Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why I'm awesome even if I'm not losing weight:

Completely superficial list follows:
1. I'm stronger than most girls
2. I'm trying to lose weight
3. I'm not really fat
4. I have nice hair
5. I have nice eyes
6. I'm a good person
7. I have nice boobs
8. I have good hips so other people think I'm skinny
9. I'm in good shape
10. I eat healthy and plan on evading cancer and alzheimers and other diseases based on my diet and lifestyle
11. I'm smarter than most people
12. I'm positive (my attitude, don't gimme that grade 4 joke!)
13. I will lose weight
14. I didn't have to shell out hundreds of bucks to lose my weight
15. I got married and bought a house and am "living the life" way earlier than most everyone else.
16. I make more money than other people
17. yet do less work than most people
18. I get along with everyone (even when I don't like them)
19. I've got best friends that can never get rid of me (my sister and my mom)
20. My eyelashes curl all by themselves
21. I can sing pretty well
22. My husband thinks I'm sexy
23. My husband loves me
24. I drive a nice car
25. I have a pretty face
26. My double chin isn't as bad as my in-law's double chin
27. I have good skin
28. We bought a house just before the market exploded
29. I can do anything for about half the cost that you can
30. I'm always happy and can always find the bright side.

there now when I feel like total crap (which never happens, read 30) I can just check this out and know that people are jealous of me for these things. Mostly when I feel like somebody's superior to me I can remember why I'm better than them. I'm so shallow. But some people do that to you ya know? the cool popular ones who have it all? Well they're not married, have limp hair and I can beat them in an arm wrestle. So there! :p


Swizzlepop said...

Great list!

I'm really weird about posting pics in my blog especially of my face and that is where you can see a lot of difference. I starting looking through some pictures to see if I had any good body shots that I could just cut the head off and realized that I have managed to avoid those unless I am holding my dog so that he can cover my middle. I did find a good mid section BEFORE the before WW which is where I'm going back to. I'll post some and see if it helps you at all. Are we the same height too?

Colette said...

rotflmao @ Double chin on IN-LAW!!
Thats too funny! I agree with your list Randi...you are beautiful, have awonderful husband and smart too boot!

Think I will have make me a list to...LOL

Crabby McSlacker said...

What a totally great idea to make a list like that. We're so much more than numbers on a scale, especially when the scale is being ridiculous and mean. And wow, you have a LOT of things to feel proud of and happy about!

Kitty said...

great post! bravo!