Thursday, December 4, 2008

daily recap

So not much to say about yesterday. Stuck to the plan pretty good. I didn't have the stir fry as I wanted to watch the political mess on tv instead of cooking. So I scrambled up some eggs and had that and toast AND cereal for supper. a bit carb heavy I guess. Lacking veggies. But not terrible, and not too much before class.

Class was good. I didn't feel like I was going to die as I've sometimes felt. I guess overall it felt like it was about a 7.5/10. A nice solid class, worked all the muscles and the heart, but didn't walk away from it extremely pleased with anything in particular.

Plans for today are just a workout at home. Making that stir-fry finally. Watching tv, wrapping presents.

Hubby got summoned for jury duty yesterday. He's all upset and is trying to figure out how to get out of it. I think I would be kind of excited about it, but I'm the one who read all the John Grisham books growing up and wanted to be a lawyer. Mostly he's upset because he's going to have to take time off work for it and won't get paid, and depending if it's a provincial or federal case he'll either get $25 or $80 per day. AND there's no guarantee how long it will take. So it's mostly just a money thing. For me I'd be worried I'd have some horrible case and have to see murder pictures or something and it would give me nightmares. But it's not until February.

Anything else? hmm, I guess politics will now be on hold as government is getting an extra long Christmas holiday before they have to sort this mess out. I was reading articles yesterday that actually calmed me down a bit. Turns out the opposition parties are completely entitled to do what they're doing. If there was a problem with the Bloc, then it should have been addressed when they were made a national party (perhaps that was unconstitutional, but debating it now is kind of too late). Anyway, nothing more to say about that.


Jen said...

That's good that you got in a "decent" workout...not as good as a GREAT one, but better than nothing, right???

I got summoned for Jury duty last year and I actually WOULDN'T have been able to do it (I was closing on my house and moving). The judge (who was in the room when I got called) told me that wasn't a good excuse. The jurors decided not to pick me and the judge said "is it because you feel bad since she is closing on her house" one girl said no and the other said "oh yes, I know how stressful it all is". The judge told me I was charming and wished me luck...I was kind of sad though...the guy ended up being found guilty and it was a murder case!!! CRAZY!!! it went on for 2 weeks!!! Would have added a little spice to my life!

Angie All The Way said...

Haha that's so funny because I always say that I WISH I would get a summons for jury duty because I'd eat it right up! lol They wouldn't pick me though because of my line of work, but that's exactly why I'm interested in it! Hubby thinks I'm such a geek and no one in their right mind "wants" to go to jury duty! lol