Friday, November 16, 2007

the stuff

So the rest of it.
Yesterday went to the gym. Got there late cause I couldn't find a parking spot. Sis and I just cardio-ed for half and hour, I ran on the treadmill, I can tell I'm losing my running in shapity. It's getting harder. I guess that's what you get when you just run once a week if your lucky. I still think i'm in good shape, but not in my running in shape ya know? Oh well, I guess that's ok. I'm still working out. I'll get back in running shape in the spring. Maybe I should sign up for a race or something next summer so I can plan for getting back in running shape. Think about it.

Anyway. After that I went to my SILs to borrow some of her stamps for making cards this weekend. I saw her ultrasound of her little baby! I know if it were me I'd be super excited about it. But seeing somebody else's just didn't really do it for me. So I was all happy about it but didn't really know what to say. Cute? I think I wanna sew her something for Christmas for the baby but I'm not sure what because it's due in April and what I wanted to make was a warm snuggly thing but baby's already gonna be bigger when it needs warm stuff. I'll think on it.

Then finally went home for the chinese and you heard how that went. Made another snowman, I'll take a picture this weekend. then hit the sack.

Hubby had hockey at 10:30 so he got home at 1:00 and ran in the room and was like "were you in my garage tonight?" and i'm sleeping and have no idea what he's talking about. But I guess he got home and the garage door was open and the lights were on and he thought we were robbed again. (and it scared the crap out of me because it reminded me of that dream where I left the garage door open with the car running and it was stolen and hubby was so mad at me and I was so dumb!) but then after freaking out and waking me up and SIL up he remembered that he probably left it open before hockey. Arg.

Hubby has all kinds of issues, one of which has to do with keeping track of his stuff. I guess I don't know any of you and you don't know hubby's name so I can put this right out there right? Well he's got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. So he has stress issues and needs to keep track of his stuff. It has caused us some serious issues in our relationship but we've learned to work together with it. I always tell him that WE have OCD because it affects me so much so WE need to work on it. But having something not in the same state as he left it can stress him out if he's not expecting it. Whenever he's stressed out it stresses me out (because he has historically taken it out on me) so I had all kinds of anxiety all of a sudden at 1 in the morning. Eek. But then he realized he's an idiot so we went to bed. Not the greatest sleep.

So this weekend has some plans. Might be watching hubby's hockey game tonight. Or rather, not watching. I hate hockey but another wife who's a friend of mine might come too and we basically gossip the whole time which is super fun. If not I'll be working on snowmen. Maybe I can do the machine sewing stuff and then bring it all and do the handsewing stuff in the rink. Yes I'd look like a dork. But there's nobody there except me and the other wife.

Then saturday hubby works and I'm doing more crafting and stuff. I might be baking my 9 dozen cookies. Whipped shortbread. Plus snowmen. I want to be all done these snowmen after this weekend. I've left a huge mess in my house from them for over a week now. So Christmas cookies and snowmen. Fun. Probably some Christmas Carols too!

Then don't know what's on saturday night. we'll see. Maybe rent Ocean's 13.

Sunday we've got anther big football game. I'm still not sure if we're going to just watch it the 2 of us or if we'll go to our buddy's. Either one will have less bad food than last time. But there may be snacks. It's Western Final baby! But that's like 3:30 sunday. So earlier Sunday I think I might have talked hubby into doing Christmas shopping with me. And putting up our lights. We hardly have any yet cause I wanna measure how much we need. But we've got one of those inflating snowmen lawn things. So hopefully it makes up for crappy lights. (they're just plain red LED)

So all in all it's a mellow weekend. Hopefully I can work the cookies out so there's only like 9 dozen exactly, that way I can't eat any because they're for give away. Boy I can't wait for today is to be over.


Candace said...

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Angie All The Way said...

You are such an amazing definately takes a patient and understanding person to help someone through living with OCD. That's really awesome and you're completely right, you "both" have it when you have to learn to live with it yourself.

I'd totally be the one sewing something at a hockey game too! lol I really want to make one of those snowmen, I just hope I'll have time before xmas, which I doubt I will!

noelle said...

I'd be the one crocheting something at the hockey game. Love my crafts...and it seems I never have enough time for them.

At our house, "we" are bipolar II and have major mania issues. affects us all. At least mama isn't in the kitchen pigging out on baked goods while daddy is freaking out any more.

thank god for WW!

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