Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend recap

So my weekend was good. Doesn't feel like it was a weekend though. Sure not feeling rested or anything.

As per the pictures below, I had my Christmas baking exchange on friday. (it was also a party lite party and talk about expensive! Not worth it IMHO) So I ended up with 9 dozen treats. Mostly whipped shortbread since there were only 7 people there, so we got to pick 2 doubles. I love whipped shortbread, so that's what I picked for both of them. Probably should have picked something I don't like so much and hubby does like. Oh well. But actually friday night I didn't eat any of the baking (except 2 cookies on the drive home). Had some veggies and dip and some chips and salsa at the party but not a lot honestly. I actually didn't eat a big supper either, just 1 piece of salmon. Saving up just in case. So it was probably actually a pretty good night.

Saturday not so much. Got up fairly early with the dog. Tried to do a massive cleaning of the house but there was an aweful lot to do (I seem to be so busy during the week that I get nothing done, doing dishes only once a week! ew!) So I was working away until about noon, assuming that the girls would be coming over at 1-ish, just enough time to sweep the floor and clean up some table and cupboards for scrapbooking stuff. Well no, they showed up at 12:00. I didn't get to eat any lunch. Ran around trying to make room for people's stuff, trying to find my scrapbook stuff and what I wanted to work on, keeping the dog out of their stuff. It was chaos for 10 minutes. Then I had an awesome time scrapbooking. I made a whole mini-album for my sister for Christmas. But what did I go and do like a nice hostess? I put out a mixed tray of the baking, right in the middle of the table and proceeded to eat MINDLESSLY! Couldn't even tell you how much I had, no idea. Between the 5 of us, we cleaned up probably 3 dozen things. Not good. All I know is I wasn't hungry (even without lunch) until like 7:00 that night! At which time we went out to Boston Pizza with our men. It was nice, we hardly ever go out to eat. I had a thai chicken salad. Probably not that great for you, but still a better option on the menu. And it was spicy! my mouth was burning, so I decided to get a bite-sized blondie for dessert to cool it off. I didn't even feel guilty at the time, I think I deserved a treat, I hadn't eaten a dessert in a restaurant for years. I'm still sort of torn over it. I don't feel guilty but then having just written what I ate all afternoon makes me feel guilty. Whatever. It's over.

Then we went over to one of the girl's houses and played more Sing Star! Just the girls, boys played pool. It was fun. Sort of a mellow day. (more than I usually do because there were other people involved, but still not much planwise, and more like just goof around all day. I think this is common for other people who get together with friends often, but I am usually alone. in a good way) Home and bed around midnight.

Sunday hubby slept all afternoon. I think he got up in the morning but I don't really remember. He slept from like 1:00 until 4:00. I was busy in the kitchen and talking to my mom and making snacks for the Grey Cup. I made this Italian wedge thing which was basically like cheese bread sticks or something. Pretty good. I only had 1 small wedge. I was also melting chocolate for a chocolate fountain the I was bringing (which tasted awesome, but needed milk added. But people there said "we've done this before, it needs more oil" nevermind that it's my fountain and I thought milk, so they add all this oil it grosses me out. and then are confused when it's going all globby and stuff. hmmm. at least it kept me from eating it mostly) i did have some before they added more oil. on fruit, bananas covered in chocolate is amazing. If you've never had it, DON'T try it! I went for 3 months making myself a little mini chocolate fondue everytime I ate a banana it was so good! They also had some chips and dip and veggies and potato skins with cheese and shrimp. They had it all set up against the wall with plates. best idea for diets ever! I always stay away from chips because I could eat an entire bag. But if you're not eating them out of a bag, or sitting next to a bowl, you put a handfull on your plate and eat that, move on. So I had 2 handfulls of chips, a few potato skins, 1 Italian wedge slice, a bunch of fruit with some chocolate, veggies and dip, and a few cookies. Not awesome food choices, but I didn't stuff myself, and that was supper, not to mention GREY CUP so I'm alright with it. Nothing but diet coke for me.

THE RIDERS WON! yay! It was probably the worst game I've ever seen. It was so horrible, only 1 touchdown each or something. Each team had a ton of interceptions, a ton of forced kicks. It was just not pretty. I agree that a close game makes it exciting (which it was) but I like a close game because everyone's playing awesome, not because we keep screwing up. I'm super disappointed with that being the grey cup. oh well. I'll just remember the semi final as the highlight of the season.

