Friday, November 23, 2007

I jinxed myself

Well I went and did it, jinxed myself for WI this morning. Feeling too cocky, bragging a little to much. So what did dear scale say to me this morning? 138.2. That's a maintain. I'm trying not to feel bad about it because I know that I really did have a loss this week, I saw better numbers for every WI except this one. Hopefully that means that next week will have twice as big of a loss. That's how it works right? ;)


A well, life goes on.

I finished making stinking turtles last night. I'm not even a big turtle fan. But I made half a million. I've got probably 5 dozen left for myself. Eek! Hubby and SIL will eat them i'm sure, plus I'm still planning on sending a bunch to work and hubby's work and giving them to family. That should clear them up pretty quick. They're not bad for the most part. It's hard to keep them at a happy place between frozen solid and runny melty. Maybe just a fridge would work. Unfortunately last night I again couldn't resist licking my fingers and eating carmels. I didn't even really want to, but I just felt like it was the easiest quickest way to clean them up! (my fingers got ridiculously gooey and even to turn a tap on to wash I'd need to lick my fingers.) Well hopefully it made me sick of carmel and chocolate so I won't eat the actual turtles now (worked so far)

I went the gym last night (more later) so I got home late. I was gonna make salmon but SIL had already made spaghetti. So I had a small dish of that with some parmasan cheese and tomato sauce. Not a terribly large amount or anything. But perhaps not the best food to eat before a WI. Plus, for the second day in a row, I decided to have toast for dessert. ??? Toast is a meal food, not a dessert food. Toast with peanut butter and jam is too many calories to eat as a "something sweet" after a meal. It is a meal! So I'm glad I caught that trend and I'm going to cancel my subscription to it now! to that end I decided to not eat toast all day today and tomorrow (big deal right? wrong!) breakfast was yogurt and protein powder. Lunch is leftover chili. Supper is going to be salmon. Probably just the fish, maybe a veggie because we've got the baking exchange and I'm sure i'll pig out there. tomorrow I'm gonna cook up some egg whites for breakfast. I always have toast with this but not this time. i'm gonna have oatmeal with it if I want it. Soup for lunch. I haven't run our date by hubby yet for supper but it might be that, otherwise maybe leftovers or something like hotdogs. there, no problem.

So I went to the gym yesterday with my sis. Like we do every thursday. So we trotted on the elliptical for awhile, worked the hamstrings nicely. Not as hard of cardio as I usually like it but I can deal. Then we did our chin-ups like we always do. 50 lb counter weight, about 3 sets of 10 chinups. (50lb counter weight means I'm lifting 148-50 = 98 lbs.) Then I asked her to take the weight way down. So she put it on 20 lbs counterweight. I could still do a few chin-ups. Harder yes, but I could do them. So I told her to take it right off. Well the machine didn't do that, there was about 5 lbs left on (a super light one that resting my arm on lifted it) so I tried some chin-ups. I could do 3 chin-ups! I did it! I made my Other Christmas Challenge of being able to do an unassisted chin-up by Christmas. And I did it a month early! yay! So now my Other Christmas Challenge is adjusted to do 8 chin-ups unassisted by Christmas. The thing with chin-ups that i've found is that it hurts your hands more than it hurts your muscles. So doing 8 with 50 lbs feels like it's tiring you out, but it's only tiring out your hands. So I'll be switching to doing 30 or 40 lbs counterweight, so what if I can only bust out 5 or something.

There, thinking of that made me not care about the scale. yay! I'm awesome!

Who was the person who also had the challenge of doing so many push-ups by christmas? Whoever that was, I have you to thank for inspiring me to set a non weight goal and meeting it! I think everyone should try it, (obviously the side-effects lead to less weight and stronger body, but the focus isn't there). It's something you have more control over and can see results in faster. For example, a race like Katieo. Chin-ups like me. the couch to 5K program like... somebody, Sonya I think, Eurydice too maybe? I particularly like these ones with deadlines on them. If it's just something you do sometimes, it's not as effective. It's ok if you don't quite make your deadline, or if you make it early. But it's something to shoot for. I'm gonna have to think of a new sort of goal I want to do after Christmas. I think it's going to be a swimming thing. I secretly want to try a mini-triathalon. Do you think I should just do a running race first? Never done one. Won't be happening until the spring, we get a heck of a lot of snow here. and I do not run in snow.

There is something in my eye and it is driving me nuts! GRRR! I can't get it either. Feels like an eyelash but I can't see anything. Been there all morning!

I'm sure I'll post again later. I just wanted to share my victories (chin-ups!) and failures (maintain) with you. I'm totally gonna weigh myself tomorrow and might sneak that in as my WI. Is that fair?


eurydice said...

wow... i've tried those chin ups and can't do one - i always need some sort of resistance!

sometimes the scale doesn't always reflect our efforts - weight loss isn't always a matter of calories in/calories out... the body is a mysterious wonder haha.

CaRoLyN said...

You're right, I'm sure you'll see a really nice loss next Friday! Don't sweat it! I also made bad food choices yesterday for it being a "Day before WI day" I had canned soup for lunch (Hello, SODIUM!) and then Wendy's for supper so if I had been a little smarter I might have seen a better loss but we'll see what happens next week!

Have a great weekend and enjoy yor baking exchange tomorrow! Take pics of all the yummy treats!

Angie All The Way said...

You're pretty much rocky now that you've conquered chin ups, cause those are HARD! Good for you girl, seriously, that's really really awesome!

STS's kind of do suck I know. Try to stay positive my friend, cause you got it goin' on and I just know that next week will be a loss for sure. We gotta keep on keepin' on - me included ;-)

Candace said...

Gain followed by good loss - yup, tends to happen that way quite often. I usually always take a 2-4week average.

tash said...

Yeah for you! 1 month ahead of your goal is amazing! yuou kick ass!

katieo said...

Seriously Randi. Races are really fun. I totally think they'd appeal to your competitive side.As far as a triathlon is concerned, I think it'd be perfect! They have them in all different sizes, I can't do them yet- I don't own a bike. boohoo. But when I do, I think they'd be awesome, just even for the variety.