Friday, August 31, 2007


So check it out:
In 3-4 months (this summer), I've lost 3 1/4 inches from my belly button. 2 inches from my waist. A whole freaking inch from my neck! If only I could some how quantify double chins, I'm sure I'd be down. Yay! I've lost 13.6 lbs, and if you add up all the losses I've posted there it's 13.5 inches. Isn't that weird? If I would have measured fewer things it wouldn't have matched or if I measured more it wouldn't have either, so you can't say it's an inch for every pound. besides some of those areas are much larger than others (waist compared to thigh). But it's still cool how it worked out. I'm a little sad about my boobs going away but they're much nicer now than they were anyway. Fit in my bras better and generally easier to manage. It's a nice way to do things, even though I didn't think anything had changed, especially the scale only a few pounds in the last month, things were still happening. I am over halfway there! I think ideally I'd like to lose another inch from the hips, waist and belly button. The rest of the body wherever it ends up with those things happening. If my thighs stay the same, so be it, though I'm sure they'll shrink too. I know that at one point in my life, ok 2, I've liked my legs. 1st time I was 17, playing volleyball in high school, and after 3 practices a week and about 6 games ever weekend I was in some killer shape. I could obviously eat whatever I wanted because I was burning thousands of calories a week! I'd only really be happy for about a month, I was out of shape the rest of the year, well I just wasn't as active at least so the pounds would pack back on out of season. The second time was my wedding. I wasn't doing anythign specific to lose weight, I was eating really healthy and exercising but just doing it so irregularly and without any real plan. But that's when I was at my lowest weight (volleyball also added lots of muscle weight). I remember getting out of bed and getting dressed and seeing my legs in my full length mirror and being suprised at how nice they were. It was just sort of a "hmpf! who'd a thought?" moment and then I carried on. I wish I paid more attention then and realized I was in killer shape and wore a bikini more and so on. maybe I would have been more aware once I started gaining. I slowly gained about 20 lbs since my wedding day. (back down some though! Woohoo!) I guess my final goal is to be at my wedding weight again. more or less. I can't believe how awesome this is going though! I do have hiccups but I'm not missing anything in particular. Except the gorgefest feeling. Sometimes I just want to literally stuff my face, eat handfulls of something! Sometimes that grosses me out but sometimes you just feel like that! I try and eat popcorn when it's a quantity not a quality thing. But I totally let myself eat anything I'm completley craving, just the rest of the time when it's just sort of time to eat, I try and pick healthy things. I am working out a lot now though. That's totally what's doing it. I am worried about winter coming. I'm not going to be able to run any more. (well I can but I'm too wimpy to run in snow with a parka). I will have started my fitness classes again so hopefully that does the trick. Plus I'm going to just do walks with my dog. They might be short ones but even if I just do 15 minutes every day that's a bonus. That would leave my total hours for the week at 4.75 hours. Not too bad I think. Not to mention my elliptical is waiting for me. I'm not much of a believer of slow steady state cardio any more. Not after my interval training results. But I can probably think of some sort of intervals to do on there. OF COURSE there will be still strength training which is the real secret!
ok that was enough of a yay I'm awesome and here's the plan pep talk sorta thing. love to hear your thoughts!


So nobody had any great ideas on why to get the purse/lunch kit thing? I guess it wasn't meant to be.
So I'm catching up on Entourage online during my lunch breaks. I'm not finding it particularly funny but I am hooked. I think whatshisname is so cute. watching right now so that's why this post is so choppy.
guess what the happy scale told me this morning? 141! it's back down to where it was! I think it's about strategic food and bathroom timing. Plus I got naked again, I keep forgetting that even though pj's are light, they still weigh like a lb!
Also took measurements again, probably post them tomorrow or tonight. They're down again a little bit. I know I can't expect inches of my waist every month so that's why it doesn't seem like much. But half an inch here and half there is still awesome! stay tuned for that!

So last night we didn't go to BP because there was such a wait, shoulda made reservations. oops. So we went to Tony Roma's, dad's favorite place. And they didn't have a fancy drink menu so I just had diet coke. I cannot decide what I want to drink. I don't like wine, beer, or ceasars. so unless it's some fancy umbrella thing that has a picture on a special menu, I don't usually drink anything. but diet coke. And it was unlimited so that always makes me happy. And to eat I had some kind of spicy southwest salad. Really good. Different from any I'd had before. sorta like the dressing was salsa. And it came with little cheese quesedillas but I only ate 1 quarter and a couple bites. And not even all my salad. All the chicken though. No dessert. And nothign at my house afterward. It was really fun visiting with the whole family. M&D were really excited about their trip. I got a little sad dropping them off at the airport this morning. I'm such a sap. We don't really hug in my family but I did hug them good-bye and I could tell mom was getting choked up too. So we made akward jokes and moved on. that's what we do. I also (being the oldest) felt very over protective about it all. Making sure they packed everything they needed and didn't forget anything. I wanted to hang out until they got on the plane but they didn't want me to deal with parking so I just dropped them off. But then I was really paranoid that they left something in the van or forgot something. And these are my parents. They managed to plan trips for themselves many times before and even brought us along as little kids. They know what they're doing. Sheesh.
anyway, food today:
pb toast, cantaloup, peach, leftover chicken pizza (1.5 slices), cheese string, yogurt, I'm pretty full now. It was a big pizza. But I just couldn't stop eating. oh well. Saving a granola bar for snack. But I think i'm leaving early so we'll see how it all goes. I'm not sure what supper will be. I don't know. It's weekend thinking starting 3:00. I'm gonna try and stay on track with eating, but it will be more casual. Maybe not 1 hour cooking sessions, just a sandwich or something. but it will be healthy. Probably have 1 day/night of snacks. Probably go to the movies.
ok well, don't know what else to say, like I said, Entourage. so hope y'all have a great weekend! later!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

another day another dollar

Work's been getting me down a bit. Not that what I'm doing is so terrible. But I'm paranoid about doing it. I don't want anybody to check it over in case I screwed up big time. I'm hoping I catch it myself. Mostly I feel paranoid that this 1 guy is gonna catch it. And it's weird cause he's a super nice guy and we get along great. But for some reason I just feel sort of nervous when he's around. he's taking off tomorrow so I'm planning to do all these things then that I don't want to do today. super weird. I've got issues.
anyway, I just feel sort of in the groove with everything lately. I'm an old pro at the working out thing. Went for a longer run yesterday, just straight out jogging no intervals. I realized how much in better shape I am than I was at say the beginning of summer. Crazy. Then while hubby and SIL and her bf went to the bar for wings I stayed home and made myself some teryaki pizza. It was pretty good. Don't know about the cal's but I dont think it's too bad, I ate less than I expected to. I also had a corn on the cob. yummy. Filled me up good. This morning I did intervals, just really short, I'd guess 15-20 minute. Well let's see, 4 minute warm up, 4 sprint intervals of 1 min, 4 recoveries of 2 minutes. 16 minutes, plus a little time switching songs etc. good enough. I was sweating and tired.
food - pb and banana toast, cheese string, cantaloup, left over slice of "pizza", yogurt, peach, working on an apple. Going to Boston Pizza again tonight with the family (m&d are leaving tomorrow!) Probably have the thai chicken salad. I love it. And probably have a fancy umbrella drink.
maybe some cheeca chips for a snack. maybe not. I think we'll be busy packing etc.
I feel like such a boring blogger. Thank goodness I have interesting Commenters who ask me questions or inspire me to talk more!

Swiz - bathroom squats. Just like hovering on the toilet, only I go a bit deeper as I have no knee issues. I make my legs quite wide and slightly turned out, but not really like a plie. Then drop! you can vary the timing and it really changes things, plus changing how your feet are positioned works different muscles. I just do a bunch until I feel the burn. I don't want to look like I'm sick or something gone in the bathroom too long!

Sheri - I'm a riddle, I need to do exercise more often because otherwise I'm bored and eat, however I get bored when exercise is too long! I'd love to walk, but I think I'd need something else or I'd get too bored by a long walk. Maybe I'll download my podcast and listen to that as I walk. Good idea, I just need to multi-task!

Dizzy - there's studies that link people who drink milk to healthy body weight. I personally don't believe that milk is causing it, rather that drinking milk is a sign of someone who looks after their health. I just drink it because I love it. My mom used to ration us on the milk because we'd drink 3 glasses at every meal!

Ok tomorrow is friday finally! yay! I've been dying for this long weekend. Working all summer with no holidays is crap! Hubby's taking holidays next week to go hunting. I think I'm going to need mine to work on my thesis. boo. but we'll see.
Geez that had nothign to do with anything.
I'm trying to kill time until it's home time....
oh I know - I saw the cutest purse/lunch kit today at bentley, it was only $10. But I don't really need anything because I'm doing just fine right now with a plastic bag in an old purse. Are there any justifications to buying this? (besides I want it and it's not that much and it's cute?) like I'll be forced to bring less food because everythign won't fit? or I can also use it as a purse and not have to bring my regular purse to work? any help? it's insulated which is a plus, but we've got a fridge at work, I just don't use it. cold food hurts my teeth. I might pack it with healthy snacks and bring it places on weekends?
ok well I can handle 20 more minutes or work. later!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

too good to be true

I knew that number yesterday was too good to be true. (and I knew I shouldn't step on the scale this morning!) I "gained" 1.4 lbs yesterday. Probably because I was pigging out in the evening. I never do that! But when I'm not exercising I guess I'm eating! I took the night off. And didn't do anything productive. Felt pooey. Helped hubby a little bit building a shed in the backyard. but other than that, paced a lot looking for something to do! And ate. I had a diet orange pop, some cheeca chips (only about 90 cal's) and then a banana. And some taffy's. And this after a big supper of roast beef and potatoes and salad. and a cookie. Thinking back it wasn't really all that bad. Only about an extra 200-300 calories at night. But that food was still in me for the weigh in in the morning, I guess it could have been 1.4 lbs. maybe. need a good run tonight. I think I'm going to switch things up a little though. I can't do my strength and cardio on the same day. It leaves me with too much unhealthy time on my days off. I can't do strength back to back and I'm too lazy to do more than 3 cardio's a week. (they are brutal - sprint/jog intervals.) I guess I could just "jog" on the other days. We'll try that out I think.
food today:
b - in a hurry so just banana, packed a small protein yogurt mix which I ate for snack (250)
l - pb sandwich, peach, cantaloup, yogurt, another banana. pigged out on the fruit
snack - nothing yet. Staring at an apple and some soy nuts, but probaby eat that on the way home
supper - I'm thinking of making something on some flat bread I've got. Maybe a chicken flat bread pizza. Except roommate just order pizza at 10 last night so she won't want it. might do it anyway, just less pizza-y more chicken and teryaki-y. and milk as always.
night snack - likely have something post workout. protein bar? plus some toffee. Just a couple though. no cookies tonight. Just tonight I can have some tomorrow. deal.
workout will be both cardio and weights, won't be doing anything tomorrow night, out for supper with family and they're staying over. maybe mornign jog with my dog.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Late one for me