I must have been looking good though because one of our friends kept calling me the hot cheerleader. (I had pompoms and was dressed in a retro rider shirt of hubby's from being a kid, with green eyelashes and sparkly hair spray that ended up making my hair just look greasy. yay!) Then when we were losing and sucking he's say something about how the cheerleaders have too much clothes on or something, or it's so hot in this basement we should all take our pants off, you first Randi. Inappropriate things yes, but a lot of the time it was funny and he was drunk. Plus frankly a few months (and pounds) ago he wouldn't have said things like that to me so I'm gonna take them as compliments.
So when we finally got home, washed the glitter out of my hair. Went to bed. Then I got this crazy pain in my tummy. HURT! I thought I was gonna puke but it wasn't really in my stomach, just abdomen somewhere. So I went back and forth the bathroom trying to puke anyway to make it better. Couldn't. Finally had some pepto and fell asleep. Way too late. (for me). Hubby was sleeping on the couch because he was having some stinky problems that were not helping my stomach. Tummy still feels kinda weird this morning. I dunno what it is. But it's sure helping fight off the usual day after weekend pigging out pig out. Breakfast was a muffin and banana, no snack. Lunch was soup and an apple. afternoon will be an orange and cheese if I feel like it. Supper don't know yet. Probably just salady sorta thing.
Hubby was talking last night about how things are finally slowing down for him and he'll be able to start helping me around the house more. Yay! Plus he said he wants to work out more. He hasn't been feeling good lately so he's also trying to eat more veggies and fruit and less chips (but not beer yet...). So I'm glad he's come to this realization on his own. I want him to try and get all buff like me ;) but I don't want to come across like I think he's fat or something. He'll have such an easy time of it too because I do all the cooking and shopping so there won't be temptation lying around for him like there is for me (I still have to buy chips and pop and chocolate bars and all sorts of bad food for him right now). Plus guys lose a lot faster than women, so he's see some nice quick results and it might make him want to keep it up. Then maybe we could exercise together and be able to help each other out. He could be my first personal training client! Since I totally know everything you need to do to lose 20 lbs (I am SO close to this goal!)
So hopefully hubby will at least feel like eating salads for a week and we can have a nice light end to November. I think Angie commented that next WI I could be pushing the 135 mark and that made me so excited. I didn't really think of that. So I think I'm going to push it extra super hard in the workouts and eating to make it there ASAP. And you all are going to want to encourage me and push me there too because when I get there i'm taking progress pics so that will be your reward (if you chose to look at it that way...)
And yes I will conquer over those yummy treats because none of them are THAT amazing (don't get me wrong, they're good, but it's not cheesecake or peanut butter cookie which I would never be able to resist). Plus I brought a whole bunch to work this morning which I'm not going to touch and that gets rid of half of it already! (plus you guys are right, I have willpower of steel, it matches my buns) ;)


eat like a caveman said...

Wow, looks like a fun weekend! I love baking =) I always tend to be less hard on myself when indulging in goodies when people are around because food is part of the "package" when having fun, isn't it? It's the late-night-eating-while-standing-in-the-kitchen-grazing-on-forbidden-foods that annoys me! Anyway, at least you are back and in control! Way to bring them to work!

kelly said...

my boyfriend thinks about losing weight and he drops 5 lbs. its not fair and for the amount of food he eats, im surprised he isn't bigger. lucky him i guess. you should suggest going to the gym together or something? i'm sure you have but just saying...

you look cute in the pic! sexy cheerleader is always a good compliment :)

CaRoLyN said...

Kelly is so right! Scott decides he is fat on a regular basis and then proceeds to lose 5 lbs before he can even turn around. Makes me sick.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Friday night was DEFINITELY a HUGE triumph! Staying away from all that yummy baking! I don't even know how you did it! Congrats! I was only at SIL for 2 hours and had probably 4 cherry balls and a peanut butter cup. Ugh. It's. So. Good.

Thanks for the suggestion about setting other goals. I think it is a great idea!

Tammy said...

Hi Randi!
Ooh, yeah, that 135 mark is right around the corner! That is the one I am excited about, too. At that point I'll decide if I'm ready to quit or if I want to go all the way to my 'ultimate' goal. Isn't will power great?! I love being so motivated that nothing tempts me. Keep up the great work!

Amber said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and wow go you on the eating control that stuff looks good and so tempting for sure!

Angie All The Way said...


I had almost the same thing happen with the fondue on Sunday at my Grampie's birthday party. I was melting the chocolate in the double boiler and when it was all melted by aunt suggested adding some whipping cream to it because it was supposed to make it creamier. It sounded like a good idea, but then it made it turn into a ball of chocolate! So we then had to keep adding skim milk to it to thin it out. No oil though....ewwww

Lately I think I'd lose horribly against that many dozen baked goods. But I wanna bake!

Bring on 135 girl, if you get there before Christmas, you're a rock star!

browneyedmaris said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and I'm just de-lurking today! You are such an inspiration...keep kicking some butt! Anyways, I have a blog of my own and feel free to check it out: