Friday, August 10, 2007

feelin' good

So even though I only started this new thing yesterday so I can't expect to have a full week on target yet I'm gonna check a few things out:
Salads: Had 3 this week. Lunch tues, wed and fri. For a short work week that's pretty impressive. They've been smaller than what I used to take and with garden lettuce which might be helping.
Diet cokes: Pretty sure had 2 already. Bar tonight to watch the football game (go riders!) and a wedding tomorrow means definately going over, but I did say that was ok if it was an option over booze
Booze: Try and save both of them for the wedding.
Evening snack: once, so good I guess.
Fish: had it yesterday and on salads all week
Meat: so far just ribs which I barely nibbled on (don't really like em)
Bread: Been having toast for breaky but that's it
Veggies: supper last night had 2 sides of veggies for me (it did fill me up a LOT, might have eaten too much total) Salad for lunch with veggies today so need 1.5 more tonight.
Fruit: only 2 so far today. I think I should change it to 3 fruits a day.
Carrots while cooking supper yesterday. not a big deal, it made me not really need a snack after all. weird. you mean I don't NEED to eat while cooking? ;)
forgot about the keeping meal sizes even. Big lunch today again and smaller snacks. But it involved nuts.
Supper today will be interesting, esp if it's at the bar. Hopefully a salad or a wrap will be available. Remember no fries! Planning on writing out the meals on Sunday for next week.
Last night I did my weight routine. My hamstrings were still sore from tuesday's deadlifts and squats which is awesome. I rarely get sore any more. but I still can't push myself to do any more and I'm maxed out on weight. I did try and do a bigger number of reps for the first set, 18's or until fatigued. Wasn't too bad. After all my weights I felt like I was neglecting my dog so I took her for a walk that turned into a run. She just had too much energy. In the middle of it I remembered I'm supposed to be biking but it was too late. So I'm glad I got that bonus jog in yesterday because this morning was rained out for HIIT and it's still raining tonight. If it clears up I'll do a quick on Sat morning but I still have to pack and everything and we've gotta be gone by 10:30 for this wedding (in another city).
About my dog. I found this girl online who has a dog sitting kinda business. She just loves animals so you pay her what you want and she'll walk and feed and whatever else you need. I can't take her to a kennel it turns out because she doesn't have her booster. Oh well. Was all set to get this girl to come once Sat night and once sun morning for a total of 2.5 hours for $20. But then hubby pointed out that we don't know this girl in the least and she has to get her mom to drive her to our place and the gas alone would be like $4 each time. So he thought of asking his cousin's daughter to do the same thing since we at least know her and she's got her license and is in the same town. That way it's somebody we trust coming to our yard and everything. We're gonna give her the tour and instructions tonight and then she'll be set for tomorrow. Hopefully she likes it because then we may have just found our babysitter! I don't know how parents do it! I know it's not ideal but we've also got our neighbour who said he'd keep an eye on her (the dog not the cousin) and she really is used to be alone except for 4 hours at night and 1 in the morning. So this will just be a little bit shorter than that which is good.
Anyway, work has been dead now for some time. Only 1 other guy with me here in the office (4 out of 9 are on holidays, and 2 left early). Since I didn't do a speck of work yesterday and the work I did today is wrong (found a mistake in my model) I think I'll just correct my mistake and then pick it up on monday. boo me. Have a good weekend everybody!

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