So it's almost the end of the day and I still haven't thrown anything up here yet. Unlike me. I was actually busy with work that wasn't annoying as hell!
So I stepped on the scale this morning and it had a happy number 141.0 Maybe it was too happy. I thought I had a bad weekend, it shouldn't have had enough time to wear off yet. Not complaining though. Plus it's TOM, isn't that supposed to make it go the other way? again, not complaining.
So turns out SIL didn't make supper last night, but hubby did. Just grilled cheese and tomato soup - his specialty (aka the only thing he can cook). It was really good, been trying to eat too fancy lately. I can still eat simple meals and be healthy. this wasn't particularly. He used a lot of margarine on the bread. But I didn't eat a ton of it, I think calories would be low. But then I did have to have a cupcake and some saltwater taffy. I thought I was done but SIL bf then decided he wanted to make floats (but he blendered them, pop and icecream blendered) it was good, but I'm not much of an ice cream person. And drinking nondiet pop makes me very nervous. So I only had half a glass. I should have said none thanks, but it was a nice gesture to make it for me in the first place. But you're right Dizzy, I gotta not eat things to make other people happy. Bad trend that is becoming evident. So I think all that food was more than I should have had, but again, scale still showed a loss, 12 hours later.
I did get a run in last night (intervals woohoo) and did some TT. My dog was being a beast and I think that's why I had the cupcake. She bit my face. She was just playing but that's not cool. I don't know what to do with her. She doesn't know the difference between biting me and biting her toys. Plus after that she spilled my float (that's maybe why only half a glass) all over the magazine rack and carpet. Nice orange milky pop on my white carpet. I was ticked. I took it out on hubby a little. Where was he all evening while she was being bad? It's OUR dog, not mine! Grr...but that happened as I was trying to go to bed so had to stay up 1/2 hour and clean that mess. We've got this little bissel carpet cleaner and apparently on the weekend hubby cleaned up some of Daisy's pee on the carpet with it, but never thought to rinse it or dump the pee-water. So it absolutely stunk when I had to use it. Had to clean it before I cleaned the floor or I would have just spread pee around. And I told this to hubby (snapped it to him) and he said "well I'll clean it out" and then leaves the room to have a shower so I did it all, he comes back as I'm finishing and says "you should show me how to do that for future reference." yeah well if you were around when it needed doing I would have loved to. Glad you're nice and clean and ready for bed. I haven't showered yet so I'll have to get up early and do so getting even LESS sleep!
I didn't realize I was so mad about this until I wrote it out. Sheesh! I just hope my dog is an angel tonight or she's getting ignored outside. May jog tonight. May just take it off completely. Do some baking or make some soup or something. I feel bad if I'm not productive. I wanna do something I'm always to busy to do that I like doing. Maybe I'll scrapbook.
Anyhow. Time to go home. End of the day. Nice way to end it too, slacking the last 20 minutes. Have a good one!

Monday, August 27, 2007

too full

So I ate too much last night. At the golf tourney. Other than that pretty good weekend. Starting at the beginning:
went home friday. Had a burger with lettuce and tomato at McD's. and a fruit and yogurt and a large diet coke. Perfect. lunch was a thai chicken wrap which is a good option, but for some reason they had noodles in the wrap. that's weird. but it was good. just did some hanging out and visiting all weekend. Helped mom in the garden. Had a few coolers. Didn't need them, and was going to turn them down but I didn't want to explain why so I had them. I think this is something I need to work on. But at my age and being married this long it's just too easy for people (even parents) to assume it's because I'm pregnant. I don't know why I hate people assuming that, because they'll find out soon enough I'm not. I just don't like people thinking that. Walked/jogged my aunty's dog with my dad early saturday. they were dog sitting. Didn't on Sunday. I needed sleep. Came back to the city and golfed in hubby's work's golf tourney. It was fun. 18 holes with a cart isn't great exercise but it was nice to be outside, except it was freezing. I haven't really warmed up since! It took me awhile to get my game on, doesn't feel right if I'm not carrying my clubs. But I finally did and then it was great. I "won" closest to the pin for women. But only because the people we were golfing with wrote my name down, I wasn't even on the green. but I don't feel bad because no other woman's name was on there, all men trying to be funny. So I got $25 gift card to cineplex odeon. So movie on the long weekend! yay! Also got a picture frame i'm gonna put behind the couch and an expensive golf shirt for my mom and her trip (did I tell y'all my parents are going to new zealand and australia for 6 weeks this friday?) Hubby won tackle box filled with goodies and a t-shirt. Plus we got a couple free drinks cause we were golfing with one of the suppliers, must be a sweet job, playing golf with clients and buying drinks and giving prizes. I could handle that. I just had some diet cokes but still. Supper was steaks and potatoes and salads and garlic toast and mushrooms and onions and then cheesecakes for dessert. I've got an affliction of try-some-of-everything-itis. Especially when things are cut small or could be just scooped small. I had some of each salad and then everything else. And some of each dessert (there were only 3 but still, 3 cheesecake type desserts is at least 2 too many). I was stuffed. Then we went home and I was hoping to get a little exercise in with the hubby ;) but never happened. I made cookies for work instead, and of course had to have 1.
This morning I was just soooo tired and cold I couldn't jog the dog so we did a short walk and I'll run tonight. Plus I brought like all fruits and veggies to eat. Here:
b - 3 wasa breads w/ pb and jam. semi bad but the lack of real bread made me justify it
s - cookie
l - edamame bowl (90 cal), yogurt, pear
s - cookie (bad) and i'm about to eat a peach, maybe also another 50 cal yogurt
supper - i don't know. SIL and her BF said they were going to make something, pork chops or something. I will not say no to somebody else cooking! Even though I could probably just have a sandwich and be satisfied (did you notice that no bread today, even better than my 2 slice limit!)
Scale this morning said gain of 1.5. Not quite believing it since it was still all the food in my guts from last night, plus I had some booze on the weekend and TOM is holding up some water. I'm expecting to bounce back after a couple days back on track. Sweat some of this out of me.
did I ever tell you guys that I do squats in the bathroom at work sometimes. It's hard sitting in a desk all day.
also I have to tell you - Katieo, I "saw" you shopping last week. I had to do a double take and remember that you don't live anywhere near me so it wasn't you.
I've also "seen" you Colette. Wave next time! hehe
Feel like I have more to say but it's not coming to me. maybe later.

Friday, August 24, 2007


oh yeah. over half done! totally in the zone. Though I bet you're not suprised since I sorta gave it away by mentioning being half done. i've got 10-12 lbs left. I just arbitrarily picked 130 lbs as a goal. Though I think it's gonna matter more to me what I look like. I don't really remember ever being that small so I don't know what the scale looks like when I'm the size I want. (basically no more pudge! Bikini time!) So as I approach that I'll readjust, it might be more or less.

I'm working on updating my graphs etc. I'm just paranoid doing this at work that somebody's gonna pop in. I haven't been "checked on" in awhile. So a little later I think. However, totally right on plan for my nov 11 goal. (I sorta feel bad choosing a holiday to honor canadian soldiers as my weight loss goal, sorta takes the focus away from where it should be. Maybe I'll just say the 10th of november.)

in other news (this blog has news?): my puppy is so smart. She's still bad and bites and jumps, but she can learn tricks in 1/2 an hour. Last night we just learned a new one, I shoot her ("bang") and she falls over dead. Funny! She only does it so far when we're really close together and she doesn't fall that quick, it looks like a little kid doing a play where they sit down first and then lay down in the right pose. Funnier that way I suppose. I think with some practice she'll do it right quick. She rolls over before you even ask her to lately! just any time you get a treat out for her! Still gotta work on the every day behaviour though.

lunch in 1/2 hour, gonna aim for a salad but I don't know what's on the menu. gonna stay away from fries and pasta at all costs. maybe a club sandwich though. cal's so far for the day (same breakfast plus peach and yogurt) = ~300 calories. Supper will also likely be fast food-ish as i'm driving home to visit my parents before they leave for Australia for 6 weeks next thursday. Bringing my workout clothes home and I'm gonna do my best to eat good as I wanna be a good example for my parents (both have high cholesterol and my dad just thought he had some kinda heart attack and was having tests done, and my mom just found out she's got degenerative bone disease and kidney stones. Hey have a fun holiday!) They generally eat well but still in the way that older people do who cook things with butter. Plus they're busy so convenience food is everything. PLUS they're in a small town so getting good fresh produce is a little trickier. If anybody is a doctor and has some good advice for supplements for them to take let me know quick. They're not even taking multivitamins so I'm bringing those home for them as well as a copper bracelet (who knows?) for mom. Mom should also have a brace kinda thing for her back just for her holiday. i'm not a fan of those that restrict movement because it just lets your muscles get even weaker. But she's got less than a week to get better and then she has to not get broken on her trip!
ok so hope y'all have a good weekend. I'm hopefully doing some walking with parentals and maybe weights but definately some golf on sunday. forgot to mention that it's hubby's work golf tourney. so there's carts but still a little exercise. And then there's a bag lunch for us and a buffet supper. I like how I've been doing at buffets. Completely filling my plate, but mostly with the veggies. (I love em!) this might be burger and I'm not a big fan of not fast food burgers (weirdo) so that should be pretty easy. Just the desserts will be a problem. Same as at mom's house. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

