Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Waiting for results to kick in

So I'm upset with the scale this morning. 143. I had a perfect day yesterday, stuck to plan exactly (well I added a slice of toast to supper with my stew, but that's still good to me). And I'm up. I know that results don't just kick in immediately so I'm waiting for the results to show up. But it's frustrating!

Anyway, my gym time yesterday was good. I did intervals on the treadmill for only 15 minutes (that's how it worked out for the sign up sheets). I need to do harder intervals though I think. I did 10.5 km/hr slows and 12.5 km/hr fasts. I need faster fasts, I'm just a bit scared to do that on a treadmill thinking I'll fall off or something. Then I did weights focusing on my shoulders. Also did bicepts, tricepts, chest and upper back. It was really good. It's very different doing heavier weight low reps compared to the very high reps we do in class.

Then hit up Canadian Tire, bought the wrong headlight for my car so I need to go back today, plus I bought a food processor for my mom. Another Christmas present hits the dust! I caught myself starting to browse but remembered I'm not buying things for myself, so I stuck to my list! one point for me!

Today's supper is going to be a chicken stir fry, but I forgot to thaw the chicken, should still be ok. I've got lots of veggies to use up. Plus it's a lighter meal to have before my kickboxing class.

Hubby took the baking to work. Not the banana bread, but I still didn't touch it. It's actually probably going to go bad. Moist food like that molds quick on me.

Meals de jeur:
breakfast - bowl of kashi cereal with milk
snack - cheese string, sugar free pudding cup
lunch - salad with half can of tuna and homemade dressing, grapes, oranges, pear
snack - yogurts, oranges, veggies and dip (low fat sour cream dip)
supper - chicken stir fry, glass of milk

Again, i'm going to distract myself with the crystal light. Food doesn't taste good with it so it keeps me from snacking.


Vanessa said...

Lucas bought new headlights for our car yesterday. HUGE difference! Being able to see where you're going in the dark is nice ;)

Carolyn said...

Well you KNOW you are doing all the right things so the weight WILL come off, you just need to be patient. I know it sucks waiting but trust me, you'll start seeing results soon. Just keep it up and stay away from the banana bread.

Good idea to send the baked goods with Hubby to work. For some reason mine haven't been tempting me....maybe it was the promise I made to myself to not eat even one more??? I think I've just put them away in my "Off limits" section.

Jen said...

YAY!!! Good for you for not getting something for yourself!!! That is the WORST part for me, shopping...when I see things I ALWAYS want them!!!

I always want my good behavior to show on the scale right away too...sometimes I am SOOOO focused on the scaled that if it doesn't show it can ruin my whole week (seriously, how messed up is that?)

I forgot to take out my chicken for supper tonight too...but I am going to the gym after I get home, so I am not too concerned, it will thaw a little bit in those two hours!!