Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot summer weekend!

Hurray! It's finally hot! it's been a cool cool summer here. Not that's it's rained. We have had the record lowest precip in over 100 years this spring. Not good for my garden. But then neither is my dog. Or more accurately my dog's friend.

So we were puppy-sitting right? Well it went alright. Except I couldn't keep the other dog out of my recently planted garden. So I'm now missing a zucchini plant (she sheared it right off, roots are still there, maybe it'll come back?) my lettuce is trampled as are my onions. And all the other plants that haven't sprouted yet (I only planted wednesday) are definately no longer in rows. It's gonna be hard weeding.

However with the heat came laziness. I didn't do any runs. it was TOO hot. And I got into all these projects so I didn't do any weights either. I did cook and eat well. (except the chips I fell into Saturday afternoon). and felt nice and productive. (I planted herb pots, went through my kitchen and bedroom for garage sale stuff, taught step, walked dogs, digitally scrapbooked, went to a tupperware party, cleaned the house.)

Friday I went to a kitchen/restaurant supply store and found heaven. It was so nice. It wasn't as big as some might be in larger cities. There was only really 2 aisles that applied to me (I'm not buying buffet table things, or industrial meat cutters etc). I bought an offset spatula, a heavy duty whisk, metal measuring cups, serving tongs, a pastry scraper, a giant metal bowl (good for making bread or huge batches of popcorn!), plus my favorite things - ice cream scoops. The kind that you squeeze the handle and it releases the ice cream (and not cheapy ones, restaurant quality ones!). I bought 3, they're for making muffins or cookies etc. Same size scoop every time. Learned that from my MIL. Plus I was going to buy them from Pampered Chef but never got back to SIL. They were like $25 or something each there. From this supply store: $6 each! hurray! Everything was really cheap. All that stuff I bought was only like $50. So pumped.

of course it's too hot to make cookies or muffins now though.

Work's rough right now. I have things to do, but it's hard to want to do it.

My internet wasn't working great last week and on the weekend I called the helpline. It's sporatic. So they're sending somebody over tonight to check it out. But assuming that won't take long, I'm planning on weight training tonight. I don't fit into my summer shorts and stuff. Plus I have a feeling I'll be in need of a bathing suit soon and last summer I spent craploads on bikinis and don't want to wear them right now. Don't want that money to be wasted! As I'm at a relatively low weight, but larger size, I know the difference is muscle. I'm happy to be in this situation too. I think muscle is easier for me to build than fat to lose. Plus if I eat in a deficit while weight training, I won't actually gain any weight, but should still be able to build muscle (therefore, fat will be less).


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

That sucks about your garden!

I am loving the hot weather...except for the part where I had to bare my ridiculously white legs. Not attractive.

Angie All The Way said...

Pssst...if you're interested in doing the Booty Bootcamp let me know because they are looking for some health/weight management blogs from your area and I can give them you're blog if you're interested.

Sagan said...

Sorry to hear about the plants! Your gardening sounds very enjoyable though.