cool stuff

I don't know what this post is going to cover but I figure you'll keep reading if you know there's cool stuff in it. Is it working?
So I found another awesome thing that I like for breakfast. Low fat plain yogurt (ew) mixed with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder! It give me oodles of protein, not much fat or carbs (I didn't really look at this) and is only about 200 calories! plus it keep me super full for a long time! And it's delish and tastes like a dessert. It was 10:00 and snack time and I wasn't even hungry and had to force myself to eat some pineapple (gotta keep that metabolism up!).
So food - well first yesterday's supper ended up being a large pita from extreme pita in the food court, a diet coke and a cookie. Pretty healthy plus a treat. I try and steer clear of restaurant cookies cause they're sooooo bad for you (tons of fat and like 300 calories or something.) but since it was only 1 and I wasn't going back I could handle it. Before I knew how bad they were I'd buy 6 for a road trip and eat them all. that's good, all that energy for sitting in a car.
Anways, today's food:
breakfast - chocolate yogurt mix - 200 cal
snack - pineapple - 75
lunch - cucumber sandwich - 200, yogurt, and some grapes 80
snack - another yogurt, more grapes, maybe an apple, maybe soy nuts - 150
supper - wraps. probably grilled chicken wraps and corn on the cob. How much will that be? Likely 500. plus I think I'll have a protein bar with my weights tonight. So another 700 for the day or something
total - only 1400 today. Weird. Seems just as satisfying as any other day. Even supper/snack tonight will be big. Might try and copy today's food again tomorrow. oh wait. tomorrow we're going out for lunch at work. definately copying breakfast and drinking a big thing of benefibre juice for snack, save some calories for lunch. We're going to Boston Pizza, anybody know of a good light meal there? They've gotta have a thai chicken salad right?

already ran this morning. yay me. plus last night was tons of shopping and walking (4 hours) and my legs hurt so that's sort of exercise. Bought a pair of jeans, a size 29! My skinny sis is usually a 29 and I'm usually a 30 (she's skinny and I'm fat, but we can still share jeans sometimes!). I did lose weight but I haven't bought jeans when I was fat, just squeezed in my old ones, Sis didn't lose weight, but we were both a size smaller than we were before. If she wasn't with me I'd take all sorts of glory over losing a pant size, but since she did too, it's more likely they changed the sizing. oh well. At least these jeans fit good and look good and were only $20 after sales and coupons. Plus I bought 2 plain black 2 shirt for $5! nice ones too! I'm sort of sad that i'm still a size large. Just the way my body's shaped. People don't really believe me when I tell them but even they are too tight sometimes.
Plus I was feeling pretty good about my body and size and weight. Even though there's been no change in the measurements for a month, I feel like my legs look better. However nothing pops that balloon like shopping. Well shopping with sis. I came out of the change room, excited about my jeans, twirling in the mirror, then she comes out in her jeans, looks 1 million times better. long legs, thin legs. Space between her legs even when she's not doing the splits. *sigh* oh well, I know I'm getting there. It was just a little reminder that I've got a way to go still. Which is good. I've got about 12 lbs left to lose and I've already lost 12 or so so this is halfway. the first half wasn't really that hard to do, it took longer than I'd have liked but other than that, just exercising. I'm eating how I want. And if I really want something I can have it. I don't want to eat processed foods so I don't feel like I'm missing out on chips and chocolate bars because I know there's crazy junk in there that does bad things to my body besides just make it get bigger. And even then, if I want some, I'll have some. So if the next half can go just as well I'll be happy. And if the timing goes about the same it should be goal time by the beginning of December if not a little earlier. Let's say Remembrance day is the new goal. It's Nov 11th here in Canada. It should be enough of a push to be a little challenging, plus hopefully I won't get hit up with any more month long plateaus! (we'll here's hoping) How 'bout y'all? Do you have any dates that you'd like to be at certain goals for? I've heard some people are against setting dates because there's too much pressure and if you aren't gonna make it you give up. But I think it's a little extra push. (I would never do homework if there wasn't a due date). Then I can see if I'm on track too and if I need to pick it up a little bit. Thoughts?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

diet but no strength training? BOO to you!!! Listen to this!
So it seems that nobody took a single picture of me at that wedding so I don't have any to show you. Too bad. I looked good. (just imagine it, slim yet strong, sexy, perfect hair, perfect makeup, tall - hey if you're just imagining, it might as well be perfect right?)
Well if anyone had the patience to follow all my posts for the last few days you've gone on quite a roller coaster. First I'm telling you to eat more, them I think I eat too much, then I realize it's just too much bad things, and the whole time I've been going on about how I figured out the protein thing and eating clean, blah blah blah. Well now I'm eating some humble pie. Sorry folks. I'm not as big of a know it all as I thought. I just act like one. But no, I'm not going to stop!
It's working for me. I am glad I figured out my calories and nutrient breakdown. But I'm not going to do some major overhauls. I've realized my fat is a little high and my protein a little low. For those meals. I still think in general my eating is pretty good. Except when there's a million pieces of pizza that I don't want to "waste". anyway, even this bad eating is working for me. I think that it's more like my exercising is cancelling out some of the bad eating. I'm losing again baby! I'm not going to tell you a number and jinx myself for this friday's weigh in, but it should be good news.
food today:
vanilla mini-wheats measured 1 serving, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup strawberries = 250 cal
snack - flavoured soy nuts = 150 cal
lunch - cucumber sandwich with fat free mayo and cheese whiz = 200 ?
yogurt (50), ff pudding (90), pineapple (75), homemade granola bar (150) (I just couldn't stop eating!) = 565 - not so bad...
snack - apple (100) pear (100) maybe more soy nuts if I don't think the full will last.
supper - corn on the cob (hopefully it's not moldy), the rest I don't know, hubby's not going to be home so it can be "girl" food. But I might eat at the mall with my sis when we're shopping after work. I'll have a fibre bar to keep me full. (150)
So supper will probably be 500ish calories plus 150 = 650
TOTAL: 1815 It seems to be consistently hitting that 1800 mark. Supper may be less today and I don't know if I'll eat an apple, pear and a fibre bar between 3 and 6 o'clock. So it might hit down about 100.
Any thoughts again? I was actually really suprised that my fat was so high yesterday (well not because of pizza, knew that). I buy fat free everything, milk, yogurt etc. And I thought I was going to have a problem of not getting in enough healthy fats. But even reduced fat PB has lots of fat still right? I may have been too lazy to adjust some stuff in fitday. I hate putting in food they don't have so I try and guess with something similar. oh well.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fitsugar said for my height and weight and age and regular exercise (and a dry climate?) I need 2264 calories to maintain. So even hitting 1800 calories still leaves plenty of room to lose! yay!

here's what fitday said about my food today:

Wow too much fat! Bad girl!

food (calories)

2 rye toast w/ pb - 300
20 almonds - 140
cheese string - 80
homemade granola bar - 150 ?
veggie stir-fry - 150 ?
yogurt - 50
apple - 100
pear - 100
peach - 80
then supper - maybe a slice of pizza and salad and pineapple (don't know how long it keeps so better slice it up!) - 500 + 150
Total = 1800 (though I did guess high on things)
Also that's what I've packed, not sure if I'll eat the apple (I never needed it yesterday) And again, supper might be something different but I'm sure it'll be 500 cal's just depends on desert or not.
So again, that's pretty high cal yet I think it's typical food that I'd eat to lose weight. this could be low too. I'm sure super is at least 500 cal's all the time, and lunch is usually more than 150 and I always eat that much fruit and yogurt and stuff. Almonds were extra today. Just felt munchy and didn't bring a lot of protein for lunch. So weird. I feel like I'm eating good food and appropriate amounts, yet it's huge calories. I think I'm gonna try and tighten that up a bit. I'm sure it will as fruit goes out of season anyway. I just can't replace it with puddings and other snacks etc.
let me know what you guys think. Where can I save calories. I don't really think I should eat less than 300 calories for breakfast. It's sorta all about the lunch/snacks at work. but that's all healthy! I don't know what to do. for those on WW core I sorta feel like that's how I'm eating and you don't even have to count the "good" food right? Somebody feel like analyzing it that way?

much better today

food is going to be WAY better today. and I think a little more typical. Just had a lot of bad food at the house from the weekend.
ANYWAY I'll finish my post from yesterday now:

So yeah, I looked good at the wedding. Though I'm having trouble finding a picture of me. Here's what I got so far:

