. How to keep from snacking during the week? Keep busy. I am going to scrapbook/craft Christmas presents that I'm going to get into immediately after supper so I can't munch.

3. Moolah. I am not going to spend money on myself this month (until after Christmas, boxing day sales and Christmas bonuses will change things). Exception - buy a Christmas outfit. (dress or shirt and skirt or whatever) for the Christmas parties. There is no need to buy magazines or make-up or anything at all for the next 24 days. All spending will be groceries, gas or Christmas presents.

plan - go in with a plan. No browsing, make a list and stick to it. If there's something I want, tell my family so they can put it on my wish list.

I think that's all I've got. I don't want to overwhelm myself, I want to be able to recite these at any time and if I get too many then I won't be able to focus on them. I'm going to be thinking workout and keep busy. That's basically what this can be boiled down to, Workout and Keep Busy.

enter to win!

Hey dudes, here's your chance to try and win something too! This Grounded Fitness is where I won one of my t-shirts.

posting earlier

I wonder if I post earlier if I'll stay more on track for the whole day? Might it set the bar?

Yesterday I bought groceries after work. I can't believe how great I am at getting groceries now. I started in the fruits and veggies, made my way through the meats, to the dairy (aka, staying on the perimeter of the store right?). I had to back track through the frozen part though and that was it! So I only bought: fruits and veggies, meat, lots of dairy things and a tub of frozen cool whip. Not 100% but darn close.

Got home and fried up some hamburger meat for taco's. Yum yum. I filled mine too meaty and it was pretty spicy. But then I was planning on being all done, but nope. Had to have the banana bread, then try a new cookie. Grr. Big boo to me. I think I'm going to pack up the stuff that's out still and send it to my and hubby's work. Hubby didn't even have 1 piece of a treat yet. He's not a sweets guy. (he had 2 big taco salads though, very much a meat and cheese for dessert guy). So yep, I'm definately getting rid of all the baking that's unfrozen tomorrow.

We were watching the new Hulk which hubby rented Sunday. I was impressed with how good it was, I wasn't really looking forward to it at all. But I could barely tear myself away for weight class. (I finished watching it when I got home). But yes weight class was good. It wasn't as hard as a week ago. I don't really feel anything in my legs today. I don't know if it's because I didnt' push as hard trying to protect myself, knowing how bad it was, or if my muscles were more used to it already. I'm leaning toward option B actually. I pushed it hard. But did I ever feel fat in my workout clothes. Not enjoying that at all.

Therefore, I'm hitting the gym today after work. Got everything packed and waiting in the car. AND have a stew cooking in the slow cooker so both hubby and I can eat whenever we're ready to. Awesome. Plan at the gym is going to be 20 minute treadmill intervals, plus, just so I focus on something and don't just wander around, let's say upper body. The gym has been basically ridiculous when I go so it's hard to find free machines, plus it just doesn't feel nice when it's that full ya know? I sure hope the gym opens up in town soon so I can go there.

Anyway, I feel like listing my eats today:
breakfast - banana, 2 weight watcher whole wheat (WWWW) toasts with light pb and sugar free jam
snack - cheese string, honeydew melon
lunch - small can salmon salad, mixed greens, tomatoes and homemade dressing, grapes, 2 mandarin oranges
snack - 2 mini yogurts, baby carrots and snap peas
supper - big bowl of stew, glass of milk

That seems like a nice day right? Got lots of fruits and veggies, protein at every meal, lots of dairy. Shouldn't be hungry anywhere. Plus I brought the crystal light that have fibre added so I'll have 1 of those this afternoon, help keep me full after lunch. I always make my own in the morning (adding benefibre to a regular crystal light, I don't drink coffee so that's what I do instead).

Now all I have to do is stick to that for the day! Shouldn't be too hard, I'm planning on keeping myself fairly busy. (won't get home until late, after the gym, have to go to Canadian Tire to buy a headlight for my car, then maybe Value Village for an ugly Christmas sweater for the party on friday).

Oh, also I feel well on my way with Christmas shopping. Hubby made the thing for my parents last night. Plus while I'm at Canadian Tire I'll buy the food processor for mom. I bought my sister's necklace online, AND my neice is done!

Monday, December 1, 2008

So much to say

I know I have tons to talk about but I'm already having a hard time remembering...

