Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey dudes,
at least for a little while, I'm making my blog private. So comment with your email address if you want to keep reading (I promise I'll write more often in the private blog).

I don't care if you've never commented before so don't think you "deserve" to keep reading. I'll let you in.

Making this switch pretty soon so let me know quick!

(I actually think I'll start a new blog for the private one, so this will still be here in case somebody gets left out, they can still get a hold of me.)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Yay Friday! Boo friday afternoon doing crappy work. Work is really really not going well. This model I'm trying to make is just NOT working. Running out of ideas. Probably need to ask for some help, but I think it's stupid questions I'll have. oh well.

Anyway, way excited for the weekend. Tonight we've got a ball social banquet thing for hubby's ball. Get some socializing in (which you now know I do not enjoy). But at least there are a few people I like. Plus food. ;)

Then tomorrow morning I teach. I was also going to maybe visit siblings. My little brother hasn't printed any of his pictures from his 4 months in Europe. I told him I'd photoshop them up for him. (since I'm caught up on all my pictures and need more to do! I love it!) Then all afternoon I've got not too much planned. Hurray. House cleaning, working out, scrapbooking. Watching tv! Doing NOTHING!

Then I'm going home early on Father's Day to play golf with my dad. Should be fun. As far as I know it's just a quick trip home to do that and then back (going with my sister).

My life seems so weird right now, no big thing on the horizon that I have to get ready for. I'm not BUSY! I love it, but I feel like I really need to use my time the best, most efficiently. I only get free days so often so I better cram everything fun in I want to do.

Anyway. I'm feeling way excited, but have to get through this stinking afternoon now!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping moving

So last night I was peer pressured in to going out for supper with my sister and brothers. Not that I didn't want to go. But I wasn't going to, I don't like spending money eating out. Plus I don't like being social and always want to go home and do stuff by myself. However my sis knows this about me and manages to make me feel like I need to "do things". So we went out for pizza. Fancy restaurant gourmet pizza. I had a bourbon chicken pizza. It was good. Chicken breast and onions and mushrooms in a boubon barbeque sauce on a pizza crust. They were just individual size ones and I ate just over half. Plus a coke, not diet because she didn't hear that part and I don't like to be annoying (I should have said something).

Anyway, that means I didn't get home until 8:30. I tidied the house a little but then at 9:00 I did my strength workout! Even though it felt too late. But it was also finally a bit cooler by then so it wasn't torture (no AC, 30 degrees outside for the last couple days). I'm actually filling out a log of my exercise so I know how many pounds I used and how many reps and stuff so I can see improvements. I only do this set for like 2 more weeks and then change it. I like having a plan.

Did some laundry, did some dishes and hit the sack. Started a book. Just a "guy" book. Something about a missing warhead and bad guys and good guys. An action movie set to paper. I want to read more, just 30 minutes before bed. And not just magazines (they feel shallow and they are so repeatative each month. Make me feel dumber when I read them, even though I like them).

Tonight now plans. Gonna go for a run hopefully (if it's not a thunderstorm). More general housekeeping stuff. If it is cool and raining, maybe I'll bake/cook something. I feel like I've neglected my kitchen lately.

prizes and spectacle!

Check it OUT! Bootcamps! All over the country! Winning!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hurray workouts!

I loved my workout yesterday. In fact, I had a great evening. I don't really know why. Hardly did anything. Made supper. I figured out some stuff for video editting on my computer. Downloaded some digital scrapbook templates (if I like this digital stuff, it would save me oodles of space and money!), did my weight workout, went for a run. Cut the grass. Watched J&K+8 (I don't know how I feel about the whole thing. but I've always watched the show, and this one had OCC guys).

Hubby got lots done too. Installed the AC in the bedroom window. Cleaned up the office. Did a bit of work in the basement. Packed up his tools (poor guy is helping a buddy mud and tape his basement tonight, then shingle another buddy's house this weekend. Meanwhile our basement sits half insulated).

