Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the much anticipated embarrassing videos!

These are from my weekend. I wrote a big nice long post but the videos weren't really uploading properly in there. So here they are instead without a big long post. Hopefully they work. We played Sing Star at a friends house on the weekend, which is basically like Kareoke but a head to head competition. I rocked. Well except for the one terrible note you hear. I'm serious. I was the one to beat. I love singing. And when I go over to my (tone deaf) friend's house, it completely inflates my ego cause I'm so kick ass at it.

We've got eye of the tiger. And I totally hit that awesome part (the eeeeeyyyyyyeeee of the tiger....) but hubby never taped it.

Plus there was interpretive dance going on when it wasn't my turn to sing. I swear to god I was sober. Nevermind the red blotchy face, the uncontrollable giggling, and the sofa dive. I honestly didn't have a drop of alcohol.


Angie All The Way said...

Oh I don't have speakers on my work computer!!! I'll watch them when I get home tonight for sure!

Shannon said...

you are so tiny girl and cutealious. :)

MB said...

That is great! I would never be able to sing in front of anyone without loads of alcohol (and I would probably pass out before getting the nerve to sing). You ROCKED!

katieo said...

how did I miss these?

seriously Randi, you are too cute!!

Angie All The Way said...

I'm finally at my computer at home and got the chance to play your videos! Looks soooo much fun and you are so cute!