Friday, August 24, 2007


oh yeah. over half done! totally in the zone. Though I bet you're not suprised since I sorta gave it away by mentioning being half done. i've got 10-12 lbs left. I just arbitrarily picked 130 lbs as a goal. Though I think it's gonna matter more to me what I look like. I don't really remember ever being that small so I don't know what the scale looks like when I'm the size I want. (basically no more pudge! Bikini time!) So as I approach that I'll readjust, it might be more or less.

I'm working on updating my graphs etc. I'm just paranoid doing this at work that somebody's gonna pop in. I haven't been "checked on" in awhile. So a little later I think. However, totally right on plan for my nov 11 goal. (I sorta feel bad choosing a holiday to honor canadian soldiers as my weight loss goal, sorta takes the focus away from where it should be. Maybe I'll just say the 10th of november.)

in other news (this blog has news?): my puppy is so smart. She's still bad and bites and jumps, but she can learn tricks in 1/2 an hour. Last night we just learned a new one, I shoot her ("bang") and she falls over dead. Funny! She only does it so far when we're really close together and she doesn't fall that quick, it looks like a little kid doing a play where they sit down first and then lay down in the right pose. Funnier that way I suppose. I think with some practice she'll do it right quick. She rolls over before you even ask her to lately! just any time you get a treat out for her! Still gotta work on the every day behaviour though.

lunch in 1/2 hour, gonna aim for a salad but I don't know what's on the menu. gonna stay away from fries and pasta at all costs. maybe a club sandwich though. cal's so far for the day (same breakfast plus peach and yogurt) = ~300 calories. Supper will also likely be fast food-ish as i'm driving home to visit my parents before they leave for Australia for 6 weeks next thursday. Bringing my workout clothes home and I'm gonna do my best to eat good as I wanna be a good example for my parents (both have high cholesterol and my dad just thought he had some kinda heart attack and was having tests done, and my mom just found out she's got degenerative bone disease and kidney stones. Hey have a fun holiday!) They generally eat well but still in the way that older people do who cook things with butter. Plus they're busy so convenience food is everything. PLUS they're in a small town so getting good fresh produce is a little trickier. If anybody is a doctor and has some good advice for supplements for them to take let me know quick. They're not even taking multivitamins so I'm bringing those home for them as well as a copper bracelet (who knows?) for mom. Mom should also have a brace kinda thing for her back just for her holiday. i'm not a fan of those that restrict movement because it just lets your muscles get even weaker. But she's got less than a week to get better and then she has to not get broken on her trip!
ok so hope y'all have a good weekend. I'm hopefully doing some walking with parentals and maybe weights but definately some golf on sunday. forgot to mention that it's hubby's work golf tourney. so there's carts but still a little exercise. And then there's a bag lunch for us and a buffet supper. I like how I've been doing at buffets. Completely filling my plate, but mostly with the veggies. (I love em!) this might be burger and I'm not a big fan of not fast food burgers (weirdo) so that should be pretty easy. Just the desserts will be a problem. Same as at mom's house. Wish me luck!

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Shannon said...

Good luck girlfriend. I feel for your parents. My parents haven't been too bad but at New Year's after being on my dad for years about his eating habits joined WW and has so far lost 50 pounds. My mom and him enjoy cooking healthy meals together now and I am so proud of them both. My dad use to send me to the grocery store at 10pm to get him a chocolate cake, or go to timmy's. It was bad. Everytime I heard an ambulance I thought it was them going to him. It's scary stuff. That is so sweet of you to bring multivitamins and those bracelet things.