Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well the loss has left and I've gained a pound. I'm so confused. I think if I just focus on how I feel and feel like I look, I am up at least a pound. I'm completely stalled and maybe in reverse. But I have had a revelation. I'm not acting like somebody trying to lose weight. I'm acting like a maintain. I'm eating very healthy and working out. But I'm eating too much and not working out hard enough. Yes I'm running as much if not more than I used to be. But it's so much easier for me now than it used to be so the intensity isn't there. So I've gotta kick that up. And the food, I'm eating calories like crazy. All fruit and yogurt and almonds and whole wheat etc. but i'm just consuming too much of it. I started tracking food in fitday.com. I still don't know what's supper for sure but breakfast, snacks and and lunch (packed, so everything I'll eat until I get home at 5:00) is 1168 calories (44% carbs, only 22% protein, all this fruit). So to stay at about 1600 calories - wait I'm gonna check this...

Well I just found my base metabolic rate plus activity calories (even low balled this) and it's 2150 calories a day to maintain. So to lose 1 lb a week, subtract 500 calories/day = 1650. Woo hoo. good guess!

So for only 1600 calories today I only have 482 calories left for supper. Which is very reasonable but I know that I don't do that. And today's lunch etc was very typical, if not light as it's a salad for lunch day. So I've gotta cut back on these lunches. Just like I expected I needed to do. I'm gonna keep lunches to a salad/sandwich and 1 fruit. If it's leftovers that are fairly hearty then that's all. AM snack and PM snack will be 1 fruit each and a yogurt or almonds. Something that's also killing me is breakfast choices. I gotta get back into cereal. Peanut butter turned my 2 toasts and banana into nearly 500 calories! I liked the ideas I got before about tomatoes on toast but I've been doing that with feta cheese (as I've still got a million lbs of it) so I don't think it's that healthy either. (well healthy yes but low cal no). So I'm gonna be trying different breakfasts until I've got something that works. meanwhile, if it's toast, it's 1 slice, not 2. I'm having a snack a few hours later so I can deal. Maybe it'll be smoothies.

ok so I decided to to Turbulence Training (TT). It involves 3 days a week of Interval Training and 3 days a week of Strength stuff. It's not specifically for women so I might have to adjust some moves, I can't do chin ups so I'll do modified or something. Anyway basically TT (beginner) is:

You do workout A, then workout B then workout A etc so each week you're doing 2 of A and 1 B, then next week 2B and 1A. And in each workout you do A1 and A2 back and forth until done those sets and then do B1 and B2. got it? Also the interval training is very intervally, not like what I've been doing. It's more like varying between a 3 and a 8 on RPE. so walking and sprinting, not jogging and running. I think I'm gonna keep up with some running and biking but I'm gonna do the intervals as maybe jump rope. I think I wanna get pretty good at stuff like that for winter training. I'm a chicken in the winter and wind.

So the other thing I wanna do, is get good at swimming. So maybe I'll have to join somewhere for this winter. Because I'm already pretty good at running (nothing crazy but 1/2 hour isn't a problem) and I'm gonna be pretty good at biking after this month, and then swimming....I wanna do a triathalon. Just a mini-one. A sprint distance. It's like 1/2 hour of each thing-ish. Next summer. I used to be a good swimmer, lifeguard and all, used to bike to university 1/2 hour each way and now I can run so I think that's a good plan. I was thinking about a 5K but no offence to anyone who's done a 5K but I think that 5 km is supposed to be pretty hard for you when you run that and that's more or less what I run 3 times a week. Yet I'm too chicken to run a half marathon so I figured a Tri was a good idea. But I don't know where there is one or when or anything. I'd want some kinda just fun thing as I don't want to worry too much about my transitions or anything.

So there ya go. New food plan. New workout plan. I realized I'm just too comfortable. I know that for real results I'm gonna have to be a little hungry sometimes and actually not look forward to my workouts because they're so hard. Just kick it up. I know I just said that about food last week but I can't remember all my rules all the time. I'm gonna stick to the bread one and the salad one. And reduce the diet cokes and no snacking while making or cleaning up supper. Stick to clean eating as much as possible, minimize process stuff, eat lots of fruit and veggies. I know that's most of them but it's something I do pretty much anyway right now. except the bread and the salad and supper snacking. So just those changes arent' enough. that's why I'm changing up breakfast and lunch.

Supper yesterday was healthy, homemade chicken fingers (baked, coated with bran and fibre1 cereal) and homemade fries (sprayed with cooking spray and salt, no oil) plus peas. way better than bought fingers and fries yet feels like a treat. plus super easy and quick. yay. But I bought groceries so I didn't bike. I always feel too rushed after that, putting things away and cleaning up etc, eating late. then this morning hubby had the day off so I slept in a little instead of walking the dog since he can. oh well. tonight i am home alone so it's new workout time, plus hopefully a bike (if I don't jump rope). and my choice of tv for once! that's another thing that makes me feel like schedule's off or something, SIL watching movies all the time. I used to be in charge of the tv so once I realized nothign was on, I'd put something sorta boring on and then keep busy with stuff. Now I feel like I can't interupt her walking infront of the tv or anything. I know this is all me not her but still feel like it.

I think I've got a few things to post about this afternoon so I'll be back. let me know what you think of TT and if anyone wants more details let me know.


Candace said...

Hey Randi, Wow, are you motivated!
Exer-cise (who put 2 4-letter words together) is slowly becoming part of me. Thanks for all the motivation I get from you.
Responding to you comment on my blog, I feel like I should always disclaim, "This diet brought to you in part by PC Blue Menu items." My cart used to be mostly yellow (no-name), but now it's mostly blue. They've got some frozen pizza's out now I'm gonna try one after WI tomorrow night.

katieo said...

Randi. I read your posts, and could comment on like 8 things, but I'll just pick a couple: I suck at swimming- wish I were better too. ANd I'm totally with you. I just feel...stuck. Although today I kept catching myself with my hand in various open containers around my kitchen (crackers, cereal, boxes, juice containers). HELLO! Um. Katie. Did you remember you were trying to LOSE weight? So yeah I'm stuck. But I also know why.

Swizzlepop said...

1650 calories a day? That's more than what I get, but you do work out WAY more so maybe that is why. My range is 1200-1550 a day (see charts in blog). I do agree though counting calories will help kick start you.

I'll be interested to see if staying within your calorie range will help you drop the way it did for me. I'm still shocked about it, but NOT complaining one bit :).

And for your foods, try Better'n Peanut Butter. It's 2 pts for 1 TSB or 100 calories. http://www.betternpeanutbutter.com/
And try Wonder Bread light, 2 slices is only 80 caliries. This way you still get your PB & banana but save a bunch of calories that you can use elsewhere. Good luck!

disa said...

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