Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What a weekend. Well week I guess.

Wedding's over. It was fun. It was stressful. It was hard work. I'm left with a little bitter taste in my mouth now as the last things that happened on the weekend were my mom and me (and to a small part my brothers, dad and hubby) cleaning up countless things, driving all over the place to pack things up, return things, deliver things; and sis drove away on her honeymoon. Yeah I guess it makes sense a little, but she could have helped clean up more. And if not, she could have thanked us for it a little more! It didn't help that the grooms side of the family were only helpful if you told them exactly what to do. The work involved with a wedding is ridiculous and I'm left with that in my head instead of the fun on Saturday.

The fun on Saturday was also marred by my sis the bridezilla (which she admitted). We had to redo her nails (2nd time) on Saturday while getting our hair done. she was freaking out over things like her nails and her fake eyelashes, while we still didn't have a microphone for the MC, nor was there any beer for after the service when opening pictures. Plus the weather was cool and rainy so we had to change plans for the gift opening. Nothing was a big deal, but sis had her mind on the wrong priorities. (well according to me at least. I know many of you are thinking she should have been worried about how she looked since it was her wedding. But none of that made a difference, nobody saw her nails, everyone would notice if you couldn't hear the toasts.)

I think I'm only like this (as I said in my toast) because I'm the big sister. I'm used to bossing around and making sure sis does things right and really taking care of her. And even if it's her problem, I make it my problem to fix. I also had to be the mediator between sis and mom. Mom was doing all the real hard work (she has a torn ACL and really shouldn't be walking but whatevs) and sis couldn't even give us a straight answer as to when she wanted to do the midnight lunch!

Oh, let's see I was also upset because I gave my camera to my brothers to take pictures and I didn't notice a setting was off and lots of them are blown out white. Plus I don't have a lot of pictures of things I wanted (my fault, though the photographer was there all night and did a great job so I'm sure they'll have everything). And when I was looking at these pictures on my laptop I also noticed that my dress was all nasty in the back ALL DAY and made me look like I have back rolls (which I don't even, but we tightened the lace-ups poorly so it made some). At least mom reminded me that nobody was looking at me, it was all sis. But still, I look at me in my pictures and I dont' like them. Oh well, motivation right? Lose those last 5 lbs that snuck back on!

Oh well, the fun parts were really fun so I guess that's what I should try and remember and let the rest fall away.

Oh, and the slideshow was great, and so was my toast. Nothing like last minute though!

What else have I been doing? Planted my garden yesterday. Just tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, peppers, and onions. Stuff for salads and salsa. My garden is too small for anything else really.

Work golf tourney tomorrow. Nice non-working day. Hope I don't embarrass myself!

Taught Step yesterday. Sorta sucked! I missed 2 classes with the wedding and I forgot moves! need to review that. Plus got the new release I have to learn for the end of the month.

Also, cherries are in season! my favorite food! Bought 2 bags, don't expect them to last the weekend. It is now no excuse season for food. All kinds of amazing produce is available. Plus barbequing takes no time so I should be able to have healthy protein and veggies for meals, fruit for desserts. yum yum yum.

Funny how my 3 "passions" or current hobbies sort of conflict with each other though. I want to buy myself a Bosch mixer (much better than a kitchenaid! really! there's proof!) but I'd probably end up making all kinds of carb loaded treats and sweets and just way too much food in general. However I also really want a new lens so that's stealing money from that goal. And the photography and editing takes away time from my exercising which I need to do much more because of all the cooking I'm into lately! arg. Maybe I'll wait until Christmas for the Bosch.

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Sagan said...

Mmm cherries.

At least it's all over now! And the fun parts were still fun :)