Tuesday, August 21, 2007

food (calories)

2 rye toast w/ pb - 300
20 almonds - 140
cheese string - 80
homemade granola bar - 150 ?
veggie stir-fry - 150 ?
yogurt - 50
apple - 100
pear - 100
peach - 80
then supper - maybe a slice of pizza and salad and pineapple (don't know how long it keeps so better slice it up!) - 500 + 150
Total = 1800 (though I did guess high on things)
Also that's what I've packed, not sure if I'll eat the apple (I never needed it yesterday) And again, supper might be something different but I'm sure it'll be 500 cal's just depends on desert or not.
So again, that's pretty high cal yet I think it's typical food that I'd eat to lose weight. this could be low too. I'm sure super is at least 500 cal's all the time, and lunch is usually more than 150 and I always eat that much fruit and yogurt and stuff. Almonds were extra today. Just felt munchy and didn't bring a lot of protein for lunch. So weird. I feel like I'm eating good food and appropriate amounts, yet it's huge calories. I think I'm gonna try and tighten that up a bit. I'm sure it will as fruit goes out of season anyway. I just can't replace it with puddings and other snacks etc.
let me know what you guys think. Where can I save calories. I don't really think I should eat less than 300 calories for breakfast. It's sorta all about the lunch/snacks at work. but that's all healthy! I don't know what to do. for those on WW core I sorta feel like that's how I'm eating and you don't even have to count the "good" food right? Somebody feel like analyzing it that way?


Bridget said...

Looks like you could increase your protein a bit - I'd be hungry a lot eating your diet! Your calories seem to be higher at night - maybe you could trim calories from dinner. Since I snack all the time, like you, I usually don't need to eat much for dinner. Or a pack away the veggies :)

Anonymous said...

at breakfast do you like oatmeal with berries mixed in and maybe one piece of toast..it looks good you seem very sure of what you are putting into your body which is good.

sherijung said...

You could substitute out the cheese string for some skim milk--since you've been eating so much pizza, you probably don't want to add anymore dairy fat. Your calories would be similar, but your fat ratio would be better.