Anyway, I did a beginner bodyweight workout. And I'm actually sore today! I've missed being sore! It's not too bad. But I just feel a little bit in my shoulder blades and abs. Hurray!

This afternoon I've got safety training out of the office. Hopefully it's not hard, just an online course. Nice way to kill an afternoon. Then I teach tonight. A bit of shopping, lettuce smelled funny this morning so I'm eating leftover pizza. And I have all sorts of great things for salads right now too. maybe supper, since hubby won't be home.

Tonight no exercise, just step. I'm going to tidy the house, then hopefully either clean up my scrapbook room and do a wedding page for my sis, or edit a video montage of the wedding. I'm such a dork.

ok, well. blogs to read now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot summer weekend!

Hurray! It's finally hot! it's been a cool cool summer here. Not that's it's rained. We have had the record lowest precip in over 100 years this spring. Not good for my garden. But then neither is my dog. Or more accurately my dog's friend.

So we were puppy-sitting right? Well it went alright. Except I couldn't keep the other dog out of my recently planted garden. So I'm now missing a zucchini plant (she sheared it right off, roots are still there, maybe it'll come back?) my lettuce is trampled as are my onions. And all the other plants that haven't sprouted yet (I only planted wednesday) are definately no longer in rows. It's gonna be hard weeding.

However with the heat came laziness. I didn't do any runs. it was TOO hot. And I got into all these projects so I didn't do any weights either. I did cook and eat well. (except the chips I fell into Saturday afternoon). and felt nice and productive. (I planted herb pots, went through my kitchen and bedroom for garage sale stuff, taught step, walked dogs, digitally scrapbooked, went to a tupperware party, cleaned the house.)

Friday I went to a kitchen/restaurant supply store and found heaven. It was so nice. It wasn't as big as some might be in larger cities. There was only really 2 aisles that applied to me (I'm not buying buffet table things, or industrial meat cutters etc). I bought an offset spatula, a heavy duty whisk, metal measuring cups, serving tongs, a pastry scraper, a giant metal bowl (good for making bread or huge batches of popcorn!), plus my favorite things - ice cream scoops. The kind that you squeeze the handle and it releases the ice cream (and not cheapy ones, restaurant quality ones!). I bought 3, they're for making muffins or cookies etc. Same size scoop every time. Learned that from my MIL. Plus I was going to buy them from Pampered Chef but never got back to SIL. They were like $25 or something each there. From this supply store: $6 each! hurray! Everything was really cheap. All that stuff I bought was only like $50. So pumped.

of course it's too hot to make cookies or muffins now though.

Work's rough right now. I have things to do, but it's hard to want to do it.

My internet wasn't working great last week and on the weekend I called the helpline. It's sporatic. So they're sending somebody over tonight to check it out. But assuming that won't take long, I'm planning on weight training tonight. I don't fit into my summer shorts and stuff. Plus I have a feeling I'll be in need of a bathing suit soon and last summer I spent craploads on bikinis and don't want to wear them right now. Don't want that money to be wasted! As I'm at a relatively low weight, but larger size, I know the difference is muscle. I'm happy to be in this situation too. I think muscle is easier for me to build than fat to lose. Plus if I eat in a deficit while weight training, I won't actually gain any weight, but should still be able to build muscle (therefore, fat will be less).

Friday, June 12, 2009

back to business

So WI day, festivities are done. Wasn't paying any attention to food or workouts all week (I did eat a lot of veggies and protein and got a weight workout and a run in, but that's because it's ingrained in me. It was still a week off). Anyway, WI today 141.8. Same as last Thursday. So that's good news!

Interesting thing is, this is a fairly low weight for me, 5 lbs from my lowest - when at my lowest I was really happy and wearing bikinis. I looked at pictures from sis's wedding and I had double chins and back fat and thick arms. I think the difference is muscle. With step and running my weight training is way in the backseat. Running trumps weights because of the dog, she gets nuts if we don't get out. However I know my body responds much better to weights than to running. Conundrum. But I think after my week off, I'm ready for a schedule again.

