Friday, November 30, 2007


Yeah I know I missed a day yesterday and probably didn't comment much (and won't today either). There's this thing going on at work (consultants in to analyze the company to try and make it more profitable or something) and we had to fill out this detailed time management thing, plus I'm scared they might be monitoring computer internet use or something. I'll try to get some real posts up this weekend but for now this is all you get.

Oh yeah, I suck at the scale. Up .2 to 138.4. Stupid burger and fries on tuesday, and eating out yesterday (and late so more like 2 suppers) not to mention class cancelled wed and no gym for me thursday. Boo. At least these things are easily fixed for next week and should give me a loss. Puh-lease!

Get your losses in to me to remind me what I should be doing for this Christmas Challenge. We're down to the crunch now folks! Tomorrow is December!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I should mention,

that even though there was a burger in my night, I didn't eat all my fries, let the dog have 'em (she loves fast food, goes nuts for it!).

Plus the scale was alright this morning. 147.6. So a .6 loss so far. I'm still hoping for at least a pound but I'm trying not to be cocky this time.

EDIT:: I mean 137.6. It was a typo. That was totally a weird brain thing, not actually believing I'm out of the 140s! Weird. I hope my brain catches up!

Promise you won't be mad

Nothing makes a person more mad than that sentence hey?

But still promise me ok?

Guess what I ate yesterday for supper? a whopper jr meal. Not all the fries. And a diet coke.

Not the excuse, but here's the story that goes with it. I went to the gym. I busted it on the treadmill running a full 30 minutes varying between 10.5 and 11 km/hr for most of it. (walked the 1st minute, did a couple minutes at 11.5). I was dying by then, a little bit from the tired, (not so much my heart and lungs but my legs, I wasn't huffing to bad) but more so from being bored! I can't wait until Christmas and I get a new MP3 player! I can't do this without it! The only thing that saved me was watching friends with the subtitles on on the gym tvs. I had something to pay attention to, but commercials were impossible! So we did that and then also did our chin-ups. I did 2 sets of 5 with 30 lbs and 1 set of 8 with 50 lbs. I made horrible faces while I was doing it and could hardly breath so I know I worked out.

So then I dropped my sister off at her house and gave her her half of the baking. so that's gone. Which is good, but I haven't been tempted much and haven't had any of it since Saturday when the girls and I killed 3 dozen or so. But the roads were really bad, it sort of blizzarded yesterday here. So driving was slow and slippery so it was already like 6:30. I called hubby to tell him to boil spaghetti but he was cleaning something up and had already cleaned the whole kitchen and didn't want to mess it up (yeah, that's good thinking honey. Let's just close that room off, then it won't get dirty) so he convinced me to just grab some burgers on the way in. He got a poutine and a whopper. Which is making my tummy grumble thinking about! Poutine...I think I have to start being more on track and focused and train harder so I can have cheat meals filled with nothing but large poutine's. After Christmas I guess. Anyway I got the whopper jr meal, without really thinking. I was debating as I was driving there whether or not I should cook something when I got home just for me and just get hubby his food. But once I was in the drive through window, I just ordered. Same thing I always order there. (I always get The burger. teen burger, big mac etc. At least this was a jr right? but I shouldn't have gotten the fries. Lesson learned: keep some kinda snacks in the car so you're not starving and need to eat fries on the way home. I don't even like fries without ketchup!) By the time I got home and got eating it was 7:00. That's too late to go without food and still have control of your brain. To do: put some protein bars in the car.

So hubby was watching a movie when I got home so I got out some snowmen and worked on some hand sewing. I didn't realize MILs birthday is next monday or something so I want to have these done by then. I probably won't see her but anyway. I guess she's actually in the city today shopping - and I didn't give her any ideas yet! Boo! I'm gonna get crap! I hope she wises up and gets gift cards! Please please please! I think that would be my favorite present. I was just thinking how I basically don't care what store. I want a shopping spree. Even $25 shopping spree. $25 of guilt free money. I would squeeze every penny from that $25 get the most bang for my buck. But i'll probably get a lamp and another fricken throw.

I woke up this morning, ACHING! (that looks like wrong spelling...) my hamstrings are so sore, my back and chest too. yay! Haven't felt this in ages. I did some running yesterday with incline so that might explain the hamstrings. and chin-ups for the back and chest? woo hoo! There's no class tonight because the instructor had to go out of town. So I'm going to take a day off. yay! Like a holiday! I love working out but I've got so much stuff to catch up on around the house! Working out in the evenings, away from home, being gone for an extra 2 hours 4 nights a week (with my drive into the city or whatever) means that house turns icky. Hubby had the day off yesterday so he cleaned up the big things, dishes and dog toys and junk cupboard and stuff. So for us it looks clean because everything's put away (we don't even have kids!) so tonight I'm going to do the detail cleaning which never gets done. Clean mirrors and windows and dust and scrub and so on. I want it done before we decorate for Christmas and just cover it all up. Maybe I'll get around to that as well tonight. See if hubby wants to help. Otherwise it'll be on to snowmen.

Guess what I did at work for 4 hours between yesterday and this morning? Called every single (not exagerating) hotel in my city looking for a room for these consultants coming in last minute. They were all booked, even sketchy places. Even way expensive ritzy places. Why? No idea, nothign big going on or anything. So it was really dumb. Why? because I hate talking on the phone. To call over 40 hotels and B&Bs and all that really sucked for me. Second everyone in the office could hear me because our walls are paper thin. So embarrassing. Third - it's not my flippin' job! I'm an engineer! Not a secretary! fourth - the boss might as well have done it himself because when I finally found one (starting tomorrow night, not last night like we wanted, seriously everything was booked!) boss would be like "that's too much, have you tried the travellodge?" no, I didn't think to try EVERY SINGLE HOTEL!!! but then make sure it had high speed internet and they weren't nonsmoking? well keep looking. Grr.... But it's over and now it's closer to the weekend.

Today feels like friday to me. Sucks.

Lunch today, I had like no food. So I brought cereal and milk. Plus the fruit and cheese and stuff like usual. Just no "meal" food. but it's lunch time now!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Clever title

Hello how are you? I am good. I hope you are good too.

had class last night. woohoo. It was good. I was dying on the squats and had to drop to 5 lbs from 8. But that's ok. They hurt and that's the point. My abs were also killing. I tried extra hard to keep them "engaged" during all my other exercises. Plus I'm starting to like my stomach so I can see results easier.

Here's another thing I like that's gonna sound like bragging but I haven't done this I'm So Awesome thing for a little while, so I'm due. Anyway. While I don't have a nice skinny waist (you should see my sister, it looks like a natural corset, tiny waist) but I don't have a lot of hip/waist flab and fat to form muffin tops. I do not have a muffin top in like any of my jeans. And even if they're super tight, low jeans, I don't look like there's a muffin top. I've seen skinny girls (like the waitress at BPs on the weekend) and in her black tshirt and black pants, cleaning off a table, she couldn't have weighed more than 120 lbs, like a size 4 or something, but she had a terrible muffin top! You know when you can see it starting halfway up the back? Ew! Not this size 6-8!

Anyway. that was a nice aside.

So class was good. I had some tuna helper (sodium I know I know whatever) for supper, and coleslaw. Easy healthy supper. I'm alright with it all around. Watch the serving size. But I used to pig out completely before my classes and besides still feeling full for class, I was able to push it out hard. But then I started eating lighter before so my tummy would feel better, but I couldn't push as hard in class. I think i've got to eat a more hearty snack on Monday and Wed afternoons then a lighter supper. I need the energy!

I think i'm gonna hit the nearby mall at noon to just look around. I still need to buy a shirt to go with that skirt I made. Then I promise to take a picture!

Lunch is just some coleslaw (sweet and sour, not creamy) and an english muffin. I've also got a ton of fruit and a muffin and cheese and carrots.

So far the scale hasn't shown me that 137 again. But it is still 138 with clothes on so that's good. I temporarily forgot my plan to push it really hard for a few weeks to get to the amazing 135. I didn't eat poorly, but I just forgot to be extra focused! Supper tonight is gonna be pasta with bean and meat sauce. I've got some bean vermicelli that I might try. It's extremely low cal because it's pasta made of vegetables only (it's really skinny and see through when cooked). But you have to be careful because other vermicelli is still flour based or whatever. I guess they're also called cellophane noodles. They only need like 2 minutes in hot water and they're done. I've never made it with anything besides stir-fry but I'm intregued now. (you should go to the asian part of a grocery store or something, they're really really cheap as dried nest kind of things. The problem is you have to cook it all because you can't get the nest apart.) Has anybody else tried these things?

Today is gym with my sister. Hopefully i'll run a little bit. I hate that i'm finding it harder to run instead of easier. I think I'm pushing the speed a little too much. I keep it up above 11 km/hr, often moving up by 0.5 km/hr for each minute up to 12.5 or so then stepping back down. That's too fast to not be exhausted by. I think if I do run I'll just do a nice steady pace at 10.5 or 11. (these are 9.2 and 8.8 minutes/mile respectively, and I usually go faster than this - I'm awesome!) Then on to the chin-ups which I'm already super amazing at but I want to get better. I think I'll put it on 30 lbs counter weight and try and do 3 sets of 8. We'll say my new chin-up goal is to do 8-12 chin-ups with no counterweight by Christmas. I think it's doable and then I can think of a new goal for next year.

The reason I go on about the goals is not just because I do it so it must be right. ;) it's also because I read it in one of the many newsletters I subscribe to from personal trainers (free! And while they do try and sell you their latest manual or whatever, there's lots of Q&A and good info). This is from Jimmy Smith Training lately. He says you shouldn't workout. You should train. If you just go in there and "workout" you wing it and there's no progress and nothing ever changes. If you train, you have a goal and a deadline (pretend you're an athelete, training for the big game or something). Otherwise you're wasting your time. Even maintenance can be a goal I think. Like you don't want to lose strength or speed (like I feel like's happening to my running) but don't necessarily want bigger muscles or to be sore the next day. Once you've met 1 goal, then you can change up your training to meet a new goal. That way you keep your body guessing and burn more calories also.

