Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm back baby!

Yeah I was always here. But I was not always HERE:

-.6 lb!
Moving back down! Oh yeah! I know like just over half a pound. Woopie. I've been fluctuating by that for weeks now. But always on the above side of 144. Now I'm in the 143's. Yay! 143.4. It was almost 143.2 but that didn't last more than 3 breaths. So I can't remember when I officially weigh in (i've been doing every day for weeks here with no change) so I decided it's now friday mornings. And I have officially broken my plateau (I don't lie so it must be true now that I said it).
I would like to attribute it to Turbulence Training, the new workouts I'm doing. The strength part isn't exceptionally hard. Hardly sweat while doing that. I was disappointed but I did feel sore the next day which is something I haven't felt in a long time. So I'm gonna keep the same routine for awhile yet. The part that's been awesome has been the intervals. I've been doing sprint intervals. And yeah they're hard, but not impossible. Just 1 minute at fast as you can go. then recover for 2. And only 4 times (well I did more once, since I wasn't back home yet) I've been eating well, but I've basically been eating well for months now. I would love to keep track of my calories better but there's always something that I can't figure out. Plus I just doing want to spend that much time doing that. Maybe I'll just write it all down and then add it up for the whole week. I always have some recipe without nutritional info or else have a meal out and have no clue. I'm sure you can find an estimate online but like I said, too lazy. On days when I eat normal, whole foods (a hamburger as opposed to hamburger helper, where you have to measure) I've been keeping track in fitday and it's shown me that even when I think I'm eating few calories I'm really not. Up to 1800 on a day I thought was awesome. Perhaps my metabolism is better than I expected and I'm used to more food but I do need to cut back. So I'm all for keeping track.
So starting now:
B - 3 Wasa breads (have you tried these? Really pretty good. Nice replacement for toast, 3 slices = 90 calories)
B - 2 tbsp peanut butter
B - 1 banana
Sn - carrots
L - leftover pasta from restaurant, oily sauce as it was the last of the leftovers, some veggies in it, no meat. About 3/4 cup
L - 50 cal source yogurt
L - 1.5 cups strawberries
Sn - plum and 120 calories of soy nuts (anybody else eat these? Just got them and they're too hard! just a bad bunch or always like this?)
S - Plan on a veggie stir fry. May add steak for hubbies but I'm gonna try and go just veggie. Will need some kind of dessert as well. Also may watch a movie and eat cheeca chips (90 cal 2 cups)
Seems good now, but I think supper might be hard to rein in. That's why I wanna keep it just veggies as I like to fill my plate. But I always need a "dessert" or 2!
Also might do some intervals again tonight as I didn't run this morning as I did last night (I excuse myself if I ran just 12 hours prior). Actually if I do anything I think I'll bike. My dog's been acting crazy and I'd love to really really tire her out. Plus more house cleaning for in-law's visit tomorrow! Cleaning the bathroom yesterday I think should also count as a workout! My shoulder was dead after!
So I'm set up for a good weekend too. COULD be lots of eating but I'm feeling on top of this. Folkfesting with the in-laws, when you have to pay for food I eat a heck of a lot less. So I think I'll be sticking to my water and fibre bars. (folkfest is all these pavillions for all sorts of cultures - chinese, greek, german, australian etc, they have little shows of dance or whatever, sell little trinkets - fans at the chinese etc. and sell way over priced food and drinks of the region, really fun but expensive) After that is a wedding, i'll try and do better on buffet portion control than the last one. It's fresh in my mind what a disappointment all that food was, how I feel like a pig with a mountainous plate, then feel bad for leaving so much on it that I didn't like, then was full for dessert. So hopefully that helps. Then we don't know a lot of people at this wedding so hubby might dance with me a little more as there will be little else to do.
Sunday in laws are staying over so probably have to cook a big breakfast full of bacon and sausage (which I don't eat so it's actually a good thing for me, compared to waffles or something else big and hearty. Not a diet thing, just don't like it much) I usually have egg whites and toast. So bigger than a weekday but hopefully it holds me over for lunch. Then sunday plans are up in the air. It's also the air show in town I might go to. Which again, I'm too cheap to buy food at. Or else it might be shopping and hanging with family who I don't like to pig out in front of. I just feel good right now that even if family wanted MccyD's I wouldn't WANT anything but the salad. Yay feeling good! That's what a loss on a friday will do for your weekend I guess!


Anonymous said...

YAY on the loss. I can't believe you don't like bacon and eggs tho. I could eat breakfast for every meal. Eggs creep me out sometimes tho. But STILL.

katieo said...

Randi!! .6!! That's awesome!! I know exactly what you mean about breaking out of that digit range. Yay for 143's!!
I'm starting interval stuff too this week. I'm excited, good to hear it's been working for you.

And glad to hear your feeling so positive and "up." I swear it's contagious :)

Kitty said...

CONGRATS! That is fabulous!

Lindsay said...

I dont really like eggs either, but i like those pre scrambles ones!!

Yay for being positive!!

dizzydazey said...

Big Kudos on the Loss!

That's awesome!!

Enjoy the In-Laws!

Meg said...

yay! congrats on breaking the plateau!!