Tuesday, December 2, 2008

more politics

Ooo! I just read an article and I really upset now. Turns out that the finance update that caused this whole mess (opposition governments are opposing the mini-budget plan that's only covering until the full budget in January, thus causing the minority government to face a non-confidence vote, which would either send us back to the polls, even though we had an election 2 months ago, OR would simply hand power over to the opposition parties that have banded together.), the Conservatives have AGREE to EDIT that finance update to remove most of the controversal things, and they promised the big thing (the lack of stimulus package for the economy right now) will be addressed in the full budget in January!

So these coalition parties were upset about the mini-budget. The government agreed to address their concerns, and promised to address the remaining ones in 2 months time. The coaltion parties say that's not good enough, we're gonna take over.

The government has basically done what you asked them to do! It never works like that! This is a major victory for the opposition!

Nope, they want the power. They're seeing an opportunity and just jumping for it. Not because it's what their parties stand for, but because it's not the other party.

Wouldn't it be nice if politicians worked for what they believed in and what their party stands for, and more importantly, what the voters asked them to do? Not just try and come out on top?

Nope, they don't care if they're joining with a party that DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO BE PART OF CANADA! As long as it means they get to be boss for a few days. Watch them try and pass the same sorts of bills etc. Don't Canadians all mostly want the same thing? The Canadian parties really aren't that different. Small things.

I'm really angry.

Also, I stand by my statement that if you're going to complain about something, you should have done all you can about it first. I didn't mean to say that any bloggers were hypocrites, just that ANYONE who's complaining, should have done something about it. (it's actually how I am about everything. Ask hubby and his appendix. I told him to shut up about it or go to the doctor, one or the other)


Sagan said...

Ugh, Canadian politics- our government is getting more ridiculous every day.

Angie All The Way said...

YUP! I completely agree 100% with what you said, it's as if I wrote that myself! UNREAL isn't it!

My rant on my blog from yesterday was sent almost exactly to my MP and I posted it as a comment on the CTV.ca website on that article that I linked in the post.

I'm glad you posted a link to help people to know where to voice their opinion about what is going on. Although I don't think it's fair to call people hypocrits if they don't do it. I agree that people should contact their MP's and people should put their money where their mouth is, but I don't think that it necessarily makes a person a hypocrite if they don't. I think it makes you a hypocrite if you didn't vote in the first place and then are the first person to complain about it. IMO

Vanessa said...

Just remember that not everyone who takes action is going to publicize it, so it's difficult to tell who the real hypocrites are. :)

MizFit said...

I so agree. my parents used to work my nerves with their CONSTANT POLITICAL TALK but they always walked the walk.

volunteered all day election day.
worked for change in all political arenas.

hard to be annoyed when they werent just at home lamenting...

Carolyn said...

The more you try to understand it, the more confusing it all is......are these really the powers that govern out country?