Is anybody doing a "training" thing now? Have you set any gym goals? (again I dont' like the "go to the gym 3 times a week" necessarily because it doesn't have much room to get better or to make you work harder. It's just a timing thing. I like "log 6 miles on the treadmill/week" or "200 minutes on the elliptical/week" that way after a couple weeks of that you can up it. More measurable you know?)

I don't want to be left out!

I give you money and send you into the grocery store to pick up 5 items. You can only pick one thing from the following departments.. what is it?

Not gonna happen...

1. Produce: bananas

2. Bakery: whole wheat bread

3. Meat: chicken breasts

4. Frozen: peas

5. Dairy: skim milk


Let's say we're heading out for a weekend getaway (). You're only allowed to bring 3 articles of clothing with you. So, what's in your bag?

I don't think I can come because there's no way I will pack only 3 things. I am a chonic overpackers. I'll bring everything from shorts to workout wear to beach wear to 3 different dresses. (and I never wear dresses)

If I was to listen in on your conversations throughout the day, what 5 phrases or words would I be most likely to hear?

1. um

2. *sigh*

3. yeah exactly

4. Where's my good girl? (meaning dog)

5. Where's my bad girl? (meaning dog)

So, what 3 things do you find yourself doing every single day, and if you didn't get to do, you probably wouldn't be in the best mood?

1. Sleeping minimum 8.5 hours. MINIMUM!

2. blogging and slacking at work

3. laughing

We're talking a 3 hour block with nobody around. What 5 activities might we find you doing?

1. cleaning house

2. shopping

3. making crafts

4. talking to my mom

5. Being really excited and trying to maximize every second. There's no way I would be sitting or watching tv or anything. (but still probably wouldn't accomplish much)

We are going to the zoo. But, it looks like it could start storming, so it'll have to be a quick visit. What 3 exhibits do we have to get to?

I wouldn't waste the admission if I didn't get to spend hours there.

You just scored tickets to the taping of any show that comes on t.v. of your choice. You can pick between 4, so what are you deciding between?

1. Martha Stewart

2. Colbert Report

3. Maybe some game show where I can participate. Price is Right?

4. I'd be more interested in getting tickets to whatever place the show is shot than the show itself. So some other show in LA.

You're hungry for ice cream. I'll give you a triple dipper ice cream cone. What 3 flavors can I pile on for ya?

I'll pass thank you. Not a big ice cream person.

Somebody stole your purse/wallet…in order to get it back, you have to name 5 things you know are inside to claim it. So, what's in there?

1. Dozen's of pieces of ID and cards with my name on it (you'd think this would be enough proof)

2. camera

3. hand lotion

4. over 17 different lip glosses or chapsticks (we played the purse game at a shower and I got points for each one!)

5. cutest little pocket knife thing.

You are at a job fair, and asked what areas you are interested in pursuing a career in. Let's pretend you have every talent and ability to be whatever you wanted, so what 4 careers would be fun for you?

1. professional football player

2. professional cheerleader

3. personal trainer

4. astronaut

If you could go back and talk to the old you, when you were in high school, and inform yourself of 4 things, what would you say?

(this is my favorite one, I've thought a lot about these things)

1. Wear sunscreen EVERYDAY or you'll end up with all sorts of wrinkles when you're 25. SERIOUSLY!

2. Put your foot down a little more often with BF (who becomes your hubby! I know!)

3. Do not steal that nail polish! You'll feel guilty about it for years!

4. Just because you're not in the IN crowd doesn't mean they're cooler than you. You are completely cool, just because it's a small town doesn't mean you have to rebel and go all bad kid. Yeah I know they're not really bad kids but they have that reputation and soon you will too and then everyone will start living up to that reputation. Be a nice person to everyone. Don't care what they think. You don't like them anyways, why do they need to like you? You'll soon make friends by CHOICE not because they're the only options in your small town. (and it will be heaven!)

5. (I just want some more ok?) Everything does work out. Stop crying over stuff that doesn't matter.

6. Put a lot of money on the Grey Cup game in 2007, Saskatchewan wins 23-19. Retire immediately.

And now I want you to play too! (yeah even you, don't feel like "oh she didn't mean me, she doesn't even know me." I don't know you because you didn't answer these questions yet! get on it!!)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend recap

So my weekend was good. Doesn't feel like it was a weekend though. Sure not feeling rested or anything.

As per the pictures below, I had my Christmas baking exchange on friday. (it was also a party lite party and talk about expensive! Not worth it IMHO) So I ended up with 9 dozen treats. Mostly whipped shortbread since there were only 7 people there, so we got to pick 2 doubles. I love whipped shortbread, so that's what I picked for both of them. Probably should have picked something I don't like so much and hubby does like. Oh well. But actually friday night I didn't eat any of the baking (except 2 cookies on the drive home). Had some veggies and dip and some chips and salsa at the party but not a lot honestly. I actually didn't eat a big supper either, just 1 piece of salmon. Saving up just in case. So it was probably actually a pretty good night.

Saturday not so much. Got up fairly early with the dog. Tried to do a massive cleaning of the house but there was an aweful lot to do (I seem to be so busy during the week that I get nothing done, doing dishes only once a week! ew!) So I was working away until about noon, assuming that the girls would be coming over at 1-ish, just enough time to sweep the floor and clean up some table and cupboards for scrapbooking stuff. Well no, they showed up at 12:00. I didn't get to eat any lunch. Ran around trying to make room for people's stuff, trying to find my scrapbook stuff and what I wanted to work on, keeping the dog out of their stuff. It was chaos for 10 minutes. Then I had an awesome time scrapbooking. I made a whole mini-album for my sister for Christmas. But what did I go and do like a nice hostess? I put out a mixed tray of the baking, right in the middle of the table and proceeded to eat MINDLESSLY! Couldn't even tell you how much I had, no idea. Between the 5 of us, we cleaned up probably 3 dozen things. Not good. All I know is I wasn't hungry (even without lunch) until like 7:00 that night! At which time we went out to Boston Pizza with our men. It was nice, we hardly ever go out to eat. I had a thai chicken salad. Probably not that great for you, but still a better option on the menu. And it was spicy! my mouth was burning, so I decided to get a bite-sized blondie for dessert to cool it off. I didn't even feel guilty at the time, I think I deserved a treat, I hadn't eaten a dessert in a restaurant for years. I'm still sort of torn over it. I don't feel guilty but then having just written what I ate all afternoon makes me feel guilty. Whatever. It's over.

Then we went over to one of the girl's houses and played more Sing Star! Just the girls, boys played pool. It was fun. Sort of a mellow day. (more than I usually do because there were other people involved, but still not much planwise, and more like just goof around all day. I think this is common for other people who get together with friends often, but I am usually alone. in a good way) Home and bed around midnight.

Sunday hubby slept all afternoon. I think he got up in the morning but I don't really remember. He slept from like 1:00 until 4:00. I was busy in the kitchen and talking to my mom and making snacks for the Grey Cup. I made this Italian wedge thing which was basically like cheese bread sticks or something. Pretty good. I only had 1 small wedge. I was also melting chocolate for a chocolate fountain the I was bringing (which tasted awesome, but needed milk added. But people there said "we've done this before, it needs more oil" nevermind that it's my fountain and I thought milk, so they add all this oil it grosses me out. and then are confused when it's going all globby and stuff. hmmm. at least it kept me from eating it mostly) i did have some before they added more oil. on fruit, bananas covered in chocolate is amazing. If you've never had it, DON'T try it! I went for 3 months making myself a little mini chocolate fondue everytime I ate a banana it was so good! They also had some chips and dip and veggies and potato skins with cheese and shrimp. They had it all set up against the wall with plates. best idea for diets ever! I always stay away from chips because I could eat an entire bag. But if you're not eating them out of a bag, or sitting next to a bowl, you put a handfull on your plate and eat that, move on. So I had 2 handfulls of chips, a few potato skins, 1 Italian wedge slice, a bunch of fruit with some chocolate, veggies and dip, and a few cookies. Not awesome food choices, but I didn't stuff myself, and that was supper, not to mention GREY CUP so I'm alright with it. Nothing but diet coke for me.

THE RIDERS WON! yay! It was probably the worst game I've ever seen. It was so horrible, only 1 touchdown each or something. Each team had a ton of interceptions, a ton of forced kicks. It was just not pretty. I agree that a close game makes it exciting (which it was) but I like a close game because everyone's playing awesome, not because we keep screwing up. I'm super disappointed with that being the grey cup. oh well. I'll just remember the semi final as the highlight of the season.

I must have been looking good though because one of our friends kept calling me the hot cheerleader. (I had pompoms and was dressed in a retro rider shirt of hubby's from being a kid, with green eyelashes and sparkly hair spray that ended up making my hair just look greasy. yay!) Then when we were losing and sucking he's say something about how the cheerleaders have too much clothes on or something, or it's so hot in this basement we should all take our pants off, you first Randi. Inappropriate things yes, but a lot of the time it was funny and he was drunk. Plus frankly a few months (and pounds) ago he wouldn't have said things like that to me so I'm gonna take them as compliments.
So when we finally got home, washed the glitter out of my hair. Went to bed. Then I got this crazy pain in my tummy. HURT! I thought I was gonna puke but it wasn't really in my stomach, just abdomen somewhere. So I went back and forth the bathroom trying to puke anyway to make it better. Couldn't. Finally had some pepto and fell asleep. Way too late. (for me). Hubby was sleeping on the couch because he was having some stinky problems that were not helping my stomach. Tummy still feels kinda weird this morning. I dunno what it is. But it's sure helping fight off the usual day after weekend pigging out pig out. Breakfast was a muffin and banana, no snack. Lunch was soup and an apple. afternoon will be an orange and cheese if I feel like it. Supper don't know yet. Probably just salady sorta thing.
Hubby was talking last night about how things are finally slowing down for him and he'll be able to start helping me around the house more. Yay! Plus he said he wants to work out more. He hasn't been feeling good lately so he's also trying to eat more veggies and fruit and less chips (but not beer yet...). So I'm glad he's come to this realization on his own. I want him to try and get all buff like me ;) but I don't want to come across like I think he's fat or something. He'll have such an easy time of it too because I do all the cooking and shopping so there won't be temptation lying around for him like there is for me (I still have to buy chips and pop and chocolate bars and all sorts of bad food for him right now). Plus guys lose a lot faster than women, so he's see some nice quick results and it might make him want to keep it up. Then maybe we could exercise together and be able to help each other out. He could be my first personal training client! Since I totally know everything you need to do to lose 20 lbs (I am SO close to this goal!)
So hopefully hubby will at least feel like eating salads for a week and we can have a nice light end to November. I think Angie commented that next WI I could be pushing the 135 mark and that made me so excited. I didn't really think of that. So I think I'm going to push it extra super hard in the workouts and eating to make it there ASAP. And you all are going to want to encourage me and push me there too because when I get there i'm taking progress pics so that will be your reward (if you chose to look at it that way...)
And yes I will conquer over those yummy treats because none of them are THAT amazing (don't get me wrong, they're good, but it's not cheesecake or peanut butter cookie which I would never be able to resist). Plus I brought a whole bunch to work this morning which I'm not going to touch and that gets rid of half of it already! (plus you guys are right, I have willpower of steel, it matches my buns) ;)

Friday's Baking Exchange!!!