First, did not workout this weekend. Bad me. Well except for walk my dog. I was too busy with my party and then cleaning up from my party (excuse yes, I should have found time). But December is going to be all about working out.

Anyway. What did I do this weekend?

Baked banana bread - 3 loves. I love it. Part of my Christmas baking. I love it better than cookies almost. Can I pretend it's healthier because of the fruit? Probably not. At least I didn't add chocolate chips.

Made Spanakopita - added sour cream when I shouldn't have, therefore they boiled and leaked in the oven. So there's not much stuffing left in them.

Cleaned and decorated my house top to bottom.

Got my prizes from blog contests. Check this out ladies. I entered 2 different contests to win Danskin t-shirts from 2 different blogs. I won them both! CRAZY! They arrived friday, from 2 different lovely ladies. Now I have 2 pink yoga shirts, absolutely identical. How random is that? I'm going to give one to my sister for Christmas.

Started my Christmas shopping.

Watched Tropic Thunder - disappointed with the Tom Cruise part, everyone said it was so hilarious.

Had a murder mystery party with the power out! There was some vandalism on Saturday night. Somebody was doing target practice on this big power thing and ended up putting the power out for a huge section of the province! So 6:00 it went out. Luckily I was all ready for the party which was at 7:00. As in food was already out etc. I was going to warm up my Spanakopita and a crab dip, but just had them cold. I spent the next hour getting freaked out since my dog's eyes are sort of spooky in candle light. And it was so quite. But then I remembered I can still use my laptop so put Christmas carols on. The party was fun. I was giggling way too much and was a terrible suspect. Everyone was getting in character and doing awesome but I was too excited about everyone being awesome that I sucked. The power came on when we were done and having munchies and doing the baking exchange. I ended up with a dozen of each of these:
Butter tarts
turtle tarts
carmel square
bavarian mints
sugar cookies
lemon square
peanut squares
and my whipped shortbread.

Add that to the other cookies I made (christmas trees), the banana bread, the truffles, AND the carmel popcorn I made, and it's tons and tons of food. I didn't even try every thing yet because 1 dozen doesn't look like much of each thing. But I separated it into about 6 trays of assorted goodies and now it looks like tons. All but 1 went into the freezer. And I haven't really even been tempted by them. (because I've been eating banana bread when cravings strike). Plus I wanted hubby to see all the stuff we got. I'm not exactly sure what i'm going to do with all of it. I don't really have any people I'd give baking trays too. Bring one home for each of our families at Christmas, maybe give one to our neighbours. One for each of our work. We're done having Christmas parties basically. I guess we've got a party early in the new year we can still have them for. I don't mind bringing them out in our house when we have company, but I don't want it out if we're not going to. Then I get in the "oh just try one of each" thing. trouble.

Then sunday I cleaned even my scrapbook room which was turning into the room we just throw stuff in to hide. Cleaned it all out, threw a huge garbage bag of stuff out. Plus have a huge box of give away/garage sale. Since I'm finding so much stuff and it's not just a couple things like before, I think I will save it and have a garage sale early in the spring. Then the day after it I'm saying bu-bye to it all. But we've got sort of tons of stuff now, might make us some money!

Then hubby came home and we visited a bit, almost had a fight though. It ended up just being a discussion about money. Not fighting. Stemmed from Christmas present talk. We're getting each other nothing. And for his birthday hubby is getting the saw he already bought for himself. If he's fine with not actually getting anything on his birthday then I'm fine with that too. (it would really bug me).

Tonight I'm grabbing some groceries on the way home (mostly meat, hubby didn't get a deer so I don't have to keep the freezer empty any more). We're completely out of meat, like chicken and stuff. I've got 1 package of ground beef and half a box of hamburgers. Plus I think a turkey. Very odd for our freezer. Then I've got weight class tonight. The painful one. We'll see if I'm any stronger than last week. I'm thinking yes.

Oh, and even though we had the baking party and I ate some appetizers and snacks (mostly veggies and dip, banana bread and carmel popcorn), I weighed exactly the same this morning as friday. So strangely my weight gains are happening during the week, when I used to lose weight, not the weekends. It's all portion sizes, but not even at supper like it used to be. It's after supper and snacks through out the day. Very very strange for me. But now that I've addressed it hopefully I can fix it!