Monday, August 20, 2007

Shannon that last post I swear was not about you! It might have been about your food but trust me you are not the only one who's menu makes my jaw drop! Of course I can tell you my food, and of course you picked a wonderful day to ask as I'm feeling completely crapped out about my menu today! monday's are never good. I'll try and post it all week and hopefully do a more typical menu later.
Breakfast - 1 piece of sunflower whole grain toast with (tons today) of peanut butter (the bread itself is like 120 calories a slice. it's hard to find whole grain bread that's got healthy things like omegas and yet is low cal)
snack - 1 2bite cinnamon roll and 1 honey glazed donut (office snacks are always a suprise. get them every monday for the meeting so I try to eat a lighter breakfast to make up for it) donut 320 calories, cinnamon roll 160 something. and it was like the size of my thumb.
lunch - 1 slice of Vern's pizza. we ordered yesterday with the in laws and I hate being fussy so they got like this all meat gigantic thing that I don't really like but we got such a huge pizza we'll be eating leftovers for 2 months. I was gonna bring a salad but I hate wasting food! these dilemmas I face... It was at least 450 calories. It was bigger than what I usually eat (well not size, but badness). Also had a big pear, and a cheese string thing. Another 200 calories.
snack - a source yogurt (50 cal) and this homemade granola bar thing (guessing 150 calories)
May also have an apple (100 calories)
supper - likely be pizza and caesar salad leftovers. Another 700 calories at least. Plus a glass of milk (120 calories)

I don't usually eat an evening snack, maybe a peach or plum (100 calories).

So my total for the day today will be 2400 calories! Eww! That's like 800 more than I should eat. So I basically can't eat supper. Well I did say that today is a not normal day. I think I'll NOT have pizza again for supper today (I am guessing on the calories but I know it has more than most pizza because it was like twice as thick with meat and I don't even like meat on pizzas!)
A "normal" day that I tracked last week where I felt like I ate really healthy and a lose fat type day for me turned out to be 1800 calories. I'm trying to keep it around 1600 but that's pretty tough when you don't keep track! I really don't know how I'm still losing weight, the only thing I can attribute it to is metabolism (which mine is so high from the weights)

So I think I'm going to try and do that every day this week and see how things go. I think I've already significantly adjusted things by figuring out that pizza stuff. I know I would have had a slice for supper and then lunch tomorrow and so on. I rarely eat pizza but when I do I usually have 2 slices. For this to even satisfy me with 1 slice, you know that's a lot of food. Well and snacks aren't usually donuts and cinnamon buns totaling 500+ calories, usually 250 calories or so.
Ugh, I am just disgusted!
Well I'll tell you about my weekend (which resulted in a maintain from friday, which is pretty good for a weekend). I don't even remember friday. I didn't workout at all though. I went for a run with my dog on saturday morning, did HIIT. felt great. Then did a TT workout. Then had a "brunch" of Wasa bread, feta and tomatoes (my dog ate half of one though) and a protein bar (I'm so excited I got protein bars and a protein shake, feel totally hard core now)
This was around 10:30. Never had lunch and went with in laws to look at houses for SIL/roommate. Then we went to folkfest. I brough my water bottle and fibre bars and had those and the only thing I bought was some hummus and half a pita as a snack. In laws looked at me like I was eating gum off the floor. Oh I lied, FIL bought me this rolled up norweigen cookie thing.
Then it was time for the wedding and I did really well with food there too. My plate was pretty packed but it was mostly veggies. Weird how my favorite food at buffets is usually the cooked vegetable that most people don't even eat. Did eat 3 squares/desserts but it's a wedding. No excuse. oops. I did dance a bit of it off. And had 1 paralyzer and the rest diet cokes. One of my friend's at the wedding (the beautiful one from the staggette) was the bridesmaid and we hung out with the wedding party most of the night (otherwise I would have been sooo bored). Anyway, she facebooked me that I looked "sooo hot at the wedding PS- I think I need to get in shape". So I'll get some pictures up soon I hope. She looked super pretty (especially compared to the other girls in the wedding party!) but again compared to them she was way bigger. (not that she looked big, these girls were tiny, gross, with concave chests) But I understand why she felt like she needed to get in shape after it. Especially because I was wearing some seriously flattering clothes. Made my waist look small I think. One of those flowy on top but stuck to your waist shirts? Sorta makes you look like a mumu on top know what I mean? anyways I'll put pictures up later.
Eek - getting spied on at work. I'll finish later!!!


dizzydazey said...

I honestly had to stop reading your blog because you were talking about pizza, and I was smelling phatom pizza this morning and I just couldn't keep reading. So basically I have no idea what you said, but I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work and say other stuff that's encouraging like, "Keep Kicking Ass, Girl", etc. And don't sweat eating a little over one day - it seems to help boost the metabolism to have a little controlled splurge day. (although you may have mentioned that and I just didn't read it!)Sorry!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm. sounds good what you ate, and it sounds like you are still very much in control.