Here are the turtles I made for out exchange and the cute little boxes I packed em up in.

Here is what I managed to NOT sit there and eat! (though I did lick my fingers repeatedly.)

All of the delicious baking that was getting traded up. Whipped shortbread, candy cane cookies, carmel square things, bavarian mints, butter tarts, cinnamon rollups, and of course turtles.

Kinda hard to tell, but this is a big box of all the stuff I got to take home. Holy crap!

Friday, November 23, 2007

in case it wasn't clear

In case you didn't catch on, I'm looking for a little bit of "hey congrats" and "you're right, you'll rock the scale next week" from y'all. I was sorta talking myself into those feelings so any help would be great.

I jinxed myself

Well I went and did it, jinxed myself for WI this morning. Feeling too cocky, bragging a little to much. So what did dear scale say to me this morning? 138.2. That's a maintain. I'm trying not to feel bad about it because I know that I really did have a loss this week, I saw better numbers for every WI except this one. Hopefully that means that next week will have twice as big of a loss. That's how it works right? ;)


A well, life goes on.

I finished making stinking turtles last night. I'm not even a big turtle fan. But I made half a million. I've got probably 5 dozen left for myself. Eek! Hubby and SIL will eat them i'm sure, plus I'm still planning on sending a bunch to work and hubby's work and giving them to family. That should clear them up pretty quick. They're not bad for the most part. It's hard to keep them at a happy place between frozen solid and runny melty. Maybe just a fridge would work. Unfortunately last night I again couldn't resist licking my fingers and eating carmels. I didn't even really want to, but I just felt like it was the easiest quickest way to clean them up! (my fingers got ridiculously gooey and even to turn a tap on to wash I'd need to lick my fingers.) Well hopefully it made me sick of carmel and chocolate so I won't eat the actual turtles now (worked so far)

I went the gym last night (more later) so I got home late. I was gonna make salmon but SIL had already made spaghetti. So I had a small dish of that with some parmasan cheese and tomato sauce. Not a terribly large amount or anything. But perhaps not the best food to eat before a WI. Plus, for the second day in a row, I decided to have toast for dessert. ??? Toast is a meal food, not a dessert food. Toast with peanut butter and jam is too many calories to eat as a "something sweet" after a meal. It is a meal! So I'm glad I caught that trend and I'm going to cancel my subscription to it now! to that end I decided to not eat toast all day today and tomorrow (big deal right? wrong!) breakfast was yogurt and protein powder. Lunch is leftover chili. Supper is going to be salmon. Probably just the fish, maybe a veggie because we've got the baking exchange and I'm sure i'll pig out there. tomorrow I'm gonna cook up some egg whites for breakfast. I always have toast with this but not this time. i'm gonna have oatmeal with it if I want it. Soup for lunch. I haven't run our date by hubby yet for supper but it might be that, otherwise maybe leftovers or something like hotdogs. there, no problem.

So I went to the gym yesterday with my sis. Like we do every thursday. So we trotted on the elliptical for awhile, worked the hamstrings nicely. Not as hard of cardio as I usually like it but I can deal. Then we did our chin-ups like we always do. 50 lb counter weight, about 3 sets of 10 chinups. (50lb counter weight means I'm lifting 148-50 = 98 lbs.) Then I asked her to take the weight way down. So she put it on 20 lbs counterweight. I could still do a few chin-ups. Harder yes, but I could do them. So I told her to take it right off. Well the machine didn't do that, there was about 5 lbs left on (a super light one that resting my arm on lifted it) so I tried some chin-ups. I could do 3 chin-ups! I did it! I made my Other Christmas Challenge of being able to do an unassisted chin-up by Christmas. And I did it a month early! yay! So now my Other Christmas Challenge is adjusted to do 8 chin-ups unassisted by Christmas. The thing with chin-ups that i've found is that it hurts your hands more than it hurts your muscles. So doing 8 with 50 lbs feels like it's tiring you out, but it's only tiring out your hands. So I'll be switching to doing 30 or 40 lbs counterweight, so what if I can only bust out 5 or something.

There, thinking of that made me not care about the scale. yay! I'm awesome!

Who was the person who also had the challenge of doing so many push-ups by christmas? Whoever that was, I have you to thank for inspiring me to set a non weight goal and meeting it! I think everyone should try it, (obviously the side-effects lead to less weight and stronger body, but the focus isn't there). It's something you have more control over and can see results in faster. For example, a race like Katieo. Chin-ups like me. the couch to 5K program like... somebody, Sonya I think, Eurydice too maybe? I particularly like these ones with deadlines on them. If it's just something you do sometimes, it's not as effective. It's ok if you don't quite make your deadline, or if you make it early. But it's something to shoot for. I'm gonna have to think of a new sort of goal I want to do after Christmas. I think it's going to be a swimming thing. I secretly want to try a mini-triathalon. Do you think I should just do a running race first? Never done one. Won't be happening until the spring, we get a heck of a lot of snow here. and I do not run in snow.

There is something in my eye and it is driving me nuts! GRRR! I can't get it either. Feels like an eyelash but I can't see anything. Been there all morning!

I'm sure I'll post again later. I just wanted to share my victories (chin-ups!) and failures (maintain) with you. I'm totally gonna weigh myself tomorrow and might sneak that in as my WI. Is that fair?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I wanna munch...

Could it be because I'm listening to talk radio and they're asking callers what their last supper would be if they could choose. I couldn't even start thinking about this because my stomach is already rumbling from it.

I ate another yogurt which is old and then a string cheese and together somehow they made my stomach not feel good. So I then ate breadsticks and cheese (you know those little packages, which was a planned special treat and I went and scarfed it). I can wait an hour and have my chili.

Last night I made turtles for my baking exchange. I didn't think my cookies were enough, too cheap and easy and small. So now I'm doing turtles instead and I get to keep all them cookies. Eek. I'll still give them away to my family and in-laws. Turtles are so easy, just a pecan and peanuts shaped like a turtle and legs, then melted carmels and then melted chocolate. Too bad it's actually tricky and messy. I think I've got enough but they all flattened out too much since they were too melty. So I'll try and make some more pretty. Thank goodness chocolate isn't my weakness. I did like the bowl and eat carmels too much last night though because I wasn't feeling it for step class. It was not good fuel. I managed to get through class alright, pushed as hard as I felt like I could with out passing out. I hope I learned my lesson.

Gym with sister tonight. And I'm getting her baking since she can't come to the exchange tomorrow.

So the scale was happy this morning. It was extra early since I was up to let the dog out. Still had an hour of sleep after. in my pjs. It said 137.8. So hopefully I don't screw it up today somehow! I'm gonna finish my turtles and then do some more sewing on my snowmen. I want to get all those stinkin' snowmen done by saturday at noon. They're taking over my kitchen and it's leaving me hardly any room for baking and cooking. Not to mention scrapbooking and making Christmas cards. A couple girlfriends might be coming over saturday for card making so I need to have room for them.

Ok I can't stand it any more. I'm gonna go out for lunch. Just to the mall, food court food. Pita or something. Leftover small chili isn't gonna hold up after hearing all that awesome food.

I figured a secret out about my weight loss. I only lose when I'm bad on the weekend. Not superbad, like forget all about health. But when I have a big giant splurge type meal. Like I have for the past 2 weeks. But not the 3 weeks before that when it was maintaining. At least that's what I'm going to cautiously go forward with in the future. I think it reminds my body that i'm not starving so it doesn't need to store any more fat. I've been reading a few more blogs and articles by trainers who've mentioned that they don't believe in the calories in minus calories out deficit leads to weight loss. As in, if you eat only 1200 calories in donuts in a day, you're not going to get skinny. But you might be able to eat 2000 calories of egg whites and chicken breast and fruits and veggies and lose weight. I've found it through the fitcast if you're interested. (Jimmy Smith and others I've found through it)

This weekend my cautious splurge is gonna be hard to rein in. I have a feeling friday might be bad at our cookie exchange. I'm not sure how they're doing it but I know other things say to bring an extra dozen each for eating that night. I'm not sure if we're doign that. But I'm sure I'm gonna have to try most of the baking (just to see which are my favorite and which I should give away as they're not worth it). I'll try and be good saturday. I was thinking that I should plan a date with hubby. In which case I'll still try and be good but supper will be high cal. One of our best dates is to go to Moxies, eat some pita chips dipped in spinach artichoke dip. Then walk next door to the big bookstore and wander around and read books and magazines (they let you there, there's couches and everything), then go back to Moxies for a white chocolate brownie. I know we should try and find something that doesn't involve food so much but hubby and I have so few things we like to do together (honestly it's amazing we're together we're so different) and we do this so rarely (probably been almost a year) I'm ok with it being our thing.

So saturday might be not so great, but if that's all I do for supper it should be ok. eat some eggs for lunch or something, keep it light.

Sunday of course is the grey cup. And I am very excited about it. Even though we're heavily favored because the bomber's quarterback broke his arm so they've got a back-up playing. I still am really looking forward to it. We're going to a friends house. I asked her if she wants to do a potluck thing since it's over supper or if it's just gonna be snacks or order pizza or what but she hasn't gotten back to me. I'll definately bring something but I doubt it will be something healthy, healthy doesn't go with grey cup food. Unless it's a potluck and I'll make sure there's a salad option.