Of course I'm the one with the white pants and red and black shirt. Doesn't show a heck of a lot of anything but at least I don't look fat.
Sunday was shopping with in laws (after I slaved over the stove making b@con (that's for you Mandy, hopefully it doesn't make you drool if I disguise it) and eggs and toast etc while I only wanted toast and egg white scramble. So that's all I ate. Anyway, that was "brunch" again. ate around 11. Then like I said shopping. Ate a granola bar. drank diet coke. then back to the house with FIL only as he stayed another night because he had an appointment monday. So that's when he decided to treat us to p!zz@ and dry ribs and chicken wings. So i made salad and garlic toast to go with it. But not a great meal. And no exercise. But it's over.
Yesterday we all know what I ate. Ew. I actually changed supper to veggie stir-fry leftovers and a fibre bar because hubby and I went into town to visit. But I also never worked out because of this. And I never worked out this morning. I'm just so tired. Maybe I've got West Nile. Or maybe I'm pregnant.
Expect I know I'm not. But guess who is? Don't tell anybody but my SIL is 3 weeks pregnant! (not roommate one) She told her mom and dad sitting in her living room just before folkfest and everyone's talking and getting coats on and whatever and she was like "did you hear that mom, I was saying that I'm due in April, hope that doesn't interfere with your plans for that holiday..." and then MIL was like "early April or late?" and that's it. MIL has been poking and proding me and SIL to have babies for 3 years hinting all the time. But that's how she reacts. I'm sitting there and I look at SIL and I'm like "that's it? You're pregnant and I found out like this, not "hey guess what?" or anything!" I was floored. Then then next thing I know is she's talking about scrapbooking and this new catologue she's got. Weird. I was expecting jumping and hugging and I would have done that but I would have been the only one.
She's the one who was on LA weight loss too. She is 5 lbs away from her goal. Ridiculous! I haven't seen her in awhile and she looks good. So why does that make me angry and sad? I hate her for losing weight! Why? Because she's skinnier than me and I used to have that over her. I was "better" than her in that way. now she's "better" than me. I hate that I feel like this. But I do! I know that her weight changes nothing about me except this part of my attitude and I'm letting it make me feel bad. She's not trying to make me feel bad. Even if she says anything (which she hasn't) she's gonna say it in a way that's making her better. She's gonna brag about herself and raise herself up, not call me fat. I don't know how much she lost, I'm guessing 40 lbs or something. Here's something terribly mean that I was thinking: good thing she's pregnant now because she'll gain weight again and probably will have a hard time losing it again. Terrible! I wouldn't want somebody to hate me when I get skinny and wish me fat again. But I just feel mean and catty like that so there.
So this week I'm adding a goal: don't think mean thoughts. I know that I'm happy when I'm thinking happy so I'm going to tune me thoughts to that channel. (you can completely control how you feel, it doesn't happen to you, it's a choice, unless it's a clinical depression which is a disease. But don't tell me your life sucks because the reason it sucks is because you're thinking of the sucky things. If you think of the happy things you'll have a happy life! I may blog about this later but I think I sound like some weird new agey yoga hippy.)
Scale this morning showed a .2 lb loss so I don't think that pizz@ was too bad for me. I gotta hit the weights and run tonight then go to bed early. Then i'll be totally set up for a loss this week. yay!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Shannon that last post I swear was not about you! It might have been about your food but trust me you are not the only one who's menu makes my jaw drop! Of course I can tell you my food, and of course you picked a wonderful day to ask as I'm feeling completely crapped out about my menu today! monday's are never good. I'll try and post it all week and hopefully do a more typical menu later.
Breakfast - 1 piece of sunflower whole grain toast with (tons today) of peanut butter (the bread itself is like 120 calories a slice. it's hard to find whole grain bread that's got healthy things like omegas and yet is low cal)
snack - 1 2bite cinnamon roll and 1 honey glazed donut (office snacks are always a suprise. get them every monday for the meeting so I try to eat a lighter breakfast to make up for it) donut 320 calories, cinnamon roll 160 something. and it was like the size of my thumb.
lunch - 1 slice of Vern's pizza. we ordered yesterday with the in laws and I hate being fussy so they got like this all meat gigantic thing that I don't really like but we got such a huge pizza we'll be eating leftovers for 2 months. I was gonna bring a salad but I hate wasting food! these dilemmas I face... It was at least 450 calories. It was bigger than what I usually eat (well not size, but badness). Also had a big pear, and a cheese string thing. Another 200 calories.
snack - a source yogurt (50 cal) and this homemade granola bar thing (guessing 150 calories)
May also have an apple (100 calories)
supper - likely be pizza and caesar salad leftovers. Another 700 calories at least. Plus a glass of milk (120 calories)

I don't usually eat an evening snack, maybe a peach or plum (100 calories).

So my total for the day today will be 2400 calories! Eww! That's like 800 more than I should eat. So I basically can't eat supper. Well I did say that today is a not normal day. I think I'll NOT have pizza again for supper today (I am guessing on the calories but I know it has more than most pizza because it was like twice as thick with meat and I don't even like meat on pizzas!)
A "normal" day that I tracked last week where I felt like I ate really healthy and a lose fat type day for me turned out to be 1800 calories. I'm trying to keep it around 1600 but that's pretty tough when you don't keep track! I really don't know how I'm still losing weight, the only thing I can attribute it to is metabolism (which mine is so high from the weights)

So I think I'm going to try and do that every day this week and see how things go. I think I've already significantly adjusted things by figuring out that pizza stuff. I know I would have had a slice for supper and then lunch tomorrow and so on. I rarely eat pizza but when I do I usually have 2 slices. For this to even satisfy me with 1 slice, you know that's a lot of food. Well and snacks aren't usually donuts and cinnamon buns totaling 500+ calories, usually 250 calories or so.
Ugh, I am just disgusted!
Well I'll tell you about my weekend (which resulted in a maintain from friday, which is pretty good for a weekend). I don't even remember friday. I didn't workout at all though. I went for a run with my dog on saturday morning, did HIIT. felt great. Then did a TT workout. Then had a "brunch" of Wasa bread, feta and tomatoes (my dog ate half of one though) and a protein bar (I'm so excited I got protein bars and a protein shake, feel totally hard core now)
This was around 10:30. Never had lunch and went with in laws to look at houses for SIL/roommate. Then we went to folkfest. I brough my water bottle and fibre bars and had those and the only thing I bought was some hummus and half a pita as a snack. In laws looked at me like I was eating gum off the floor. Oh I lied, FIL bought me this rolled up norweigen cookie thing.
Then it was time for the wedding and I did really well with food there too. My plate was pretty packed but it was mostly veggies. Weird how my favorite food at buffets is usually the cooked vegetable that most people don't even eat. Did eat 3 squares/desserts but it's a wedding. No excuse. oops. I did dance a bit of it off. And had 1 paralyzer and the rest diet cokes. One of my friend's at the wedding (the beautiful one from the staggette) was the bridesmaid and we hung out with the wedding party most of the night (otherwise I would have been sooo bored). Anyway, she facebooked me that I looked "sooo hot at the wedding PS- I think I need to get in shape". So I'll get some pictures up soon I hope. She looked super pretty (especially compared to the other girls in the wedding party!) but again compared to them she was way bigger. (not that she looked big, these girls were tiny, gross, with concave chests) But I understand why she felt like she needed to get in shape after it. Especially because I was wearing some seriously flattering clothes. Made my waist look small I think. One of those flowy on top but stuck to your waist shirts? Sorta makes you look like a mumu on top know what I mean? anyways I'll put pictures up later.
Eek - getting spied on at work. I'll finish later!!!

What you're doing wrong and I'm doing right ;)

Since I'm a little miss know it all I feel this is an appropriate topic.
I've been catching this more and more "out there". Especially about you WW folks. Not to knock the program. I know it works for some of you. But you gotta pay attention. I'm hear to tell you to EAT MORE! Seriously! Your metabolism is based on how you eat. When you eat a lot, your metabolism works a lot (burning more calories). Which is why you can usually get quite a big weight loss when you're quite overweight and start to try and lose. And that's also why you see all these overweight women with the great big a$$es (probably reading a magazine on the elliptical and never lifting weights, am I talking about you? wow I'm cruel) but they hardly eat a thing and have been dieting for years. It's because they don't eat very much, their metabolism has shut down and their body has figured out how to be very very efficient and not burn as many calories. Whereas when you eat a bunch, your body thinks "oh yeah there's more coming" and it doesn't have to be very efficient so it just burns through that food. How many of you have noticed a loss monday after a big cheat on the weekend? I've read it over and over and you're suprised! Well there's your proof! You might be eating too little! I look at those of you who've posted your menu's and I just think, "wow I couldn't get buy on only that much food!" and I'm amazed at how you could still be overweight. and why I'm not gigantic with the amount of food I eat. But I think my metabolism is better than your metabolism (and my dad could beat up your dad). No I'm not a dietician or a personal trainer or anything. But I do read a lot about this junk and I'm not completely stupid so I don't think I misinterpretted all this. Swizzlepop checked it out awhile ago and found that with WW eating her points only gave her like 1100 calories (Sorry if I screw this up, I'm going from memory). Well you should never go below 1200 calories because your body thinks it's starving! Since she upped her calories to more like 1500ish range and she's totally reaping the benefits! I don't know how much she's lost since then or how little she was losing before, check out her blog. i'm just giving you the moral of the story.

The thing with your metabolism is dieting too long with too low of calories can permanently damage your metabolism (in which case you need to get a good personal trainer who knows what they're doing to help you out). Your metabolism eventually won't spring back when you eat more. So here's my warning to all y'all. Check your calories once in awhile and make sure it's not going to low. Especially if you're stuck at a plateau for too long. and especially if you aren't doing strength training. And especially if you've been dieting for a long time.

and don't get me started on strength training. If you aren't doing it, but you're trying to lose weight. You're doing it the hard way. Plain and simple. Plus, when you're "skinny" you're still gonna look yucky.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm back baby!

Yeah I was always here. But I was not always HERE:

