Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Canadians - don't want a coalition government?

Hey there fellow angry Canadian voters! Just from a couple posts I realize that people are ticked off about this the same as I am. (tell me this isn't just a power grab, I dare ya). Well there's one thing we as the voting public can do, and that's tell our elected officials how you feel. Not to be completely rude, but if you're angry and complain about it, but don't do anything about it, you're a hypocrite. I've got a link here to the member of parliament contacts. Do us all a favour and write a quick email to your MP (or if your MP is not part of the coalition, then why not write Dion?) and let him or her know that you aren't happy with this. Here's the letter I'm writing, feel free to copy it:

Honourable Mr. Dion,
I’m writing to express my displeasure at the proposed coalition government you and your party are forming to take down the Conservative government. I don’t feel that there are any issues worthy of the non-confidence vote at this time. I also feel that it is against your party values to join with both the NDP and particularly the Bloc. I am asking you to change your mind and to not vote down the government this Monday.
Thank you,

ALSO, I found out that you can write the governor general and it's in the end up to her to decide if we have another election or if this new coalition will govern. Her address I think is info@gg.ca, let me know if you find something else. Here's my letter to her:

Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean,

As a Canadian voter, I do not wish to see the rule of our country handed over to a new party that did not even run in the previous election. If the current government is defeated, please do not award power to the new coalition government, instead please call a new election so the Canadian people can chose who will lead us.

Thank you,

(this is not getting political in the sense that I do happen to vote Conservative and want them to stay in power. I just don't think this is good for our country in any way. Even if you wanted a Liberal or NDP government, I don't think this is the way you wanted them to gain power.)


Jen said...

I am on it!!! I couldn't even believe it when I heard the news yesterday...

Lainey said...

Thanks for the addresses (and the sample letter!)!! I am SOOOO ANGRY about this! I can't even stand it. It makes me livid!

Lainey said...

Also, why not write Jack Layton as well? Can't hurt anything.

Let's just see how concerned he is about "the people of Canada."

Vanessa said...

It certainly doesn't scream "democracy" to have a coalition government take over without the blessing and vote of the people.

I hope you're not assuming that any of your fellow bloggers are hypocrites. I've certainly made my voice heard on these (and other) issues, and will continue to do so.