Thursday, August 30, 2007

another day another dollar

Work's been getting me down a bit. Not that what I'm doing is so terrible. But I'm paranoid about doing it. I don't want anybody to check it over in case I screwed up big time. I'm hoping I catch it myself. Mostly I feel paranoid that this 1 guy is gonna catch it. And it's weird cause he's a super nice guy and we get along great. But for some reason I just feel sort of nervous when he's around. he's taking off tomorrow so I'm planning to do all these things then that I don't want to do today. super weird. I've got issues.
anyway, I just feel sort of in the groove with everything lately. I'm an old pro at the working out thing. Went for a longer run yesterday, just straight out jogging no intervals. I realized how much in better shape I am than I was at say the beginning of summer. Crazy. Then while hubby and SIL and her bf went to the bar for wings I stayed home and made myself some teryaki pizza. It was pretty good. Don't know about the cal's but I dont think it's too bad, I ate less than I expected to. I also had a corn on the cob. yummy. Filled me up good. This morning I did intervals, just really short, I'd guess 15-20 minute. Well let's see, 4 minute warm up, 4 sprint intervals of 1 min, 4 recoveries of 2 minutes. 16 minutes, plus a little time switching songs etc. good enough. I was sweating and tired.
food - pb and banana toast, cheese string, cantaloup, left over slice of "pizza", yogurt, peach, working on an apple. Going to Boston Pizza again tonight with the family (m&d are leaving tomorrow!) Probably have the thai chicken salad. I love it. And probably have a fancy umbrella drink.
maybe some cheeca chips for a snack. maybe not. I think we'll be busy packing etc.
I feel like such a boring blogger. Thank goodness I have interesting Commenters who ask me questions or inspire me to talk more!

Swiz - bathroom squats. Just like hovering on the toilet, only I go a bit deeper as I have no knee issues. I make my legs quite wide and slightly turned out, but not really like a plie. Then drop! you can vary the timing and it really changes things, plus changing how your feet are positioned works different muscles. I just do a bunch until I feel the burn. I don't want to look like I'm sick or something gone in the bathroom too long!

Sheri - I'm a riddle, I need to do exercise more often because otherwise I'm bored and eat, however I get bored when exercise is too long! I'd love to walk, but I think I'd need something else or I'd get too bored by a long walk. Maybe I'll download my podcast and listen to that as I walk. Good idea, I just need to multi-task!

Dizzy - there's studies that link people who drink milk to healthy body weight. I personally don't believe that milk is causing it, rather that drinking milk is a sign of someone who looks after their health. I just drink it because I love it. My mom used to ration us on the milk because we'd drink 3 glasses at every meal!

Ok tomorrow is friday finally! yay! I've been dying for this long weekend. Working all summer with no holidays is crap! Hubby's taking holidays next week to go hunting. I think I'm going to need mine to work on my thesis. boo. but we'll see.
Geez that had nothign to do with anything.
I'm trying to kill time until it's home time....
oh I know - I saw the cutest purse/lunch kit today at bentley, it was only $10. But I don't really need anything because I'm doing just fine right now with a plastic bag in an old purse. Are there any justifications to buying this? (besides I want it and it's not that much and it's cute?) like I'll be forced to bring less food because everythign won't fit? or I can also use it as a purse and not have to bring my regular purse to work? any help? it's insulated which is a plus, but we've got a fridge at work, I just don't use it. cold food hurts my teeth. I might pack it with healthy snacks and bring it places on weekends?
ok well I can handle 20 more minutes or work. later!

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sherijung said...

Doh! I forgot to mention that I always have a book to listen to on my walks. I subscribe to so I can listen to something during my commute and walks. I can't pay attention to a book when I'm running though.

I am laughing at the thought of doing wide leg squats in the bathroom at work--I can only think of when someone else comes in the bathroom!

And I can totally relate to your mom rationing the milk. I buy milk 4 gallons at a time, and it doesn't last a week. My youngest son drinks it like water.