-.6 lb!
Moving back down! Oh yeah! I know like just over half a pound. Woopie. I've been fluctuating by that for weeks now. But always on the above side of 144. Now I'm in the 143's. Yay! 143.4. It was almost 143.2 but that didn't last more than 3 breaths. So I can't remember when I officially weigh in (i've been doing every day for weeks here with no change) so I decided it's now friday mornings. And I have officially broken my plateau (I don't lie so it must be true now that I said it).
I would like to attribute it to Turbulence Training, the new workouts I'm doing. The strength part isn't exceptionally hard. Hardly sweat while doing that. I was disappointed but I did feel sore the next day which is something I haven't felt in a long time. So I'm gonna keep the same routine for awhile yet. The part that's been awesome has been the intervals. I've been doing sprint intervals. And yeah they're hard, but not impossible. Just 1 minute at fast as you can go. then recover for 2. And only 4 times (well I did more once, since I wasn't back home yet) I've been eating well, but I've basically been eating well for months now. I would love to keep track of my calories better but there's always something that I can't figure out. Plus I just doing want to spend that much time doing that. Maybe I'll just write it all down and then add it up for the whole week. I always have some recipe without nutritional info or else have a meal out and have no clue. I'm sure you can find an estimate online but like I said, too lazy. On days when I eat normal, whole foods (a hamburger as opposed to hamburger helper, where you have to measure) I've been keeping track in fitday and it's shown me that even when I think I'm eating few calories I'm really not. Up to 1800 on a day I thought was awesome. Perhaps my metabolism is better than I expected and I'm used to more food but I do need to cut back. So I'm all for keeping track.
So starting now:
B - 3 Wasa breads (have you tried these? Really pretty good. Nice replacement for toast, 3 slices = 90 calories)
B - 2 tbsp peanut butter
B - 1 banana
Sn - carrots
L - leftover pasta from restaurant, oily sauce as it was the last of the leftovers, some veggies in it, no meat. About 3/4 cup
L - 50 cal source yogurt
L - 1.5 cups strawberries
Sn - plum and 120 calories of soy nuts (anybody else eat these? Just got them and they're too hard! just a bad bunch or always like this?)
S - Plan on a veggie stir fry. May add steak for hubbies but I'm gonna try and go just veggie. Will need some kind of dessert as well. Also may watch a movie and eat cheeca chips (90 cal 2 cups)
Seems good now, but I think supper might be hard to rein in. That's why I wanna keep it just veggies as I like to fill my plate. But I always need a "dessert" or 2!
Also might do some intervals again tonight as I didn't run this morning as I did last night (I excuse myself if I ran just 12 hours prior). Actually if I do anything I think I'll bike. My dog's been acting crazy and I'd love to really really tire her out. Plus more house cleaning for in-law's visit tomorrow! Cleaning the bathroom yesterday I think should also count as a workout! My shoulder was dead after!
So I'm set up for a good weekend too. COULD be lots of eating but I'm feeling on top of this. Folkfesting with the in-laws, when you have to pay for food I eat a heck of a lot less. So I think I'll be sticking to my water and fibre bars. (folkfest is all these pavillions for all sorts of cultures - chinese, greek, german, australian etc, they have little shows of dance or whatever, sell little trinkets - fans at the chinese etc. and sell way over priced food and drinks of the region, really fun but expensive) After that is a wedding, i'll try and do better on buffet portion control than the last one. It's fresh in my mind what a disappointment all that food was, how I feel like a pig with a mountainous plate, then feel bad for leaving so much on it that I didn't like, then was full for dessert. So hopefully that helps. Then we don't know a lot of people at this wedding so hubby might dance with me a little more as there will be little else to do.
Sunday in laws are staying over so probably have to cook a big breakfast full of bacon and sausage (which I don't eat so it's actually a good thing for me, compared to waffles or something else big and hearty. Not a diet thing, just don't like it much) I usually have egg whites and toast. So bigger than a weekday but hopefully it holds me over for lunch. Then sunday plans are up in the air. It's also the air show in town I might go to. Which again, I'm too cheap to buy food at. Or else it might be shopping and hanging with family who I don't like to pig out in front of. I just feel good right now that even if family wanted MccyD's I wouldn't WANT anything but the salad. Yay feeling good! That's what a loss on a friday will do for your weekend I guess!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well I was inspired after totally beating up Mandy (she asked me to I swear!) We all have our reasons for losing weight. But sometimes those reasons just aren't enough to push us through the hard times. Yeah I wanna wear a bikini, but that's hardly going to motivate me during Thanksgiving supper since I won't be thinking bikini for several months. So I thought I'd compile a bunch of reasons to lose weight, eat healthy and workout. Some are shallow (hello - me!) and some are truly inspirational. I obviously can't think of everyone's motivation so please help me out in the comments! We should have a nice list that we can all check out when we need a little kick in the pants. Here's my list, and while I do appreciate all of them, I put stars by my big ones.

Wear a bikini!*
Be happy shopping*
Being able to get dressed without being sad
Not cringing at pictures of yourself
Not be a fat bridesmaid
Have other people be jealous of you
Be an inspiration to others
Still being able to fit in your wedding dress/college jeans/pre-baby clothes etc
Be comfortable eating in front of other people
Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke
Reduce risk of diabetes
Reduce risk of cancer
Reduce joint pain
Reduce back pain
Reduce cholesterol*
Reduce other chronic diseases
Reduce risk of pregnancy complications
Have an easier pregnancy (from exercise)
Have a healthier baby (from good food)
Lose baby weight
Not gain too much baby weight
Feel comfortable during sex
Look good naked*
Being strong*
Better skin/hair/teeth etc
Have more energy
Combat effects of aging
Improve sleep quality
Feel like you fit in better
Be more social - less embarrassed
Keep up with kids
Improve confidence
Get rid of cellulite
6 pack
wear cute clothes
Go to the beach with skinny people and not feel like a whale*
No more ITC (inner thigh chafing)*
No more back fat*
No more double chin*
Be happier (don't tell me TRYING to lose weight is making you happy, would be nice to stop trying to lose hey?)
Cute undies
Cute dresses
Conforming to societies standards (it may suck that it's the social norm, but nobodies gonna say that they like being on the outs)
Live longer
Reduce cravings
No more rolls
No more people asking if you're pregnant* (especially if you carry all your weight in a little ponch that looks just like a baby bump)
Improve general health - I believe that exercise and healthy eating can even prevent the common cold
No more arm jiggle
Wear a bikini - did I say that already? ;)

Anybody got anything else? What's your personal reason for losing weight?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

go me

So I feel pretty good. Things going alright. Tried a smoothie for breakfast. Liked it. One of my cottage cheese ones. This one with strawberries and a banana and ice and splenda. And Benefibre. Gotta love fibre. Anyway this worked out to around 350 calories and lots of protein. I think I gotta cut down on the bananas. I eat them like they're nothing but they've got 100+ calories each. But this was good. I did sort of miss the chewing aspect to breakfast, however since I was running late it was easy to take this with me for the drive.
Packed a nice healthy lunch of tuna and rice and peas but forgot I'd made plans to go out for lunch. So went to East Side Mario's and had Angelhair primavera with Chicken. Very delicious. Not terribly unhealthy. An oil and herb type sauce and veggies. Ate about half of it and packed the rest. It did feel like quite a bit and it felt bad to be eating it period. (pasta...) but I don't think it was terrible. Did eat my snacks of yogurt, cantaloup and carrots (over 2 snacks).
TT last night was good. I think I may need to do the intermediate version not the beginner. Well I need an inbetween. I don't think I can do a 1 legged squat, but 5 second side planks are a piece of cake. Didn't really break a sweat last night. But a few muscles were aching when I was done. Tried to jump rope but the dog hated it. Kept barking at the rope. Besides, I don't have a good jump rope, it's too light. sorta like jumping using a ribbon, it just doesn't spin fast enough. But I did go on the bike. Only about 15 minutes. It's hard with a poorly trained dog on a short leash. I almost ran her over 5 times and she almost pulled me off like 39 times. Plus she can't run that fast. oh well. we're getting there.
This morning I did the sprint intervals though for my run. It's not too bad. you only have to do 4 intervals of superfast (1 minute) then a 2 minute recover. So with warm up and cool down it's like 20 minutes. I worked way harder than I usually do on morning runs, in less time and didn't hate every minute of it! So I think that's the new plan. Until I get a new jump rope at least.
Plus I realized that I have made serious progress. I'm wearing a shirt today that when I got it in March was pretty tight, couldn't do it up over the boobs (button up shirt) and only looked good when standing up straight. But now I can wear it fully buttoned and it looks almost too big.
Not sure what to do tonight yet. I'm supposed to go to this friend's house for her birthday party/bbq. but I forgot to bring anything (byob, byo meat, present?) So I could either go buy stuff and go right over, or go home eat and come in afterwards (burning gas). Plus it's a luao (sp?) party and I'm wearing winter clothes (it's cold here this week). I think I'll go home first. But I was looking forward to a bit of shopping to kill time between work and party now that's eaten up with driving. Oh well. gonna be a tough temptation night. Bringing a big diet coke and a fibre bar so hopefully won't want chips. yeah right. I should say, hopefully won't eat chips.
Hope everyone's feeling as good about all this weight loss stuff as I am!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why I'm awesome even if I'm not losing weight:

Completely superficial list follows:
1. I'm stronger than most girls
2. I'm trying to lose weight
3. I'm not really fat
4. I have nice hair
5. I have nice eyes
6. I'm a good person
7. I have nice boobs
8. I have good hips so other people think I'm skinny
9. I'm in good shape
10. I eat healthy and plan on evading cancer and alzheimers and other diseases based on my diet and lifestyle
11. I'm smarter than most people
12. I'm positive (my attitude, don't gimme that grade 4 joke!)
13. I will lose weight
14. I didn't have to shell out hundreds of bucks to lose my weight
15. I got married and bought a house and am "living the life" way earlier than most everyone else.
16. I make more money than other people
17. yet do less work than most people
18. I get along with everyone (even when I don't like them)
19. I've got best friends that can never get rid of me (my sister and my mom)
20. My eyelashes curl all by themselves
21. I can sing pretty well
22. My husband thinks I'm sexy
23. My husband loves me
24. I drive a nice car
25. I have a pretty face
26. My double chin isn't as bad as my in-law's double chin
27. I have good skin
28. We bought a house just before the market exploded
29. I can do anything for about half the cost that you can
30. I'm always happy and can always find the bright side.

there now when I feel like total crap (which never happens, read 30) I can just check this out and know that people are jealous of me for these things. Mostly when I feel like somebody's superior to me I can remember why I'm better than them. I'm so shallow. But some people do that to you ya know? the cool popular ones who have it all? Well they're not married, have limp hair and I can beat them in an arm wrestle. So there! :p


Well the loss has left and I've gained a pound. I'm so confused. I think if I just focus on how I feel and feel like I look, I am up at least a pound. I'm completely stalled and maybe in reverse. But I have had a revelation. I'm not acting like somebody trying to lose weight. I'm acting like a maintain. I'm eating very healthy and working out. But I'm eating too much and not working out hard enough. Yes I'm running as much if not more than I used to be. But it's so much easier for me now than it used to be so the intensity isn't there. So I've gotta kick that up. And the food, I'm eating calories like crazy. All fruit and yogurt and almonds and whole wheat etc. but i'm just consuming too much of it. I started tracking food in I still don't know what's supper for sure but breakfast, snacks and and lunch (packed, so everything I'll eat until I get home at 5:00) is 1168 calories (44% carbs, only 22% protein, all this fruit). So to stay at about 1600 calories - wait I'm gonna check this...

Well I just found my base metabolic rate plus activity calories (even low balled this) and it's 2150 calories a day to maintain. So to lose 1 lb a week, subtract 500 calories/day = 1650. Woo hoo. good guess!

