Wednesday, August 15, 2007

go me

So I feel pretty good. Things going alright. Tried a smoothie for breakfast. Liked it. One of my cottage cheese ones. This one with strawberries and a banana and ice and splenda. And Benefibre. Gotta love fibre. Anyway this worked out to around 350 calories and lots of protein. I think I gotta cut down on the bananas. I eat them like they're nothing but they've got 100+ calories each. But this was good. I did sort of miss the chewing aspect to breakfast, however since I was running late it was easy to take this with me for the drive.
Packed a nice healthy lunch of tuna and rice and peas but forgot I'd made plans to go out for lunch. So went to East Side Mario's and had Angelhair primavera with Chicken. Very delicious. Not terribly unhealthy. An oil and herb type sauce and veggies. Ate about half of it and packed the rest. It did feel like quite a bit and it felt bad to be eating it period. (pasta...) but I don't think it was terrible. Did eat my snacks of yogurt, cantaloup and carrots (over 2 snacks).
TT last night was good. I think I may need to do the intermediate version not the beginner. Well I need an inbetween. I don't think I can do a 1 legged squat, but 5 second side planks are a piece of cake. Didn't really break a sweat last night. But a few muscles were aching when I was done. Tried to jump rope but the dog hated it. Kept barking at the rope. Besides, I don't have a good jump rope, it's too light. sorta like jumping using a ribbon, it just doesn't spin fast enough. But I did go on the bike. Only about 15 minutes. It's hard with a poorly trained dog on a short leash. I almost ran her over 5 times and she almost pulled me off like 39 times. Plus she can't run that fast. oh well. we're getting there.
This morning I did the sprint intervals though for my run. It's not too bad. you only have to do 4 intervals of superfast (1 minute) then a 2 minute recover. So with warm up and cool down it's like 20 minutes. I worked way harder than I usually do on morning runs, in less time and didn't hate every minute of it! So I think that's the new plan. Until I get a new jump rope at least.
Plus I realized that I have made serious progress. I'm wearing a shirt today that when I got it in March was pretty tight, couldn't do it up over the boobs (button up shirt) and only looked good when standing up straight. But now I can wear it fully buttoned and it looks almost too big.
Not sure what to do tonight yet. I'm supposed to go to this friend's house for her birthday party/bbq. but I forgot to bring anything (byob, byo meat, present?) So I could either go buy stuff and go right over, or go home eat and come in afterwards (burning gas). Plus it's a luao (sp?) party and I'm wearing winter clothes (it's cold here this week). I think I'll go home first. But I was looking forward to a bit of shopping to kill time between work and party now that's eaten up with driving. Oh well. gonna be a tough temptation night. Bringing a big diet coke and a fibre bar so hopefully won't want chips. yeah right. I should say, hopefully won't eat chips.
Hope everyone's feeling as good about all this weight loss stuff as I am!


Kitty said...

Hi Randi, CSIRO is called The Total Wellbeing Diet. It's lower carb higher protein without eliminating any food groups. It is really affective and was developed by the CSIRO which is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia. It's scientific. It works!

Candace said...

Congrats on the blouse. I am wearing a blouse today that I bought a few years ago and had in storage for a LONG time. Been wearing it for the past 5 lbs, but it's still a little snug. Gotta love clothes.