Wednesday, August 29, 2007

too good to be true

I knew that number yesterday was too good to be true. (and I knew I shouldn't step on the scale this morning!) I "gained" 1.4 lbs yesterday. Probably because I was pigging out in the evening. I never do that! But when I'm not exercising I guess I'm eating! I took the night off. And didn't do anything productive. Felt pooey. Helped hubby a little bit building a shed in the backyard. but other than that, paced a lot looking for something to do! And ate. I had a diet orange pop, some cheeca chips (only about 90 cal's) and then a banana. And some taffy's. And this after a big supper of roast beef and potatoes and salad. and a cookie. Thinking back it wasn't really all that bad. Only about an extra 200-300 calories at night. But that food was still in me for the weigh in in the morning, I guess it could have been 1.4 lbs. maybe. need a good run tonight. I think I'm going to switch things up a little though. I can't do my strength and cardio on the same day. It leaves me with too much unhealthy time on my days off. I can't do strength back to back and I'm too lazy to do more than 3 cardio's a week. (they are brutal - sprint/jog intervals.) I guess I could just "jog" on the other days. We'll try that out I think.
food today:
b - in a hurry so just banana, packed a small protein yogurt mix which I ate for snack (250)
l - pb sandwich, peach, cantaloup, yogurt, another banana. pigged out on the fruit
snack - nothing yet. Staring at an apple and some soy nuts, but probaby eat that on the way home
supper - I'm thinking of making something on some flat bread I've got. Maybe a chicken flat bread pizza. Except roommate just order pizza at 10 last night so she won't want it. might do it anyway, just less pizza-y more chicken and teryaki-y. and milk as always.
night snack - likely have something post workout. protein bar? plus some toffee. Just a couple though. no cookies tonight. Just tonight I can have some tomorrow. deal.
workout will be both cardio and weights, won't be doing anything tomorrow night, out for supper with family and they're staying over. maybe mornign jog with my dog.


Bridget said...

Yeah, I hear you on the "too good to be true" - I keep going up and down, up and down... sigh. Keep up the good work.

dizzydazey said...

I'm the queen of the yo-yo. Always up and down. But I'm sure the up is just temporary.

I love to drink milk with my supper. Makes me feel like a little kid again and it makes me fuller faster. Milk - it does a body good, right? :o)

Anonymous said...

i hate those too good to be true moments. BOO.

sherijung said...

For your fourth cardio day, how about a nice long walk? I like to do this on Sunday afternoons, with the dog. I power walk it for about an hour, which burns almost as many calories as an easy jog. I can't convince anyone in my family to join me, because they can't keep up! But it's much easier on the joints than a fourth run.