Monday, August 13, 2007

a loss, maybe a loss, if I squint?

Well I weighed myself 3 times within 1/2 an hour this morning and here's how it went:
first thing, went pee, in undies, (no i didn't pee in my undies!) 155 something. So sad
Went running, naked, fluctuated between 144.4 and 144.6, sorta relieved as it's the same as last week
After shower, after pee, but with wet hair. 143.8. SOO EXCITED! but confused.

So I'm gonna go with the 143.8 because it's the happiest and hopefully it indicates a new era has begun, past the plateau. Weekend wasn't perfect but I did ok. lots of eating out. went for a run sat am, had an energy bar pre. then forgot breakfast (well was busy and then we left). So we stopped at costco anyway so I tried to find something. Was gonna get a fruit tray but this is costco folks! so I didn't need 6 lbs of fruit! Ended up buying a big bunch of bananas and a pack of those muffins. I know those things are horrible so I didn't eat them, they were for hubby. But then we ended up doing mccyD's too. But I only got a plain english muffin, chocolate milk and fruit and yogurt parfait. Yay! then after the ceremony went to the bar with family and had my 2 drinks, I tried to be smart about it. Aren't margatitas better than coladas or daiquari's? I thought so so that's what I did. Oh well. Then had a "snack" of a platter shared with everybody. So I also had some wedges and 1 potato skin and some veggies and dip. Then of course was the wedding food. I ate a ton, but it was mostly veggies and salads and stuff. Plate was loaded though. But I did go a little nuts on the desserts. They had a dessert buffet as big as the food one! So I had 3 pieces of pie/cake. Plus I didn't want to drink but I didn't want to say I don't want to drink so if somebody bought me one I'd drink it. So I think I drank another 3 drinks or so. So really that's not too bad. Seemed really bad but just because I was soooo full and that's a bad feeling. Only danced a couple songs because everyone sucks now. All weddings have sucked since mine. Not saying mine was so amazing (which I think it was, when people asked how the wedding was the only thing I could say was "the most fun day I've ever had" and i've been to disney world). I liked all weddings and had tons of fun before my wedding at other weddings. But since then, just everything seems to be dull. Like all the uncles and everyone got up and danced like crazy at my wedding, the family weddings since, nope. I told you about my friends not doing the strip the groom at the other wedding. Just duds. Oh well. At least mine is the winner.
Then sunday had some breakfast (toast and banana) at the hotel. Didn't want to do the $16 buffet the next day that was a wedding event. (looked good though) and then went to burger baron for lunch. We'd never been and my sister wanted to. Well I had a salad. Yay me. However I think there was 400 calories worth of cheese on it. oops. but it's gotta be better than the burger and fries. Cleaned the house last night but no exercise. It was alright though. Early bed.
So I said I'd come up with a food plan in advance for the week. Well I tried doing that last night but I just looked at recipes all night instead. Tonight's chicken. Lunch was salad out with Dad and family. Wednesday i'm going out for lunch too but I'll probably get a salad there too. don't know where we're going so can't say for sure. I'm gonna try and figure it out tonight. Also gonna bike tonight. Maybe just a short one but I'm gonna bike. Already ran so I feel like this is bonus. Still have to review which workout thing I'm gonna do now. I've got copies of Turbulence Training (well a little bit of it) and The 6-Minute Circuits. If anybody's tried these let me know which you like better. Exercises are all the same any way. Squats, pushups, 1 hour. etc. I'll look at them right after this and then try and decide. Also try and figure out the food for the week. I am being conscious of the bread every day but the rest seems to be going to pot. (is that a saying?) so right. basically i suck at everything i said last week.


Swizzlepop said...

Congrats on the loss even if id did cause some confusion and make some of us think that you peed in your undies and ran naked LOL.

katieo said...

Jeez. it's good to know the scale does that to you too. I wouldn't have such a dysfunctional relationship with the thing if it would just be consistant!