Another wrench thrown in is I've got to learn a new Step routine for the end of the month. Sheesh! However this isn't busy, I WAS busy.

It's also tricky because I want to get back into scrapbooking some more. Plus my garden is in so I'll need to weed and cut grass etc. PLUS my house has become a dumping ground over the last month with all the wedding stuff I was working on. It desperately needs some upkeep and maintenance (well dusting, cleaning, vaccuuming etc. I think I need to do it each 3 times because of how bad it is now).

Oh, we're puppy sitting this weekend. And they dropped the dog off last night. And my dog and this one decided to go play in the freshly watered (and planted) garden! so they had an early bed time to their separate kennels because they were filty and we didn't have the energy to bath them. Then today it's straight outside into the dog run (gravel! haha!).

I'm quite excited to figure out what I'm going to do this weekend. My first free weekend in AGES! I teach tomorrow morning and I have a tupperware party to go to. The rest I've just gotta deal with these dogs. Plus I'm seeing the weather forecast is AMAZING! 26 and 27 degrees. Longer run definately in the plans. Plus house cleaning and scrapbooking. (I'm so excited to scrapbook now that I've got 12x8 pictures printed from Costco - $1.50!) Plus I have a feeling that I'm going to do a lot of tv watching and dog wrestling and maybe even find a dog park.

Anyway, the point of this post is I'm happy it's the weekend and i'm going to do more strength training. the end.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

going golfing!

I'm heading out golfing soon with work. should be fun. I would be nervous about sucking, but I'm golfing with a coworker, his wife who doesn't really golf, and our english as a second language, asian secretary who's never swung a club before. It'll just be fun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What a weekend. Well week I guess.

Wedding's over. It was fun. It was stressful. It was hard work. I'm left with a little bitter taste in my mouth now as the last things that happened on the weekend were my mom and me (and to a small part my brothers, dad and hubby) cleaning up countless things, driving all over the place to pack things up, return things, deliver things; and sis drove away on her honeymoon. Yeah I guess it makes sense a little, but she could have helped clean up more. And if not, she could have thanked us for it a little more! It didn't help that the grooms side of the family were only helpful if you told them exactly what to do. The work involved with a wedding is ridiculous and I'm left with that in my head instead of the fun on Saturday.

The fun on Saturday was also marred by my sis the bridezilla (which she admitted). We had to redo her nails (2nd time) on Saturday while getting our hair done. she was freaking out over things like her nails and her fake eyelashes, while we still didn't have a microphone for the MC, nor was there any beer for after the service when opening pictures. Plus the weather was cool and rainy so we had to change plans for the gift opening. Nothing was a big deal, but sis had her mind on the wrong priorities. (well according to me at least. I know many of you are thinking she should have been worried about how she looked since it was her wedding. But none of that made a difference, nobody saw her nails, everyone would notice if you couldn't hear the toasts.)

I think I'm only like this (as I said in my toast) because I'm the big sister. I'm used to bossing around and making sure sis does things right and really taking care of her. And even if it's her problem, I make it my problem to fix. I also had to be the mediator between sis and mom. Mom was doing all the real hard work (she has a torn ACL and really shouldn't be walking but whatevs) and sis couldn't even give us a straight answer as to when she wanted to do the midnight lunch!

Oh, let's see I was also upset because I gave my camera to my brothers to take pictures and I didn't notice a setting was off and lots of them are blown out white. Plus I don't have a lot of pictures of things I wanted (my fault, though the photographer was there all night and did a great job so I'm sure they'll have everything). And when I was looking at these pictures on my laptop I also noticed that my dress was all nasty in the back ALL DAY and made me look like I have back rolls (which I don't even, but we tightened the lace-ups poorly so it made some). At least mom reminded me that nobody was looking at me, it was all sis. But still, I look at me in my pictures and I dont' like them. Oh well, motivation right? Lose those last 5 lbs that snuck back on!

