Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm a tool

So I post that thing and forget to put my own WI for the last 2 week on it. oops. Also any changes you guys mention will be updated for next time.

Also, I'm eating not best yogurt. It's past it's best. By like 5 days. I'm still eating it. Do you think if I eat it fast it will be better? I don't either but for some reason I still did it. Tasted fine still.

So I'm feeling all important and useful at work and then got nothing at all accomplished today. In fact it might have been counter-productive. But I'm waiting on hearing back from my other boss about questions I had and he's in another city so I just have to wait I guess. Plus my stupid fear of talking to people (and these are people I know) makes me not want to go ask somebody in this office in case they can help. I just hate talking to people! Why can't everything be done with the written word? I can't order pizza and I get nervous at drive-thrus. But I'll let my work suffer because I won't leave my office to go ask a 2 second question from someone. Oh boy I have issues. (I'll also leave the phone to the last possible second to answer in the hopes somebody else gets it, I write down everythign I'm gonna say if I call to order something or make an appointment or whatever)

So basically I'm bored at work again. I've got one report I should review and pass on, but since my writing has been really bad in the past (not writing, but just stupid formatting issues and so on) I want to wait a day before reading it again. And I'm taking over this modelling project (no not runway, computer modelling) for this girl on mat leave but I've had nothing to do with it previously. The modelling is fine, but I don't know what they want me to vary and I don't know what results they want to look at from it. So i'm trying to do all this preliminary stuff, and get as ready as possible but I need to hear back from the boss. Plus all this catching up isn't really budgetted for so I feel bad doing it and I'm definately going to go over budget with this and it's sort of my first project so I feel bad. But I don't know how they expect me to just completely know what they're talking about when I've never even been to the site or anything!

sorry for the vent. Might have helped a little. But mostly what helps is that it's now closer to the end of the day. ;)

Hubby just called. We talked about getting ready for the big football game on Sunday and what we were gonna wear and I asked him if I could wear his retro Rider shirt and he said sure if he could find it, "but it's pretty small." and I replied, "so am I". hehehe

It's true though. It's totally coming. I tried on a skirt I bought just before our wedding (3 almost 4 years ago!) and it fits. My legs don't look as good as they did then but I do think they've got more muscle (which unfortunately doesn't look good on short legs like mine). So I'm thinking that I picked my goal pretty well, i'm feeling like another 5 lbs and I will be just about be bikini ready! (nice timing Randi). I remember when I was at my former skinniest I still felt like losing a few more lbs so I probably will still feel like this 5 lbs from now. But that's ok with me. I think what I'd probably like to do is get to my Christmas goal, then sorta maintain for a few months, and by next spring get down to the real bikini zone. I think that that skinny me won't be permanent and I'm ok with that. I just want 1 summer nonstop in a bathing suit. For the rest of the time I think I'll be ok with my christmas goal weight. Make sense?

So what do you guys want for Christmas? i'm not offering anything, just curious. Here's my list so far:

a new mixer - nothing fancy, but good enough to beat egg whites fluffy
a heart rate monitor - maybe something fancy like the watch kind or whatever, but I doubt I'll be getting this anyway
a new mp3 player - mine went through the wash. Don't tell hubby. It was already having some issues.
a fire pit for the backyard
cupcake holder/cake holder tray thingy
lululemon if anyone's feeling generous
a golf gift card - 10 pack or something of rounds
a golf lesson - I play but have never had a REAL lesson

I'm sure there's much more and I do like suprises. But hubby's family will buy you EXACTLY what you ask for and that's it. and if you don't ask for anything you get weird stuff that nobody wants but they seemed to think you would. Like I got this weird leather mask (art thing) from my SIL once and it was like $30 at a craft show (and really not something I'd want) and a gigantic fleece Tommy bunnyhug (hoodie) that was obviously expensive but I've probably only worn twice, when skiing or something (I don't ski). And oodles and oodles of throw blankets. I don't know why they think I need so many. But I think every single one of my in-laws has bought me a throw at one time or another. Whereas SIL asks me for 2 Disney movies, and here's where to get them on sale and with a bonus toy. Or something. Like very specific. So when I had a great idea for her, she didn't get it.

So I have to ask for something very specific around $50 from whoever picked my name and then a few things from MIL that are quite specific but I don't know how much. And basically very specific from Hubby too because last year he got me a chocolate fountain. Which is sorta cool. But there's no reason I need a $50 chocolate fountain. I brought it out at 1 party and that's it. (maybe I'll bring it to the football game...) but I'm not a big chocolate fan, and it's messy and you have to be standing right by it.

Hehe. Hubby just called again and said he's going to buy my presents after work and I told him I didn't tell him what I wanted yet but he said he has some ideas. Ok....makes me nervous. I hope I like it. The thing is, I even rationalize and price out my presents because I want to get the full present worth. So if he spends a whole pile of money on something that I'm only so-so on I don't like it. We're sorta poor right now (well I feel like it, hubby doesn't.) well I shouldn't say poor. But I have a bunch of debt that I want to pay off and then save up for some big things, but hubby likes to spend his daily money at the bar or games and toys and stuff. I could go on and on about this. This is what our girl talk nights usually end up as, same conversation over and over about how our men suck at money and what we would do differently and so on.

Boy I'm just rambling on today huh? I guess when you haven't had a decent post in awhile you just bottle it all up and when you finally get at it the dam just bursts. But nature is calling so there's another thing to do to kill time until the end of the work day (35 minutes left!)


Jynell said...

I love that you ramble Randi!! It at least makes me feel better when I do it too! :D

CaRoLyN said...

Last year I basically knew everything that Scott had gotten me for Christmas. this year I want it to be a surprise! I've been dropping hits like mad though! :)

I love your little rants so don't you dare hold them back!

eurydice said...

for xmas this year i want a new couch!

also, i used to be like you with the phone and not talking to people... but my bf is SO SOCIAL and basically charms the pants off every woman in our path (we are talking supermarket cashiers even) and i've taken to his way of dealing with people... you really can get good responses!