Friday, August 31, 2007


So nobody had any great ideas on why to get the purse/lunch kit thing? I guess it wasn't meant to be.
So I'm catching up on Entourage online during my lunch breaks. I'm not finding it particularly funny but I am hooked. I think whatshisname is so cute. watching right now so that's why this post is so choppy.
guess what the happy scale told me this morning? 141! it's back down to where it was! I think it's about strategic food and bathroom timing. Plus I got naked again, I keep forgetting that even though pj's are light, they still weigh like a lb!
Also took measurements again, probably post them tomorrow or tonight. They're down again a little bit. I know I can't expect inches of my waist every month so that's why it doesn't seem like much. But half an inch here and half there is still awesome! stay tuned for that!

So last night we didn't go to BP because there was such a wait, shoulda made reservations. oops. So we went to Tony Roma's, dad's favorite place. And they didn't have a fancy drink menu so I just had diet coke. I cannot decide what I want to drink. I don't like wine, beer, or ceasars. so unless it's some fancy umbrella thing that has a picture on a special menu, I don't usually drink anything. but diet coke. And it was unlimited so that always makes me happy. And to eat I had some kind of spicy southwest salad. Really good. Different from any I'd had before. sorta like the dressing was salsa. And it came with little cheese quesedillas but I only ate 1 quarter and a couple bites. And not even all my salad. All the chicken though. No dessert. And nothign at my house afterward. It was really fun visiting with the whole family. M&D were really excited about their trip. I got a little sad dropping them off at the airport this morning. I'm such a sap. We don't really hug in my family but I did hug them good-bye and I could tell mom was getting choked up too. So we made akward jokes and moved on. that's what we do. I also (being the oldest) felt very over protective about it all. Making sure they packed everything they needed and didn't forget anything. I wanted to hang out until they got on the plane but they didn't want me to deal with parking so I just dropped them off. But then I was really paranoid that they left something in the van or forgot something. And these are my parents. They managed to plan trips for themselves many times before and even brought us along as little kids. They know what they're doing. Sheesh.
anyway, food today:
pb toast, cantaloup, peach, leftover chicken pizza (1.5 slices), cheese string, yogurt, I'm pretty full now. It was a big pizza. But I just couldn't stop eating. oh well. Saving a granola bar for snack. But I think i'm leaving early so we'll see how it all goes. I'm not sure what supper will be. I don't know. It's weekend thinking starting 3:00. I'm gonna try and stay on track with eating, but it will be more casual. Maybe not 1 hour cooking sessions, just a sandwich or something. but it will be healthy. Probably have 1 day/night of snacks. Probably go to the movies.
ok well, don't know what else to say, like I said, Entourage. so hope y'all have a great weekend! later!


sherijung said...

Yeah, Entourage has not been very 'funny' at all this year. But I love Ari!

And did you see Big Brother? I didn't, because of a @#%%$@ preseason football game. But I did read all the recaps. I just hope that Amber can get the mental help that she so desperately needs in the sequester house. That girl is bonkers!

Candace said...

Just a quick note: Get the lunch bag and lose the plastic bags AND the old purse. Update, girl.
I bring my lunch in a little Coleman and have been asked a few times where my helmet is. I bring a LOT of food.