So I guess I better be hoping for a big loss tomorrow to make up for the gain I'll likely be seeing monday! but that's what i've thought for the past 2 weekends as well. I guess this will really test my theory.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm a tool

So I post that thing and forget to put my own WI for the last 2 week on it. oops. Also any changes you guys mention will be updated for next time.

Also, I'm eating not best yogurt. It's past it's best. By like 5 days. I'm still eating it. Do you think if I eat it fast it will be better? I don't either but for some reason I still did it. Tasted fine still.

So I'm feeling all important and useful at work and then got nothing at all accomplished today. In fact it might have been counter-productive. But I'm waiting on hearing back from my other boss about questions I had and he's in another city so I just have to wait I guess. Plus my stupid fear of talking to people (and these are people I know) makes me not want to go ask somebody in this office in case they can help. I just hate talking to people! Why can't everything be done with the written word? I can't order pizza and I get nervous at drive-thrus. But I'll let my work suffer because I won't leave my office to go ask a 2 second question from someone. Oh boy I have issues. (I'll also leave the phone to the last possible second to answer in the hopes somebody else gets it, I write down everythign I'm gonna say if I call to order something or make an appointment or whatever)

So basically I'm bored at work again. I've got one report I should review and pass on, but since my writing has been really bad in the past (not writing, but just stupid formatting issues and so on) I want to wait a day before reading it again. And I'm taking over this modelling project (no not runway, computer modelling) for this girl on mat leave but I've had nothing to do with it previously. The modelling is fine, but I don't know what they want me to vary and I don't know what results they want to look at from it. So i'm trying to do all this preliminary stuff, and get as ready as possible but I need to hear back from the boss. Plus all this catching up isn't really budgetted for so I feel bad doing it and I'm definately going to go over budget with this and it's sort of my first project so I feel bad. But I don't know how they expect me to just completely know what they're talking about when I've never even been to the site or anything!

sorry for the vent. Might have helped a little. But mostly what helps is that it's now closer to the end of the day. ;)

Hubby just called. We talked about getting ready for the big football game on Sunday and what we were gonna wear and I asked him if I could wear his retro Rider shirt and he said sure if he could find it, "but it's pretty small." and I replied, "so am I". hehehe

It's true though. It's totally coming. I tried on a skirt I bought just before our wedding (3 almost 4 years ago!) and it fits. My legs don't look as good as they did then but I do think they've got more muscle (which unfortunately doesn't look good on short legs like mine). So I'm thinking that I picked my goal pretty well, i'm feeling like another 5 lbs and I will be just about be bikini ready! (nice timing Randi). I remember when I was at my former skinniest I still felt like losing a few more lbs so I probably will still feel like this 5 lbs from now. But that's ok with me. I think what I'd probably like to do is get to my Christmas goal, then sorta maintain for a few months, and by next spring get down to the real bikini zone. I think that that skinny me won't be permanent and I'm ok with that. I just want 1 summer nonstop in a bathing suit. For the rest of the time I think I'll be ok with my christmas goal weight. Make sense?

So what do you guys want for Christmas? i'm not offering anything, just curious. Here's my list so far:

a new mixer - nothing fancy, but good enough to beat egg whites fluffy
a heart rate monitor - maybe something fancy like the watch kind or whatever, but I doubt I'll be getting this anyway
a new mp3 player - mine went through the wash. Don't tell hubby. It was already having some issues.
a fire pit for the backyard
cupcake holder/cake holder tray thingy
lululemon if anyone's feeling generous
a golf gift card - 10 pack or something of rounds
a golf lesson - I play but have never had a REAL lesson

I'm sure there's much more and I do like suprises. But hubby's family will buy you EXACTLY what you ask for and that's it. and if you don't ask for anything you get weird stuff that nobody wants but they seemed to think you would. Like I got this weird leather mask (art thing) from my SIL once and it was like $30 at a craft show (and really not something I'd want) and a gigantic fleece Tommy bunnyhug (hoodie) that was obviously expensive but I've probably only worn twice, when skiing or something (I don't ski). And oodles and oodles of throw blankets. I don't know why they think I need so many. But I think every single one of my in-laws has bought me a throw at one time or another. Whereas SIL asks me for 2 Disney movies, and here's where to get them on sale and with a bonus toy. Or something. Like very specific. So when I had a great idea for her, she didn't get it.

So I have to ask for something very specific around $50 from whoever picked my name and then a few things from MIL that are quite specific but I don't know how much. And basically very specific from Hubby too because last year he got me a chocolate fountain. Which is sorta cool. But there's no reason I need a $50 chocolate fountain. I brought it out at 1 party and that's it. (maybe I'll bring it to the football game...) but I'm not a big chocolate fan, and it's messy and you have to be standing right by it.

Hehe. Hubby just called again and said he's going to buy my presents after work and I told him I didn't tell him what I wanted yet but he said he has some ideas. Ok....makes me nervous. I hope I like it. The thing is, I even rationalize and price out my presents because I want to get the full present worth. So if he spends a whole pile of money on something that I'm only so-so on I don't like it. We're sorta poor right now (well I feel like it, hubby doesn't.) well I shouldn't say poor. But I have a bunch of debt that I want to pay off and then save up for some big things, but hubby likes to spend his daily money at the bar or games and toys and stuff. I could go on and on about this. This is what our girl talk nights usually end up as, same conversation over and over about how our men suck at money and what we would do differently and so on.

Boy I'm just rambling on today huh? I guess when you haven't had a decent post in awhile you just bottle it all up and when you finally get at it the dam just bursts. But nature is calling so there's another thing to do to kill time until the end of the work day (35 minutes left!)

The much delayed Christmas Challenge Results (week 8!)

So here they are. this is the info we've got, if anything is wrong please let us know and we'll try and fix it. Also, not bad that our little group here is averaging 42% of our goals! Much thanks to Carolyn, Sheri and Swizzlepop for pulling up the average! Almost there ladies!

No comments?

I'm somewhat disappointed folks. Nobody's watched my video's? And I took the guts to put them out there for you? (they're about 3 posts down I think) Or maybe you watched them and just felt so sorry for me that you didn't want to embarrass me further by commenting on it. Opting to ignore it and hope it would just go away.

So the scale wasn't as kind this morning but it wasn't cruel either. I did eat supper late last night so that might have something to do with it. Plus it's part of my midweek gain right before my end of week low right? that's how it's been working.

Anyway, I'm gonna try and get that spreadsheet presentable finally. So that's all for now.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It went alright

Thanks for your concern. but it was fine. And I ate a nice salad.

My problem is I have a hard time just talking to my boss. He's very nice, only about 35 (we're a young company, the president is only 41). But that's just old enough that I feel dumb talking to. Just small talk stuff. I either feel way immature or like a jerk for thinking he won't get something. But he was pretty good at the small talk and asked questions and then talked a lot himself so it was ok. Then the work part was totally nothing, we'd talked before about how I wasn't really happy with what I was doing but since then it's all changed and I've got much more interesting jobs and stuff so I told him that. He said that he and the president were talking about how they don't do enough mentoring and training for their young staff so they wanted to improve that and how it's important for me to ask questions since so much (all) of my work is independant. Then I asked him a question about my vacation time and it was done! On the drive back he was saying how he knows it's a competitive market and if it's just I want to try something new that's fine, but if it's just wage or guidance or something, then talk to them and they can work it out. So it totally seemed like they were scared to lose me! Which is completely flattering and makes me feel much better about my job.

So that's what was preventing me from reading and commenting and posting earlier today. But yesterday I don't know what was the matter. I could barely reply to emails. I just wasn't feeling it. And that was with a weekend to talk about. I'm not sure if today is much better so it's gonna be brief. You've managed to watch my videos? So I'm sufficiently embarrassed? It was so fun though. I wanna get that game but it's for playstation so it's a lot more than just getting a DVD or something. I heard about a sweet deal at Walmart where it's only like $150 for a PS2 (not 3, so old) but it comes with the game and the microphones and everything and then you can play guitar hero on it as well and of course other games. I wonder if I should get it for hubby for his birthday (jan 4th). Hmmm...

I stepped on the scale today with pj's on and it said 138.2. So that means it's looking like a loss. TOM is here and that usually brings on a loss. So I'm really excited. I sorta feel like I still weigh 140 and this is just dehydration or something. But dehydration doesn't last 3 weeks! Or else I'm really sick...

Gonna be a busy weekend coming up. No thanksgiving for us Canadians, been there already (though it doesn't feel like it.) But I've got our Christmas baking exchange friday. And good news, I'm bringing snacks to monday meeting (my turn) so I'm gonna get rid of at least 1/3 right away! Then saturday I'm having girls over to make Christmas cards. Then Sunday is the big football game and we're going to a friend's house. So i'm going to be surrounded by treats and munching for all of that. But i'll perservere! It's getting close to Christmas party season and I still got some chub to lose!

I had workout class last night. And I had just eaten chili. Well I had some digestion issues and it resulted in a cramp in my stomach so I couldn't push very hard in the cardio. Boo. But it got better for the weight section so that was like usual. Gym tonight with my sis!

Food wasn't logged on the weekend. I over indulged a bit but not terrible. Yesterday was:
calories 1637
fat 49
protein 93
carbs 211
sodium 3277
fibre 27

All good but the sodium. But don't worry I chugged my water.

Sorry for the lack of posts

I know I was supposed to get the results from the Christmas Challenge up yesterday but I won't be able to get at it until tonight. I've got a work lunch in 5 minutes that I'm stressing over. Just me and the boss and he wants to talk about "how work's been going for you". I know I shouldn't be nervous but I am. I'm just going to be honest about how some of it's boring and how I feel lost with other stuff. But for the most part I like it and it's going good. it's just conversations like this make me uncomfortable. And the boss is a nice guy and everything! Eek!

the much anticipated embarrassing videos!

These are from my weekend. I wrote a big nice long post but the videos weren't really uploading properly in there. So here they are instead without a big long post. Hopefully they work. We played Sing Star at a friends house on the weekend, which is basically like Kareoke but a head to head competition. I rocked. Well except for the one terrible note you hear. I'm serious. I was the one to beat. I love singing. And when I go over to my (tone deaf) friend's house, it completely inflates my ego cause I'm so kick ass at it.