So for only 1600 calories today I only have 482 calories left for supper. Which is very reasonable but I know that I don't do that. And today's lunch etc was very typical, if not light as it's a salad for lunch day. So I've gotta cut back on these lunches. Just like I expected I needed to do. I'm gonna keep lunches to a salad/sandwich and 1 fruit. If it's leftovers that are fairly hearty then that's all. AM snack and PM snack will be 1 fruit each and a yogurt or almonds. Something that's also killing me is breakfast choices. I gotta get back into cereal. Peanut butter turned my 2 toasts and banana into nearly 500 calories! I liked the ideas I got before about tomatoes on toast but I've been doing that with feta cheese (as I've still got a million lbs of it) so I don't think it's that healthy either. (well healthy yes but low cal no). So I'm gonna be trying different breakfasts until I've got something that works. meanwhile, if it's toast, it's 1 slice, not 2. I'm having a snack a few hours later so I can deal. Maybe it'll be smoothies.

ok so I decided to to Turbulence Training (TT). It involves 3 days a week of Interval Training and 3 days a week of Strength stuff. It's not specifically for women so I might have to adjust some moves, I can't do chin ups so I'll do modified or something. Anyway basically TT (beginner) is:

You do workout A, then workout B then workout A etc so each week you're doing 2 of A and 1 B, then next week 2B and 1A. And in each workout you do A1 and A2 back and forth until done those sets and then do B1 and B2. got it? Also the interval training is very intervally, not like what I've been doing. It's more like varying between a 3 and a 8 on RPE. so walking and sprinting, not jogging and running. I think I'm gonna keep up with some running and biking but I'm gonna do the intervals as maybe jump rope. I think I wanna get pretty good at stuff like that for winter training. I'm a chicken in the winter and wind.

So the other thing I wanna do, is get good at swimming. So maybe I'll have to join somewhere for this winter. Because I'm already pretty good at running (nothing crazy but 1/2 hour isn't a problem) and I'm gonna be pretty good at biking after this month, and then swimming....I wanna do a triathalon. Just a mini-one. A sprint distance. It's like 1/2 hour of each thing-ish. Next summer. I used to be a good swimmer, lifeguard and all, used to bike to university 1/2 hour each way and now I can run so I think that's a good plan. I was thinking about a 5K but no offence to anyone who's done a 5K but I think that 5 km is supposed to be pretty hard for you when you run that and that's more or less what I run 3 times a week. Yet I'm too chicken to run a half marathon so I figured a Tri was a good idea. But I don't know where there is one or when or anything. I'd want some kinda just fun thing as I don't want to worry too much about my transitions or anything.

So there ya go. New food plan. New workout plan. I realized I'm just too comfortable. I know that for real results I'm gonna have to be a little hungry sometimes and actually not look forward to my workouts because they're so hard. Just kick it up. I know I just said that about food last week but I can't remember all my rules all the time. I'm gonna stick to the bread one and the salad one. And reduce the diet cokes and no snacking while making or cleaning up supper. Stick to clean eating as much as possible, minimize process stuff, eat lots of fruit and veggies. I know that's most of them but it's something I do pretty much anyway right now. except the bread and the salad and supper snacking. So just those changes arent' enough. that's why I'm changing up breakfast and lunch.

Supper yesterday was healthy, homemade chicken fingers (baked, coated with bran and fibre1 cereal) and homemade fries (sprayed with cooking spray and salt, no oil) plus peas. way better than bought fingers and fries yet feels like a treat. plus super easy and quick. yay. But I bought groceries so I didn't bike. I always feel too rushed after that, putting things away and cleaning up etc, eating late. then this morning hubby had the day off so I slept in a little instead of walking the dog since he can. oh well. tonight i am home alone so it's new workout time, plus hopefully a bike (if I don't jump rope). and my choice of tv for once! that's another thing that makes me feel like schedule's off or something, SIL watching movies all the time. I used to be in charge of the tv so once I realized nothign was on, I'd put something sorta boring on and then keep busy with stuff. Now I feel like I can't interupt her walking infront of the tv or anything. I know this is all me not her but still feel like it.

I think I've got a few things to post about this afternoon so I'll be back. let me know what you think of TT and if anyone wants more details let me know.

Monday, August 13, 2007

a loss, maybe a loss, if I squint?

Well I weighed myself 3 times within 1/2 an hour this morning and here's how it went:
first thing, went pee, in undies, (no i didn't pee in my undies!) 155 something. So sad
Went running, naked, fluctuated between 144.4 and 144.6, sorta relieved as it's the same as last week
After shower, after pee, but with wet hair. 143.8. SOO EXCITED! but confused.

So I'm gonna go with the 143.8 because it's the happiest and hopefully it indicates a new era has begun, past the plateau. Weekend wasn't perfect but I did ok. lots of eating out. went for a run sat am, had an energy bar pre. then forgot breakfast (well was busy and then we left). So we stopped at costco anyway so I tried to find something. Was gonna get a fruit tray but this is costco folks! so I didn't need 6 lbs of fruit! Ended up buying a big bunch of bananas and a pack of those muffins. I know those things are horrible so I didn't eat them, they were for hubby. But then we ended up doing mccyD's too. But I only got a plain english muffin, chocolate milk and fruit and yogurt parfait. Yay! then after the ceremony went to the bar with family and had my 2 drinks, I tried to be smart about it. Aren't margatitas better than coladas or daiquari's? I thought so so that's what I did. Oh well. Then had a "snack" of a platter shared with everybody. So I also had some wedges and 1 potato skin and some veggies and dip. Then of course was the wedding food. I ate a ton, but it was mostly veggies and salads and stuff. Plate was loaded though. But I did go a little nuts on the desserts. They had a dessert buffet as big as the food one! So I had 3 pieces of pie/cake. Plus I didn't want to drink but I didn't want to say I don't want to drink so if somebody bought me one I'd drink it. So I think I drank another 3 drinks or so. So really that's not too bad. Seemed really bad but just because I was soooo full and that's a bad feeling. Only danced a couple songs because everyone sucks now. All weddings have sucked since mine. Not saying mine was so amazing (which I think it was, when people asked how the wedding was the only thing I could say was "the most fun day I've ever had" and i've been to disney world). I liked all weddings and had tons of fun before my wedding at other weddings. But since then, just everything seems to be dull. Like all the uncles and everyone got up and danced like crazy at my wedding, the family weddings since, nope. I told you about my friends not doing the strip the groom at the other wedding. Just duds. Oh well. At least mine is the winner.
Then sunday had some breakfast (toast and banana) at the hotel. Didn't want to do the $16 buffet the next day that was a wedding event. (looked good though) and then went to burger baron for lunch. We'd never been and my sister wanted to. Well I had a salad. Yay me. However I think there was 400 calories worth of cheese on it. oops. but it's gotta be better than the burger and fries. Cleaned the house last night but no exercise. It was alright though. Early bed.
So I said I'd come up with a food plan in advance for the week. Well I tried doing that last night but I just looked at recipes all night instead. Tonight's chicken. Lunch was salad out with Dad and family. Wednesday i'm going out for lunch too but I'll probably get a salad there too. don't know where we're going so can't say for sure. I'm gonna try and figure it out tonight. Also gonna bike tonight. Maybe just a short one but I'm gonna bike. Already ran so I feel like this is bonus. Still have to review which workout thing I'm gonna do now. I've got copies of Turbulence Training (well a little bit of it) and The 6-Minute Circuits. If anybody's tried these let me know which you like better. Exercises are all the same any way. Squats, pushups, 1 hour. etc. I'll look at them right after this and then try and decide. Also try and figure out the food for the week. I am being conscious of the bread every day but the rest seems to be going to pot. (is that a saying?) so right. basically i suck at everything i said last week.

Friday, August 10, 2007

feelin' good

So even though I only started this new thing yesterday so I can't expect to have a full week on target yet I'm gonna check a few things out:
Salads: Had 3 this week. Lunch tues, wed and fri. For a short work week that's pretty impressive. They've been smaller than what I used to take and with garden lettuce which might be helping.
Diet cokes: Pretty sure had 2 already. Bar tonight to watch the football game (go riders!) and a wedding tomorrow means definately going over, but I did say that was ok if it was an option over booze
Booze: Try and save both of them for the wedding.
Evening snack: once, so good I guess.
Fish: had it yesterday and on salads all week
Meat: so far just ribs which I barely nibbled on (don't really like em)
Bread: Been having toast for breaky but that's it
Veggies: supper last night had 2 sides of veggies for me (it did fill me up a LOT, might have eaten too much total) Salad for lunch with veggies today so need 1.5 more tonight.
Fruit: only 2 so far today. I think I should change it to 3 fruits a day.
Carrots while cooking supper yesterday. not a big deal, it made me not really need a snack after all. weird. you mean I don't NEED to eat while cooking? ;)
forgot about the keeping meal sizes even. Big lunch today again and smaller snacks. But it involved nuts.
Supper today will be interesting, esp if it's at the bar. Hopefully a salad or a wrap will be available. Remember no fries! Planning on writing out the meals on Sunday for next week.
Last night I did my weight routine. My hamstrings were still sore from tuesday's deadlifts and squats which is awesome. I rarely get sore any more. but I still can't push myself to do any more and I'm maxed out on weight. I did try and do a bigger number of reps for the first set, 18's or until fatigued. Wasn't too bad. After all my weights I felt like I was neglecting my dog so I took her for a walk that turned into a run. She just had too much energy. In the middle of it I remembered I'm supposed to be biking but it was too late. So I'm glad I got that bonus jog in yesterday because this morning was rained out for HIIT and it's still raining tonight. If it clears up I'll do a quick on Sat morning but I still have to pack and everything and we've gotta be gone by 10:30 for this wedding (in another city).
About my dog. I found this girl online who has a dog sitting kinda business. She just loves animals so you pay her what you want and she'll walk and feed and whatever else you need. I can't take her to a kennel it turns out because she doesn't have her booster. Oh well. Was all set to get this girl to come once Sat night and once sun morning for a total of 2.5 hours for $20. But then hubby pointed out that we don't know this girl in the least and she has to get her mom to drive her to our place and the gas alone would be like $4 each time. So he thought of asking his cousin's daughter to do the same thing since we at least know her and she's got her license and is in the same town. That way it's somebody we trust coming to our yard and everything. We're gonna give her the tour and instructions tonight and then she'll be set for tomorrow. Hopefully she likes it because then we may have just found our babysitter! I don't know how parents do it! I know it's not ideal but we've also got our neighbour who said he'd keep an eye on her (the dog not the cousin) and she really is used to be alone except for 4 hours at night and 1 in the morning. So this will just be a little bit shorter than that which is good.
Anyway, work has been dead now for some time. Only 1 other guy with me here in the office (4 out of 9 are on holidays, and 2 left early). Since I didn't do a speck of work yesterday and the work I did today is wrong (found a mistake in my model) I think I'll just correct my mistake and then pick it up on monday. boo me. Have a good weekend everybody!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shake it up

