Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well I was inspired after totally beating up Mandy (she asked me to I swear!) We all have our reasons for losing weight. But sometimes those reasons just aren't enough to push us through the hard times. Yeah I wanna wear a bikini, but that's hardly going to motivate me during Thanksgiving supper since I won't be thinking bikini for several months. So I thought I'd compile a bunch of reasons to lose weight, eat healthy and workout. Some are shallow (hello - me!) and some are truly inspirational. I obviously can't think of everyone's motivation so please help me out in the comments! We should have a nice list that we can all check out when we need a little kick in the pants. Here's my list, and while I do appreciate all of them, I put stars by my big ones.

Wear a bikini!*
Be happy shopping*
Being able to get dressed without being sad
Not cringing at pictures of yourself
Not be a fat bridesmaid
Have other people be jealous of you
Be an inspiration to others
Still being able to fit in your wedding dress/college jeans/pre-baby clothes etc
Be comfortable eating in front of other people
Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke
Reduce risk of diabetes
Reduce risk of cancer
Reduce joint pain
Reduce back pain
Reduce cholesterol*
Reduce other chronic diseases
Reduce risk of pregnancy complications
Have an easier pregnancy (from exercise)
Have a healthier baby (from good food)
Lose baby weight
Not gain too much baby weight
Feel comfortable during sex
Look good naked*
Being strong*
Better skin/hair/teeth etc
Have more energy
Combat effects of aging
Improve sleep quality
Feel like you fit in better
Be more social - less embarrassed
Keep up with kids
Improve confidence
Get rid of cellulite
6 pack
wear cute clothes
Go to the beach with skinny people and not feel like a whale*
No more ITC (inner thigh chafing)*
No more back fat*
No more double chin*
Be happier (don't tell me TRYING to lose weight is making you happy, would be nice to stop trying to lose hey?)
Cute undies
Cute dresses
Conforming to societies standards (it may suck that it's the social norm, but nobodies gonna say that they like being on the outs)
Live longer
Reduce cravings
No more rolls
No more people asking if you're pregnant* (especially if you carry all your weight in a little ponch that looks just like a baby bump)
Improve general health - I believe that exercise and healthy eating can even prevent the common cold
No more arm jiggle
Wear a bikini - did I say that already? ;)

Anybody got anything else? What's your personal reason for losing weight?


kelly said...

good list! wearing shorts is definitely on my list for next summer, i need more definition in my legs!

katieo said...

My main reason for losing the weight other than to be thinner, fit into my clothes better, and being healthier and stronger, etc. (you know all the normal reasons) is because I've lost weight before but have never been in the 130's or even close to a six. The thrill of reaching something that I thought was previously unattainable kinda gives me a rush.

junkfoodaholic said...

I love this idea. I want to complie a list of my own. I love your graphs and charts where do you find them and how do you get them on your blog?

dizzydazey said...

I'm so glad that kickin my butt motivates you - I'll let you do it again sometime if it spurns such great thoughts as these. :o) (thanks by the way)

I'm gonna have to really think about my list, but I especially love the one about making others jealous of you. How hilarious is that?

That's why I love you - you're so brutally honest!! :o)

Have a Great Weekend and Thanks Again!

Randi said...

I wanted to add this to my list as I found a link on Fitsugar:

kelly said...

buying munchkins/timbits one at a time is probably a great idea! its so hard to just eat one though, maybe at least 3? haha. last night on BB8: jen, daniele, eric, and zach voted dustin out. jameka & amber obviously voted for ED. it was a great episode. the look on dustins face was priceless. he was wearing that same gray v-neck he always wears and was clearly not expecting to leave. well at least he has his $5000 and trip even though he screwed people over to get it!