We've got eye of the tiger. And I totally hit that awesome part (the eeeeeyyyyyyeeee of the tiger....) but hubby never taped it.

Plus there was interpretive dance going on when it wasn't my turn to sing. I swear to god I was sober. Nevermind the red blotchy face, the uncontrollable giggling, and the sofa dive. I honestly didn't have a drop of alcohol.

Monday, November 19, 2007

We're going to the GREY CUP!

Yay Riders!

(anybody else care?)

Friday, November 16, 2007

the stuff

So the rest of it.
Yesterday went to the gym. Got there late cause I couldn't find a parking spot. Sis and I just cardio-ed for half and hour, I ran on the treadmill, I can tell I'm losing my running in shapity. It's getting harder. I guess that's what you get when you just run once a week if your lucky. I still think i'm in good shape, but not in my running in shape ya know? Oh well, I guess that's ok. I'm still working out. I'll get back in running shape in the spring. Maybe I should sign up for a race or something next summer so I can plan for getting back in running shape. Think about it.

Anyway. After that I went to my SILs to borrow some of her stamps for making cards this weekend. I saw her ultrasound of her little baby! I know if it were me I'd be super excited about it. But seeing somebody else's just didn't really do it for me. So I was all happy about it but didn't really know what to say. Cute? I think I wanna sew her something for Christmas for the baby but I'm not sure what because it's due in April and what I wanted to make was a warm snuggly thing but baby's already gonna be bigger when it needs warm stuff. I'll think on it.

Then finally went home for the chinese and you heard how that went. Made another snowman, I'll take a picture this weekend. then hit the sack.

Hubby had hockey at 10:30 so he got home at 1:00 and ran in the room and was like "were you in my garage tonight?" and i'm sleeping and have no idea what he's talking about. But I guess he got home and the garage door was open and the lights were on and he thought we were robbed again. (and it scared the crap out of me because it reminded me of that dream where I left the garage door open with the car running and it was stolen and hubby was so mad at me and I was so dumb!) but then after freaking out and waking me up and SIL up he remembered that he probably left it open before hockey. Arg.

Hubby has all kinds of issues, one of which has to do with keeping track of his stuff. I guess I don't know any of you and you don't know hubby's name so I can put this right out there right? Well he's got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. So he has stress issues and needs to keep track of his stuff. It has caused us some serious issues in our relationship but we've learned to work together with it. I always tell him that WE have OCD because it affects me so much so WE need to work on it. But having something not in the same state as he left it can stress him out if he's not expecting it. Whenever he's stressed out it stresses me out (because he has historically taken it out on me) so I had all kinds of anxiety all of a sudden at 1 in the morning. Eek. But then he realized he's an idiot so we went to bed. Not the greatest sleep.

So this weekend has some plans. Might be watching hubby's hockey game tonight. Or rather, not watching. I hate hockey but another wife who's a friend of mine might come too and we basically gossip the whole time which is super fun. If not I'll be working on snowmen. Maybe I can do the machine sewing stuff and then bring it all and do the handsewing stuff in the rink. Yes I'd look like a dork. But there's nobody there except me and the other wife.

Then saturday hubby works and I'm doing more crafting and stuff. I might be baking my 9 dozen cookies. Whipped shortbread. Plus snowmen. I want to be all done these snowmen after this weekend. I've left a huge mess in my house from them for over a week now. So Christmas cookies and snowmen. Fun. Probably some Christmas Carols too!

Then don't know what's on saturday night. we'll see. Maybe rent Ocean's 13.

Sunday we've got anther big football game. I'm still not sure if we're going to just watch it the 2 of us or if we'll go to our buddy's. Either one will have less bad food than last time. But there may be snacks. It's Western Final baby! But that's like 3:30 sunday. So earlier Sunday I think I might have talked hubby into doing Christmas shopping with me. And putting up our lights. We hardly have any yet cause I wanna measure how much we need. But we've got one of those inflating snowmen lawn things. So hopefully it makes up for crappy lights. (they're just plain red LED)

So all in all it's a mellow weekend. Hopefully I can work the cookies out so there's only like 9 dozen exactly, that way I can't eat any because they're for give away. Boy I can't wait for today is to be over.

The chinese

food. I'm not talking about the people from China. (did you know that chinese food is nothing like Chinese food? They do not eat chicken balls in China.)

Anyway here's the nutrition info from Spark people. I just used their chinese food nutrients since this is just a local restaurant there was none available. But I don't believe for a second this is accurate. I only had a plate full. Not full. but a plate. with reasonable servings. We had wonton soup (which I didn't eat since it's hubby's favorite and I can live with out it.), chicken chop suey which was basically vegetables, fried rice which I had maybe 1 cup of, it felt like too much, probably was, sweet and sour pork which was really really lean and not to saucy, I was impressed, I had 4 little pieces of pork, dry rib size, and vietnamese spring rolls. Which were AMAZING. But I felt like were there worst thing I ate (calorie and fat wise). But spark people didn't agree. And I didn't measure things in ounces like it is on there, but in cups. So I'm guessing at portions. But I know the pork is way too high. In 4 little pieces of pork there are not 650 calories. But I don't know how much there is so I'll go with it. (I think that's more than like pure lard per same volume) The rest seems reasonable. Anyway, the results of yesterday aren't bad because my breakfast was so low. I had egg white omlet. So like 100 calories for a billion egg whites. Not bad. Plus half of lunch was coleslaw which is nice low cal too.

calories 2136
fat 74
carbs 224
protein 99
fibre 22
sodium 1725

So the fat and calories are high but I already mentioned how this is sketchy. The major point is, I limited my portions. Seriously. I wanted to go back and get more but I didn't. And I made hubby take all the leftovers for lunch and have myself a sandwich packed. And I don't eat chinese often. But my friend just opened a restaurant and we wanted to support him. Maybe like once every 2 or 3 months do we eat it so I'm not worried. Plus he's got some other cool stuff on the menu I wanna try, stir fries and stuff.

So I'm not sure about 2 L extra of water, but I did drink a glass everytime I saw a tap or sink or cup. Though I was thirsty when I went to bed so I'm not sure if it was enough. But as Angie said, even if the scale's not showing it, if I had a real loss it will be there next week. So what did the stupid scale say?







138.2! That's a full pound lost this week! Woohoo! I'm starting to get into novel territory here (did I use that correctly? novel as in new?) I think I may have to thank Swizzlepop earlier than I thought. 1 week of stupid spark people and I lose 1 lb? Probably worth it! Even when there was a football party in there! So I think I'm gonna keep this up folks. For the plain fact that I eat less because I don't want to spend forever looking food up and entering it and everything. I really should have tried this before. I know that whenever I learn the calories or fat or whatever of something and it's horrible, it makes me stay away. Think bar chicken wings. You don't even want to know. It's starting to be like that with french fries. Did you know even the child size fries are like 300 calories? Scary.

Anyway. I'm awesome.

As for those measurements. i'm not worried about the neck one. If I play around with the tape I can see different things. I'm sure it's really the same, not like my neck is getting fatter or seeing muscle growth while my legs and arms aren't. Seems like I forgot to post the september or october ones or something. I've got them in a book at home so I haven't lost them. I lost 4 inches of my belly button folks! Wowza! Seriously getting there now.

I also checked it out and I've been averaging 0.75 lbs/week since June 1st! That's pretty cool! Even though it feels like it's been such a struggle lately it has been going down. I've lost 16.8 lbs total now. I can't wait until it's 20! My ultimate goal is 25 lbs but I can be patient. In order to make my Christmas Challenge goal I've got to start losing 1.5 lbs/week. Might be ambitious. But I'll be happy getting as close as I can. I hope you guys have that attitude as well. You may not make your goal in this time frame. But it's a goal, something to shoot for right?

Speaking of Christmas Challenge. Get me those WIs please! Also would love a summary of your progress over the challenge just to make sure we've got the spreadsheet accurate. I'll post later with my weekend plans etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

measurements updated

nov 13

belly button 31
waist 28 3/4
hips 36.5
thigh 21.25
arm 11
neck 13.25
boobs 36.5

Suspense added in the 11th hour...

WI tomorrow. I was feeling good about it remember? Feeling skinny and eating good (mostly). Well a friend of mine just opened up a restaurant. And I'm not going to have time to cook anyway. So we decided to get chinese. But then I remembered it's WI! EEK! Can a person eat chinese food and not be guaranteed a gain in the morning? We're getting the dinner for 2 I think. But my plan is gonna be to make it a dinner for 4 if not more, and only let myself have 1/4 of what's there. Well I don't know even about that. I'm going to just fill a small plate from the food there. Plus I'm going to drink an extra 2 litres of water tonight. (will that do?) I know if I keep the portions decent anything bad in the morning isn't fat, it's just other.

Hitting the gym in a moment, can you work things off before you've had them?

snowman how to:

Well folks I'm glad you like my snowman. I bought enough fabric to make lots, like 6 snowmen with leftover probably. All the fabric cost $50. I think you could do it cheaper if you just use other scrap stuff for the scarf and hat which you don't need big pieces for. I did use a pattern from some company. But I can probably summarize it enough for you now with a little trial and error.

The pattern:
Basically the arms and legs look like stocking shapes, you can either do it on a fold or cut 2 and sew them together. Basically you do make a stocking and then turn it inside out. Get it? The legs are much more stocking shape, the arms are more straight.

The head is a big oval. Think twice as big as the head you want.

The body is the trickiest pattern to describe. You could simplify it by cutting 4 skirt shapes (or the shape of Saskatchewan...) - rectangle that's skinnier on top than the bottom. You also need a round base. If you estimate this then you can have all different size and shape of snowmen which would be cute, fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones etc. So you sew the 4 body pieces together, so it ends up a loop (long sides together). This could also be attempted by just making it with a "front" and a "back" skirt shape. A little simpler, probably look good still. anyway make a tube.

Seriously don't be scared of just trying this. Don't use expensive fabric. Try another kind of fabric and it could be a teddy bear or something.

Anyways, the above sewing is all I used a machine for. but it could be hand sewn as well. And I have no idea on how to make fancy hand sewing stitches so I just make it up. Anyway.

