Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It went alright

Thanks for your concern. but it was fine. And I ate a nice salad.

My problem is I have a hard time just talking to my boss. He's very nice, only about 35 (we're a young company, the president is only 41). But that's just old enough that I feel dumb talking to. Just small talk stuff. I either feel way immature or like a jerk for thinking he won't get something. But he was pretty good at the small talk and asked questions and then talked a lot himself so it was ok. Then the work part was totally nothing, we'd talked before about how I wasn't really happy with what I was doing but since then it's all changed and I've got much more interesting jobs and stuff so I told him that. He said that he and the president were talking about how they don't do enough mentoring and training for their young staff so they wanted to improve that and how it's important for me to ask questions since so much (all) of my work is independant. Then I asked him a question about my vacation time and it was done! On the drive back he was saying how he knows it's a competitive market and if it's just I want to try something new that's fine, but if it's just wage or guidance or something, then talk to them and they can work it out. So it totally seemed like they were scared to lose me! Which is completely flattering and makes me feel much better about my job.

So that's what was preventing me from reading and commenting and posting earlier today. But yesterday I don't know what was the matter. I could barely reply to emails. I just wasn't feeling it. And that was with a weekend to talk about. I'm not sure if today is much better so it's gonna be brief. You've managed to watch my videos? So I'm sufficiently embarrassed? It was so fun though. I wanna get that game but it's for playstation so it's a lot more than just getting a DVD or something. I heard about a sweet deal at Walmart where it's only like $150 for a PS2 (not 3, so old) but it comes with the game and the microphones and everything and then you can play guitar hero on it as well and of course other games. I wonder if I should get it for hubby for his birthday (jan 4th). Hmmm...

I stepped on the scale today with pj's on and it said 138.2. So that means it's looking like a loss. TOM is here and that usually brings on a loss. So I'm really excited. I sorta feel like I still weigh 140 and this is just dehydration or something. But dehydration doesn't last 3 weeks! Or else I'm really sick...

Gonna be a busy weekend coming up. No thanksgiving for us Canadians, been there already (though it doesn't feel like it.) But I've got our Christmas baking exchange friday. And good news, I'm bringing snacks to monday meeting (my turn) so I'm gonna get rid of at least 1/3 right away! Then saturday I'm having girls over to make Christmas cards. Then Sunday is the big football game and we're going to a friend's house. So i'm going to be surrounded by treats and munching for all of that. But i'll perservere! It's getting close to Christmas party season and I still got some chub to lose!

I had workout class last night. And I had just eaten chili. Well I had some digestion issues and it resulted in a cramp in my stomach so I couldn't push very hard in the cardio. Boo. But it got better for the weight section so that was like usual. Gym tonight with my sis!

Food wasn't logged on the weekend. I over indulged a bit but not terrible. Yesterday was:
calories 1637
fat 49
protein 93
carbs 211
sodium 3277
fibre 27

All good but the sodium. But don't worry I chugged my water.


Cory said...

Glad to hear the meeting went well! That's great.
I'll have to watch the video over the holiday!

tash said...

That's great the meeting went well! You should check on e-Bay or video game stores for the PS2. My hubby asked EB Games how much he would get if he brought his one in (since he has a PS3 now)and they said only 30$ so the mark up on used ones shouldn't reach 150$ and they still guarantee them (I think). and they have cheap used games too.

CaRoLyN said...

Glad your meeting went well. those things can be stressful! I can't watch the video from work so I'll have to look it up at home! Can't wait!
You've got a busy weekend a head of you! Lots of temptations but I know you'll do fantastic. You're will power amazes me sometimes! Whenever I am going to a function/party at someone's house, I always try to bring a healthy option for a snack, that way I can fill up on that and just have 1 or 2 of the other things that look really good.

katieo said...

138.2 with pj's is awesome!

(am i missing something? what videos?)

Angie All The Way said...

It feels great when they make you feel invaluable. My bosses often worry that I get bored in a small office and then they rub my ego a little bit by raving about me to other lawyers etc. which does make a difference!

I'm hearing an awful lot about this hero game, I have to check it out!