So I have officially run out of juice. My "easy" weight loss is over. I've been stuck here at 144-145 for 3 weeks. And after dropping 2 lbs a week for a couple months that sucks. I will not lose any more weight doing what I'm doing. I'm maintaining. My level of activity and what I'm eating now was enough to drop some pounds when I was 155 but now it's not. When you're lighter you have to eat less and workout more just have the same results. So here I go. Changing it up.
So what am I going to do? I'm gonna count things. Not points (I'm not officially WW folks or anything else, making this up as I go). I'm going to count servings. And I'm going to measuring servings. Some weekly goals and some daily. For example:

Weekly - 4 meals (lunches or suppers) will be salads, can include meat but is
still a salad made of greens (potato salads don't count)
- Limit diet cokes to 2. If it's a party or wedding I can go unlimited
because it's better than booze. But there's bad stuff in there, diet or not.
- Limit booze to 2 drinks. That way I can still drive us and don't need to
worry about cabs or whatever.
- Evening snacks on only 1 night.
- minimum 1 meal a week will be fish.
- maximum 3 suppers of red meat. Eat some chicken, and more fish.

Daily - 3 servings of vegetables (3 different times eating it basically)
- 2 slices of bread max
- 5-6 fruits. These can be replaced with veggies but not the other way
- Eat 3 meals and 2 minimeals. Aim to keep everything closer on the
calorie scale than previously. Don't eat giant breakfast and tiny snack
and giant lunch and tiny snack. spread out the food.
- nuts are your friend. Trial mixes are not. (I go "nuts" on them. haha)
- snacks while cooking supper will be carrots. That's it.

General - Fast food meals will be salads.
- Fries are out period.
- Chips are out period.
- Plan meals out in advance. Try a week in advance. You can do it just
for a little while.

Ok so I hope that gives me a little kick start. Also on the exercise front, NEED TO START BIKING! As in:

Weekly - 2 days minimum of biking! (can replace cardio running if done for 1/2
- If it's a day you're not running, you're walking the dog. No excuses.
- Wake up at the same time every day Randi! Go to bed earlier!
- Next week start new weight routine. Maybe 6 minute circuits. I'll post
- Do a video once a week. Anything. Pilates, yoga, strength, striptease.
YAY! I'm really excited about this. I'm going to commit to doing it for 1 month. As in, up until my bike relay day. So slightly more than a month. I totally had this image of me biking in a sports bra. Don't think that will happen (posture on bikes gives everyone a belly) but would be a nice option.
So yesterday wasn't as relaxing as I wanted. SIL was watching a movie loudly. She's always watching movies. No big deal but I like to watch Simpson's and Arrested Development when I'm making supper. Whatever. Supper took a long time. Then my dog needed babysitting as hubby decided to nap all night. She's still scratching all the time but I can put her to sleep if I rub her belly. If she's sleeping she's not scratching right? But I did get in bed at 9:00 and read my book for an hour. getting up at 10:00 to wake hubby up to tell him it's bedtime, dumb. But then read for a bit more and that was a mistake. I was really tired this morning. So I never walked the dog. And with not walking her last night (did in the am) and not this am, she was a bit spazzy. Oh well. I'll get her tonight.
We've got a wedding this weekend so it's another road trip. Oh well. I've got a new plan. foolproof right? But I don't know what we're going to do with the Dog. SIL is going home for the weekend. We could probably get our neighbour to feed her Sat night and Sun morning. But isn't it mean to leave her chained up for 24 hours? She's got a 10 foot chain so can sort of run in circles if she wants, and lots of shade and shelter. But still. Lonely and bored I'd think. But is it any better to take her to a kennel? Then you're paying $20 for somebody else to keep her in a 10 ft area. Do they even walk them? I don't know. The nearby family is either coming with us to the wedding or already has cats and ferrets and a snake in a condo with no yard so no dog. We could try and find a hotel that's pet friendly but I dont' want to be that kind of person who has to have their dog with them all the time. We expected to bring our dog out to the MIL's farm but that's an extra 1.5 hour trip on top of the road trip. We didn't plan this very well. anybody have any ideas?
Also have I said anything in previous posts that makes you think I should have some more rules to my plan? I think a no cookie rule might be in order but I know I'd break it. I think a don't bake cookies or buy cookies is good. Then if I come across some it would likely be a special occasion. Anything else?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

do you know how much clothes weigh?

It's amazing really. Even workout clothes. I feel sorry for those of you going to weigh in in public places where you can't get naked. (you don't do you?) I weighed myself this AM wearing my fake lululemon clothes. Just cause clothes are tight doesn't mean they're not there. It showed a 0.2 lb loss, 145.8. Then I ran and weighed myself after, naked, and I was back down to pre weekend, 144.4! I think what's likely happened is that on the weekend I gained 0.4 lbs, not 2 lbs. which is much nicer to think about. From now on, only naked weighs. It messes me up too much otherwise. Though I was looking forward to dropping a few "easy" pounds.
So supper last night was made by my new roommate sister in law and my hubby. Sweet. Hubby's really stepped up his game. I guess he doesn't want to appear completely slobby and lazy in front of his sister. So they made chicken fettucini alfredo. Not the healthiest option. I just had a little. I was getting the new tires put on at CanTire and bought groceries so I was home late. But I had a protein bar as a snack. Think it saved my life. Because I wasn't terribly hungry when I got home and ate and it was already 7:15! Got my weight routine in while watching Big Brother. Yes you made me watch it again. I watched last year but just never got into this year for some reason. But it's perfect for doing weights to ladies. I now challenge you to do SOMETHING while watching BB next time. A couple pushups on the ads or an all out sweatfest though the whole thing. I'm gonna wanna hear about it!
I did my all out sweatfest. I have a hard time being done exercising. I normally am so rushed that it's bed time right after. But last night I still had an hour so I putzed around in my sweaty clothes. Played with my dog. She's always scratching herself. Constantly. But I found out on the weekend, if I rub her belly and pet her she sometimes doesn't scratch and it puts her to sleep. So I tried to guess where her itchy parts were and yep, she fell asleep. Her itching is so bad that she ripped her ear open and it was bleeding in 2 places and she bites her paws until they bleed so I've got bloody foot prints on my carpet I have to clean up all the time. I took her to the vet this AM and vet thinks it's mites not food allergies so that expensive food I bought I could take back but I doubt I will. Too much of a pain. Anyway, he gave her some antibiotics and some drop things that hopefully kill the mites. It's also gonna get rid of any worms or anything she has so I have to watch for that in her poop, ew. Should take 2 treatments of the drops so hopefully by the end of August she'll be all better. She's sorta behind in her "education" according to dog people who were at the lake (ouch, got myself a dumb kid) but it's probably because she's always distracted by itching so things aren't consistant. She should learn once we get focused on it, part border collie and they say that's the smartest dog (who says? Probably border collie parents).
Anyway. I took her in the AM, took time off work. It was awesome. Sleep in 1/2 an hour, eat lesurely breakfast, read my book. And here's a secret. After we got back from the vet, I just hung out and relaxed for another 1/2 an hour. It was amazing! I used to have 2 days off a week that were supposed to be thesis time and I'd get my fill of lazy. But now I remember how much I liked it. I'm always a go go go and multitask person. Because there's always something I should do! and I don't want to "waste" my valuable time when if I get everything done quick I should be able to do what I want later with nothing hanging over me. Well I never get to do what I want. I think that tonight I'm going to do nothing. I already got my run in this morning. Supper's already planned out just has to go in the oven. I'm not into any shows that I'll miss. So I'm gonna just read my trashy romance novel and watch tv. It'll help if nobody's home but nothing I can do about that.
I'm sure that was really boring for you all. Sorry. Should have warned you to skip ahead.
But I don't have a lot more to say. Sorry if I haven't been commenting on your blogs lately. I'm hooked up with Google Reader now and it's just not as convenient. I try and read all the blogs before I go comment and then I don't always remember what I was gonna say. If you want a sure-fire way to get a comment, leave me one.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well at least it's not monday!

So thanks to the long weekend, it is Tuesday already! yay! hopefully that means I skip all the yucky Monday feelings too.
So how was my weekend? Bad start. Got a flat tire on my way home from dropping stuff off at my brother's! Turned the corner and bang! Sounded and looked like a bullet hole in the side of the tire. Luckily, as I told my husband, I'm a tough manly woman and can change a tire. I did call my brother as I was just a couple blocks from his house to see if he'd help me. And then my other brother was coming home from work and drove by and saw us so he stopped too. I only needed their help to loosen one of the nuts (I was jumping on the wrench and just wasn't heavy enough, woohoo). They did help but the rest I could have done myself. My husband almost called a tow truck to take my to the tire shop. Ha! I can handle this myself thank you very much!
So yay me. But that did make me late getting home and packing and then getting back to the city to go to the cabin. So needless to say I forgot a few things. my MP3 player. Probably would have done 2 longer runs, but I did 1 short one. Still not terrible. Eating however, was another story. I ate probably a dozen cookies. And they weren't even that great. That sucks when you pig out on stuff that's not even awesome. I did completely pig out all weekend. But most of the time it was on fruit which is awesome. But for some reason I still completely pigged out and was full constantly and ate some chips and drank some booze. Not to mention the fast food on the way there and the way home. Oh and speaking of wasting splurges. I had ice cream. I don't even like ice cream. But everyone else was getting some so I did too. If I was gonna eat the calories I would have rather had a chocolate bar or some more cookies. Stupid. Went swimming for an hour, and tried to stay in the deep part and tread most of the time. I realized I should swim more because I used to lifeguard and teach lessons, treading for entire classes, but now I just get pooped after 5 minutes! I also realized I should get a new bathing suit. I was by no means the fattest one in our group, but I sure felt like it. The other girls had either fantastic bodies and were bikining or have major boobs and skinny waists so looked good when they had a towel around their waist. I however have slim hips, fat thighs and thick waist, strong shoulders and back which looks like fat in a swim suit and large arms. I spent most of the time neck deep which isn't great either because without bigger hair, it draws attention to my double chins and fat face! Eww! All you pear shaped women realize it could be worse and that somebody actually does envy you!