The body:

once you've got like a tube (the body with no bottom or top right) you need to hand stitch around the top and bottom. This is going to be to cinch it in. So when you pull on the threads from each side it will gather it all up. I think it's called a gather or something. anyway, the secret is to use double thread and long stiches (just up and down ones). The body is sorta tricky because you have to gather it only as much as your snowman's butt is gonna be. not all the way closed. So gather it up a bit and sew your snowman butt on (remember this is all done inside out so the stitches are all on the inside. So now you should have a little bag basically. Turn it the right way and stuff it full. Then do the gather on the top and tie closed. The rest is easy.

turn the arms and legs the proper way, stuff and gather closed (just like the top of body). Do the same thing for the head. You might want to make the head first so you can see how big to make everything else.

All the body parts are just glue gunned together. The nose is basically the same made out of orange felt. The eyes are buttons. The mouth and eyebrows are just done with crochet thread.

The scarf is just a strip of fabric with a wire sewn into the top and bottom so it can be adjustable. But you could probably use wired ribbon. The hat was sorta tricky too. Well not tricky, but tricky to describe because of the lining. I'd check out baby hats or something or just make something up that looks nice. This really isn't a durable or practical thing. It's supposed to sit on a shelf or something and look good. Heck, the back can even look like crap as it's not for playing with.

I realize that unless you are terribly crafty already this might be way confusing. And if you are terribly crafty, what do you need me telling how to make crafts for. Hmm...

So cold.

The office here is freezing! My fingers are ice! (particularly my right due to mousing all morning)

Plus it's super empty here today, only half our people are here, the rest at meetings or in the field or on vacation. Makes me want to slack. So I shall.

So what's new? Well I went shopping yesterday. Bought lots of good groceries at Sobeys Dollar Days. Check it out if you can. Singles no name Crystal Light 6 pack for $1. Cha ching. Plus 1 L diet cokes 2 for $1. Good day for beverages. I managed to spend $100 on all that stuff. Mostly dollar stuff but I was out of flour and oats too. and yogurt. Adds up. Grr...

Also hit up Walmart and lost myself for hours. I had already gone at noon for fun but then I remembered I forgot somethings so I had to go back. I only ended up getting the facewash I wanted and a small box of Christmas lights and a magazine. But I was shopping in there for over an hour. Tried on clothes, looked at craft stuff. I love Walmart. But this lead to it being 7:00, me hungry, haven't had supper and not thinking clear. So what does Walmart have? McDonalds. So I had a happy meal. I think this is the best thing to get at McDonalds because it's still "junk" food (assuming that's why you went there, you craved real McDonalds, not a salad) but it's super small, and super cheap! It ended up being only 550 calories for my cheeseburger (didn't need the cheese oops) and fries and diet coke. 25 g of fat though, and I'm sure it was the nastiest kind.

But I ate it and it satisfied me and I moved on. Now today I've got tons of great food things packed because I'd just gone for groceries!

McDonalds wasnt' the best thing to eat before my step class however. Well except that it made me push extra hard to work it off. But I didn't notice class to be that much harder than it always is so I think I got away with it.

Oh oh oh. And guess what? instructor has a sore hip from something so she was just going to do the easy options (well lower impact, less squats etc like that. Still not easy) and I DID THE HARD OPTION FOR THE CLASS! I had to move my step closer to the front so everyone could see me.(I'm already in the front, nerd) and then I did the jump squats and faster moves and all that! Yay me!

And what was I rewarded with when I got home? a glass of skim milk, and oodles of magazines and bed. I bought 2 magazines yesterday and I got my What's Cooking in the mail so it was heaven. I was further rewarded this morning when I stepped on the scale in my pyjamas still and saw a 139.2. I weigh naked all the time and clothes weigh at least 1 lb (I'm not sure about these exact pjs. doesn't matter). Anyway, if I don't screw up today I should be seeing a loss for WI tomorrow! Yaba daba doooooo!!!

I'm feeling skinny too. My jeans are all feeling lose and half way fall down the butt crack if I'm not careful. Oh yeah, and in Walmart I tried on another pair of 6 pants that fit and a size small button up shirt that fit. NO BOOB GAPE! While i'd like to take all the credit for that and more, I'm 100% positive that in the past year, vanity sizing has taken over Canada. I'm not smaller than I was at my last skinny time, but I've never worn size small button up shirts. Walmart or not (which usually is bigger sizes). Why are all my size 10 pants at home not falling off of me if I'm a 6? Things have changed folks. I think I'll try some of my old pants on at home tonight. I have this pair that were really really flattering. just plain black dress pants. No matter how bad everything else looked, they looked good. But I couldn't get them done up for awhile now. We'll check them out. On the weekend I tried on this shirt I had got at a previous skinny point that is tres sexy. It's basically a sheer black dress tank top (not lingerie but close ok?) (the boobs weren't see through) but you could see my bellybutton right through it and any muffin top present. Well it looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself. My shape is nice, I'd just like to lose a few inches off the whole silhouette.

SO that's enough vanity for now. I'll try and get hubby to take some pictures of me tonight. I suck at the timer thing and have no place to set the camera up to get a full shot of me.

Anyway, tonight's the gym after work with sis. Hopefully bust out some running. Then gonna borrow some stamps from SIL for card making and scrapbooking on saturday with a few girls. fun fun.

So just a reminder for the Christmas Challenge. Carolyn and I are having spreadsheet issues so if you can be bothered, please send us not just this week's WI, but all the previous weeks if you can. If not, just a total lost and this week's WI. But hopefully you kept track for yourself and then can see a nice chart of your losses or something. we're starting to get down to the wire now guys, I don't feel dumb talking about a Christmas Challenge now that Christmas is actually in the foreseeable future!

Have I told you all about the baking exchange I'm doing? 9 dozen of something traded with 9 girls for a total of 9 different dozens? Fun. BUT I realized i'm going to definately eat at least 9 pieces of baking just to try every kind! Eek! I'm pretty sure I can get rid of the rest through parties, having people over, taking to family, to work etc. But I'll at least be having probably a dozen for just no good reason at all! Hopefully at least a couple people make something I don't like. hehe. Also, I need suggestions for what I should make. I was thinking whipped shortbread using my cookie press. You can make oodles of those for cheap and easy and they're good. I'm not worried so much right now for the healthy treats, mostly the cheap and easy. I have to make 9 dozen of these remember? I thought of popcorn balls. but 9 dozen of those would take up a whole room. Obviously I've love to make a cheesecake square sorta thing to show off my culinary skills, but that's pretty expensive. Help?

yesterday's food

calories 1715
fat 69
protein 77
carbs 197
sodium 2937
fibre 19

wow low fibre. oops. I guess that's what you get when you have mcdonalds for supper! (which was a mistake, I had a cheeseburger happy meal because I was shopping after work and didn't bring a snack and it was past supper time. The happy meal wasn't a terrible choice. But for some reason it upset my stomach. Then I remembered I had step class and mcdonalds is not good pre workout food.)

More substantial post later.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

snowman #1

The first snowman I made, the cd is for scale. I'm such a nerd.

And a little holiday cheer for y'all.
My hubby sent pictures of his hunting trip showing the deer he got, the deer his dad got and then he put this picture, saying it's the one I got, since Daisy's got her dead face on.


So yesterday's food (this is how it will be coming, the next day. Don't worry, I did log it)

cal: 1807
fat: 41
prot: 70
carbs: 207
fibre: 26
sodium: 2259

Fairly good day, bit high in calories. But it was snack day at work and I had a store bought muffin, those are always more cal's than they should be. Plus supper wasn't well planned. It was going to be leftovers of something but the dog got at my spaghetti first. So I made a pizza bagel. a little sauce, salami, and cheese on half a bagel. Yum. So proud that I didn't eat both halves, got the other for lunch today. And then had a ton of coleslaw on the side. just a little bit of dressing since I don't like it soggy.

Hubby came home last night. yay! I missed him. SIL and her bf tend to do their own thing so it leaves me at home feeling like a single parent or something with Daisy. Hubby commented that whenever he comes home after being gone even for a little while I'm ready to kill Daisy. Well she's bad and a lot to handle on your own all the time. Be careful when getting smart dogs with lots of energy!

Went to the gym on my way home as well. It was super packed so I didn't get a machine for as long as I wanted. Ran fast on the treadmill for 7 minutes, then did chin ups (totally getting better at this, it'll be pretty tight to do unassisted by Christmas though, we'll see) then did stair climbing for 15 minutes. At least I went I guess right? I sweated too.

So for the old Christmas Challenge. We mentioned before about getting some healthier baking recipes. But nobody responded? Hello? Are you saying that baking in itself is inherantly bad? Well sorta I guess. But you're still gonna eat it. So i'm putting the call out one more time:
What can you make for Christmas baking that's "healthier" than regular?
I'll start us off. I don't know how healthy this is exactly and i'm sure you've all heard it before, but it's all I can remember here at work.
It's sort of cheating but you use a brownie mix. The whole box.
Also, take a can of black beans, throw them in the blender (you can rinse them, but then replace the "juice" with water to the same level in the can). Mush 'em up.
Forget the brownie directions, just put the black beans with the brownie mix and mix them up! Bake according to the directions (so I guess don't forget them completely). They taste pretty darn good. But there is something up with them. What I'd do is make a regular batch and a bean batch and combine them. Or else you could put some icing on them to add extra sweetness (that's all that's really wrong, they don't taste that sweet.) I think calories are still high-ish, but they've got protein and fibre in them and not a lot of fat now.
There ya go! 1 in the bag (or recipe box). I'll come up with some more tonight maybe. I'm dying for a healthy shortbread recipe (all it is is butter and sugar and flour!) but I guess I can be happy they're small cookies at least. Your turn!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Perhaps I spoke too soon

Well I know it's only been like 4 days but I am experiencing a lifetime worth of diet emotions. I've already had the "whoppie! It's working! I rock!" then this weekend I had the "Well I already screwed up so I'm blowing the whole day" (which I've never had before and didn't understand back before I started counting things) and now I'm back on the wagon. in 4 days. Really.

So I already mentioned the I rock part in my last post. But the I fell of the wagon part I didn't tell you about. Here it is:

Saturday night supper was just a bagel with light cream cheese, not too healthy but that was it so I was ok with it. But then I decided to have a snack when I was watching my movie that night. I had some chips, eek! But I measured them out and thought that would be an ok thing. ok fine. So that was a minor falling off the wagon but in a planned way.

