Monday, August 27, 2007

too full

So I ate too much last night. At the golf tourney. Other than that pretty good weekend. Starting at the beginning:
went home friday. Had a burger with lettuce and tomato at McD's. and a fruit and yogurt and a large diet coke. Perfect. lunch was a thai chicken wrap which is a good option, but for some reason they had noodles in the wrap. that's weird. but it was good. just did some hanging out and visiting all weekend. Helped mom in the garden. Had a few coolers. Didn't need them, and was going to turn them down but I didn't want to explain why so I had them. I think this is something I need to work on. But at my age and being married this long it's just too easy for people (even parents) to assume it's because I'm pregnant. I don't know why I hate people assuming that, because they'll find out soon enough I'm not. I just don't like people thinking that. Walked/jogged my aunty's dog with my dad early saturday. they were dog sitting. Didn't on Sunday. I needed sleep. Came back to the city and golfed in hubby's work's golf tourney. It was fun. 18 holes with a cart isn't great exercise but it was nice to be outside, except it was freezing. I haven't really warmed up since! It took me awhile to get my game on, doesn't feel right if I'm not carrying my clubs. But I finally did and then it was great. I "won" closest to the pin for women. But only because the people we were golfing with wrote my name down, I wasn't even on the green. but I don't feel bad because no other woman's name was on there, all men trying to be funny. So I got $25 gift card to cineplex odeon. So movie on the long weekend! yay! Also got a picture frame i'm gonna put behind the couch and an expensive golf shirt for my mom and her trip (did I tell y'all my parents are going to new zealand and australia for 6 weeks this friday?) Hubby won tackle box filled with goodies and a t-shirt. Plus we got a couple free drinks cause we were golfing with one of the suppliers, must be a sweet job, playing golf with clients and buying drinks and giving prizes. I could handle that. I just had some diet cokes but still. Supper was steaks and potatoes and salads and garlic toast and mushrooms and onions and then cheesecakes for dessert. I've got an affliction of try-some-of-everything-itis. Especially when things are cut small or could be just scooped small. I had some of each salad and then everything else. And some of each dessert (there were only 3 but still, 3 cheesecake type desserts is at least 2 too many). I was stuffed. Then we went home and I was hoping to get a little exercise in with the hubby ;) but never happened. I made cookies for work instead, and of course had to have 1.
This morning I was just soooo tired and cold I couldn't jog the dog so we did a short walk and I'll run tonight. Plus I brought like all fruits and veggies to eat. Here:
b - 3 wasa breads w/ pb and jam. semi bad but the lack of real bread made me justify it
s - cookie
l - edamame bowl (90 cal), yogurt, pear
s - cookie (bad) and i'm about to eat a peach, maybe also another 50 cal yogurt
supper - i don't know. SIL and her BF said they were going to make something, pork chops or something. I will not say no to somebody else cooking! Even though I could probably just have a sandwich and be satisfied (did you notice that no bread today, even better than my 2 slice limit!)
Scale this morning said gain of 1.5. Not quite believing it since it was still all the food in my guts from last night, plus I had some booze on the weekend and TOM is holding up some water. I'm expecting to bounce back after a couple days back on track. Sweat some of this out of me.
did I ever tell you guys that I do squats in the bathroom at work sometimes. It's hard sitting in a desk all day.
also I have to tell you - Katieo, I "saw" you shopping last week. I had to do a double take and remember that you don't live anywhere near me so it wasn't you.
I've also "seen" you Colette. Wave next time! hehe
Feel like I have more to say but it's not coming to me. maybe later.


Anonymous said...

yay you finally posted. i have been waiting for your post all day. yes I am bored at work. congrats on the golf and the mcd's success too. That actually sounds pretty good what you ordered. Did you parents like the viatmins and bracelets?

Anonymous said...

I have just always been really quick to lose weight it's keeping it off that is my problem. It probably would have been more too if I hadn't had chinese but oh well. :)

katieo said...

Randi. Didn't I tell you? I have an aunt in Saskatchewan. I was JUST there for a quick trip!

katieo said...

Ha Ha. No just kidding. I actually had to go look at your profile to see how to SPELL Saskatchewan.

And love that you do sqauts in the bathroom at work. I do little stuff like that too.

dizzydazey said...

I totally feel you - people always assume that I'm pregnant if I'm doing anything out of the norm. I don't mind them thinking that - but everyone knows how much I want children and I don't want to disappoint anyone, you know? So I always preface whatever by saying, "No, I'm not pregnant!" :o)

You do need to watch eating/drinking stuff just because you're expected to, though. If it's your choice then go ahead and enjoy, but you shouldn't feel compelled to put something in your body just to make other people happy. Does that make sense? So, there's my unsolicited opinion for the day! :o)

Happy Tuesday!

sherijung said...

That is funny, I actually do have family in Saskatchewan. My grandfather grew up there, but moved IL then CA as soon as he was old enough to leave, being more of a city and technology kind of guy.

If you know any Updikes up there, they are related to me.

Swizzlepop said...

I know what you meant about the non drinking = PG thing. I too hate it, mainly because it bugs me when people try and get in my business and assume things.
Sounds like you had fun at the tourney!

So these squats. Please epaborate. How many, and where, in the stall? Like plie' squats or the kind you'd do with a weight/dumbell only w/o the dumbell. Could I could that as strength training?