Anyway my point is, at very few times did I feel attractive this weekend, even my previous progress seemed lost. I know that you can't physically gain 2 lbs of fat in 3 days (eat an additional 7000 calories on top of maintenance? What was in those cookies?!) but somebody forgot to tell the scale that. It showed me back at 146. I think I just ruined whatever momentum might come from getting off TOM. I know that I wasn't drinking enough water on the weekend so I'm probably retaining, especially with the alcohol (probably 10 drinks all weekend?). Plus I had public washroom digestion going on so that hopefully corrects itself shortly and help out.

The worst thing is is that I didn't really enjoy myself. I mean it was alright and I didn't hate it. But it was my hubby's friends and doing things my hubby likes (he played ball, I watched, he drank and partied, I watched, he played cards and drinking games, I watched. I could have partook, but I don't like it.) If it was something I really like doing then I would be fine with a couple pounds. But this is just so frustrating!

So I'm really excited to be back on track this week. Ready for the strict fruit and veggie diet I'm imposing. And lean meat. And whole grains. But mostly fruit and veggies! (that's all lunch is today with some tuna on my salad, oh and yogurt) I didn't run yesterday and went to bed late (hubby and I had a lazy date night and watched a couple chick flicks, the Family Man - oldy with Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni, so good. And watched the Holiday with Jude Law (who has never looked better!) Kate Winslet etc. both Christmasy feeling...weird) so tonight I think I'll see what the weather is and maybe do a short run. Supposed to be cooler after today so maybe will put it on thursday. Ready for some weights tonight. I'm also thinking of joining a gym again. I REALLY wish there was one in town where we lived but there isn't. I have free membership at the university but it's a half hour drive or else I'd have to go right after work or something and I want to go in the evenings. I guess I'll feel better in September when the fitness classes start up again. I think I'll take 2 nights this year. Yay, I feel better.
Thought I'd post some pictures from the weekend. I tend to like arm wrestling at summer parties at cabarets and beer gardens, something about picnic tables maybe. Or the couple drinks and picnic tables. I like arm wrestling guys. I don't win but I think they're impressed. I usually beat girls except this one girl had arms of steal - I found out she cheated against me too (lifted her elbow and started not square wrist) I probably still would have lost but it was nice to have all these guys tell me I should have won. I'm such a dork.

I sorta like this picture:

Here's how a "sexy" picture can turn into a "fat" picture by having large arms. That's my tricept being flexed but looks like gross fat arms. Ew.

But here's one showing my legs looking super buff! I'm the 4th from the right, ponytail, looking away. Check out those legs!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Oh yeah, It's Friday, Oh yeah. Give it to me.

Friday before a long weekend! Woohoo! How can I do any work. i'm counting down the hours! (2 in case you're wondering)
Last night was super busy, got groceries with other "wives" for the weekend. Why did we have to go to the Co-op, where we paid probably 40% more than we needed to for all the food? Well I just didn't really like the whole situation. We paid them to cut everything up for us (even watermelon, please) so there's another added expense. Whatever. I went to buy the rest of my groceries at Superstore afterwards. Then bought booze, picked up a tool for hubby and then finally home. Had one of my awesome smoothies and green beens for supper. Then cleaning and packing and trying to bike with Daisy, went pretty good. But I still have to pack my clothes. I managed to get 2 sets in before bed. I probably could have done 3 but deciding to do 2 just took a bit of stress off. Though I saved like what, 8 minutes?
My poor puppy's ear is bleeding. She's scratching herself so bad. Think it might be food allergies. Vet next week. I think I'm going to try and give her benedryll this weekend. I heard you can do that, just give them child doses. Unless anyone's a vet and has other ideas.
So this weekend they bought cherries, oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas and watermelon for fruit. So that's what i'm going to be eating for snacks because the only other thing they bought for that is chips and pretzels. I'm pretty sure most people will be diving in th ebooze as it's supposed to be hot. I think if everyone else has their drink on they won't notice me eating all the bananas etc. They'll be interestd in the salt. I'm also bringing some fibre and protein bars for my mini meals since I don't think that's the norm and I'll be the only one eating. Actual food food should be not bad as it's just steaks and burgers, ceasar salad. I did hear there is going to be cookies there so I'm gonna have to make some rule up like 2/day or else I'll eat them all. And since we're bringing Daisy and I'm not playing ball, I'm going to take her for a run every day. Sunday we're playing golf but getting carts (again, why?).
I have a feeling I'm going to be a party pooper this weekend. It seems I always am. I sort of decided that I don't want to get drunk any more. And I don't like beer or wine or ceasars and everything else isn't the sort of thing you crave after a hot day or something. So if I'm not getting drunk and I don't crave the taste of anything, what's the point of wasting calories on them? And then when you're sober and everyone else is drunk, you just want to go to bed. But I guess I won't know anybody there so I can embarrass myself a little more than usual if I feel like acting crazy. And no I'm not nor never was an alcoholic but I just get hangovers too easy and after seeing pictures of me drunk realized how stupid you look, plus then you have to worry about who's driving or whatever. Now since I cut back drinking so much it just puts me to sleep! I'll probably have a few at the cabaret so I can dance and not feel stupid but probably keep it clean other than that. Alcohol does ridiculous things to you when you're trying to lose weight and I wanna get over this plateau. (Alcohol makes your body digest it first as it's poison and so it tries to get it out of you, and everything you've eaten is then stored as fat. At least that's what I understand.)
So I'm just dying to leave work since I'm not doing anything anyway, (watching Colbert Report online) but I left early yesterday and this is 2 hours early. Oh what the hell, I'll just hang out until I'm out of fun things to do then leave. I'm not officially taking any holidays this summer so a few hours here and there shouldn't matter right?
Hope everyone has a good weekend. Watch all my good intentions fall out the car door on the way to the cabin! or maybe I'll forget to pack them. ;)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

yay me.

Even though it doesn't really feel like it, I know that it is a pretty good victory/strategy. We went to the bar last night after hubby's ball. I'm always ready to eat but I refuse to eat wings because a) I don't really like them and b) they are ridiculously bad for you! so everyone was having wings and I knew they would be. I had a sandwich for supper but this is 4 hours later. Well we stopped at home to get our money and I grabbed a couple granola bars and ate those instead to go with my diet coke. While I know that's totally great thinking and it stopped me from ordering fries which I've done in the past (ps, I only order fries cause I can't think of anything low cal you can get in a bar that's not a ton of food, anybody know of anything?) but most of the time I don't order fries and I just go through a dozen diet cokes just salivating. So in that case, I just ate 2 granola bars that I wouldn't have. But on the odd chance I'd have broken down then it's a victory. Tough call. But I do subscribe to the theory that you don't want to go too long between eating because it's not good for your metabolism. So I guess I'm pleased in that sense. Sorta mixed feelings.
I went for a run after work with Daisy. Went good. She was tired again though. I felt so bad dragging her. Then we had supper (turkey sandwich, same as lunch today) packed up some treats and went for another mini jog to watch ball. So that's sort of awesome. The second was only 10 minutes or so but still.
Found out at the bar that my hubby LIED to me. Over something totally no big deal but they lying is a big deal to me. He told me he had to work late and was going to go to the bar for 1 before ball. Then I found out he actually got off EARLY and went to the bar for a few then straight to ball. He normally comes home in between. So since he told me he was going to the bar anyway, why did he have to lie about work? So I was pissed about that and he starts getting on my case about just cause I don't like to go out why does that mean he can't. Well I'm not mad about THAT, I'm mad that YOU LIED! He just can't see that though. Like these friends we went out with, she is super against strippers and her hubby went to a stag (with my hubby) that had strippers and he lied and said there weren't. When she found out about that she was super duper mad and packed a bag and left her ring. (I assume it's all worked out now) But hubby and I were talking about that. I sorta like strippers so that'll never be our problem. But I did still side with the girl as he shouldn't have lied to her about it. If it's such a major huge deal to her that she's think about the D word then maybe he should try and respect her wishes. It's like, if she just was sooooo against eating pears that she'd threaten divorce, is it really worth it to you to eat a pear? No matter what it is, sometimes you just gotta do something for the other person even if it's not what you want or it's irrational or anything. But he shouldn't sneak around her back eating pears/seeing strippers and then lying about it. Hubby and I talked about that and agreed that the lying was the bad part and they should work something out about strippers. (either she should get over it or he shouldn't go) But then a week later my hubby lies about going to the bar, and I didn't even say I didn't want him to go! for fricksake! I don't like lying! and I hate being mad so don't make me mad!
ANYWAY...tonight is lots of planning for the weekend. Leaving work early to help get groceries. We also need booze and water. Then I've gotta pack the tent, air mattress, golf clubs, sleeping bags, kennel, dog treats, dog food, dog toys, towels, and of course my CLOTHES which will take an eternity. I always over pack and try and pack just super cute clothes like it's some kind of fashion shoot. when in actuality we're tenting and gonna be dirty and sweaty all weekend. But I'm gonna do it anyway! Also gotta get my weight routine in - especially because one of the things I'm packing is a BATHING SUIT! Weighed myself this AM and it's 144.0. So might be on the losing bandwagon again. I knew TOM was holding me up. Should continue to drop as TOM marches on.
It's hard focusing on work right now, so why don't YOU post on your blog and then I'll have something to read!