But then was Sunday was a disaster. I couldn't even tell you what I ate because I have no idea. I ate some of all of this: toast, yogurt, chili, spinach artichoke dip, brown sugar biscuits, veggie cream cheese pizza things on pitas (individually very healthy appetizer thing. i'll post recipe below. 9 hundred of them? not healthy any more), guacamole and chips, cheese. I'm sure there was more but like I said I just wasn't even keeping track, just eating. It was a football party, I made all the food so it's my own fault. But I like entertaining and I like eating these things but I can only do it when there's lots of other people there to eat it because leftovers are a bad idea. Good thing is I didn't really eat supper, just all sorts of little appetizer things.

Now before when I wasn't keeping track of things and posting in Spark, I'd do something like this and just eat a few, stick to my healthier options and enjoy the game. This time however, I was trying to remember everything I was eating but finally was like, there's no way I can remember all this stuff and I know it's going to be a bad day (though sort of planned) so what would I learn from this food anyway, I'm not going to post it. So since I already had that attitude I stopped thinking about what I was eating, and instead of "I'm full, I don't need this." or "This is unhealthy, find something else" it was "I'm already not tracking, I might as well have it". I've never had that before and it's sort of upsetting. I never used to get the All or Nothing approach. And while it wasn't a "I blew my diet so I might as well pig out" but more of the keeping track thing, it still gave me the Nothing attitude. Ew.

Then yesterday was a holiday for me, and I was home alone pretty much all day, doing some more sewing (I'll post pictures tonight, hubby's got the camera hunting) I just wanted it to feel like a holiday so I didn't keep track either. I bad me, I know. But at least I didn't eat poorly yesterday. Food group wise it was pretty carb heavy, but it was low fat and calories and healthy food choices, just a lot of breakfast foods, (cereal for supper, toast for breakfast and snack). Thank goodness there was still a kickboxing class last night. Made me feel like getting back on track.

So I had a bad day. I can live with it. I fell off the tracking wagon, I can live with that too as I'm back on today. The scale this morning read 138.8, so that still a loss from Friday but a gain from saturday (stupid 1 lb in a day saturday). So hopefully I did no permanent damage and maybe some crazy shake-up to my metabolism or something and I'll keep losing. it's already tuesday so I don't have a full week left to work at it though.

Anyway here's the little veggie pizza things I made. If somebody wants to analyze them for nutrition that's cool. It's from Pampered Chef but slightly modified. You know those mini pitas you can get? I used those for the crust instead of the crescent rolls. 1 mini pita is only 40 calories.

package of mini pitas (18 I think)
package of light cream cheese
1 tbsp of fat free miracle whip
chopped up (tiny!) broccolli, cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, pepper, tomato (maybe 2 cups? maybe more?)

Mix cream cheese, miracle whip, dill and garlic, spread on top of each pita, sprinkle veggies on (press down a bit to make 'em stick). Voila! Each pita is actually pretty filling, and 2 pitas would satisfy you for an afternoon snack. Even with all my pigging out, I think I probably only ate 4 of these over the full football game and that was what I ate the most of.

Forgot to mention, I just drank diet coke all day. But not enough water all weekend.

So I ended up making a skirt. Very cute. I had to adjust the pattern a bit because of my lack of hips and abundance of waist. But it doesn't look like that when it's on! In fact it's still a bit too tight, I can pose cute but barely move. So I'm hoping to drop a few cms in the waist before Christmas parties and that's what I'm gonna wear. Gotta buy a shirt to go with it still.

I also decided to sew some snowmen for my MIL who collects snowmen. All day monday that's what I was working on (and watching tv and cleaning house etc). I only got 1 snowman done but it's super cute and I got another cut out. I'll post a picture of that too.

All in all I had a really good weekend. Of course it seemed too short, (can't remember much of saturday, feel like I wasted it). But now I can start thinking of Christmas! yay! Hopefully when hubby comes home from hunting (he called this morning and got his deer so he'll be home tonight) we can start decorating. (did I mention that hubby and his dad and his dad's friends were over for the football party sunday? can't hunt on sundays.) Did I also mention that the Rider's won! We're in the Western Semifinals! Woo hoo!

Anyway I might post later, I want to go catch up with you guys now.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Could this be paying off big time?

So here's the nutrition info for friday from spark:

calories: 1527
fat 40
protein 111
carbs 188
fibre 26
sodium 2750

Much more protein due to the whole can of tuna I ate for supper. Sodium's high because I treated myself with loads of diet rootbeer last night. I also treated myself with a coffee crisp a chocolate pudding and Dream Girls. Still the calories are this low? I think it underestimated my homemade 7 grain bread. I just used a generic multigrain bread it had. I didn't finish my whole sandwich though either. Hmm...

So do you think eating that yesterday could have caused me to gain a full pound already? Yeah, me neither. But the scale thinks I did! I swear folks I have seen the 138s! (I have seen the light! and it is a glorious sight oh lord...) First thing this morning it said 138.2, almost out of the 138s! Holy crap! So there's some incentive to not go nuts this weekend huh? I think this logging all my food is making me eat less complicated food just because I don't want to have to put ingredients in. However this morning I did make a smoothie and already put that in.

Swiz was like "you know you love me" after I complained about all this and I told her I'd love her when I'm skinny. Well it may be happening sooner than I think!

I went shopping after work yesterday. I decided (randomly) that I needed a pencil skirt, a high waisted pencil skirt, very 1940s. Well one problem with that is my dinky short legs so they all look way way too long. But I went to this one store and was trying skirts on (and shirts and everything) and in the shirts I was still a large, boobs still packin' some heat ;) . But in skirts I'm usually a 9, but these were evens, so I tried some 8s. I was feeling good. THEY WERE ALL TOO BIG!!! The 6s fit! wow! I didn't find a pencil skirt I liked (I think I'll try sewing one, seems easy, probably wrong) but I did find 2 polka dot skirts (one black with white dots, the other white with black dots) that were sort of 1950s poodle skirty and were 2 for $10 so I bought them in 6s. Wowsa!

Then I went shopping at another store and tried an 8 skirt and a large satin short sleeve button up shirt with rhinestone buttons. Sort of reminded me of last Christmas. But with the skirt looked very cool. It looked so freakin' amazing! I wish I had somebody with me to take a picture. But I didn't get the shirt because it was too expensive and I'm not sure if I'd ever wear a shirt like that. And I didn't get the skirt because though it was cheap ($16) it looked cheaply made as well. Plus I decided I'd try and sew it. Moral of the story is, I LIKE SHOPPING AGAIN! I looked stinking HOT too!

So I guess I'm gonna be off to the fabric store to plan for my weekend project! Yippee!

Friday, November 9, 2007

November 11

So this Sunday is November 11th, Remembrance Day. And I think just about everybody (in Canada) has Monday as a holiday. Yay! However the reason we get a day off is because November 11th is an important day. It's not just so we can get a jump on Christmas shopping or an extra day to get used to the time change. It's so we can remember all those who fought for Canada. My grandpa was in the Air Force doing some kind of radar thing in WWII. That's how he met my grandma, while he was stationed in England. So I can't really say how it's so bad that he had to be away from his family serving his country because that's how he started his family. But a lot of veterans (and currently serving soldiers) aren't so lucky. I know it completely breaks my heart when I hear anything about an army wife at home with the kids. Or hear about military men coming home to meet their son or daughter for the first time because they were born while they were stationed away. (not just men but women too of course).

So I do think it's ok to enjoy the football games and get some shopping in and start doing Christmas thinking. But I hope you all wear a poppy this weekend while you do it, and I hope that on the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, in the eleventh month you take a full minute to remember and thank the men and women who have fought and are fighting so we can carry on our Christmas shopping and sleeping in with out a greater care.

Christmas Challenge Reminder!!!

So just a reminder it's WI day so get your losses into Carolyn or I today or ASAP! Thanks!!!

OMG talk about a challenge.

Swizzlepop I could probably kill you about now! my head is swimming with numbers!

So to catch you all up. Swiz wanted to know how I keep track of my food. I told her my dirty little secret...I don't. I don't really measure or log or anything. (I do measure cereal for some reason). But here's the plain facts of it folks. I don't even measure when I'm baking. I pretty much use a 1 cup measuring cup for everything and just eyeball to the half or 3/4 or 2/3 etc. I'm just not that type of person. (sometimes I use a handfull for half a cup too)

But then she went and did it. (in email) She pushed the magic button. She challenged me. That's basically a dare. or a double dare. I can't turn it down. Guess what she's MAKING me do? LOG EVERYTHING! Not just on paper, but in SPARKPEOPLE. and for 2 WEEKS! I might die. (though I do welcome anybody who wants to join this hell challenge with me! sounds fun huh?)

I started yesterday. My head is swimming with numbers. I did alright until supper. But just the thought of putting ingredients into that thing scared me away from eating a normal supper. I had a bowl of cereal (1.5 cups with .5 cups of milk). Then later at night I was hungry so I had an oatmeal packet with an apple. I still have to put those into Spark. Just wait...Ok here's my day 1 (yesterday)

Calories 1718
Fat 49
Carbs 274
Protein 65
Fibre 29
Sodium 2587

Now stupid Spark is trying to tell me I only need between 1200 and 1500 calories per day but I can tell you folks that is not true. Let me check back a few and somewhere else I talk about needing around 1800 and I'll still lose. I don't know where it comes up with these numbers. I'll just log what I normally eat for now and see where it all comes up. I can tell you that 1718 calories yesterday wasn't a ton for me and I went to bed hungry.

However I can also tell you that going to bed hungry lead me to wake up with my magic number on the scale again. 139.2. a maintain from last week but it was actually a gain and loss as we all know.

right. so maybe she's on to something here. It's showing also that my carbs are high and so is my sodium. Everything else is bang on. I didn't log my benefibre with crystal light because I didn't know the info and couldn't find any of that stuff. But that's going to up the sodium a bit more (I think?) and up the fibre even more. At least i'm doing good on fibre, good for cholesterol. I know I drink 9 bazillion glasses of water (I drink out of a 1 litre bottle all day, fill it probably 3 times. that's just at work).

