Monday, December 22, 2008

yippe Christmas!

It's hard to get my head around the fact that I have to work still. Feels like it should be Christmas holidays already. Today and tomorrow left. ugh. Being a grown-up sucks. Vanessa - note that this is the best thing about being a student! Enjoy your holidays!

So the Christmas party friday was awesome. Bowling was good. I had a couple drinks. Then drove home and back (basically that fast, didn't shut the car off, just changed quick). Supper was good too. Hubby won/bought a trip to Calgary to watch a Flames game. He's so excited. My boss raffled off 2 2 packs of tickets, including flight and hotel. (boss lives in Calgary). He did reverse draw or elimination draw. So it was down to 3 people (not hubby or I) but then boss suggested buying people's name off each other. Then it became sort of a raffle, buy tickets, with a 2 in 3 chance of winning. Hubby bought a ticket for $100 (I was furious at the time!) but then won (I got over it). Anyway, we also got some booze in the gift exchange. I got a gift pack of wine, and I guess it's really good and expensive. But I don't like wine, so hopefully it's a nice re-gift for my folks.

Anyway, I had quite a few drinks however I don't think I got to the ridiculous point. I remember it all, was able to recognize that other people were drunker etc. Anyway, lots of fun. Lots of celebration directed my way for my defense.

However saturday, another story. Not hung over (well except at 5:00 am when the dog wanted out). but when I got up at 10:00 I didn't feel sick or headache or anything. However I was TIRED all day. Ridiculous. I couldn't do anything for the rest of the day except sleep and have a bath and watch a movie and then nap again. Ridiculous, I hated it. THAT's why I don't drink.

then saturday night we had another Christmas party, other side of town than I'm on, so like an hour drive. It was alright. I was still tired. another party when I played with a dog for the most part.

Then Sunday I was luckily more energetic. I cleaned up the house, baked fruitcake, and baked buns, PLUS went shopping. I finished my Christmas shopping, did some returns, got groceries, AND went shopping at my new favorite clothing store. I bought 2 sweaters and a cami for $24. Anyway, get back home again just in time to turn around and go to our 3rd Christmas party in 3 days. This was a potluck. Anyway, hubby wasn't impressed with this one, it was my grad student friends. So he feels very lower class and doesn't like talking to folks. He brought 6 beers and was the only one drinking in the whole place. (later one of my prof's had a beer so that was sort of interesting). Anyway, it was alright. Hubby played with the little kids. Brought on all sorts of talk about when I'm gonna have a kid. (I'm done my thesis now, better start another project, say a 9 month one... hahaha).

Anyway, there was a whole crap load of eating this weekend. Plus I'm short a gym time from last week. I need to have 4 this week and 3 more next week to make my goal for the month. Might be tough. Especially since I'm pretty busy now. Tonight I've got my cousin coming over for a visit with her dog. Then tomorrow we've gotta pack up for going home wed. At home I can definately workout, mom's got a treadmill. harder at the in-laws, at least with this stupid weather.

Anyway, can't wait for the next couple days to be over, well just the work day. Evenings are fun. I feel bad about how much I suck at Christmas this year. No cards, hardly any baking, I didn't really even feel like Christmas until Sunday when I was shopping. Oh well. I had other things on my mind.

YAY! Only 3.5 hours left for today!


Sara said...

wow 3 xmas parties in 3 days now that is crazy! Glad you are in the xmas spirit now (I had trouble too this year) and glad that you got to celebrate your defense!

Vanessa said...

Haha - I will gladly work if it means I can pay my rent without worrying about it! :P

Jen said...

It doesn't really feel like Christmas lately...I hope I feel more in the spirit later this week!!!! I have had to squeeze in baking and cards and I didn't just do a defense, so I had NO excuse!!!

That is a LOT of partying this weekend!!! I agree, your first one sounded the best!!! My kind of party!!!

I can't wait for the work day to be over either!!

Tiffa said...

For clarification... having a kid is not a 9 month project... it's a lifetime one!