Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December goals

and plans. Goals need plans. Thanks Jen for inspiring this.

1. 5 workout classes left, so I want a total of 14 workouts in December. That doesn't sound too tough at all. But these are workouts, not dog walks.

plan: obviously the scheduled workouts on mondays and wednesdays. Then keep up with a minimum 1 hour workout on every monday and wednesday. That gives me 10 (and includes Christmas eve and New Year's eve, definately important ones!). Then at least 1 gym (or home) workout one other day each week. Probably during the week, I'd love a weekend one but it's just not reasonable with parties etc.

2. My bad days. I know they're out there. I'm gonna plan them. I've got 1 a week.
2a) this friday, ugly sweater Christmas party. I'm not going to go nuts, but I'll try the punch, have some appetizers etc.
2b) next week saturday is hubby's work Christmas party. Buffet. Definately having dessert. Food is highlight of the whole thing. It's usually pretty dull. anyway, that's what i'm planning.
2c) 19th is my work christmas party. Also the day after my defense. I'm going to celebrate. No restrictions (other than what I'll be wearing, I will not loosen my belt!)
2d) CHRISTMAS! Christmas day will be the eat candy and turkey and treats day. Not boxing day, not Christmas eve.
2e) New Year's eve. This usually isn't as big of a deal, but I'll have dessert or whatever.

plan - that's 5 occassions that will not be helping me lose weight. Therefore I need every other day to be good! I can see them coming so I can comfort myself knowing that I don't have to go more than 7 days without a treat. In between it's no Christmas baking. How to keep from snacking during the week? Keep busy. I am going to scrapbook/craft Christmas presents that I'm going to get into immediately after supper so I can't munch.

3. Moolah. I am not going to spend money on myself this month (until after Christmas, boxing day sales and Christmas bonuses will change things). Exception - buy a Christmas outfit. (dress or shirt and skirt or whatever) for the Christmas parties. There is no need to buy magazines or make-up or anything at all for the next 24 days. All spending will be groceries, gas or Christmas presents.

plan - go in with a plan. No browsing, make a list and stick to it. If there's something I want, tell my family so they can put it on my wish list.

I think that's all I've got. I don't want to overwhelm myself, I want to be able to recite these at any time and if I get too many then I won't be able to focus on them. I'm going to be thinking workout and keep busy. That's basically what this can be boiled down to, Workout and Keep Busy.


SeaBreeze said...

I heard somewhere that the best ways to deal with buffets is to only go up once. Period. One trip. You can put whatever you want on your plate, but know that will be the end of it. I haven't tried myself as I don't have any buffet parties to attend, but it might be worth it.

Carolyn said...

Good plan. I like it that you have you "cheat" days all planned out so you can look forward to them.

Oh and I like the wkour goals too. It's so hard around the Holidays because it's so busy all the time but finding time for the gym is the BEST thing to fend off a gain over the Holidays.

Maybe you should go buy your Christmas outfit now and get something really fitted so you can worry about fitting into it...might keep you away from the Christmas baking!!

Sara said...

those sounds like some great plans!! I think that that are very realistic for this time of year therefore really achievable!!

Jen said...

*LAUGHS* I have been writing a post ALLLLLLL morning about an action plan...I had it in my head last night, then I read your comment and laughed!!! Then I read your post and laughed MORE!!! we helped each other!!!

You have an awesome plan!! And I agree, super realistic!! I think you will do great!!!

eurydice said...

i think it's really important to enjoy parties and special events... they are what make life worth living! i think you can get in 14 good workouts. maybe with the exception of xmas, you can plan workouts for the days of your holiday parties.