I'm pretty sure that just by logging my food I'm going to eat differently. Look at last night, eating for simplicity! I'm already dreading putting my white chili in that i'm eating for lunch today. ugh. I can't even remember all the ingredients (and I know I didn't measure them!). This weekend is going to be interesting as well. I doubt I'll get to a computer. I think I'll start a notebook and just record everything in there, it'll be easier, then I can just look everything up at one time on the computer.

Swiz, I'm going to get you for this. I swear to God I'll get you... maybe some sort of exercise challenge?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Swiz you busted me!

Oh a direct question makes a direct hit. Swizzlepop asked me how I track my food and maybe something's up when I workout as hard as I do but am not losing. Well here's the secret:
I don't count.

You all know I'm not WW. But I do sometimes talk about calories. Well I'm guessing. I do look up individual foods when I'm curious. But I don't count everything I eat. Periodically I do log a whole week on Fitday. But my problem with that is it didn't have all my food so I had to sort of guess it with what was in there anyway. Those times showed me I tend to eat around 1600 - 1800 calories. I know it's more than a lot of you eat but frankly I have a lot of muscle mass. (am I fooling myself here?) I do eat more fat than I should, because of my peanut butter addiction. But in my defence I usually eat in a real "core" type way. As in my food choices can't be beat (except cookie debaucles). No granola bars, 100 calorie packs, anything like that. Every snack from waking up until home from work is either fruit, fat free yogurt or light cheese. Breakfast and lunches are always portion controlled and I don't feel bad about a thing in them (maybe it's because my scale sense is uncalibrated). Suppers I do know are a problem with over eating, basically portions and not enough veggies. I know I know. But I don't snack at night at all (except for post workout proteins sometimes). I think i'm doing alright.

But why aren't I losing then?

My once in awhile slip ups are not frequent enough to cause this.

It's all portions I think. How many fruit a day is too much? I eat 1.5 cups of grapes, a pear or apple, 1 cup of pineapple a day. Plus 1.5 cups of carrots and celery with hummus dip (only 50 calories of dip). Is that too much? How about when it's with a mini source yogurt (50 cal), a string cheese (70 cal)? And also 2 toasts with peanut butter and jam (!) and 2 cups of homemade hamburger soup, with something like a chicken stir fry with lots of veggies or a homemade hard shelled tacos? And then another pear or another yogurt? That's a very typical day for me. where's the problem? sometimes I eat 20 almonds a day. Is that bad?

I see one problem in the toast with peanut butter and jam. I can change my breakfasts. I used to eat good breakfasts, but when I ran out of tomatoes I stopped. Back at it I guess! Eureka moment? I've recently started eating my Kashi cereal again, which I do measure every now and then with skim milk. (it's too hard and crunchy for me usually but I've started pouring my milk and then packing my lunch and then eating, now it's good).

Another problem I have is right around supper. I'm usually starving while I'm making it and snack on something. Problem is, I don't know what I snack on. I can't remember! but I know I rumage around for a long time trying to find something not too bad. I should just have some grapes on the cupboard with me cooking. anybody else have a good solution for this? I'm definately going to eat something. baby carrots?

Same thing happens after supper. I need to get the supper taste out of my mouth (I don't know why) so I eat something for dessert. Like a yogurt or fruit, but sometimes it's been a cookie or chocolate covered apricots. I think I need to brush my teeth as soon as I'm done eating. I'll try that next time.

Will that do it? I dunno, am I really eating too many calories of fruit and veggies? I know I don't eat a lot of leafy greens but that comes and goes in spurts.

On a different note. I had the soup salad and half wrap from East Side Mario's for lunch. Smallest bowl ever of Italian wedding soup, some gross iceburg lettuce with a couple cherry tomatoes and a house dressing (maybe 1 tbsp) and half a wrap with chicken and veggies and cheese. I didn't really pay much attention to what was in the wrap honestly. probably some kinda sauce too.

Swiz again you're right, I know food isn't a reward. And i'm not really thinking of that a chocolate bar tomorrow night as a reward. It's just something I get on friday. a planned splurge I guess. Though it is incentive to eat well before hand, knowing I get that later. You're right, food isn't a reward, I've never rewarded myself with food before and I'm not doing that now. Thanks for the ass kicking. I need it sometimes. Especially when I'm telling myself I don't know why I'm showing a 2 lb gain. (though I really hope it goes away tomorrow anyway)


Oh I'm frustrated. Those 2 lbs I blamed on that burger (sodium and fat?) well they're still here! Grr! I sweated like crazy last night too trying to banish them.

But I also ate 3 cookies.

Why did I make cookies?

For hubby's hunting trip. oh yeah. And I set aside 4 cookies for me to keep and the rest he gets to take. But I wasn't supposed to eat 3 at once, and before he's even left. But it's ok, at least I've only got 1 more and then no more cookies. I can deal with that.

I made the spaghetti and meat sauce last night. just canned sauce. But I put a can of beans in it too! Mashed em up and you'd never know they were there! Genius! Then I dished myself some spaghetti into a mini load pan, and then loaded the sauce on (cooked tomatoes are good for you), I cut some mozza slices, like the amount I would find reasonable for a snack (maybe equivalent of 2 or 3 string cheeses) mixed half of them with the spaghetti and put the other half on top, microwaved it for 1 minute. Low and behold, individual, portion controlled spaghetti! And it looked totally professional and cute like a little Martha thing. So even though I thought it was all portion controlled I still got way too full eating it. I could only do about half. It was really good. I don't know if I was off on estimating a portion size or if the beans in there filled me up that much more but I still felt the same as I do after every spaghetti meal. Maybe that's just what it does to me. I felt this ball in my stomach that made me think I pigged out. So that may have contributed to keeping those lbs around.

Then after class since I said I could have something if I still wanted afterward, and I wanted to stay up and watch election coverage (my guys won, change in leadership first time in 16 years!) I also made myself some toast. with peanut butter. and honey. 2 slices (at least it was small french loaf slices, not normal sized bread). But that's like a second supper! too much food! So again, leading to those 2 lbs hanging out another day. 141 something. Boo. I want the 139s back!

I think that often happens to me. I eat reasonably well on the weekends. Food may not be as good but portions are small and fewer meals (sleeping in). Eat really well early in the week. Then mid week I go nuts for some reason. May have to do with compensating for intense workouts. May be I can only handly being "good" for so long!

Today lunch was going to be chili again with my fruit and veggies, however my mom is in town and she's taking me out. I'll probably get a wrap or salad. It's easy to eat well with mom since she has to because of her cholesterol. It will be restaurant portions however but I'll try and watch it. Hubby leaves after work today so supper will be on my own, I'll probably have my chili then.

Work is so sweet right now. I'm basically doing a copy paste thing that's gonna take all day so I can just day dream and catch up on podcasts I've been too busy for all week.

i'm probably doing a Christmas baking exchange with some of my girlfriends where you each make like 10 dozen of something and then exchange with 10 girls so you get an assortment. I'm so excited about that. Not that I'll have 10 dozen things. But I just love Christmas baking (the act) and giving baking and making it look all pretty. I'll probably give a lot of my 10 dozen assorted away as well. Even last year I had tons of baking and it took me forever to get rid of it all so I gave a lot away. It's about the giving people! (in the most selfish way of course, because it makes you look so caring and sweet!)

Anyway, maybe we should do that in the Christmas Challenge. No not mail around dozens of Christmas baking. But do the recipe thing. But the catch is, it has to be a better for you option. What do you think? You can do your own fix (like splenda instead of sugar or whatever) on a family favorite, find one on line (but you should have tried it), or make one up from scratch. What do you think? Comment me yay or nay.
(also feel free to email if you'd like a Christmas card from yours truly)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guess what it does to ya?

So guess what eating an A&W mozza burger, 3 onion rings, toast with pb and jam, 2 diet cokes and 3/4 cup of yogurt for supper leads to? A 2lb gain on the scale! holy moly! Now it wasn't even 2 lbs of food so I know it's not like a real gain. And calorie-wise, it's probably around what I'd have had if I cooked up pasta or something. just sodium and greasy food when you're not used to it I guess. Hubby decided to bring supper home after his haircut since he knew I would be at the gym and not have time to make anything. Sweet in his own way, but I was AT THE GYM, I don't want to eat FAST FOOD! well I do want to, but you know.

So I went to the gym and I've been feeling so tired lately that we just ellipticalled instead of running. No biggie, a solid 30 minutes. Gym was packed cause the university employees are on strike so there's just really limited gym hours now (I go to university gym). Did manage to do some shoulder work which we didn't have time for in class and some chin-ups. They kill my hands still but are getting easier.

My hamstrings are still sore from mondays class and the elliptical yesterday. Boy I'll have fun at step tonight!

I guess today I'm going to guzzle the water like they're predicting a global water shortage (hmmm). I've already planned to have spaghetti and meatsauce for supper, so that's not too light. But with my class right away I have got to learn some damn portion control so I don't feel so full in the beginning. Good practice tonight I guess. Dessert if I need it is gonna be a pear. Mmm pears. As long as I remind myself that I can have a treat after class if I'm hungry I should be able to control myself. I never feel like it after class because it's basically bed time but if I want something I can have it. You're supposed to have post workout protein anyway right?

I really hope I see another loss this week. I'm feeling nice and skinny and 1 day of slight badness shouldn't cancel everything else out right?

I decided that on friday for my happy alone girly night I'm going to have a coffee crisp. Hubby likes chocolate bars for lunches and stuff and since I like saving money, I buy them on sale instead of him buying them at the gas station. Well I've got a coffee crisp in the cupboard that's got my name on it and I've been craving all week. ALMOST nabbed it yesterday but decided that I'd save it, and earn it by being good until then. Hopefully I'll love it twice as much friday. It's really helping me knowing that I CAN have it, just not yet. It's not like it's something I'll never be able to eat. Now I just have to figure out a way to do this with chips. but so far I just feel like I can never eat them (I go nuts on em!)

Not much else to report. Lunches have been homemade soup or homemade white chili and will probably be that all week and onward until I'm sick of it. I don't mind eating the same thing for lunch every day, no thinking required. So I like this make a big pot of something healthy on the weekend and eat it all week. We'll see how long I last at it.

That's it for now I guess. Lunch time.