Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Late one for me

So it's almost the end of the day and I still haven't thrown anything up here yet. Unlike me. I was actually busy with work that wasn't annoying as hell!
So I stepped on the scale this morning and it had a happy number 141.0 Maybe it was too happy. I thought I had a bad weekend, it shouldn't have had enough time to wear off yet. Not complaining though. Plus it's TOM, isn't that supposed to make it go the other way? again, not complaining.
So turns out SIL didn't make supper last night, but hubby did. Just grilled cheese and tomato soup - his specialty (aka the only thing he can cook). It was really good, been trying to eat too fancy lately. I can still eat simple meals and be healthy. this wasn't particularly. He used a lot of margarine on the bread. But I didn't eat a ton of it, I think calories would be low. But then I did have to have a cupcake and some saltwater taffy. I thought I was done but SIL bf then decided he wanted to make floats (but he blendered them, pop and icecream blendered) it was good, but I'm not much of an ice cream person. And drinking nondiet pop makes me very nervous. So I only had half a glass. I should have said none thanks, but it was a nice gesture to make it for me in the first place. But you're right Dizzy, I gotta not eat things to make other people happy. Bad trend that is becoming evident. So I think all that food was more than I should have had, but again, scale still showed a loss, 12 hours later.
I did get a run in last night (intervals woohoo) and did some TT. My dog was being a beast and I think that's why I had the cupcake. She bit my face. She was just playing but that's not cool. I don't know what to do with her. She doesn't know the difference between biting me and biting her toys. Plus after that she spilled my float (that's maybe why only half a glass) all over the magazine rack and carpet. Nice orange milky pop on my white carpet. I was ticked. I took it out on hubby a little. Where was he all evening while she was being bad? It's OUR dog, not mine! Grr...but that happened as I was trying to go to bed so had to stay up 1/2 hour and clean that mess. We've got this little bissel carpet cleaner and apparently on the weekend hubby cleaned up some of Daisy's pee on the carpet with it, but never thought to rinse it or dump the pee-water. So it absolutely stunk when I had to use it. Had to clean it before I cleaned the floor or I would have just spread pee around. And I told this to hubby (snapped it to him) and he said "well I'll clean it out" and then leaves the room to have a shower so I did it all, he comes back as I'm finishing and says "you should show me how to do that for future reference." yeah well if you were around when it needed doing I would have loved to. Glad you're nice and clean and ready for bed. I haven't showered yet so I'll have to get up early and do so getting even LESS sleep!
I didn't realize I was so mad about this until I wrote it out. Sheesh! I just hope my dog is an angel tonight or she's getting ignored outside. May jog tonight. May just take it off completely. Do some baking or make some soup or something. I feel bad if I'm not productive. I wanna do something I'm always to busy to do that I like doing. Maybe I'll scrapbook.
Anyhow. Time to go home. End of the day. Nice way to end it too, slacking the last 20 minutes. Have a good one!


Bridget said...

congrats on the low weight! i'm very very jealous :)

dizzydazey said...

Oh no! Don't tell me that you've become one of those girls that can eat whatever you want and still lose weight!?! I really don't want to have to hate you... :o) j/k!

Big Kudos on the Loss! I'm only a smidgen jealous!

Puppies bite everything and Daisy doesn't understand that biting you in the face is much worse than chewing on your hand. She has no social conscience. I bet with some training and lots of loving she'll grow out of it. And you spend so much time with her that you're obviously a wonderful puppy mommy! :o) GO YOU!

sherijung said...

Yay for the loss!

Boo for husbands who don't help clean up. I have one of my own. Unfortunately, I can't report that it gets much better after 20 years of marriage. I hope I'm raising sons who will be much better in that department.

By the way, I'm now blogging at my SparkPeople page, for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

At puppy school the lady told us that it is absolutely no accident if you are playing with them and they bite you instead of the toy. Maybe you should put Daisy in puppy school too.