Friday, November 16, 2007

The chinese

food. I'm not talking about the people from China. (did you know that chinese food is nothing like Chinese food? They do not eat chicken balls in China.)

Anyway here's the nutrition info from Spark people. I just used their chinese food nutrients since this is just a local restaurant there was none available. But I don't believe for a second this is accurate. I only had a plate full. Not full. but a plate. with reasonable servings. We had wonton soup (which I didn't eat since it's hubby's favorite and I can live with out it.), chicken chop suey which was basically vegetables, fried rice which I had maybe 1 cup of, it felt like too much, probably was, sweet and sour pork which was really really lean and not to saucy, I was impressed, I had 4 little pieces of pork, dry rib size, and vietnamese spring rolls. Which were AMAZING. But I felt like were there worst thing I ate (calorie and fat wise). But spark people didn't agree. And I didn't measure things in ounces like it is on there, but in cups. So I'm guessing at portions. But I know the pork is way too high. In 4 little pieces of pork there are not 650 calories. But I don't know how much there is so I'll go with it. (I think that's more than like pure lard per same volume) The rest seems reasonable. Anyway, the results of yesterday aren't bad because my breakfast was so low. I had egg white omlet. So like 100 calories for a billion egg whites. Not bad. Plus half of lunch was coleslaw which is nice low cal too.

calories 2136
fat 74
carbs 224
protein 99
fibre 22
sodium 1725

So the fat and calories are high but I already mentioned how this is sketchy. The major point is, I limited my portions. Seriously. I wanted to go back and get more but I didn't. And I made hubby take all the leftovers for lunch and have myself a sandwich packed. And I don't eat chinese often. But my friend just opened a restaurant and we wanted to support him. Maybe like once every 2 or 3 months do we eat it so I'm not worried. Plus he's got some other cool stuff on the menu I wanna try, stir fries and stuff.

So I'm not sure about 2 L extra of water, but I did drink a glass everytime I saw a tap or sink or cup. Though I was thirsty when I went to bed so I'm not sure if it was enough. But as Angie said, even if the scale's not showing it, if I had a real loss it will be there next week. So what did the stupid scale say?







138.2! That's a full pound lost this week! Woohoo! I'm starting to get into novel territory here (did I use that correctly? novel as in new?) I think I may have to thank Swizzlepop earlier than I thought. 1 week of stupid spark people and I lose 1 lb? Probably worth it! Even when there was a football party in there! So I think I'm gonna keep this up folks. For the plain fact that I eat less because I don't want to spend forever looking food up and entering it and everything. I really should have tried this before. I know that whenever I learn the calories or fat or whatever of something and it's horrible, it makes me stay away. Think bar chicken wings. You don't even want to know. It's starting to be like that with french fries. Did you know even the child size fries are like 300 calories? Scary.

Anyway. I'm awesome.

As for those measurements. i'm not worried about the neck one. If I play around with the tape I can see different things. I'm sure it's really the same, not like my neck is getting fatter or seeing muscle growth while my legs and arms aren't. Seems like I forgot to post the september or october ones or something. I've got them in a book at home so I haven't lost them. I lost 4 inches of my belly button folks! Wowza! Seriously getting there now.

I also checked it out and I've been averaging 0.75 lbs/week since June 1st! That's pretty cool! Even though it feels like it's been such a struggle lately it has been going down. I've lost 16.8 lbs total now. I can't wait until it's 20! My ultimate goal is 25 lbs but I can be patient. In order to make my Christmas Challenge goal I've got to start losing 1.5 lbs/week. Might be ambitious. But I'll be happy getting as close as I can. I hope you guys have that attitude as well. You may not make your goal in this time frame. But it's a goal, something to shoot for right?

Speaking of Christmas Challenge. Get me those WIs please! Also would love a summary of your progress over the challenge just to make sure we've got the spreadsheet accurate. I'll post later with my weekend plans etc.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Congrats on the loss--and what a sensible way to approach goals! So many people set them too high to begin with and then stress out if they don't make them.

But dang, now I'm craving Chinese food.

CaRoLyN said...

Sweet! Nice loss!
I'm not big on chinese food, I'll take it or leave it and if there is anything else available I'll pick it over Chinese but my hubby LOVES it and would eat it everyday if he could.
You're doing SO great! I can't believe you're almost to 20lbs! That is a milestone! Kudos to you!!
Send me your address too and you might just be lucky enough to be included on my Christmas card list...although they won't be homemade. I have like 45 to give out every year and I'm not that MArtha! But who doesn't love checking the mail and finding a Christmas card in there???

Cara said...

congrats on the weight loss!

Cory said...

Good job this week! Keep it up!

Candace said...

You are doing awesome and have so jumped from that pesky 145 you complained about - why do I remember that? I just love breaking the 5lb markers, but I'm sure eventually that range will get smaller.

Angie All The Way said...

Yay on the loss! Congrats!

I think I agree with you on the wrong NI on what you ate. I guess it's probably better to overestimate than to under, but you probably didn't consume that many calories. But I think it's great that you stuck to your portion size and didn't get more when you wanted to!

Adora said...

I could eat chinese (food - ha!) every single day. Dumplings, sesame chicken, fried rice...mmmm - all of it! But yeah, there's no way our chinese could be the 'real' chinese, or China would be an average size 14 like the US is! I *do* love our version of it though.

And yes, I know so well what you mean about being afraid to eat foods you don't know the stats on. I find myself a little anxious to eat anywhere the stats aren't available. It's just unbelievable what's in those chicken wings! And for that tiny amount of meat - which is usually dried out - it's so not worth it.

I'm so happy to know that the challenge from Swizzlepop is paying off. You'll be at 20lbs in no time at this rate! Congrats!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Ah I forgot to tell you my results!

-1.6 (2.2/10)