Oh well, the fun parts were really fun so I guess that's what I should try and remember and let the rest fall away.

Oh, and the slideshow was great, and so was my toast. Nothing like last minute though!

What else have I been doing? Planted my garden yesterday. Just tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, peppers, and onions. Stuff for salads and salsa. My garden is too small for anything else really.

Work golf tourney tomorrow. Nice non-working day. Hope I don't embarrass myself!

Taught Step yesterday. Sorta sucked! I missed 2 classes with the wedding and I forgot moves! need to review that. Plus got the new release I have to learn for the end of the month.

Also, cherries are in season! my favorite food! Bought 2 bags, don't expect them to last the weekend. It is now no excuse season for food. All kinds of amazing produce is available. Plus barbequing takes no time so I should be able to have healthy protein and veggies for meals, fruit for desserts. yum yum yum.

Funny how my 3 "passions" or current hobbies sort of conflict with each other though. I want to buy myself a Bosch mixer (much better than a kitchenaid! really! there's proof!) but I'd probably end up making all kinds of carb loaded treats and sweets and just way too much food in general. However I also really want a new lens so that's stealing money from that goal. And the photography and editing takes away time from my exercising which I need to do much more because of all the cooking I'm into lately! arg. Maybe I'll wait until Christmas for the Bosch.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy WI to me...

It was 141.something before my shower this morning. Hurray! And I ate pizza last night. (part of me thinks my muscles are disappearing though, but whatever, I'll be happy with the number for now).

Dress fits, been pumping weights for the vanity muscles (biceps, back, shoulders, things that show in my strapless dress). Running short bursts. Applying gradual tanning lotion twice a day (did you know a tan can make you look like you lost 7 lbs instantly, heard that on the radio the other day. 7 seems like a weird number).

Anyway, at work here, half working, getting things set up for while I'm gone (models to run like crazy!) and half working on the slideshow. I've got part of it AWESOME. part of it not started. eek. Oh well. progress. Nothing done for my toast yet. But that will come together too.

Anyway, wanted to record my happy WI and say toodle-oo for a long weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2009

make your own cookbook - NOT A HEALTHY IDEA


It's T - 5 to the wedding. I'm actually counting down until Thursday night though, that's when the festivities start. Thank goodness work wasn't bad today. (a bit boring, I think I'm faster than my computer, I hate waiting for it). I've just resigned myself to being late about the big project.

Sis's shower went well. The turnout was poor but not our fault. It was still fun. She still got lots of presents and the games were good. My gift was good too. Mom made me pass it around to all the guests since she thought I did such a good job. Maybe I'll post a page from it here. They're all my family secret recipes but I can share a couple.

Tonight I've gotta work on the slideshow. Sis has a couple song ideas she's sending me. Makes it easier. Then tomorrow night I'm busy all night, so I'll have to finish it up Wednesday (hopefully). Speech writing is on hold. Though I've been jotting down ideas here and there. I'm gonna watch my wedding video and see what sis said about me (it was 5 years ago, nobody will remember!)

Speaking of video, I bought a Flip. It's really cute. It was somewhat impulsive. But we can use it for sis's wedding. (not that she asked me to video her wedding so I had to buy it, but we're using it as a convenient excuse.) I bought the ultra which can record for 2 hours and has a bigger screen. But today I was reading reviews and wish I got a little RCA one, it records onto SD cards so you can expand etc. But this should be lots for us anyway. We're bringing the laptop. I have 2 weeks to return it too so if it doesn't work great at the wedding I can take it back. hehehe...

Yeah so that's all that's going on with me. Gonna try and hit some weights and a run tonight too. Life already seems simpler. Lists help a lot.